Crean says he apologized to Meyer

Indiana coach Tom Crean said on the Big Ten Teleconference on Monday morning that he called Michigan assistant coach Jeff Meyer before he got on the plane last night to apologize for the post-game altercation in which he told the former Kelvin Sampson assistant that he “helped wreck the program.” Crean called it “a professional misunderstanding,” and said that he never should have done that “in the heat of battle.

UPDATE: 12 p.m. Michigan coach John Beilein said that he would not address Crean and Meyer’s altercation but said that at Michigan, his team’s will “win with class and lose with class,” and said that he thought Michigan assistant Jeff Meyer Handled himself with “great poise” after the loss. When asked specifically if Crean called to apologize to Meyer, Beilein said he would not confirm that and not comment at all on Crean’s actions.


  1. Yeah, but what did Meyer say to him that set this all off? That’s the mysterious part that’s not been illuminated.

  2. From what I understand Meyer told him to go F himself during the hand shakes…maybe Dustin can add some but from what I gather…that absolutely happened! I actually enjoyed watching Crean as he walked away smiling after that signature pant pull up he and Welmer do…I loved it! Am I awful for saying that? Meyer negative recruited McGary and helped Sampson to bring IU down to it’s knees, screw Meyer!!!

  3. Thanks Dustin…got a memo sent by a buddy down south from Peegs and they reported that is what happened and I just don’t feel like Peegs would write that if it did not happen…anyway, thanks!

  4. Unfortunate incident but, at the end of the day, it sounds like CTC took the high road.

    Good for him.

  5. Small mans syndrome! Thought I might have been watching NASCAR. He is the guy at the bar that wants to yell and be held back, not really wanting to fight. He is lucky he didn’t get that smile knocked off his face. Sleezball

  6. It’s obvious Meyer s a creep and Michigan hired him knowing what he did at IU…says a lot about what kind of program they run.

  7. If you are gonna say that then how were we not in the same boat? Sampson and his staff had a track record. This is beside the point. No matter what he said or did crean lowered hisself to that level and put the focus not on our win or outright championship but his chihuahua act over something that means zero now

  8. hisself?

    Pat, I’d like to buy some punctuation.

    Time for you to head back to West Lafayette.

  9. I guess if you have to resort to punctuation on a blog that’s a victory for the grammatically impaired

  10. Who cares about this story? Only sensationalistic media and sports radio/blogs who have nothing better to talk about.

    I like our guy sticking up for himself and for us. Only mistake he made was apologizing to the SOB.

  11. Wisco- you’re right. I think it was more of an act than anything…..and made him look like an idiot. He should thank him. If not for that he isn’t in the position he’s in

  12. John Beilein said that at Michigan, his team’s will “win with class and lose with class.”

    Says the guy that lets his team wear “We On” shirts on the road.

  13. IU hasn’t made legitimate efforts to recruit NW Indiana since Knight was fired.

    You can go down the list of at least 10 top players around the Big 10 during that time span that were not given serious interest from IU. The following are just some that mainly come off the top of my head..I’m sure there are more…

    Zack Novak(MI)
    Robbie Hummel(PU)
    E’Twaun Moore(PU)
    Scott Martin(PU)
    Luke Harangody(ND)
    Brandon Wood(transferred from Vaplaraiso U to MSU..Izzo looking across the border)
    Branden Dawson(MSU)
    Spike Albrecht(MI)..[not off the top of my head]
    Mitch McGary(MI)

    Outside of his East Coast connections(Doc Rivers..NBA schmooze), Crean has recruited with the preferences the changing IU fan base and demographics of the student body at IU. He completely ignores the northern 1/3 of the state(with the exception of James Blackmon Jr. – kid from Fort Wayne).

    It’s what the middle/southern Indiana homer fans want. A Tom Crean at Marquette would have gone hard after Branden Dawson

    And I believe Glenn Robinson and Mitch McGary were friends before college(a friendship that began through the AAU circuit). It speaks more to John Beilein not ignoring some very good talent that has been coming out of NW Indiana…Zack Novak(Attended the same Chesterton High School that McGary attended before he bolted the small town to attend Brewster Academy). I would think following the footsteps of Novak(a Michigan fan favorite for his blue collar mentality) and the close bond to Robinson probably had a lot more to do with his final decision than any “negative recruiting” conspiracy. The hotheaded demonstration is merely Crean’s spin talents in action. He’s not been very active in recruiting NW Indiana. IU simply doesn’t pay much attention to recruiting in that far way mysterious land.

    The only thing Crean has committed to in NW Indiana is Bobby Capobianco.


    Heard you on 1070 this morning. Nice work. Damn, you did not waste your minutes. Did you have a ton of coffee this morning? Fast talking. Your voice sounds a lot different on radio than it does on ScoopTalk. I would have never known it was you if I hadn’t heard the host announce your name ahead of time. Anyway, you did a great job. Cody not a first team All-American? Ouch. Sold out the Indiana kid to the Hoosier via the Pipeline?

  14. He doesn’t owe anyone an apology, finally someone holds those f#$ks accountable. Sorry to be blunt but it’s the truth. As for the “classy” John Beilein…nice hire slimebag.

  15. And my diagnoses is that anyone who waits all year & shows up with a username like that after we have won The Big10 outright is simply impaired…..period! hahahaha

  16. You would think we would hunt/recruit for some non-soft Hoosiers from the blue collar area of the state that the only college player to ever shut down Michael Jordan went to high school.

    Novak, Dawson, Dakich, Hummel, Harangody, McGary..These are some tough SOBs! All have the same hard-nosed work ethic of our very own Victor Oladipo.

    If you want some East Coast toughness…then look to NW Indiana for God’s sake. It’s the last corner of the state(due to it’s exponentially tougher character its people)to not be softened up by class basketball. Maybe Chet’s blue collar river town(Jeffersonville) he grew up being the second toughest area of the state holding onto a bit of backbone ballers still benefiting from huge levels of superior testosterone long before our one class basketball tournament was given a massive vasectomy.

  17. Get Rid of Crean; I wanted to thank you for your comedy this morning. Your comments gave me a laugh. Just your screen name gives me a laugh.

