Benson and Thomas talk IU

Kent Benson and Isiah Thomas are in Assembly Hall for tonight’s game and we got to talk to them for about 15 minutes. Lots of interesting stuff and don’t have time to break it all down right now, but posting audio.

Some quick interesting points.

— Benson and Thomas both spoke at length about the current team, saying they appreciate the selflessness and the togetherness of the squad, impressed that they all stuck it out.

— Both Benson and Thomas praised Tom Crean for understanding the tradition of the program and trying to bring the alumni back into it. Thomas did say he still wants to see Bob Knight return. “He’s like our father,” Thomas said. “We all want dad to come home.”

— Benson and Thomas gave critiques of the players at their respective positions. Benson talked Zeller, Thomas talked Yogi Ferrell.

— Thomas said he’s working at NBATV now, and that he’s going for his master’s degree at California-Berkeley. His son recently graduated from Indiana and his daugther is a student there.

AUDIO: Isiah Thomas and Kent Benson


  1. Dustin- was Will out there for the ceremony? I never saw him during the speeches or with the trophy…I could imagine he was the most anti-frill stuff after a bad loss at home…

  2. What are the possible B1G tourney seedings for IU? I’m getting tickets and trying to figure out which sessions I need for Friday.

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