Hoosier Morning

No player of the year, no coach of the year for Indiana, which just settled for owning the Big Ten trophy, Dustin wrote.

There was a lot to like about IU’s win at Michigan, but some loose ends still need tied up for the rest of March, I wrote.

Tom Crean apologized to Michigan assistant Jeff Meyer after Sunday’s verbal spat and other notes, Dustin wrote.

The Indiana baseball team cracked the Baseball America Top 25 for the first time in school history, Dustin wrote.

Coaching confrontations are nothing new, but Tom Crean’s clash with Jeff Meyer just can’t happen, Dana O’Neil of ESPN.com writes.

Trey Burke over Victor Oladipo for player of the year really wasn’t a difficult decision, Nick Baumgardner of MLive.com writes.

Victor Oladipo’s harshest critic and biggest fan is his twin sister, Victoria, making him just the latest successful basketball player with a twin, Rachel Bachman of the Wall Street Journal writes.

Notre Dame has reportedly reached an agreement to begin hoops play in the ACC for 2014, Nicole Auerbach of USA Today reports.

On the heels of Sunday’s game-winning performance, this seems like a good to time for “Cody Zeller” by Number 1 Playaz.


  1. A writter from Michigan – Burke over Vic not a difficult call for POY. Who would have thought.

  2. “Cody Zella” tune performed by Jarmarcus Ellis and Friends? Can I try my version?


    How you gonna stop us when we gots Cody Zella?

    WE don’t want no street balluhs in Bloomingt-ON.

    WE just just want our street balluhs workin’ on some sounds..

    WOrkin’ on some sounds in our studio plan-tat-iOn…

    WE love to hear them singin’ with their Cecil Fielder hats On!

    NEver wear ’em straight in a Jordy frown town.

    ‘Our coach is Riesling crooked-style and he’s bad-ass Puritan…Pure-as-Tom…Puri-Tom

    His grapes group large and bountiful when he got his Zella on!

    DRinkin’ Stella watchin’ Zella gettin’ some hoops on..

    WHatcha sayin’ now Seth? Still suckin’ Establishment bong?

    DOn’t like our Zella song or last year’s ‘Cats just gotcha tong’?

    UH! ZELLA!…Uh! Zella! How you gonna stop us when we got Cody Zella!?

    CHerry bombs! Boom boxes playin’ runnin’ spinners all night long…

    FAst breakin’ driving down the streets of Bloomingt-ON!

    DOn’t try to bring dat rappin’ crap to the courts of Mc-crack-crack-crack-ON

    ‘Cause then you board da ‘Thug Bus’ with Kelvin Samps-ON.

    ZELLA!.Cody Zella! Drinkin’ Stella to the banner, never need a ounce of Hanner. Ugh!

    ZELLA!..Cody Zella…How you gonna stop us when we got Cody ZELLA!? How you gonna stop us when we got Cody Zella?

  3. Don’t forget to root for Bobby Capobianco’s Valpo Crusaders tonight, if they win they are in…! 9pm ESPN

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