Wilson contemplating contact for quarterbacks

Kevin Wilson doesn’t want Sept. 1 to be the first time that any of the three competitors for the starting quarterback job feel what it’s like to take a hit, but he knows he can’t afford to lose any of the three scholarship quarterbacks before the opener even though he’s added three walk-ons.

Monday morning was the first practice in which the Hoosiers were allowed to play in full pads. The quarterbacks didn’t see much contact then, but Wilson said they will.

“That’s tough,” Wilson said. “When you’ve got a really good team, you can let them get hit, but they can get hit smart. When you’ve got a bunch of young guys on defense, guys get out of control. You say it’s full-go and a guy’s diving. I wouldn’t mind them getting roughed up a little bit. We’ll let that happen a little bit, but when guys are getting legs and ankles and the lower body injuries (that’s a problem). We’ll get them hit, but I don’t know if we’ll get them just total free go. But we might thump them and get in their face a little bit, hit them above the waist, hit them with the ball, make sure they can take care of the ball. They’ll be hit some … But when you’ve only got three, you don’t want to go to two.”

Wilson continued to say that he’s been pleased with all three quarterbacks and how they’ve attacked the position. He’s seen improvement from incumbent starter Tre Roberson, but said Cameron Coffman and Nate Sudfeld are pushing him not only on the field but also in meetings and elsewhere.

“(Tre’s) embracing the challenge, he’s attacking it,” Wilson said. “He’s got a lot of work to do, but it’s not just, ‘Hey, I played a little bit, or ‘I’m supposed to be (the starter.’ No, he’s working. I’ll tell you why. The other two guys are really working. They’re working at meetings and they’re asking questions. I see a page of notes last night where a guy went on for about eight pages because he wrote everything down. When it’s break time and coaches are meeting, they’re coming up, they’re sitting with us and they’re resting, watching tape. Which, I didn’t even ask. But one guy came, and another guy got wind, next guy came, then they were all there. Tre’s doing well, but they’re all pushing themselves.”

Wilson is less pleased with his wide receiving corps right now.

“Not very much,” Wilson said when asked about what he was seeing from the group. “They’re not very good. That’s the worst part of our offense.”

When asked what they need to do better, he was just as blunt.

“Catch the ball,” Wilson said. “Block. Play receiver. They need to be better. It has nothing to do with suspensions or who’s not here. The guys who are not here wouldn’t be in the mix either. They’ve got to be a lot better.”


  1. The safest way to expose your QB’s to hits, which is necessary to teach them how to hold on to the ball and get mentally prepared for the games, is in various controlled hitting drills. Let the QB’s run the ball and instruct the defenders that they can not hit low. Do a pass blocking drill with three blockers and four rushing defenders that are upper-classmen. But tell the defenders that if they leave their feet to hit the QB, or if they tackle low, they will run the stadium steps every practice until they graduate. There’s a way to do it without risking leg or head injuries.

  2. I looked into my crystal ball and saw some challenging practices for our WR(s)coming up!

  3. byrd, you’re probably right; but I think (hope) attitudes are changing. IU coaches are faced with a perfect storm or challenges including: sub Div 1 talent, disaffected fan base, lousy attitude from players who want a scholarship but don’t necessarily want to earn it, little depth and a grueling schedule. That’s a boatload to overcome, but we’ll get there!

  4. If IU wins three or more wins, I think Wilson will feel his team has made significant progress.

    I realized, while watching an interview with IU’s co-defensive coordinator, that not only do they have a lot of young players, but they have several relatively young coaches. I’m sure they have also made significant improvements this year as well.

  5. Over the many years I have followed IU football…since the late 50’s early 60’s…I have read or listened to hope in a variety of many ways…that is 50 plus years…it always translates into zero, one, two, three, or four wins and once in a while five with the exception of a small handful of seasons and never anything really great… except for the rose bowl team which was great by IU standards….However, there is always hope! There is alot of money being paid for today’s hope that actualizes into reality of some degree of greatness…A win here and there is the same whether it costs a few million dollars or a couple hundred thousand dollars.

  6. I remember very well last year KW’s frustration with EWB and DK because they wouldn’t take the time to do the extra things, like watching video, etc. That’s different.

    If I was one of those receivers I’d be asking one of the walk on QB’s to stay after practice and throw to me for a while. I’m betting that’s not happening…yet.

  7. That’s exactly the point where I thought ‘this is the guy’ (about KW), when he showed that changing the entitlement culture we (emphsasis on the ‘we’) had at IU was the most important issue on his agenda. Nor did KW ‘order them’ to do it (watch video,…he put it out there as a suggestion and watched. Would they demonstrate a willingness to study this game, to do the little things that winning requires. Ask the next dozen people if they want to win and 9 will say ‘he__ yeah!’, but few want to work at doing the little things that put you in a position to try to win.

    Listen carefully at Tre R. talking about himself last year and how much he ‘didn’t know’. Believe it or not, that’s progress. Think of the kid (I can’t even remember his name now)who was dismissed last week and explained it by saying “he didn’t want to talk on his team mates”.

    Honestly, we need to stay with this. Winning will be a painful process but it will not only change IU football, it will change us as well.

    I have absolutely no predictions for this year. None (even to myself). I refuse to…that is not the point at all for us. ‘Win now’ (nothing but an abstract statement of an intention any coach should have inside of him) may still apply to the 2011 season. Anyone who took that a promise or takes it at its literal meaning has the same attitude of wanting ‘cheap wins’ that has driven us into this corner.

    Win now is a commitment to dig our way up to the top of the hole. What do I expect….a driven, proud team that wants to work at getting better each day.

    That’s how we win now at IU.

  8. ALL POSTERS- if you can’t spell and puncuate Latin correctly, don’t use it! “Non sequitur” means “it does not follow.” That is, something is non-sensical or illogical. The same goes for English, but right now I’m boarding up my glass house.

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