Report: Indiana to play North Dakota State on Nov. 12 in Legends Classic

The Fargo, N.D. television station WDAY is reporting that North Dakota State will play at Indiana on Nov. 12 as part of the Legends Classic. The Hoosiers are a regional host in the event, and will play Georgia on Nov. 19 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. before playing either UCLA or Georgetown in either the championship or consolation game on Nov. 20.

UPDATE: The Gazelle Group released the full “bracket” for the classic. Indiana will also play Sam Houston State at home on Nov. 15.


  1. My co-worker’s grandson plays at E. Illinois and says they are playing IU this season. Any confirmation on that game or when it may be?

  2. Anyone think IU might overlook these opponents and could lose? CTC better have his guys ready!

  3. Wang Wang,

    I don’t see us losing to any of the real cupcakes, ND State, SH State, Jacksonville, etc., but I could see us overlooking a team like Butler or maybe even Ball State. So yes, we really need to keep our guard up and play to the best of our abilities. Our hardest non-conference games are at home (UNC) or on a neutral court (UCLA or Georgetown). I see no reason why, if we play like we’re capable of playing, we can’t enter the conference season undefeated again.

  4. One of the best things this bunch has going for them is that the upperclassmen have been through the tough times. They’ve got an edge. That CAN be passed down. Georgetown managed to keep the ‘us vs. the world’ thing going for a couple decades of mostly successful teams.

  5. Really, are we worried about losing to N Dakota State? Well, if we do, we won’t deserve to be ranked in the top five, or win the Big Ten Championship, or go to the final four. If IU loses this game, it won’t be the team we all hope it to be.

    This game should allow CTC to clear his bench by mid way through the third quarter.

  6. Chet, good point and I think this year they will be even more acute at focusing on playing the next game.

    Wished like hell I could sneak in just to watch practices. With the addition of the newcomers there are going to be some legitimate battles created by the D played.

  7. ‘What if’ (Part II)

    What if Jason Collier would have stayed instead of transferring to Georgia? Patrick Ewing Jr….? Didn’t he initially come to IU and then transfer to Georgetown? No Harangody(Whiting, IN..Big East Player of the Year)..His father played football at IU..What if? No Plumlees…Didn’t they initially go to high school at a small town in Indiana? What if? Shawn May….? Wasn’t Shawn’s father the great All-American, Scott May? Didn’t his father play for the last undefeated team in college basketball?….What if? No Greg Oden…Didn’t he play high school ball in Indianapolis? Didn’t he have a close friend that on the same team? What if? No Matt Howard…Didn’t Howard play in a couple big March Madness games? Wasn’t he from Connersville? Didn’t he have a teammate on that Butler team from Brownsburg, Indiana, that was pretty good? What if they would have decided to play in Bloomington with Eric Gordon? The two older Zellers..? What if? And what if Kirk Haston doesn’t leave for the NBA after his junior year in 2001? Does Mike Davis cut down nets and have his name next to a championship trophy? What if? Do we slaughter Maryland with Haston teamed up with Jeffries?

    Cody sure as hell put to rest a lot of ‘What ifs’….But what if we could have landed a huge insurance policy? What if we could have landed Mitch McGary(Chesterton, IN) to team up with Cody and Hanner? Would that be a tough front court? Would Duke fans like Geoff still be drooling over Blue Devil blue? What if Crean lands Brandon Dawson instead of Austin Etherington? What if Doc Rivers tells his son Austin that he should do the right thing and play college ball at the university his bricklayer brother was given an opportunity?

    And what if 50% of Indiana born and bred post players of the last 15 years, or 1/4 of Indiana’s top high school talent, or a couple sons of previous Hoosier greats that wore cream and crimson in some capacity(football or basketball), or NBA coaches that kiss Crean’s ass but then send the most highly gifted guard his b-ball sperm to Duke… How many scholarships would we need? How much space in the rafters would we need for the 6 more banners? Not six total, my friends…SIX MORE for a total of 11.

