Indiana, Oladipo on cover of Sports Illustrated

  Indiana is on one of the four regional Sports Illustrated covers for March Madness. Victor Oladipo is obviously the center piece of this one, but there are several other athletes on the cover with him (notice quarterback Tre Roberson over Oladipo’s left shoulder and tailback Stephen Houston at the ‘t’ and soccer player Femi Hollinger-Janzen at the bottom.). Also there, Riley and Meghan Crean, Tom Crean’s son and oldest daughter.

Inside is Sports Illustrated reporter Tim Layden’s profile of Victor Oladipo.  


  1. Come on, now. We all know we don’t have this complete resurgence without one name(no, not Tom Crean..though he would have been a delight on that SI cover).

    There is one player that made this all possible.

    There is one player that every team we face will attempt to limit touches.

    There is one player that caused positive recruiting results that will extend for a decade.

    There is one player that the sports writers left off of first All-American.

    There is one player that the Establishment is still wetting themselves over because he signed with IU.

    There is one player that could have doomed IU’s fate as we prepared for another decade of never reclaiming our name as an “elite” basketball program.

    There is one name that the Establishment wants to now, on the eve of the tournament, crawl up in the kid’s head, and make him feel like a second fiddle.

    There is one name that brought us our standout freshman point guard…and all other recruits associated with “the Movement.”

    There is one name that creates so much attention on the floor from our opponent that it inevitably allows other so-called ‘NBA shooting stars’ that came out of nowhere to far more easily exploit and gain open lanes and advantageous spacing to get to the rim.

    There is one tactic the Establishment has now employed as they manipulate and temper their early season praises they so generously slathered on thick for our premier center at the beginning of the season.

    Wasn’t that their tactic all along? Guess what, Cody? They are trying to get into your head. They are hoping for you to turn your focus inward and pout. They have heard you are soft and don’t like to be pushed. You avoid the brawl and you don’t like to bang. You are the gentle giant that doesn’t have the stones to dominate at this level, yet the level your “star” teammate has been deemed to have already conquered.

    You have a choice, Cody. See it for what it is. These people are zits that use the press to push and pull at your emotions. Show them it was never about you. Show them it was never about being 1st team All-American. Show them it wasn’t about making the covers their magazines. Show them their worst fear. Show them that Cody Zeller didn’t come to Indiana because he’s weak.

    Show them that Cody Zeller is a wrecking ball to their Establishment BS. Be a wrecking ball, Cody. Be a pair of wrecking balls. Put us on your shoulders for one final run. Put your name forever into Hoosier lore. Six games. Banner six.

  2. And what’s up with that cover…? Give me a break, Establishment world BS. That cover had to be designed by an IU grad already born of Establishment. I’ve heard of deception in attempts at political correctness, but this is ridiculous.

    On any given game day at Assembly Hall, you’ll be lucky to see one face in a crowd of 20 that’s not Caucasian(not to be confused with Geoff’s non-hip ‘Causation’ race).

    That cover has five black kids…5 out of 17…nearly 30%? Riiiiiiight. Put a couple more black kids in that picture and we could pass for Grambling. Please show me a verifiable number that anywhere approaches that figure(30%) as realistically representing the true attempts IU has made to add African American kids to their student population. Realistic number? 7%. I looked it up. 7% would have put one African American face in the crowd of students surrounding Oladipo. One out of every 20.

    Where’s the Asian kids and international students? Don’t they get into March Madness? They sure get into the science schools at IU.

    163 foreign countries are enrolled at IU campuses and make up 32 percent of the student population(courtesy: 2012, Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs).

  3. I know this is crazy talk, Harvard, but it might be because SI wrote a Cody Zeller story for the season preview and has a Victor Oladipo piece for this issue. And Zeller was on the cover for the preview and Oladipo is on it now because they already had Zeller on the cover.
    I know, crazy. Establishment BS. And you did recognize that just about everyone on the cover is an athlete, right? No, it’s not supposed to look like Assembly Hall on an average game, it was supposed to get as many IU athletes on the cover of Sports Illustrated as possible. It’s a marketing/recruiting ploy.

  4. I’m not fascinated that we’re on the cover. Way, way, too much work to be done in these next 6 games. Anddd, this team has not played IU bb the past 6 games!!! While my brain says we are going to be ok, my gut feeling says the opposite!!!