  18. I think the whole episode is laughable and not worth two cents, but I’m feeling generous so I’ll give mine anyway. I searched for a while this morning to find any footage of the alleged “handshake confrontation” but could find no evidence. (There has to be some out there, but I’ve already wasted too much time…)

    What I did notice from the available clip is that Meyer did not seem at all surprised by Crean returning to have words. In fact, it looked more like Meyer was expecting it, as if there had been some kind of provocation or lead-up that (Buckley?) was already trying to diffuse.

    Do i think Crean was provoked? Probably. Could he have handled it differently? Yes. Do i think it was out of line? Nope. Am I the upset about the whole episode? Ha. Am I proud of our coach for sticking up for his players, his team, his program, and every Hoosier fan? You bet your a$$ I am!

  19. That’s what I heard through Twitter J Pat. But I haven’t seen anything that definitively confirms that.


    Really? In this age where every college kid has their own iPhone that can capture instant video better than most courtside professionals, no one has posted anything on YouTube or social media sites that confirms the big ‘eff off’ exchange. And I’m accused of being a conspiracist?

  20. Dustin, sounds like you are going down the list of individuals who bring out a response from CTC. Coincidentally, I also saw a very good discussion in one of the Sunday shows that ’24-hour media bowels-stirring ‘ is actually becoming an obstacle to good journalism.

    I agree. Look at this story. As far as I remember the story was about Indiana facin Michigan and itself to hang on and comeback in a very difficult situation as a visitor against Michigan, a contender, in a game that literally had the B1C championship on the line. Indiana won, led by one of two national POY of the year, despite the fact that the previously undefeated-at-home Michigan put up a very strong fight and came within a 1/4 inch (literally) of winning.

    Instead we are treated to the non-story of whether one of what the head coach of the winning Indiana team said to the assistant coach of the losing coach while every one (including teachers) is speculating-without any concrete evidence that it rhymed with ‘duck’.

    Great journalism, great example of First Amendment use, great example for the millions under-16 who were probably watching it. Perhaps, we could do a follow up feature on ‘understanding the liberal sensitivity of tolerance in the sports world and sports journalism.

    And, I can’t wait to hear the discussion and whether or not CTC will include his inspirational observation and his views on exemplary behavior in his Tweeter posts.

    But…to be truthful…isn’t this what we now expect and encourage from sports. Can’t wait to read the posts that will follow,… let the dance begin.

    BTW- can’t help but admire how Indiana kept itself together and focused despite going through some bad moments; can’t say enough about the incredible human being and player that is Victor Oladipo…and unforgettable hero whose spirit and emotions will forever fill Assembly Hall; and a team that simply clawed and fought its way out of a sewer of circumstances and fought through its own limitations to raise its hands in the air as Champions. (Hard to think about all this other stuff being thrown around to distract a fan with this one simple and monumental reality of what it means to be a Hoosier).

  21. Off the top of my head…

    He did make a hard run at Mitch McGary.

    Albrecht was a low level recruit playing at a northeastern prep school, and he wouldn’t get minutes on our team.

    Robinson was not highly regarded by anyone until his senior year, by that time Crean already had The Movement, and was hoping for Gary Harris.

    I’d rather have Dipo than Dawson any day of the week.

    What the hell do half those players have to do with Crean? They were before his IU tenure, so how is it relevant to the current situation?

    What did Wood ever do?

    Crean is currently going damn hard after Hyron Edwards.

    Here’s the thing Harvard, no one cares about how we recruited NW Indiana before Crean – there’s nothing he can do about that and no one to hold accountable. Since Crean has been here he has gone after a couple kids up there, but its not gushing with talent the same way the central part of the state is.

    Recruiting is Crean’s greatest strength. Recruiting Indiana has become a great strength. Now it’s not enough that he’s getting a lot of the best in-state talent? Now he has to focus on an area with less talent before you’ll be happy?

    Lastly, if you think that Tom Crean is recruiting only certain Indiana kids to keep certain Indiana fans happy you have completely lost it.

  22. I totally agree that he should look to that area, and everywhere else for that matter. But, I’d say that if we took the time to look at the recruitment of all those kids you mentioned, I don’t know that Crean was in a position to get some of them anyway given the timing and obviously it’s a tougher battle ground up there for us than most of the rest of the state. All very tough players though, no doubt. Although I’d say ‘toughness’ is pretty hard to quantify, especially with such a broad stroke. Just because it’s the armpit of Indiana, doesn’t mean every kid from the Region is oh-so tough, some are, some aren’t.

    I just find today — less than 24 hours after an outright B1G title and all the hope of the tournaments upon us — an odd time to b*tch about recruiting strategy. But, winning or not, I guess he still ain’t Bobby, so there’s that.

  23. Tsao, you got me and maybe I deserve it but it is what it is and like I said…I am fine with it…it was similar to Wilson defensing IU on the radio show…a coach sticking up for his team after something was said! Speaking of Wilson, how many games does his team win this year??

  24. Tsao-

    You’re on a roll…Another great post. Establishment loves to overshadow our immense Hoosier will to win. It is a shame that Crean could let that beautiful moment “rise” to the heavens on its own.

    Hoosiers were rising after that historic victory…and then they slipped on the mud courtesy the triviality of one massive and selfish ego.

  25. Harvard…don’t focus on it, not you of all people. Focus on the sight of Mr. Victor Oladipo lying on the floor crying because this was so important and so vindicating to the struggle. Think about how we all wanted to put our arm around him and say he IS our son. Think about the way Zeller struggled and conquered against his own weaknesses. Think about the moment in sports we witnessed and live as legitimate Hoosiers….Nothing else matters, now they can do a Hoosiers 2. I, literally, could not believe it until I woke up this morning and my four-year old grandson said, “Are we the champions now granpa?’

    Leave the other stuff for all the other losers who still can’t figure out what being a Hoosier is.

  26. It is a shame that Crean could [not] let that beautiful moment “rise” to the heavens on its own.

  27. “Crean says he apologized to Meyer”.

    What a great lead story and headline for the Hoosier Scoop today.

  28. Po- you are welcome. I am sure that you all have had your get rid of crean moments. Anything short of a national title with this team (who I believe is the most talented in the country) will be a failure. From day one I didn’t think he was the guy and not backing off that now.

