1. Yikes. It appeared Buckley was talking with Meyer one-on-one…and then Crean just came flying in going cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

    Does that sort of behavior warrant a suspension if unprovoked?

  2. I know that most of the fanbase is cathartic after watching that video, but I think Crean looks awful. Unless Meyer was bad-mouthing IU in a really nasty way, that seems a bit uncalled for.

    Besides, if Meyer hadn’t “wrecked the program,” Crean would still be in Milwaukee right now. Maybe he should be sending flowers to Sampson, Meyer and Senderoff right about now…

  3. Big thanks to Geoff for making a comment that prompted Dustin into the posting of the video. Not surprised Dustin was still burning the midnight oil. Once Geoff gave confirmation of the incident, Dusty jumped on it.

    And what a sad contrast to the beautiful tears streaming down Oladipo’s face.

    I was ecstatic after the win. I am elated for the players.. But that was not a classy demonstration by Tom Crean.

    He just gave the Establishment a ton of material.

  4. And you guys know all the behind the scene stories of what Meyer did and what he continued to do after he left IU? Meyer is scum just like Sampson and his new master, Weeline. Bravo Crean, Bravo

  5. Nice…sounds like something Coach Knight would have said, except he would have also tried to throw a punch! Now win the National Championship and you’ll be immortalized as one of the IU coaches of all time…go get ’em CTC!

  6. From multiple sources, “Coach” Meyer told Coach Crean to ‘Go F yourself’ in the handshake line. Of all the things Coach Crean could have said or wanted to say, I love it. Sure he should be the bigger man but frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a darn.

  7. Jesus Harvard! What is it with you and over-reactions? A suspension? Why would that even pop into your head? All he did was bark at a guy for a couple seconds…

    It was by no means classy. It certainly wasn’t the right place or time. But it was also no big deal.

    With the way you throw accusations around this blog, you should be the last one bringing up suspensions.

  8. Crean treated Meyer with far more class than he deserved. Meyer’s a cheater. Meyer’s dirty. Meyer helped wreck IU’s program. And if the eye witnesses can be believed, Meyer is a sore loser and was classless in the handshake line. Somebody does you wrong, you go right at him. He showed the stones I want to see in an IU coach without getting violent or using profanity. So I say good for Crean, very good for Crean.

  9. Agree with Podunker. Did that look unprovoked to you? No way. Myer asked for it. Good for Crean for standing up for IU and letting Meyer feel the frustration of every IU fan who never had the chance to say it to his face. All I can say is too bad it wasn’t Senderoff! Or better yet, Sampson himself.

  10. We got a coach who showed stones, way to go……Gotta be proud of the effort shown today, EMOTION ……

  11. Many times over the first few years of Crean’s tenure at IU, he has commented about college recruiters who have bad-mouthed IU in recruits homes. Meyer is one of them who has done this. Meyer was frustrated with the inability of UM to win on their home court and lashed out at Crean. Crean was frustrated that neither the Big10 nor the NCAA have done anything over the last few years to reprimand those recruiters spreading lies about Crean and lashed back at Meyer for his inappropriate statements. I say kudos to Crean for respoding, in person to Meyer instead of lashing out at him in the press conference.

  12. From a 2008 Indiana.edu story: “Derek Elston, Reported to have been impermissibly recruited by Indiana assistant Jeff Meyer and Sampson, who met with him during a camp in Bloomington on June 30 before the camp had ended or Elston had been “dismissed,” making it an illegal contact. Meyer has also been accused of giving Elston a t-shirt and backpack during the camp, which is against NCAA rules. Elston has verbally committed to Indiana but won’t be able to sign a letter of intent until November.”

    Meyer was part and parcel of the cheating Sampson brought with him to IU. The day Sampson was hired the burning thought in my mind was why in the world such a clean program would hire a proven cheater. Crean has had to help clean up garbage that Sampson, Senderoff, Meyer, and company deposited on what used to be regarded at the cleanest program in college basketball. Kudos to Crean.

  13. holy schnikes! Have we gotten so soft that we relly think that was a big deal? I feel sorry for you and year kind, Harvard.

  14. If coach Crean was cussing or laying hands on Meyer that might have been an issue to address. When the thruth is spoken everyone gets upset,why is that? Great job IU. See you in Chicago.

