Hoosier Morning

Indiana boasts one of the most efficient offenses in the last decade of college basketball, Dustin writes.

Aulani Sinclair and the IU women’s basketball team set 3-point records but couldn’t get the win at Iowa, we reported.

Two more schools records, two Big Ten titles and Indiana is still second in the men’s swimming and diving championships, we reported.

Former Hoosier D.J. White joined the Boston Celtics on a 10-day contract Thursday, Baxter Holmes of the Boston Globe writes.

A spring practice Q & A with Kevin Wilson, who says Tre Roberson is “full-go,” Adam Rittenberg of ESPN.com writes.

Indiana plays too much zone, doesn’t rely on Victor Oladipo enough and slips to No. 4 in the power rankings, Mark Titus of Grantland.com writes.
Iowa heads to Bloomington with a shuffled lineup to replace injured freshman point guard Mike Gesell, Scott Dochterman of the Cedar Rapids Gazette writes.

Small ball helped Ohio State overcome Northwestern Thursday night, Bob Baptist of the Columbus Dispatch writes.

I’ll leave yout this Friday with a sneak peek at future Hoosier Stanford Robinson, a lefty who can bring a different look for IU at shooting guard. Who’s he remind you of, somewhere between Damon Stoudemire and Morris Peterson at 6-foot-4?


  1. I take it Mark Titus of Grantland is not a Tom Crean fan. Makes you wonder if the coach of #1 IU did anything right in the last game. I was starting to see his point till he said ‘greatest philosopher of the game, Dan Dakick’. Lost some of his creditably. I think he did a great job with the last game.

    When the broadcasters are see their schedules and realize they are working with Knight, wonder what the first thought is? He sure looked grouchy last night.

    I think the team of DD and Knight would be interesting.

  2. We live in a world where nobody can be satisfied, and everyone thinks they are an expert, especially in the dot.com era. I say just enjoy the games, and quit finding nit picks to bitch about. What gives? A new coach? Just find more things to complain about. What a world… Sorry, just frustrated in general…

  3. Sign of the apocalpse? Dennis Rodman functioning as a diplomat. We may be in deeper than I thought.

  4. Go DJ! I’d rather see him be more successful in the nba than Gordon. Hopefully as Boston rebuilds, DJ is part of it.

  5. Titus is entertaining but his rankings are laughable. As far as putting the ball in Victor’s hands at crunch time, while I don’t completely disagree, Victor did give up an embarrassing steal at the end of the game that sealed our fate just the other day.

    Titus must have missed that.

    When you have the most efficient offense in the country, and one that is bordering on historical efficiency, why would you f*#k with it? Sure there are game to game and situational adjustments to make but Titus makes it sound like we’re struggling to score. Let’s not let the leading three point shooter in the country take that shot (or any of the other tremendous scorers on the team), we should always give it to Victor. There’s a reason why we’re still in first place when we lose. Because we’ve already won so much more than everyone else.

    He’d no doubt have suggestions as to how the ’76 team could have improved their record.

  6. I was wrong with the Rodman statement. After watching the 12:oo news highlighting our disfunctional government, maybe Rodman pounding the boards is what is needed?

  7. Big Hoosier/Ben/Big Ben/BHB- Just everyone working out their dreams (of what they wished they had been), their balance (with reality) and their frustrations (because they could have been much more). I’ve worked out a deal with Crean (he doesn’t know about it); he doesn’t criticize my comments (’cause, since he is the professional and I’m not, and I don’t criticize his coaching. Now, the players on the team are all about 55 years younger than me, so I can criticize whatever in the hell I feel like criticizing. I was one hell of a pivot… (in the driveway)… nothing but guts and flailing elbows.

  8. Chet…Victor had an embarrassing steal??…that sealed our fate??? whooaaaaa! (Told you so?…maybe. gotta say somethin’, sure it was Victor????)