  29. Yeah Harvard,

    What’s up with those Establsihment people overshadowing the B1G title with stories about coach altercations and out-of-nowhere, completely unprovoked musings about recruiting strategy?

    Friggin Establishment.

  30. indiana-rallies-back-with-6-0-run-in-final-52-seconds-to-stun-michigan-earn-first-outright-big-ten-title-since-1993

    This story has 3 comments

  31. Wisco- “Just because it’s the armpit of Indiana, doesn’t mean every kid from the Region…”; are you nuts?

  32. Rick Bozich wrote on his blog that James Blackmon was in attendance with UM. Trying to snake a commit (verbal) away could warrant some heat.

  33. Geoff-

    I like you. Crean acted like an a$$ and fed the Establishment media garbage that took away from the players moment. I have let my ego get the better of me quite a few times in my own lifetime. I’ve had my butt kicked because of it a few times. I forgive Crean. But it’s pretty ridiculous how many are defending such a lack of sportsmanship(whether provoked or not)..Isn’t sports getting ugly enough(player fist fights, etc)without coaches acting this way?

    “Because it’s Indiana,” we should be the standard for not getting sucked into that world. And maybe it’s a reflection of the “in your face” celebrating we were letting the players get away with to taunt the opposition…Remember a guy named Laffy that you used to love to defend? Isn’t Crean going far beyond taunting with that outburst at Meyer? Isn’t that a little more provoking than Sheehey putting three fingers to the temple?

    I completely dispelled the ‘negative recruiting’ conspiracy/accusation that was aimed at Meyer. I showed you the article that talked of the Robinson and McGary friendship. I provided names(outside of the kid I really didn’t know on the Michigan roster)that proved how little IU has recruited in NW Indiana in the past 15 years.

    You can’t use “negative recruiting” to excuse bad sportsmanship(the ugliest and cheapest form when you have the benefit of being a victor..(no pun intended)).

    I win this round, my friend.

    Lastly, I was never the blogger on this site that originally attempted to label ANY Hoosier as soft. I only used my “entitlement” perspective with the new class basketball system in Indiana to piss your asses off for trying to pin the spinelessness of our team solely on Cody’s genetics or his passive coach.

    And the implied “softness” accusations aimed at many of our Hoosiers have been around this blog for a very, very long time while I continued to DEFEND over and over and over again guys on our team named Hulls(abused and worst defender in college basketball accusations), Watford(“ship has sailed” accusation), and Cody long before you ever started posting more regularly on this site. Would you like me to cut-and-paste all the times I defended the candy-stripes while name-calling trolls parked on this site for the only purpose to rip into kids?

  34. I coached high school students in an academic competition for several years. Not suggesting a parallel between my former job and Crean’s. But at least in the emotion and exhaustion one feels at competition. I’m a very calm and controlled person, but occasionally it got the better of me when baited by the unprofessional and underhanded jabs by other coaches. Usually even while exhausted and emotional, I swallowed the urge to retaliate, but on multiple occasions I did respond similar to Crean. Of course there were no cameras to catch any of it. Still its embarrassing and you know you should have risen above it. But its a VERY EASY thing to do.

    I have no doubt what-so-ever that Meyer had that coming but also that Crean shouldn’t have delivered it. He knows it too, that’s why he apologized. Apologizing is the proper and professional thing to do. Not so much for Meyer, but as an example for his team.

    Crean screwed up, but in a routine and minor way that everyone does under those circumstances. Only an idiot would read anything extra into this situation.

  35. Harvard – the highest rated recruit from NW Indiana this year signed with William & Mary…

    There seems to only be 1 high major recruit in the 2014 class – Tyler Wideman… I don’t know his personality, academics, etc, but he is being recruited by UM, MSU, PU, Illinois.

    In 2015 we are all-out for Hyron Edwards.

    The point is, there isn’t a ton of IU worthy talent up there. When there is, it looks like Crean makes an effort.

    Now if you want to expand and say the top 1/3 of the state, then you also have to acknowledge that Crean has gone after kids in and around there – Beachem, both Blackmons…

    Tipton is pretty dang close to the top 1/3 of the state, where of course we got our belved senior Elston.

    Oh, and you’re apparently forgetting he got HMP from NW Indiana. But I’m sure that doesn’t count for you because he isn’t native to Indiana.

  36. And I agree completely with Tsao and what you have been saying for months. Oladipo is a really good kid. He showed great sportsmanship at the postgame press conference in complimenting Burke and by not piling and gloating in victory. If I recall, he said something to the effect that Burke missed his free throw because he had lost his legs from the fatigue his great heart to play hard while we threw nearly every “fresh” player on our roster at him to wear him down. Victor was gracious in victory and took the moment at the press conference to remove the “choke” label off a Michigan star’s shoulders when I’m sure many of his own fans were preparing to rip him to shreds in the barrooms of cyberspace(much like so-called IU fans love to do, e.g. “soft” accusations, to many Hoosiers when they fall just short of perfection).
    Oladipo is a class act.

  37. Um, I’m not defending Crean. My quote was, “It by no means classy. And it certainly wasn’t the right place or time. But it also wasn’t a big deal.”

    Which was in response to you asking whether a suspension might be the result.

    You must be thinking of someone else.

    I could care less whether he yells at people, doesn’t yell at people. I have no preconceived notions about what Meyers is or did. I am on your side, as I’ve stated many times, that the Sampson scandal was just more evidence that the NCAA is simply a failed institution. I thought it at the time, and its only been backed up by the fact that the rules that brought IU down are no longer in place.

    Address your rebuttals to the correct party good sir.

  38. I read that James Blackmon Jr was in the stands with a couple of Michigan recruits. Could this have something to do with it as well?
    He obviously got the tickets from UM… are they trying to sway him like someone else did with Trey Lyles?

  39. I’m not saying they’re highly ranked recruits, Geoff..

    But if you look at what they represented on their respective teams, I think you’ll find some adjectives in the form of blue collar, tough, unselfish, team player, fundamentally solid, and backbone used to describe them.

    Wasn’t Harangody a Big East POY?

    And I’m pretty sure Novak built quite the appreciation from the Michigan fans for his work ethic over four years..And he was a starter for most of his last two seasons. Hell, I wouldn’t doubt if they retire his jersey…He was quite beloved by Beilein as well.