  5. No, Dustin..I didn’t recognize some of the other faces as being IU athletes from sports not at the forefront of national coverage. Nor would any fan currently tuned into March Madness picking up that issue on a newsstand, or viewing it on a website, would think those are Indiana athletes…I would surmise that most looking at that photo would think those are depictions/representations of a typical crowd of IU fans found at a typical game.

    And it doesn’t change any my thoughts to why sportswriters(mostly with Establishment agendas) are making Cody Zeller look like a second fiddle going into the NCAA tournament(keeping Zeller off the 1st team All-American team and putting all the limelight on Oladipo). Nor do I think it’s a coincidence that they put Indiana in a bracket that would take us to Oladipo’s home stomping grounds if we reach the regionals(which would again prompt ESPN to flood Oladipo with more attention leading up to the contest in DC)…

    All of it is an attempt to get into Zeller’s head and have him internalize all the second-guessing surrounding his abilities, backbone, lack of “stones”(Laffy’s term), and worthiness of being a top NBA draft pick…Give him second-fiddle syndrome. Conniving Establishment does not want that 6th banner in Assembly. They’ll do anything to disrupt that path back to elite status…Getting into Cody’s head is the only means they have left to derail the Hoosiers(outside of paying off some refs…But we’ll leave those forms of conspiracies to Geoff).

  6. BTN showing the IU – NC championship game – 1981′

    Big difference, besides NC 4-corner offense is the announcers. They call the game, not talk about everything else. Nice change.

  7. Putting us in DC is an Establishment perfect storm…


    Oladipo- Makes Oladipo want to overly impress many of the hometown doubters that never thought he could be a top NBA draft pick. It’s very possible that he’ll try to do to much, become more of a one-man show, and view the game as his stage.

    Zeller- Internalizes lack of attention…Feels somewhat slighted by the press that is throwing ESPN parties and slathering attention on the guy that doesn’t want to seem to pass the ball, is forcing everything, and turning the game into his personal sideshow during the most crucial weekend in the past 10 years our program.

    Yes, I do believe the Hoosiers toughest opponent will be their own heads, their own egos, and their ability to not fall into the mental traps the Establishment is setting.

  8. Just read Larry’s comments about Zeller on the other thread(All-Americans thread). It’s pretty obvious he’s bought into exactly what the Establishment has been selling for the last few weeks..Cody is weak. Cody is “one-dimensional.” Cody can’t bang. Cody is no first team All-American..Cody didn’t live up to the hype. Cody is going to look like a boy against Wes Unseld and Miami’s front line.. Our reason for success? One name… Oladipo….Perfect storm. Establishment attempting to polarize a team.

  9. And please don’t tell me that the press doesn’t have agendas…How quickly we forget. Thank Mike Fish for the 9 game suspension…Cody has had to carry this team in the middle…by HIMSELF. Hells bells, even Pritchard provided some decent backup last season.

    What the Hoosiers accomplished with a center that had zero inside help is beyond amazing. It’s a crime Zeller was not 1st team All-American. How many top teams have had no backup play on the inside? Even Elston was unable to give us anything. Watford? Is he really a legit bruiser on the inside? Even the Establishment thought that Zeller would get help on the inside from Perea. He carried our team on the inside and helped lead us to our first Big 10 title in 20 years…with ZERO HELP behind him coming off the bench(much of that thanks to the Establishment throwing the NCAA an A-Hope bone). If that’s not a 1st Team All-American season, then I don’t know what the hell is.

  10. The Establishment was very worried about the future Hoosier on the cover of this issue…Remember the kid, Dustin?

    I think you thought he was the next Hakeem Olajuwon. Maybe, in time, he will be..But did Cody get any help from Hakeem this year? Nope. He had to be our ONLY inside presence and live up to a ton of manufactured HYPE.

    And in what place did we finish in the Big 10 standings?

  11. And who couldn’t Michigan stop when all they had to do was secure a six point lead in the last minute of the game against IU in Ann Arbor?

    In front of their home crowd on senior night, and with a 1st Team All-American point guard to secure the ball…With the Big 10 title on the line…With every possession being a must bucket for Indiana..Who did we go to? Who was the “one-dimensional” kid we put all the weight of that moment on? Who had to live up to that do or die pressure..? Who was the Hoosier that couldn’t be stopped? Who carried us home with that trophy? An All-American, that’s who. A 1st Team All-American.