    What if there was no Indiana Basketball? What if Steve Downing and George McGinnis would have been allowed to play their his freshman year at IU(prohibited by NCAA rules at the time…Back in the day when NCAA rules meant something). What if McGinnis doesn’t go to the NBA after just one active season at IU? What if McGinnis and Downing go into that Final Four game in St. Louis against Walton and Wooden? Would there now be the tomb of golden memories for the Bruins and all that ‘pyramid’ hullabaloo built by the Indiana pharaoh from Martinsville?

    Next person that tells me Duke is at the heartbeat of college basketball…? Or next blowhard that tells me the busing of soulless money-hungry limelight vagabonds of a Rivals list decide to whore themselves at the gym of Rupp(named after a racist not so neutral) for one year will ever accomplish anything remotely matching the history, the honor, and lifeblood to the sport of basketball that Indiana has provided….? Guess what ‘if’ you can do? You can pucker up your lips for a big ‘what if’ kiss..Take a look a my ‘what if’ tattoos named Larry and Oscar and kiss my Plump, slow, stark white Hoosier rump that shines just as ass brightly in the dark of the night without the ‘what if’ a day without the brief light of Knight.


  8. Did I mention ‘what if’ Eric Montross(Tar Heel), ‘what if’ Shawn Kemp(brief stay at UK), ‘what if’ Pete Trgovich(UCLA), ‘what if’ Junior Bridgeman(Louisville Cardinal), ‘what if’ Tim Stoddard(NC State)*, or ‘what if’ Scott Skiles(Spartan)?

    *Timothy Paul Stoddard (born January 24, 1953 in East Chicago, Indiana) is a former Major League Baseball pitcher. He is one of only two known men to have played in both a World Series and an NCAA basketball national championship game.

    High School: The 6’7″ Stoddard was a member of the 1971 East Chicago Washington High School Senators basketball team, which went undefeated (29-0) and won the Indiana state high school basketball championship. Among his teammates were Pete Trgovich (who played at UCLA) and Junior Bridgeman (who played at Louisville and in the NBA).

    College: Stoddard also lettered in basketball as well as baseball at North Carolina State University.[1] He was a starting forward on the 1973-74 Wolfpack’s NCAA Basketball champions, which featured future Basketball Hall-of-Famer David Thompson. The Wolfpack went 30-1 on the season, the lone loss coming to the Bill Walton-led UCLA Bruins. The Wolfpack gained revenge in the NCAA Tournament and defeated UCLA in the Final Four, ending UCLA’s seven-year run as National Champions.

  9. As I recall, the guy feeding the ball to Stoddard at NC State was Monty Towe (Oak Hill HS, Converse, IN). He was on staff here in town at UNC-Asheville. Don’t know if he still is or not.

    The baseball connection makes me think of the many years I’d watch Walt Terrell pitching in the majors while thinking ‘you know, it’s funny, but he looks just like the Walt Terrell I went to high school with’ before I ever took the time to check and find out that it actually WAS the same Walt Terrell.

  10. BREAKING NEWS: We’ve located one of Shawn’s children.

    And what do ya know….“Montross is now color commentator on UNC’s basketball broadcasts, working alongside play-by-play man Jones Angell.”

    Oh, the veins and arteries of Hoosier hoops, they sure stretch far and wide about. Sons of sons, and one-and-dones, to East and West the Hoosier blood from out thy heart they sprout…They once danced to state finals in our Indiana high school gyms..Coached by men with unremembered names long before any greatness attached to the jersey colors their college games..Forgotten is the day they played to the spirit of small town fight songs and hymns that blended into the deafening cheers of a first basket scored in the birthplace a heart of hoops, where passion lives in old, but forever keeps young in years, where Indiana’s song for basketball was beat upon the drums an echoing anvil to a heart, and placed the pulse of basketball inside the games’ unblemished soul, as it took root the purist day, a love its purist ears.

  11. Hippieland it is. I love this place. A walk through downtown usually provides me all the entertainment I need, though, in warm weather, there is usually some sort of festival going on at any given time.

    You rarely encounter someone who says, “I used to live in Asheville.”

    Not many folks leave.

  12. You have found Utopia meets Deliverance meets San Quentin meets Patty Hearst….?

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