    And Brandon Dawson is by no means a “soft” kid to come from some pretty tough streets in Gary..Not to mention how quickly he got back from his torn ACL late last season while hardly missing a beat this year. I don’t think you can look at his numbers and get anything realistic his true potential..I doubt we have barely seen the surface his upside(at least according to the Establishment guys I listen to on ESPN that all seem to be quite impressed with his athleticism and toughness).

    Carry on.

  40. I was purposefully over-the-top with the “suspension” thing. Maybe a small fine relative to his earnings is in order…$100,000?(equivalent to the same percentage my income spent on a McDonald’s Big Mac meal).

    And to your credit…You are one of the few on this blog not afraid to closely examine the Sampson scandal beyond the “decimation” and theatrics.

    I am on your side, as I’ve stated many times, that the Sampson scandal was just more evidence that the NCAA is simply a failed institution.

    I appreciate finally having someone with some balls on here to even go as far as that statement. I never had anyone in my corner when I was doing much the same when kid’s were being crucified and lumped as all bad.

  41. ….when [kids] were being crucified.

    Best wind it up today.

    Very proud of our Hoosier basketball team. Very proud of our bench and our freshmen that played like seasoned veterans. A great team victory with some icing on the cake some top performances from Cody and VO.

    Go Hoosiers!! Let’s take that same attitude into the rest of the games.

  42. 3 out of the 4 guys you named were pre-Crean recruits… So what do they have to do with anything?

    I know you’re talking about the last 15 years, I just can’t figure out why? You are making correlations back to Crean. You’re tying it into “negative recruiting” arguments…

    I just don’t understand your point? It seems like you’re taking pot shots at Crean on anything you can get your hands on…

    Today’s shot: IU doesn’t recruit NW Indiana hard enough. Even though in Crean’s era continuing through to 2015 class he has gone after at least half of the kids that are worthy of a scholarship in the B1G.

  43. Harvard – why would he get penalized at all? Crean just yelled at him and he didn’t even cuss or make any physical contact. This didn’t even warrant an apology, I’m sure CTC only did that b/c he got caught on video. He (and all other coaches) yell at the refs during the game. If it weren’t for the age we live in with all of the social media this wouldn’t even be an issue and half or us probably wouldn’t even know it happened.

    I really think this is a non-issue.

  44. I know that “it is what it is” for you, JPat. But, it is nothing like Wilson defending IU on the radio; to begin with; and,(no sarcasm intended), you are definitely not Wilson. But then, that may be exactly where you and I disagree when it comes to values in sports.

    As to the guess you want me to take; I have no specific expectation in terms of record. I do have an expectation that we significantly improve over the past, move the entire program into another level/dimension all-together that guarantees being a ‘competitive’ at a high level and that it raise the standards with which the Hoosier football teams are measured. So, I don’t see it as productive at all to look at IU2013Football with record expectations and force myself to not even think about that.

    I do see very clear signs of improvement in the selection of players, the quality of instruction, the standards and expectations for the players, the intelligence and professionalism of the coaches, the attitude of the fans and am hopeful of at least a progressively better performance by the team (even this coming season) continuing to improve until it reaches a strong plateau of competitiveness and stays there.

    I saw improvement last year. But, it will take time since the objective is not about one season but to change a culture. That, as a minimum is a full 2-4 year process (we will be in year two this fall). My only immediate proviso is that the ‘quality’ players at IU are generally very young; and if strength, maturity and age show in any sport JPat, it is in football. You of all people JPat should know (through your role as a father), that you don’t ‘grow’ kids (or football players), you ‘raise’ them. Tt mandates teaching and transferring values, being constructive, disciplined and cultivating improvement while sustaining one clear vision of the finished product.

    From what I have seen of the Indiana program under Coach Wilson, what is clear and impresses me is the tremendous sense of professionalism of our coaching staff; what appears to be a strong sense of commitment from both Coach Wilson and the key members of his staff; very solid evidence that they know and focus on teaching the players to their standards; and, their uncompromising expectation that the players buy into the same vision and perception of ‘good’.

    JPat, one of the issues I had in the past was with the ‘I wanna win now!’ philosophy. I accept it comes from the frustration of waiting (I’ve been waiting for great Hoosier teams since about 1959/1960 (when we beat Marquette 33-0 and they dropped football). I had a very close view of the Pont years and remember just how much the team took on the personality of the staff (could anyone really tell the difference in personality between John Pont and Harry Gonso? or enjoy the game’s challenge more than Jay Fry? The same was true of Bill Mallory and his staff. It is the same quality I see in Kevin Wilson, Coach Fabris, Coach Littrell and several other members of the staff now.

    The challenge will be when we reach that point and become comfortable. That’s when we as fans will need to make it clear that we demand the follow through that keeps Coach Wilson and staff here, no matter who and where there is demand for him beyond Bloomington. That’s when we’ll get tested and one we have to win.

    So…how will we do in 2013? We’ll do good, however that translates in terms of a record.

    (Can your boy dunk over you yet?…the day mine tried, I threw him into the bushed near the fence. As he picked himself up from the bush, I said ‘no, you don’t beat your daddy at anything…not ever’ and walked away not letting him see me roll my eyes. I got myself a two-year reprieve from his trying it.

    That is what I expect of our 2013 season record.

  45. Let me get this straight…..

    Crean’s team just won the game and the Big 10 title and he takes the moment to settle some old score and make it about him….? Nice.

    What a Duck!(quack)

  46. Twarrior87- are you saying you think he only apologized because he knew it was on film or he only made the scene because it was on film?

  47. I’m saying he only apologized b/c he was on film. I think something was obviously said by Meyer that set Crean off during the handshake. Then Crean went over and yelled at him. When he realized he was on camera he knew it would be blown out of proportion and portray him in a negative light. Therefore, he made the public apology. Maybe he was actually sorry for the way he handled the situation letting emotions get into it, but I don’t think he did anything that warrants any type of penalty.

  48. Harvard, you “won this round?”

    CTC called a creep a creep, apparently after being tossed an F-bomb. The overwhelming majority of IU fans are patting him on the back for it. I guess you “won this round” if you’re a Meyer fan. It’s on a whole different level but it sounds much like the people who stuck up for Paterno because he handled the PSU situation ‘with such class and dignity’ while he was actually covering up for pedophiles.

