Roberson says he’s been named starter

Not that there was much mystery after he was listed at the top of the depth chart at the end of last week, but sophomore quarterback Tre Roberson said Monday that coach Kevin Wilson has told him that he will start Saturday’s opener against Indiana State.

“Yeah, that’s pretty much a done deal,” Roberson said Monday morning. “But Nate (Sudfeld) and Cam (Coffman) are good players and if they were out starting they’d play the game just as well as I have. … It just makes me more comfortable, just going out and just playing and not really thinking about it.”

Roberson is the incumbent starter, having started the last five games of his true freshman season after then-sophomores Edward Wright-Baker and Dusty Kiel traded the job back and forth for the season’s first half. Both Wright-Baker and Kiel transferred after the season, but the Hoosiers brought in Coffman, a junior college transfer, and Nate Sudfeld, a highly recruited, 6-foot-5, 218-pounder from Modesto, Calif., who had been committed to Arizona before coach Mike Stoops was fired.

The Hoosiers brought in offensive coordinator Seth Littrell and coach Kevin Wilson said he wanted the Hoosiers to be much more effective throwing the ball this season. That meant the speedy Roberson had to be much better as a pocket passer in order to win the job. He did, however, and Wilson has said for several weeks that Roberson has remained ahead of Coffman and Sudfeld.

“I would say he’s light years better from where he was a year ago,” quarterbacks/wide receivers coach Kevin Johns said. “I’d still say he has light years to go. I think he has come a very, very long way. Even with his confidence and just understanding his technique. Understanding his read and how to use his eyes. These are things that really throughout his football career, he’s never really been taught or never really been demanded to do, until you come to this level. He’s really taken my coaching and coach Wilson’s coaching, and he’s really worked hard at everything we’ve given him to do.”

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