  9. Are Dustin and/or Jeremy part of the Establishment?

    * What does that even mean? 60%

    Interesting that the “What does this(Establishment)even mean” choice as an answer to the Scoop poll question has been steadily declining. Encouraging news that we are now approaching a point that suggests 1/2 of Scoop’s audience/contributors are gaining confidence in the meaning of Establishment. And 33% of the voters are now believing that Dustin and Jeremy are independently, or equally, acting on behalf of the Establishment.


    From Mark Titus piece @ Grantland:

    …there’s no excuse for giving 11 minutes to Derek Elston’s shoulder tattoo

    Ouch. Quite the heavy dose of criticisms for Crean’s coaching at Minny. Also a very disrespectful to a kid that was recruited by Sampson, stuck to the mission and dream to be a Hoosier despite the turmoil, made strong contributions last season during the Cinderella turnaround season, battled back from many injuries, and through it all remained one of the most energetic, unselfish, and positive forces on the team…Can we now conclude that Grantland is home to Establishment dorks that are merely in the business of sensational BS(much like the piece Seth Davis dropped last season intended to demean Jordan Hulls on the eve the NCAA tournament?

    Big surprise that Titus is Establishment..Just look at the condensed bio:

    Mark Titus (@clubtrillion) is the founder and author of the blog Club Trillion. His book, Don’t Put Me In, Coach, chronicles his career as a walk-on benchwarmer for the Ohio State basketball team and is on sale now.

  10. Hoosier Rising“…Titus’s “Don’t Put Me In, Coach“…?

    Sure you don’t have anything to sell, Dustin?

    In today’s Indy Star newspaper I saw that a very prominent figure in Carmel’s(uppity suburb of north Indy)downtown development in partnering with its new “Arts District” located someone via the internet..Damn. It now appears his life not so classy and artsy fartsy…Now his canvas has been painted onto the cheap art hanging above a headboard at a Motel 6. Amazing how quickly an image of untouchable primness and prestige can be driven straight off the cliff.

    Oh, and nearly forgot…Speaking of shameless plugs and selling your integrity. I also noticed this in today’s Star…Sorry for the negativity of late.

    Can we expect the Herald Times to soon put out their version of the Harlem Shakes? Debuting on Scoop with cameos from Korman, Kellenberger, and Kartje ..?

    I stumbled on an interesting version of the ‘Harlem Shakes’ on the Loyola Rambler Sports Locker.

  11. Tsao,

    I never said you couldn’t bitch. I just get tired of of people thinking they know it all, much like these boards. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don’t. Usually I just try to find something to agree with, and forget it. Who am I to judge? I’m not sure if your rambling was a slam toward me or not. If so, I’m sorry.

  12. Look, it’s been a rotten day. I read the comment over. Sorry. Guess I am frustrated about finding common ground with an associate. Sorry Tsao.

  13. BB/BHB…It wasn’t, I actually find your posts relaxed, pleasant and just sharing observations pretty much along the lines you state. Never even thought about the rest of it. Your associate…just unplug his computer or reroute him to a Mexican soccer link as his Internet access page. It will take months for him to reroute back.

  14. How I wish! Oh well, it’s the weekend, I am off, and the Hoosiers are on. Don’t get much better!

  15. Saturday, 3/2/2k13, the day the Lord hath made, let’s rejoice and have Spring practice in it. Also enjoying my B-day today.

  16. Lot of interesting BB on today. I’m already getting the withdraw feelings with only a month of BB left.

  17. Happy birthday. Had one of those last week. Spent it with my SO riding motorcycles along the Mexican border waving to the Border Patrol. I stabbed a toe through the fence just to say I went to Mexico on this trip. I wonder if I set off any alarms? It sure didn’t look like there were any where I was.

    BTW, we have PLENTY of Border Patrol agents unless they issue an BP SUV to everyone that relocates to this area (southern Arizona). You really have to see their presence to appreciate it.

    If you’ve got a few minutes to kill check out the historic little town of Bisbee, AZ. I’d never heard of it until I started looking for a place in southern AZ for a vacation spot where I could ride in the desert and mountains. It is a very cool place and has quite the history. It’s about 20 miles south of Tombstone (yeah, THAT Tombstone. Don’t waste your time visiting there, though.).