    I’ll take the honest guy with a temper and a loud mouth over the soft spoken piece of dirt any day of the week.

    Do you really want to be lumped in with the kind of people (see above) who want to claim that “I am sure that you all have had your get rid of crean moments” the day after the man engineered a championship of one of the toughest collection of basketball teams in a single conference in memory.

    A couple months ago these same (expletives) were promising to eat their words if CTC could pull off a Big Ten Championship. They said we’d all see what a failure he is as the team collapsed. Well, we can see how good their word was. Some are posting the same tripe even as we celebrate their tremendous triumph.

    As far as missing out on the kids from NW Indiana, there are a lot of great players in that list. The Mitch McGary I watched yesterday just looked like a hockey goon sent in to cause trouble. I’m glad we missed out on him.

    I’ll take those unheralded players that, apparently, only CTC liked, like Will and Vic, over the likes of Mitch McGary any day of the week. These same critics were blasting him for offering a scholarship to Victor. Let’s see a little ‘class and dignity’ from them as they step forward to admit they were wrong. Here’s tip, don’t hold your breat.

    I’ve been saying it from day one and I’ll stick to it, I like way CTC is handling the program and I trust the personnel decisions he has been making.

    I’ve read countless criticisms of him since he arrived and all season long but two things are not up for debate. The Big Ten has proven to be head and shoulders better than any other conference and IU is the champion of that same Big Ten. The first outright Big Ten title for Indiana in 20 years.

    His critics will just have to choke on that.

  49. @Get rid of crean; can I ask how you are an IU fan and use that as your name? The guy has rebuilt our program from nothing to a legitimate contender in 4 short years. He’s been all in on IU, it’s tradition, and everything that stands for since day 1. He’s done things the right way and is bringing in good kids. Kids that are good on the court, off the court, as well as in the classroom.
    I know there have been some critics regarding his in game coaching, but I think in those situations it has mostly been players not executing rather than poor coaching on CTC’s part.
    Either way I don’t see how he’s done anything to warrant getting rid of him and quite the opposite at that. The way things are trending he will be here for a very long time.

  50. Chet – AMEN!!! I think some IU fans will never be happy with any coach that doesn’t have the initials RMK… I love Coach Knight, but I realize he is gone and we are in a new era of IU basketball and I love the direction that new era of IU basketball is heading under CTC!

  51. I love it that this site makes you do simple math before you can post. It prevents any influx of UK fans posting crap all over the message boards.

  52. I thought he looked out of control. All these guys(not just our coaches/administrators)are playing to the cameras far too much. It’s a sign of the Facebook mentality…I think they do believe someone is always watching. It amps people up. It exaggerates egos. It makes people believe that every moment is their moment.

    It’s a weird contagion. With social media, blogs, YouTube, etc…comes the delusion every individual can create their own celebrity.

    I watched Fred Glass on the late evening news last night. He exhibited much the same this weird belief that everyone is listening…He took a shot at an ESPN analyst while talking to a local Indy TV reporter in a live interview. Why? Because they know someone will grab the snippet of footage, post in on some lowlife website(much like the Crean/Meyer exchange)and suddenly it begins to filter to those he wanted to dig on…It creates controversy and more sensationalism…They get off on it about as much as the wasted time they’ve spent trying to bring Knight back to IU. Wasted time from the conatagion of making yourself an instant star via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, blogs…ANYWHERE.

    Glass is part of the problem. Let the players have the limelight. It reminds me of those parents I can’t stand that forever want to boast on their children to merely add more float to their own boat. Get over yourself. Nobody cares what Seth said…or that Meyer “negative recruits”..or that some coach “decimated” your world.

    Play the game. Play with heart and class. Leave the sensationalism to the guys on ESPN that would be driving a milk truck if it wasn’t for gullible viewers that eat all this pointless crap surrounding meaningless people wanting to create their own celebrity.

  53. Harvard – I agree he does appear that way. However, it was a very emotional time. There have been instances where I’ve gotten a little too upset over things and looked the same way, but that doesn’t make me a bad person. Everyone has their moments where they let their emotions get the best of them.
    I feel this shows how much he really cares about the program, the players, and the tradition of IU basketball. I want a coach that is incredibly passionate about the program.

  54. “Glass is part of the problem”

    Obviously, our players are not getting into the limelight as only two of them are national POY candidates.

    Let’s see, arising from ruin to their first outright Big Ten title in 20 year in basketball.

    Football team appears to be rapidly improving both in wins and with recruits the likes of which we’ve perhaps never seen in Bloomington.

    Non revenue sports thriving.

    Tell me again the problem Fred Glass is part of. I’m buying a few more shares.

  55. Maybe I’m old-fashioned. I’d just like to hear Fred Glass compliment his coach and his team..Then I’d like to hear him thank the fans and compliment Michigan for a hell of a game and for being such a worth opponent.

    Why must we have this constant drama between… Crean and ESPN..(“This one is for you Steve Smith!”) Crean and Joyce…Crean and Knight(“Did you see that look Bobby gave Crean?”)…Crean and ex-Sampson coaches…

    Are you following the theme here? Are these men ringmasters to a Circus or are they dignified professionals that can just let their ability stand on its own without all the manufactured celebrity and sensationalism that they get jollies in creating for THEMSELVES.

    When did it stop being about the kids and game? When on earth are we going to get some questions about big plays in the game and how players rose to the occasion?

    No different in the business world..or the world of politics. Even Michelle Obama has to put her mug on the Academy Awards.

    Why can’t people just be satisfied with their own unique shadow rather than steal and overlap what the sun casts upon those that rarely get a shining moment?

    March Madness is more about Joe Lunardi than anything else. Can’t any of you see it? Maybe I am nuts.

  56. twarrior87…ahh, you brought in Coach Knight into the conversation; I don’t recall anyone else (on this thread) doing it. Then you compound it with “…I love Coach Knight…”. If this is it, I think Coach Knight could be spared your love. Do you read your own posts? You should.

  57. Crean did exactly what most of you should never want the “decimation” of the Sampson era to create. In one of the their greatest moments as a team he had to selfishly put lives in rewind, go back 5 years, and rain on his team’s parade by way of a negative outburst and negative display that say’s nothing to this Hoosier fan but a man that honestly believes that I care if he thinks the world revolves around him and his thoughts.

