Indiana falls to No. 3 in both polls

Indiana’s loss to Ohio State on Tuesday meant another fall in the polls, but the Hoosiers dramatic win on Sunday made sure it was a short one.

Indiana is No. 3 in both the Associated Press and USA Today Coaches’ Poll this week, behind No. 1 Gonzaga and No. 2 Duke in both polls.

No. 4 Louisville and No. 5 Georgetown rounded out the top five in both polls. Michigan was No. 6, Michigan State No. 8 and Ohio State No. 10 in the AP poll. In the USA Today poll, Michigan State was No. 7, Michigan No. 8 and Ohio State No. 9, sending the Big Ten into its conference tournament with four top 10 teams. Wisconsin (No. 22 in the AP poll and No. 23 in the USA Today poll — gives the conference five ranked teams.


  1. The national ranking does not matter any more. But I find it funny that the only team to go 5 – 0 against top ten teams, and that wins the outright championship in the toughest conference in college basketball, gets downgraded in the ranking.

  2. # 3 for this team at this time is ok. 2 & 2 last four games. Could not have a closer game than Michigan, maybe 1/16th of an inch difference.

    But I guess as a #3 IU needs to do more than just show up in Chicago?

    The last 3 games have been too close.

  3. I’ve always heard the definition of “close” can be defined with terms like hand grenades, dancing. That ball rolling around the rim just added a new definition. As I see it, the only force that saved us was the spin on the ball.

  4. “But I guess as a #3 IU needs to do more than just show up in Chicago?”

    Depends on who you ask. Dakich today said he thinks Chicago is, at this point, irrelevant both for #1 seed and also for Indy based on our body of work the entire year.

    I don’t know that I totally agree with that, because if IU loses in its first round Friday and a team like Louisville wins their conference tourney there might be a discussion about who gets to go through Indy.

    I think a win Friday closes all that discussion out, I’m just not sure who I’d rather see IU play. ILL has more of a home town advantage in Chicago, but I think MIN is a tougher match up for us. Either way, we’ll have plenty of motivation.

  5. Zero problem with the rankings. Gonzaga has the best record and is the last team to lose. Despite IU’s huge road win over a top ten team, we did lose at home this week. Duke didn’t. That’s how they vote. Voters are also giving Duke the benefit of the doubt with Kelly back, and they’re undefeated with some pretty solid wins of their own with him in the lineup. I know Hoosiers don’t like to hear that, but it’s true.

    But you’re right, Po. Rankings don’t matter at all now– it’s merely a snapshot in time. Seeding does matter now. And I’d like to think it has a lot less to do with “what have you done for me lately” and a little more to do with “who has done the most through the course of the season, all things considered, to prove it’s the most likely to win the tournament.” In that case, both the Hoosiers and the Dookies have solid cases for the overall top seed– both well ahead of Gonzaga. If IU wins the BIG tourney, that should carry considerably more clout than the ACC, and should brake the virtual tie as I believe the committee will see it.

  6. What I do find odd, though, is that Michigan barely beat a Purdue team that we destroyed twice, then lost at home, and still rose in the polls. Not trying to clown MU, but that seems a bit curious.

  7. I’m not sure how Gonzaga can be ranked #1 or be a 1 seed in the tourney. What would their record be if they played in the B1G or even the BE or ACC… I’d like to see them go 4-0 against UM and MSU. There two losses are to a B1G team and another team from Indiana.

  8. Illinois has zero home court advantage in Chicago. Chicago is a B1G town and not for any specific school which is why they recruit so poorly there relative to being the home state school. I’ll be at the game on Friday and if we play Illinois there will be more IU fans in the UC.

  9. Larry, et al….

    Didn’t it look like Yogi was the reason that ball didn’t go in? He came from behind and sorta spiked the ball through Morgan’s hand. Took all the touch off the shot… I thought it was a great play.

  10. The national ranking does not matter any more.

    Yes. Everybody is instead checking Hoosier Scoop to read Podonkey’s remarks. That’s what I do.

    But I find it funny that the only team to go 5 – 0 against top ten teams,

    Crean is 8-5 vs. RPI 1-50. Crean lost to four unranked teams. Crean lost to OSU at home. Crean’s decision to keep Zeller on the bench during the last few seconds vs. Butler cost Indiana a win. Crean again made a star out of a walk-on this time it was Butler’s Alex Barlow.

    and that wins the outright championship in the toughest conference in college basketball, gets downgraded in the ranking.