  12. You do realize that if Indiana was not on the cover for the preview magazine and not on the cover for this issue, you would be here spouting off about how the Establishment disrespected Indiana by not having it on its cover, right? I mean, that’s exactly what would be happening here. It is impossible for national media to make any sort of move that involves college basketball in any way whatsoever without it playing in to your conspiracy theory.

  13. Come on, Dustin. It’s never about what you sell..It’s how you sell it. And Cody has been sold as not living up to the hype. It’s a complete manufactured bunch of nonsense.

    We won the Big 10 title behind a center that had ZERO when it came to legit post backup play. And where does the Establishment want to point the limelight?

    When all the cards were on the table for a Big 10 title, they(your objective press with an agenda) failed to recognize the All-American they had already written off. You and every cousin of every Establishment journalist had already handed the trophy to Michigan. It’s why Bo Ryan got Coach of the Year. We were supposed to lose that game. Zeller made sure otherwise.

    And now they keep elevating Oladipo to godlike, MJ, status…MJ? MJ could dribble through traffic in college. If you can’t make good decisions in traffic, you’re not a 1st team All-American. Give me a break. It’s obvious their motives. Get into Cody’s head. Polarize by turning him into a second fiddle.

  14. Dustin,

    Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  15. And if they want to even approach objectivity, then you put the entire Hoosier team on the cover. Title the issue “The Hoosier Resurgence”…And you don’t forget the Hoosier faces of the last four years. They can be your surrounding politically correct faces. This is March Madness for God’s sake…What on earth are you putting faces of water polo players on a basketball issue for anyway?

    These are manufactured attempts at polarizing a team…

    Zeller is a 1st Team All-American. Hell, he was one last season. The only reason we don’t beat UK in the Sweet 16 is because they slap two quick fouls on him and our coach wouldn’t roll the dice and let him play. Benched him too long.

  16. And you should lifetime ban bloggers that have such lack of stones they have to call people idiots.

  17. Harvard,

    If Dustin chooses to ban me, I will take my punishment as I took a low shot.

    I called you an idiot on here, but I would much rather tell you to your face.

  18. Mike P and I agree again!

    I get tired just scrolling the page to get past Harvard’s posts so I’m not sure how you guys can actually read them.

  19. Aruss, we should ask someone with some extra time to do a study about Harvard’s posts over the last two months or so. It might be mildly interesting to determine the following.

    1. How many times has Harvard’s posts represented more than 50% of all posts on a string?

    2. In what string did Harvard make the highest percentage of total posts? What do you think his record is? My guess is that he has strings where his comments represent 75% of all posts. For example, on this string, not including my post, I counted 13 posts made by Harvard out of 24 total posts, or 54.16% of the total.

    3. Determine the percentage of total words written on Harvard’s average string and the percentage of total words written on the string where he has made the highest number of posts. Then compare that to the next highest contributor on The Hoosier Scoop. While Harvard has only posted 54% of all comments on this string, I’ll bet that the total words he wrote exceeds 70% of all the words written in this string (before my post).

    Hey Dustin, any chance we can get the Herald Times to sponsor and create Harvard’s own blog site? You could call it “Harvard’s Soliloquy.” And you could justify the incremental cost on the basis that by creating this new site, a lot more people would subscribe and participate on The Hoosier Scoop, thereby increasing the company’s advertising revenue.

  20. Here’s the way I look at it…if I have the time (let’s face it, I don’t work much, I usually have the time), I usually look at the Scoop sometime in the morning and then again before bed. To me, unless someone is making personal attacks, which I just skip over as soon as I recognize them as such, more is better. If I pull up the Scoop and there are no new posts, or even just a couple, I’m sorta disappointed.

    I’d rather weed through a dozen impassioned posts by Harvard about the inequity of the universe followed by the requisite “Harvard, you’ve lost your mind, the universe is totally fair” responses than to take a peak and see no activity.

    But, in all fairness, I’ve been told I’m easily amused and that’s probably a true assessment.

  21. I think I made some pretty strong points…particularly those regarding Zeller.

    We won the Big 10 title with no backup center…no Elston…basically, no Perea(Dustin’s future Hakeem). ..Not even a Tom Pritchard to help push and shove and wear down the opponents’ bangers. Nada..Zilch…Zero.