    This outburst wasn’t about Meyer…or Sampson. Crean decimated on his team’s historic moment because he can’t get off his own pious perch. He just can’t let it go. Be the bigger person. Be forgiving. Is forgiveness not a Christian virtue anymore? That’s is the ironic sadness to how an ego can consume a man.

    Go ahead, Chet..Get out your nails and 2x4s…build a cross..It’s a contagion. Crucify Harvard for his twisted sinister thoughts.

  58. Funny I’ve heard for four yrs that Crean is a great recruiter but not a great coach! Now today after a B1G championship some people are questioning how he recruits?

  59. Harvard, I’m glad you were able to avoid hyperbole.

    twarror87, that’s a real sensitive spot with TTG. Your best bet is to avoid it altogether.

  60. Oh, there’s no question you’re nuts Harvey Banners. But there’s plenty of room in here for that stuff.

    As far as the drama goes, I think you create most of it in your head. I know for a fact you amplify it. No one cares or even noticed the Steve Smith comment. You are the only one that brings up his admiration of Joyce… Most of us are oblivious to it. Crean hasn’t perpetuated any Knight drama… That is a media and fan creation.

    Crean was either out of control or he was calculated…

    If he was out of control, then that just proves his passion for the program.

    If it was calculated, then for what? To get his face on SportsCenter? To be talked about in a bad light on Around the Horn (they’re literally talking about this as I write). His team is back in the limelight and he has way more to lose by doing this than gain. To me the calculated angle doesn’t make any sense.

    I can’t get too mad at a guy for a spontaneous and passionate outburst in defense of his program.

    I’m not proud of it, but I ain’t mad at him neither.

  61. You too, Geoff..Get out your Establishment bazooka of logic.

    I shall destroy Harvard with a logic assault like he’s never seen before. Honey, is the baby kicking…? Seems logical that it would kick..I wonder if the baby can hear my typing while you’re in the living room. Seems logical the baby could hear typing through the uterus wall. Seems like 5:30 is a logical time to start dinner. Honey, what are we having tonight? We had beef yesterday..Seems logical that we have something of cream…Maybe pasta is a byproduct of fields of wheat…Cows love fields and Parmesan cheese is a byproduct of cream which comes from beef sorta. It is logical that we have alfredo. Get my logical ass of the computer? You’re sick of hearing about that crazy and illogical Harvard a-hole? Honey, you’re not talking logical.

  62. Tsao – I have no idea what your point is in that post. Yes, I read my post and it said what I meant for it to. Your post however, I’m not sure exactly what you are getting at there. What does me saying something about Coach Knight have to do with anything or with no one else bringing his name up?

  63. Glass has really done one outstanding job since he arrived on campus. His handling of the football search was impeccable, even to the point of his knowing the urgency of making the appointment the moment the right candidate was identified. His handling of the facilities is perfect. They constantly get great commentary from prospective athletes. Soccer is exemplary of how a top national team is handled and nurtured. The manner in which he handled- correctly- the relationship between AJerrod and Todd Yeagley and was able to separate their family ties while, at the same time, not handicapping Todd’s candidacy was classic and classy. Swimming and track and field play are at national level. The baseball program is finally getting attention. And, the finances of athletics seem to be on solid ground.

    There is a strong feeling that IU may be on the portal of a glorious athletic era.

    The only mis step I’ve seen may have been in the ‘marketing’ approach to Senior Day…and God, Oladipo and Zeller intervened to pull Glass out of the ice whirlpool.

    Actually, not being used to seeing this much sense coming out of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics since the 10th Street stadium was turned into a nature conservancy, the Glass era deserves recognition…even from us Harvard. (I actually even enjoyed the chuckles and laughs thinking about the massive public ‘OOPS!!!’ that would have had to follow had Morgan not missed that tip in by ” this much.

    Let the guy go Harvard …or they’ll ask you and Chet and me to run it!

  64. I don’t understand why some of the people on these boards feel they have to be keen wordsmiths or philosophers or whatever. Harvard what the heck are you talking about with babies hearing you time and having alfredo for dinner? Just say what you mean. This is college basketball, not everything is a conspiracy. Not everything people do is calculated, not everyone has an agenda, people do react spontaneously and emotionally at times.

  65. He’s not even the best college coach in the state. He has always struck me as a ” look at me” type guy. Something about him makes me cringe and I can’t wait until he’s gone.

  66. Geoff-

    It sounds like what they’re doing on Around the Horn is turning your stomach a bit. It sounds as if you’re beginning to see the Establishment for what they are.

    Maybe you need to send me a Christmas card this year.

    I would actually say it’s perfectly logical how you’ve just likely caught yourself wondering what that’s all about. Suddenly, you give yourself that “ did that happen?” investigation. Suddenly, you finally hear them for a brief moment without the filters.

    Suddenly, you hear what I’ve always heard…How logical the illogical suddenly appears.

  67. “AMEN!!! I think some IU fans will never be happy with any coach that doesn’t have the initials RMK… I love Coach Knight, but I realize he is gone and we are in a new era of IU basketball and I love the direction that new era of IU basketball is heading under CTC!” Your words, copied.

    You’re the one who can’t let go sir. Most of us who do remember the great days under Coach Knight and still carry that feeling of pride in his work, his teams and our following have let go and enjoy CTC’s work and very different style team on its own merits and accomplishments without the need to constantly compare and contrast. But, and it is unfortunate, you all take an assumption that is both false and irrelevant to how we enjoy the Hoosiers today.

    Why does there seem to be an ‘in your face’ directed at those of us who loved the Hoosiers then and celebrated our great accomplishments(under Knight), as if loving both our history and, now, our present and appreciating the Hoosiers now (under Coach Crean ) is somehow contradictory? We don’t have to let go, it’s the same shirt.