    It’s a tough conference, no doubt: it has Michigan who lost to mighty 0-14 Penn State and Wisconsin who lost to Purdue AT HOME (yet managed to beat Crean AGAIN in Assembly Hall). You hear that Purduenker? Can you say: entropy? Indiana keeps getting downgraded because of Crean. His colleagues and the media have noticed he is a handicap for this tremendously talented team. And frankly, I think it was about time for people to catch on to this fact.

  11. Duke did not even win their conference. How are they so highly ranked. There’s some old school bias in those rankings. And Gonzaga. Come on. They’d have 8 losses if they played in any kind of conference. I mean they just walk through that conference. Not their fault of course, but the people ranking teams should be looking at the conference strength, and their’s is just not tough at all. Oh, I respect that they play tough teams on the road in the pre-conference schedule, but they should not be the #1 ranked team in the country.

  12. Fine…rank us where you must high and mighty experts….in fact, give us a #2 seed and send us West. Give us another reason to wax everyone in our path. Being in Indy….blah! Who cares. We need to shoot it well and we don’t need to be there or in Jerry’s house in Texas. Big background monstrosities.

    This team can win 6 straight games in 3 weeks.
    This team can beat anybody, and has proven it.
    This team responds to adversity.

    In fact, put Z on the 3rd team All American team.
    Don’t put Hulls anywhere. Too small. Can’t play at the next level.
    Don’t make Crean Coach of the Year.
    Put us in Duke’s bracket while you are at it.

    For that matter, put ILL, MN, or WISC in our path in Chicago. We owe all three a merciless beating. All we can do to hope MICH loses & doesn’t wear the chip against us.

    B – R – I – N – G I – T committee.

  13. Oh yeah, another great move “experts”, try naming Burke POY over Oladipo. Then when we wax ILL & MN for payback #1 we can put him on Burke (because he’s so good they’ll obviously beat WISC) & let’s see how many he scores vs. ‘Dipo next time.

    Did I mention BRING IT?!?!?!

    Plenty of bulletin board material for this week…..

  14. Don’t know if it’s because I’ve had to play the dual-role of peacemaker and headbanger-in-chief at work the last few weeks, or that I’ve had a few adult concoctions on what is my Saturday night, but who cares? Gonzaga seems like a legit top ten team who has taken care of business lately, and gets the “why not” award as #1 in the country. Nobody expects them to be top seed, just as nobody seriously thinks they’re the best in the country. But they’ve performed well in their default role as the only relevant team not to lose lately. Why not give into them? Doesn’t hurt us.

  15. Going by what they always claim is their criteria for such things, Gonzaga probably should not be a #1 seed. They simply haven’t played enough quality teams. Year after year they’ve kept teams like Virginia Tech out of the tourney with 20+ wins despite playing in the ACC, which automatically gave them a tougher schedule than Gonzaga. The last couple years they even had wins against Duke. The selection committee said their schedule simply wasn’t tough enough but it definitely was tougher than the schedule Gonzaga played this year.

    If that’s the criteria, and they are gonna be consistnt, than Gonzaga should probably be an 8 or 9 seed.

    Punjab, I certainly have no qualms about the polls. It’s a beauty pageant and they have the gaudy numbers, even if no one has actually seen them play. The selection committee, now that’s a whole different ball of wax. They are supposedly going by hard and fast standards. Unless they all changed since last year Gonzaga simply doesn’t measure up as a high seed, let alone a top seed..

  16. Idiots like me and Chet should leave rankings to people who are paid big bucks for that (coaches and the media). Rankings are for them, while ramblings are for dimwits like us (e.g, Chet and I). We don’t have much brain, Chet and I, that is, so please ignore us.

  17. The media makes big bucks now? Dustin… Can I get a ride in your convertible Beamer next time we hang out? Just 2 good ol boys whipping through the Pennsylvania hills with our hair flowing in the breeze… When we get to Philly we can find a nice Ruth’s Chris or Morton’s that you can treat us to. Oh what next? How bout you grab us some court side seats for the 76ers game… Don’t use all your big time connections, just whip out the Black Card. You’ve got the squash to spare. And finally after the game we’ll roll with Jrue, Thaddeus, and Evan to The Penthouse Club and make it rain with the spare hunskies you’ve got in the front pocket of your Gucci jeans.

    This is going to be one hell of a man date!

    Someone please provide a good doctored photo… I don’t have the skills.

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