  15. With every reactive expression the contributor who even has an anonymous handle that disparages IU as an academic institution as well as its native residents (Harvard for Hillbillies), I actually perceive the spirit of Murray Sperber. My personal sources tell me that this former employee of IU (Meyer) has said other behind the scenes comments towards IU’s directions through the B10 season as the BB world’s narrative is describing how far IU has come back from the depths of the Greenspan/Sampson(Meyer) affairs. So we have this piece of emotion. Hillbillie desires some form of discipline for what he perceives is a blemish on Crean’s PR image. I say let it all out, those who are accountable in the public domain should have their history and dirty laundry exposed for comment, even in their face. As for the anonymous nature of this commentator…each post he(or she) demonstrates in-consequence.

  16. Suspended? That is foolishness. I think he should get a raise.

    Congratulations to the 2012-2013 B1G Champion Indiana Hoosiers!

  17. Harvard, where do you come up with this stuff? That goes so far beyond ‘a reach’ it isn’t even visible on the horizon.

    As a previous poster suggested, it sounded like something RMK would have done, only, IMHO, it probably would have been accompanied by a physical assault and, absolutely been profanity laced.

    The fact that CTC called today to clear the waters, as far as I’m concerned, puts him beyond reproach. Apologizing to the guy that burned down your home? I’d never have the stomach for that.

    I could just see the Monday morning press release from RMK, “So, I called Coach Meyer this morning and told him to go f*&k himself.”

  18. CTC took the high road. But if what was said was said, he has no need to apologize and congradulations for standing up for what you believe in.

  19. Bob, I’ve never had the pleasure but I must say that I appreciate the clear historical perspective that you have been providing to the Scoop as of late. As a Hoosier fan since the Lou Watson era (I was a kid) I have immersed myself in the Hoosiers over the years (including a thoroughly forgettable Hoosier wrestling career as a walk on) but, except for secondhand stories, I haven’t been privy to inside the athletic department information since I left campus.

    As life has directed me to live just about everywhere but Indiana I’ve only been able to follow the goings on through the media and, more recently, the internet. From what I’ve read we probably wouldn’t agree on everything IU but it’s pretty obvious you have been forming opinions based upon far more information than I have had access to.

    Anyway, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and the inside perspective you bring to the table.

  20. You can go to any bar any night of the week and see almost that exact type of exchange….that cracked me up, the funniest part being Crean’s silly look on his face after yelling….exactly like every bar argument all over this country! The two sober guys were Buckley/Meyer the drunk buddy that no one regards highly was Crean…

  21. I see several posters still support the Bob Knight type of ourbursts! Too bad, simply put Creans behavior was wrong. This reminds me of a couple divorcing & five years after the court proceedings have been finalized the victim (Crean) has remarried but confronts his ex-wife in public about wrecking the marriage. Gee, this whole ordeal is about something 5 years ago.

  22. …coach Crean apologized later when he realized Jeff was not Joyce Meyer’s husband.

  23. Three things bother me. 1. The only source we have had for what Meyer allegedly said to Crean was an email from a ‘buddy’ of JPat’s. Other than that I have not seen anything coming even close to conclusive; but there are any number of posts that now treat it as ‘fact’. I also think that the responsibility of the journalist is to confirm or reject the ‘fact’ and only after it is confirmed, speculate upon it. But you absolutely can’t be a journalist and treat it as ‘fact’ and elaborate on its meaning while still doing your job of finding out and trying to ascertain what happened or was actually said.

    2. Several represents theirs as the ‘voice willing to cry out against the injustice’. Those more than others need to establish the ‘fact’ to do it ‘justice’.

    3. Whatever the answer (fact), Crean needs to be more aware of his role and his limitations. He’s been perceived as manipulative in public press situations, when his best argument is his coaching. He really did Meyer a favor by saying anything.

  24. Bob, I fully agree with Chet’s statement. I spent a lot of time around good friends in the athletic department. But, I was gone and followed IU athletics largely through the press during the period leading up to the Brand-Knight confrontation and, most important, the behavior of the Board and its members.

    Your posts were fascinating and allowed me to take another view of that period. That sure would have been a great dissertation for someone studying the body politic. And, it is easy to see why a ‘citizen’ would have been concerned enough to want to force open the view and the access to the ‘smoking rooms’. Sounded a lot like Chicago city politics or the elite confrontations and machinations in a ‘banana republic’. Has anyone written on this?

  25. One thing really bothered me. The NCAA allowed Meyer to continue to be employed as a college basketball coach. IU gets sanctioned and that low life got off scott free. At no point did anyone named ‘Indiana University’ do the deed. Sampson and Meyer did.

    Good for you, Coach Crean.

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