  68. Get rid of crean – what do you consider the qualities of a good coach? X’s and O’s, player development, recruiting, ??? I would venture to say Crean is the best recruiter in the state by far. I would also say he is probably near the top in player development. Was anyone recruiting Will Sheehey or Victor Oladipo? These were 3 star unranked players. Oladipo is up for POY as a junior; Sheehey would start on almost any other team in the league. If that’s not player development I don’t know what is.
    Even with a team in the gutter Crean was pulling in recruiting classes better than any other coach in the state.
    People will complain about CTC’s X’s and O’s, but I don’t get that either. In games we’ve lost where people are calling for his head it’s appeared to me to be more players not executing, not rebounding, etc. and less CTC being a bad coach. I can say I’ve been confused by some of his substitution patterns at times, but I don’t get paid millions of dollars to coach, so I must not know better than him.
    CTC just lead IU to an outright B1G championship; a championship in the best league in the NCAA. What more do you want from him?
    Need I remind you that just 2 years ago this team won 12 games?

  69. TTG I agree with you; I think maybe you misunderstood where I was coming from. I grew up watching the RMK coached teams, my father and older sister both graduated from IU before me, so I grew up in an Indiana basketball household. Every game was on the TV in our house.
    The only reason why I brought him up was b/c I find there are a lot of “traditional” IU fans who can’t let go of the past and enjoy what we have now as well and see it all as part of IU’s storied history. I get the impression from some of them they will never be satisfied with any other coach at IU, that is all.

  70. twarrior87, as everything you’ve posted is not only spot on by my subjective viewpoint but also supported by facts you will no doubt become a target of attack.

    My advice, ignore it with a smile and continue to post. Your clear headed posts are appreciated. People to tend become very vehement when protected by anonymity.

    In all liklihood, the likes of Groc and his ilk are probably just sad folks from Purdue hoping that NIT bid comes through.

    TTG, that’s the story of my life, people putting me in charge of things I have absolutely no desire to be in charge of. How does that keep happening? I don’t want to be in charge of anything more important than my motorcycle.

  71. Chet, I think my last paragraph in #75 to twarrior87 explains my feelings. I don’t measure TCrean against Bob Knight, they are totally different in their approach. And I don’t measure Knight against Crean. It would be impossible to do. You’d have to use two very different rulers.

    I do (and have never said anything different) really admire Bob Knight’s head, creativity and vision in basketball. I think in many ways his life was indeed exemplary. You obviously have a different take on him based on what you view as his behavior and what you state here. I don’t have a problem at all with your reaction to it.

    I am a Hoosier fan. Whoever the coach is I live and enjoy their accomplishments and suffer their failures…as an IU fan. I think coach Crean has done an incredible job of bringing us back to the conversation of great programs. Because his center of gravity is exactly where the program needed to go to get unstuck following the Davis/Sampson years.

    If I was only able to see it based on Knight’s genius it would not have worked and I would be one of those idiots always screaming about X’s and O’s. But, following our collapse, Indiana needed someone who could sell the program and its future exactly as CRean did…’It’s Indiana!. Whatever Crean’s technical abilities are, someone on his staff is doing one hell of a job teaching the playing system Crean prefers; and it works. A head coach does not have to be the X’s and O’s, or the ‘cout/planner’ or the ‘player talent’ scout or primary recruiter or physical conditionng expert..etc. He has to be able to understand all those functions and organize them effectively into his system (Knight used to say a great coach has to hire coaches in different areas who are better than he is). Crean really seems to have a privileged eye for raw talent and, a good mind for organizing a staff around his style and around teaching the talent and converting it to Oladipos and Sheeheys, etc. We’re crazy if we think HE is the one to select THE play that will work the last couple of minutes of a close game. But, he has to know who to listen to.

    You can ask the same questions the other way. How would a Zeller have done under Bob Knight? Maybe not as well, maybe collapsed;…or maybe, Knight would have forced toughness, greatness and consistency out of him. Isiah (ok Banners?) certainly consistently speaks of what Coach Knight meant to his life, and knowledge of basketball and future, as does Landon Turner about how Knight’s lessons prepared him for life; and as do several others who had great lives post RMK.

    You are a keen observer of life Chet. By now it should be evident that my respect and admiration for Bob Knight does not have to influence my respect and admiration for Tom Crean’s basketball…, they both have and are bringing great glory to a very important part of my life, IU. And, in the end that is what we share.

    I don’t have to choose one or the other. And, I don’t have t really explain my choices. They are not touchy. They are simply mine.

  72. I won’t mention names because I don’t think it’s right to speak ill of kids who are doing their best. Some have developed and some have regressed. I will just put it that way. X’s and O’s I would say he is fair. Recruiting has been good. I think there is a fine line in recruiting just below the one and done guys that you need to be at to build a solid program that is not so up and down. I think that’s where he is trying to be. With all that said he has a snake quality, the way he presents himself, the way he messes with his hair every five seconds. I don’t trust the guy. I understand that my opinion means nothing, but it’s mine and goes back to his days at Marquette. Everyone forms their own opinion on people. Mine is that he is an average in game coach that gets above average players at a top notch named basketball program. He wasn’t the ideal hire for Indiana. He was just the best coach that was willing to take the job at the time.

  73. Just watched the Around the Horn show..Must be on at a different airtime than in Maine..Anyway, it was fun. First time I’ve ever watched the show.

    Wow. None of the panel too supportive toward Crean.

    Meyer reminds of a bit of the actor(guy in glasses) that appeared in the opening scene of Sling Blade.. What do you guys think?

    And if you think I’m attempting to make fun of Tom Crean by comparing him to mustard and biscuits, you’re wrong. You’d much rather be the character played by Billy Bob Thornton(Karl) in this film than the character opposite(Charles)played by the late J.T. Walsh(Meyer lookalike).

  74. GetRidofCrean, I’m glad [you] state:’I won’t mention names because I don’t think it’s right to speak ill of kids (people?) who are doing their best’…

    However, it does not help me because without you telling me who is responsible for this debacle I don’t know who to blame and it would be both unfair and trashy to suggest names here where people can get the wrong impression of who you are and what your intentions are…

    It might, however, help your public face if you changed your screen name to something classier, more sensitive like WormSpit.

  75. Maybe I should’ve went a little further with that. I won’t mention the players names because I don’t think it’s right to speak ill of the student athletes who are doing their best. I have no problem with expressing my dislike of a state employee that makes over 3 million a year.

