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In a season of firsts for IU, playing as the top seed in the Big Ten Tournament is the latest, Dustin writes.

The depth of the Big Ten could make for an exciting tournament in Chicago, Andrew Seligman of the Associated Press writes.

A team-by-team preview of the Big Ten Tournament with players to watch, I wrote.

The Indiana baseball team won again, beating Fairfield, we reported.

Tom Crean is rubbing the Big Ten the wrong way, which should only make for a more interesting weekend in Chicago, Herb Gould of the Chicago Sun-Times writes.

Jeremy Hollowell has become one of Indiana’s best answers off the bench, Pete DiPrimo of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Indiana is No. 4 in the NCAA power rankings, Mark Titus of Grantland.com writes.

Indiana goes for the Big Ten double, but Ohio State is the pick to click, Eamonn Brennan of ESPN.com writes.

Since the Windy City is the site dujour, here’s Chicago with “Feelin’ Stronger Every Day.”


  1. Herb Gould of the Chicago Sun Times, in another classic example of lazy yellow journalism, has begun treating Tom Crean the way the majority of the sports press treated Knight for years. He writes a hit piece filled with innuendo, inaccurate and incomplete information, and tries to connect Crean’s behavior to Knight and his two brothers-in-law. This “article” was clearly a means of trying to disparage Crean’s character and sully his reputation. But where are the facts, where are the opposing views, where are the statements/accusations from other coaches, where is “the rest of the story.” This is just the typical trash readers have come to expect from this slime-bag “journalist.”

  2. Tom Crean is “rubbing the Big Ten the wrong way” because he’s signing the best talent and his teams are beating the other Big Ten coaches’ teams on the court. Oh, I’m sure they liked Crean a lot better when his teams, filled with walk-ons, were losing 25 games a year, finished last in the Big Ten, and when Crean was unable to sign the best players from the state of Indiana. I’m sure the other Big Ten coaches are suddenly rubbed the wrong way because his players are good students, get their degrees, stay out of trouble, and are winning Big Ten Championships. Well, too bad. They’d better get used to it. Crean has resurrected IU basketball and I don’t see him backing off any time soon.

    If his players respect him, his boss is happy with his performance, and the Hoosier Nation celebrates the results he produces (both on the court and in the classroom), then as far as I’m concerned, he can be the most unpopular coach in the conference and be despised by every journalist in the country. Hey, wait a minute, that scenario sounds familiar.

    It’s always lonely at the top.

  3. I think Northwestern wins the tourney.

    My reason: this story.

    There’s a bit about Crean too in it:

    Carmody came to Evanston from Princeton and projects a dignified, professional, Ivy League reserve. To his credit, it’s difficult to imagine him making a fool of himself like Indiana coach Tom Crean did moments after clinching the Big Ten’s regular-season championship Sunday.

    I think Northwestern is riding a dark horse into this tourney.

  4. Wow…. Tsao what would you have said about the officials in the Richmond game today? Do Spider fans have the right to be upset with the refs?

  5. Hey Mr. Gould, did you think to ask the question, to either Tom Crean or Michigan’s Assistant coach, what prompted Crean to confront him after IU beat Michigan? No, I didn’t think so. Did you think to include in your article the information about Michigan’s assistant coach being a part of the IU coaching staff that got caught cheating, then lying about their numerous rules violations? Or were those facts just no relevant to your narrative?

    Mr. Gould, did you ever ask Tom Crean or OSU’s head coach about the reports, or the rumors, of OSU’s coaching staff using negative recruiting tactics when recruiting kids against IU? No, I didn’t think so. Hey, Mr. Gould, why did you refrain from mentioning in your article the long and obviously affectionate hug that Crean and Izzo shared after IU beat MSU for the second time this year? Because that looked like those guys really like and respect each other. Just wanted to keep your readers focused on the negatives, right?

    And Mr. Gould, how come you did not reference the job Tom Crean and Indiana University have done in producing real, true student athletes. You remember that concept, don’t you? You know, the idea that scholarship athletes are actually supposed to get an education when they go to college! Those young men that actually go to class, the one’s that actually study, the one’s that get their degrees, often times in less than four years, the ones that either obtain or are pursuing their graduate degrees while still playing college basketball? How about those young men that are honored for outstanding academic achievement as well as their athletic performance? Yea, I know, that’s boring stuff and so typical these days.

    Mr. Gould, does it “rub you the wrong way” that Tom Crean insists his players pursue their education, follow the rules, and stay out of trouble? I know it’s boring when you can’t write stories about college athletes flunking out, getting kicked off the team for committing a crime, or those really juicy stories when you discover that college kids are getting paid to play, or they’re students in name only, or the coaches and administrators are as corrupt as Chicago politicians, but us hicks that love IU kind of like it that way.