    He had to balance that lack of a backup without being overly aggressive and getting himself in foul trouble. And where did it get him? The true “idiots” with shallow understanding of the game get on these sites and call the kid “soft” and one-dimensional…He had no damn choice but to play with a certain amount of pace and restraint. And he did it while still being able to alter how every team had to defend us.

    That doesn’t equate to portrait of a kid that didn’t live up to the hype.

    The press, the pundits, the SI sportswriters either have total lack of basketball acumen or they are purposefully attempting to make him internalize the second fiddle label.

    You will never see another example of a center with no legit backup, playing for a team from a power conference, lead that team to conference title.

    Oladipo may be the next mini MJ, but Zeller is why were here, folks. Establishment knows it. You know it.

  22. Harvard,
    This is what happened. Seriously.
    Sports Illustrated, like everyone else in the known world, wrote their Cody Zeller feature story in November because he was preseason Player of the Year, and so everyone wanted to talk about him. And like everyone else, they’re writing their Victor Oladipo feature now because he’s had this crazy surprising season and no one was talking about him before. They could talk again about how awesome Zeller is, but then they’d be going back over old territory. Oladipo is new territory for them. It’s a fresh story. So they used a picture to go with the story. That’s it.

  23. I just added Harvard to the list of posts not to read, which is now at two including Tsu. All I have to say to Harvard is:

    what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.

    If you want to be a sportswriter, then seek out people like Dustin & Jeremy on the proper the path to take. I enjoy reading their articles and the links they provide to other sources.

  24. I’m also talking about sportswriters keeping Zeller off First Team All-American, Dustin.

    No backup center. We won the Big 10 title OUTRIGHT for the first time in 20 years. We did that because of a First Team All-American center.

    I’m not talking about just this cover…There has been a constant thrust/mission to label Zeller as soft not delivering the goods to equal the hype. Hogwash!! I say that he’s lived up to it and beyond. Where is the backup? Where is Olajuwon? Why is the Big 10 title not being shared with three other schools? You best revisit the last minutes of the Michigan game and see how a First Team All-American brought that trophy to Bloomington. It was criminal to put him on a second team. And it’s criminal to rub more dirt in his face with cover issues featuring and selling another Hoosier player on our roster on top of that monumental insult/slight.

    Do HT writers get to cast votes for the All-Americans?

  25. ^ Not Rico. Harvard, ignore them.

    I think Mr. Crean himself is part of the Establishment.

    He is there to weaken us in key moments.

    He is there to not play Zeller on the last possession with Butler.

    He is there to confuse everybody with his manic substitutions.

    It’s all part of a very very big plan to control Indiana.

  26. Rico-

    Get out of your photoshop lab and quit making infantile altered pictures of Tom Crean shot out of a cannon.

    Get out of the trappings your hate and obsessions over the man.

    Get over Chet. Why do you hate on Chet so much. Why are you so jealous?

  27. I think Mr. Crean himself is part of the Establishment.

    Tell me something I didn’t know five years ago.

    It ain’t about banners…It’s about marketing.

  28. Not jealous. Who made you the blog police? If I remember correctly, you have been kicked off numerous times, so I don’t think you have room to criticize. Your a buffoon.

  29. Harvard, you have a strong point about Zeller being forced into a role- accompanied by the responsibility of pacing himself and staying out of foul trouble-, that most did not value. I know to an extent it happened to me, and now you give me pause with your synthesis. It is a really, really good point and it takes a good basketball eyes/mind to see it and, more important, understand it.

    Zeller was critical. Elston’s injury made it more so. Perea is far from ready.

    There is also the Oladipo story, as good an anti-establishment story as I’ve seen. I was a journalist; and an editor. It is a fantastic story. To begin with the story of a kid whose soul and spirit may be even larger than his basketball persona. His father’s story and his relationship with his father. You of all people…, I caught myself hoping through the season that somehow, towards the end of a game we would all witness a man walking down the stands, towards the IU bench, be stopped by one of the cops, only to have Dipo walk up and say, “no, please Officer…that’s my dad”.

    While the band struck ‘My Indiana” and Crean took a double swallow of whatever he drinks, Hulls did a 360* dunk. It is a cover story. It was great to see it on the cover. Damn Harvard! It is everything you write about when you get going Harvard and it is the perfect counter story to everything you write against.