  76. Since we are on the subject of doing our best….

    No, you shouldn’t have went further, you should have gone further. And, many of us IU alumni won’t go along with suggestions for improvements written in the incorrect tense. (Not to mention that proper names like Crean should be capitalized).

  77. Now that we know that I skipped the grammar course for cell phones and have a wonderful job at wal-mart. I was just stating that mr crean mr crean ( darnit should have been a cap letter or two in there somewhere, maybe a few dots if that’s the word I’m looking for) is fair game for me to like/ dislike for whatever reason

  78. I would like to thank the calculator on my phone also. Without it none of this would be possible

  79. TTG, I feel much the same regarding the two coaches. Regarding RMK, I, too, am a fan of his contributions to college basketball. That was never my issue with him.

    In reference to the most recent troll, I think we can all safely assume that, fan or not, he is not an alumni of IU or any other university (well, maybe Liberty).

    Gee, the clowns Around the Horn cast disfavor upon CTC. I would only be concerned if I found out THAT bunch liked me.

    It must be hard to find programming for all those networks.

  80. Get rid of crean; you started out funny, but now you’re just a bore. No one’s taking your comments seriously. Suggesting that IU Get rid of Crean, or just criticizing him in general, the day after his team wins the Big Ten Championship outright is just juvenile. And by the way, it’s not just that they won the Big Ten and have been ranked in the top five throughout the season, it’s the players’ academic performance and the fact that these kids stay out of trouble and appear to be really good people.

    You seem to be investing heavily in your attempts to make your case, but the more you post, the more ridiculous you sound. O.K., so you don’t like Crean. We got that. Your entitled to that. But we really don’t care. You might as well try to argue that the earth is flat on a site filled with scientists. And oh by the way, if you have a problem with Crean’s compensation now, just wait until he gets a raise. Then you’re really going to despise him.

    Please don’t go away mad, just go away.

  81. Crean said to Meyer: “Thank you for my job!”

    Then Meyer player a little Tavernari song for Crean.

    Crean deserves to be Walk-On Coach of the Year for the 5th year in a row.

  82. Tsao-

    I don’t think I said that I liked the contributors on Around the Horn. I had never watched the show..Merely tuned into it today because Geoff had mentioned it.

    I sorta found it entertaining. That doesn’t mean it would keep me interested day after day, week after week, Seth after Seth.

    Rarely watch the PTI show (Tony Kornheiser & Michael Wilbon)..but they were also having difficulty with finding any support for Crean’s actions. Kornheiser basically said Crean should be thanking Meyer or he’d likely be still at Marquette looking for the next D-Wade.

    I guess this chance for the national media to take Crean’s outburst and run with it has really driven home the idea that maybe my theories about an anti-IU Establishment in the media is not such a far-fetched thing after all. They sure seem to be having a field day with it.

    Don’t hate me for enjoying a bit of the ESPN daytime circuit. We all have our vices. We all occasionally get lured and fall into the wells of perverse desire and temptation…I must admit that I took part in an ugly ESPN orgy of sports of sorts today..a rather slothful engagement into the dark Establishment world of cynicism that delights reminding us to not take ourselves too seriously.

    Forgive me for I have sinned! They shall never convert me! I have wondered from the ‘Corn and Budweiser’ to the ‘Horn and Kornheiser.’ I need cleansed. I need to confess my sins in a tanning salon.

  83. It’s pointless to ask if Knight would have said the same thing to Meyer, since a Knight team wouldn’t have won that game to begin with.

  84. No, I don’t hate you for it…at all…just that I consider theirs an Establishment produced post-lobotomy recovery sports show. Far below your entertainment level.

  85. With all the sincerity I can muster, buy and borrow I hope after rethinking the non-issue for the past 24 hours Tom Crean dials Meyers # once again and rescinds the offered apology.

  86. I do think the east-coast based sports media really resents IU’s success, and in fact, doesn’t really understand the Big 10 culture and what college sports really means to all of us living in “flyover country.” An insulting term to begin with. They are very pro-dominated, saturated with PR from the pros constantly and can’t seem to wrap their minds around a college player that isn’t interested in going pro after graduation. As for Doug Gottlieb, everybody knows where his bias originates from…

  87. I have a question ( or 2 ) was Meyer with the Michigan team when they came to Bloomington…if NOT then why did he stick around after the game AT Michigan. IF he didnt accompany the team to Bloomington then HE knew how IU Fans and maybe the seniors on the team felt about him.I suspect this “incident” was a set up by Meyer

  88. The condescension is striking. As are the inferiority complexes. We won the outright B1G title for the first time in twenty years. While I’m sure many of us celebrated in our own private way, I wonder why the focus again seems to be mostly on petty oneupsmanship after such a monumental victory.

    I was IU School of Education for three years. Also worked full-time while I did it. I could blame additional circumstances that were beyond my control, but mostly due to burn out and bad personal choices, I withdrew. I am a graduate now, but not an IU graduate. And I held many low wage jobs before i got there. Does my education– or any education, or lack of an education for that matter– make me less off a Hoosier? Should I be told to go elsewhere?

    When asked where the Lilly Library is at, we don’t respond with “at Indiana University, we don’t end sentences with prepositions.” We show them where the damn library is. Nor should we dismiss fellow Hoosier posters on our blog because their grammar and/or spelling isn’t exemplary or professionally edited.

    I didn’t agree with much of what GROC and others had to say, and I believe most if it was antagonistic. But his ideas are not all that different from most of your posts just because yours seem more pro-Indiana. To ask anyone to leave based on how they typed their words is, well… Dukish.

    We should still be celebrating our team, not berating our brothers. If you have issue with what someone has to say, address it. Debate it intelligently. But don’t seek to dismiss another because of a procedural error. That’s not what Indiana is.

  89. “If you have issue with what someone has to say, address it. Debate it intelligently.”

    I think that was Tsao’s whole point.

  90. The media has to fill pages and pages of junk every day. They do it with politics as well as sports. Focusing on the Coach Crean incident is just another example.

    They need to let it go–and so do we.

  91. Rico Donkey: Scoop irrelevance is inversely proportional to real-life relevance. In that sense, you, my donkey friend, are very, very relevant on the Scoop.

  92. If irrelevance is inversely proportional to relevance you just stated that you are just as irrelevant in real life as you are on the Scoop. I almost knew that though.

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