  18. From the list of speakers I think this would be labeled “Establishment” by Harvard.

    Research paper presentations uses words I cannot pronounce much along spell. Probably could not get close enough on the spelling to use ‘spell check’.

    Some people have carved out a nice little niche for themselves in the sports world.

    The app that “makes sports statistics fun” looks interesting.

  19. Maybe it’s just the fact that Robinson is a lefty…;Maybe it’s how he momentarily holds his straightened extended shooting arm that extra 1/10 of a second after the release on a jump shot…Maybe it’s the good line of the body after the jumper and how the feet remain almost touching as they appear to be barely hanging on to his legs and dangling minus any tightness in the ankles…Are all lefties just this damn cool and smooth when they shoot the ball? Graceful. Natural. Artful. Never appears to be a form that Virgil Sweet would teach at his free throw shooting boot camp. It’s born of the streets. It’s taking the basketball and turning it into a Stevie Wonder song. So when have I seen this effortless liberated lefty song played in a Hoosier uniform before…? Maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t the dusty turntable fittingly used to produce the smoothest sound your Smokey Robinson LP vinyl also left-handed? Would 33⅓ not be the coolest damn jersey in the world? And wasn’t our last lefty combo built in a 6-4/6-5 frame with exacting coolness this classic LP?

    Maybe I’m just leaving some tears on the tracks. Maybe my smile just looks out of place.

  20. Thanks Gents! Chet happy belated. I am sure you enjoyed it with all the activity on the vacation. Been to Tucson but never Bisbee or T-stone. I’ll do some research soon, maybe tomorrow.

  21. When I think ‘sports analytics’ and MIT brainiacs, I find analogies my newest car that never ceases to have a warning light on the instrumental panel popping on every six months. Fix me…fix me…fix me…$$$..$$$…$$$.
    My engine always talking to me..Or, is it some genius at GM always finding a way to dip a hand into my wallet?

    With all the electronics and computer sensors built into automobiles, there’s rarely a moment some ‘indicator light’ is glowing on your dashboard giving you another reason to spend a grand micromanaging your car’s components. You take it in…You pick it up. The warning light is now off your dashboard..Yippee. You just dropped a thousand bucks again..Always some damn sensor that’s “hard to get to” and if you don’t fix it…it could mean those dreaded “bigger problems down the road.”

    But is the modern wonder of your electronic bucket of modern horsepower really running any better? But that damn light was on and you couldn’t stand the thought you were ignoring a problem. They got you again.

    That’s how I view ‘sports analytics’- a giant conspiracty to invite the naive to never stop taking their car(their team) to the shop…Damn, there goes that “check engine” light again. Look at that mysterious glowing indicator stat on your stat dashboard…Something needs fixed.

    You can fine tune a car to death…You can fine tune a team to death. Sometimes the old way was the best way. Did you ever think it might just be a bad tank of gas? There’s instinctual knowledge about how things should run..There’s a knack without the numbers and the sounds on the floor. There’s art to knowing the craft so well that you can just rest your palm on the hood above the idling engine and know if one of the seals in a piston chamber is starting to leak…Or, maybe it was just some substandard fuel..Or, maybe that indicator light really ain’t indicating sh*t.

    There are coaches that can do the same from the sideline and from the bench. They don’t need the “check engine” lights and some numbers guru attempting to make a buck for compiling mountains of pointless stats feeding them graphs and flowcharts for every single misfire on the court/under the hood.

    I prefer coaches that know when to kick the mechanics out of the garage…Guys that were trained in the ‘Classic’ period of hoops and got their hands a little dirty in the process. Junkyard dogs that diagnosed with their ears and eyes..Honest knowledge of old wisdom..Hands-on and humble experience built from hours with wrenches nrather than pencils and gadgets your car being hooked up to a machine like a dying patient in the hospital…Didn’t we all have the uncle that could fix anything? Where are the real doctors? Where are the real mechanics? Where are the real coaches of the game? The coach that knows when something ain’t broke, you don’t need a reason to fix it.

  22. Fitting that Clarion was born while the creator was on a ‘number 2’ march.

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