    Mr. Gould, does it bother you that Tom Crean is outspoken about his faith? You’re probably one of those secularists that has long since infested the media and believes that anyone expressing their faith is a rube. Or did Tom Crean not kiss your fat butt during some press conference recently.

    Mr. Gould, I’d love for you to answer these questions, but it’s not really necessary. You’ve revealed yourself to be a lazy and corrupt hack. You’ve lost focus or you’ve long since gotten used to taking short cuts and just sling fecal matter via that second-rate publication that employs you. You’ve forgotten what the word “objective” means and can’t remember the last time you tried to be objective in writing a story. I won’t even call you a journalist because that would be an insult to real journalists, some of which manage and contribute to this blog and the media company that produces it.

  6. It is interesting that the people who speak most highly of CTC are people that are, IMHO, of high character (Izzo, for example) and the people he doesn’t get along with (such as Roach…ere…that is…Coach Meyer) are… well…less than high character.

    As far as Gould’s story, there simply wasn’t any ‘there’ there. He resorted to referencing “blowby” post game handshakes, “annual staredown for Badger State bragging rights” when he was at Marquette, and questioning the player of the week voting process as examples of untoward behavior.

    Wow, that’s some controversial investigative reporting right there. Certainly the most outlandish behavior we’ve ever seen around these parts.

    That article was so devoid of any content I don’t get why an editor would even bother to print it. I would have returned it insisting that he actually write a story with some content

  7. So, Mark Titus has IU number 4 in the power rankings and Ohio State number 3. He also claims that Duke has no weaknesses. Might want to tell that to the Miami team that beat them like a borrowed mule.

    That tell me everything I need to know about Mr. Titus.

  8. You need to do something with your response to Gould Po.

    Have no idea what. Sure the paper would not print it.

    But it’s too good to just languish here.

  9. Got to give Titus credit Chet. First he tells you how good a team is and why they will win. Than does the disclaimer with why they will not win. Very politically correct writting. How could he be wrong covering all the bases?

  10. The Good New; Per the Indy Star, fans of other Indiana school’s find IU’s fans….Loud, arrogant, insufferable and overbearing. One poor Purdue fan calls this “the sports year from hell”, talking about IU BB and Notre Dame football.

    Sounds like a job well done IU..

  11. Ron, I did something a long time ago. I stopped reading the Chicago Sun Times. I would not line a bird cage with that rag. It’s right down there in the gutter next to the National Enquirer.

  12. Hey, hey, hey! I check out the National Enquirer every once and a while at the grocery store and there have been facts reported in their stories from time to time. lol.

  13. Geoff,

    Beings you seem to know your deck of cards that is basketball, are we more then likely to get Big10 officials in the Midwest bracket, or does the NCAA scatter them all out?

  14. Then there’s this, Chet, found on the bottom of his article: “Mark Titus (@clubtrillion) is the founder and author of the blog Club Trillion. His book, Don’t Put Me In, Coach, chronicles his career as a walk-on benchwarmer for the Ohio State basketball team and is on sale now.” That might illuminate a little of the rationale behind his rankings, too.

    I actually really enjoyed Titus’ article. Not sure how much of it was tongue-in-cheek and how much of it was sincere, but that was probably his intent. I especially got a kick out of his breakdown of the ESPN comment. And at least he gave its author due credit, as opposed to the Gould article (which seemed to plagiarize every anti-Crean rant ever posted on the interwebs…)

  15. That horse – into the sunset.

    Think it has some connection to the European horsemeat
    thing going on? Never said if it was dark meat though.

  16. Was Blackmon Jr sitting behind the Michigan bench in their gear last weekend? Did CTC get upset over the dirty recruiting tactics used by Michigan?

  17. Bart,
    I don’t think he was in their gear. He’s boys with Austin Hatch, a Fort Wayne kid who committed to Michigan before he was involved in a tragic plane crash that killed his father and put him in a coma. He did apparently sit in a section with Michigan recruits, but from what I understand, he wasn’t actually being recruited.

  18. Perfect game to fill the stands with Michigan recruits.

    “Boys, this is how we do it at Michigan.”

  19. Titus’s gobbly gook is just that, superficial garbage and cliche’s, fine I read is uninformed stuff, I aggregated huge amounts of NCAA data and found Duke just 0.0001% better than IU over the season, and IU and Duke 16% better than the next team, UL…Zags are barely a #2 seed,

    The team that plays the best over the next month will win,

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