    Two great stories…absolutely great basketball stories, Zeller and Oladipo…”The Bookends”. Whooaaa, we write the script.

    Look, I’ll stand with you because I know what is inside of you HfH… so will Chet (that #26 was a great statement Chet). So will others. A Hoosier story…the country kid and the son of an immigrant who fought to raise his family.

    So Harvard likes to write…he writes. No one here questions his allegiance to the Hoosiers. I know I do. If I don’t like what he has written, I glance at what’s left (to make sure I’m not passing up a jewel of a comment) and move on. But writing is relaxing, working my mind is fun and I’ve done it all my life and no apologies (right Dustin? Writing is fun and creating it, molding it, building piece by piece so they fit just so… Some people paint, some sing, some watch TV… The part I don’t understand is so what? Aruss…don’t like it, scroll through. Mike P. ?????? Dustin, thought you’d be pleased someone reads and comments and takes the time to write in this blog with some elegance.Who’s going to read you in your entirety, the one phrase wonders who emit a burp and complain when one writes two sentences well struck together? Why do you think the craft, the art is dying? ‘We got wacked!!’ is not analysis or commentary.

    And Harvard, the value of your writing is when you write to your points, then you write so that you enjoy and we enjoy. Not, when you’re looking for an argument. You are usually talented enough at it to find it, and many of those who try to answer you aren’t.

  30. Harvard, not sure I buy the conspiracy theory, I see the picture and I see Indiana enthusiasm, I do agree with you on how valuable Cody has been to our team and should be All American by everyone, but everyone doesn’t always agree as witness to this blog. I’m ok with everyone not agreeing, 65 years old and experienced it a lot. I am proud as hell to be a hoosier and hurt so bad when they lose I think I’m gonna die, but I grew up shooting balls at the school outdoor playground-envisioning a basketball career, but alas at 5’4″, even then the skill wasn’t there, but I sure as hell love it still. Gary, east gary, and portage was home for many many years, Then for awhile lived in lafayette, phew, I conclude by saying everyone’s opinion is worth listening to, you may or may not agree, but that’s ok, WE ARE STILL HOOSIERS either by birth or by ascension to HOOSIERDOM.. love ya all and let’s wish our boys the best in the tournament….

  31. IU on the cover of SI is good for IU and it sells well for SI. So fitting IU kicks off play in VO’s home locale. Also fitting L’ville plays in Indy as they boast 1 player from Indiana, 9th man Stephan Van Treese. Is anyone still unhappy Coach Crean could not secure his commitment?

    H4H, type on I so like wearing out reading glasses.

  32. I don’t even understand the “you post too much, Harvard” mentality.

    This buffet has too much food.

    This library has too many books.

    Your sports package has too many channels.

    Assembly Hall has too many seats.

    Talk about a bomb shelter mentality. Really, what would be left? The snarky comments from the handful of you with multiple names and inside jokes that no one else cares about?

    Rico, proofread. That didn’t even make sense.

    Who cares about the Washington Huskies? WTF is THAT about?

    Keep it up, Harvard.

  33. ^ Fruity Pierre. I’ll proofread while you gargle with mouthwash, so we won’t have to smell your “horse breath” when you open your mouth on thus blog. Can you say “Horselips Chet” ?

  34. I am sure everyone noticed how long the “stone” that is pUKe lasted in the NIT. Robert Morris is the new dragon slayer.

  35. The HT guys must be busy with the IU-NCAA, baseball team looking good, football practice starting, woman’s BB recruitment news, yet they have just enough time to post such provocative news stories as the current cover of SI.

    Once everyone is done with the SI cover, I think I discovered where the filming of the moon landing occured in the Utah desert.

  36. Harvard… Pretty much in line with Chet and Tsao on this. It’s pretty rare I don’t read your posts. Sometimes, like Tsao mentioned, I have to skim.

    Specifically to your points over the last couple days, I agree that Zeller is the best C in basketball, and therefore deserving of 1st Team AA. I think your points about how he was the only guy at his position, and how that factored into his play are legit. Is he a tad under-appreciated on the national landscape? Maybe. However, your conspiracy theories about how and why the Establishment is playing up Dipo and downplaying Zeller and all the tangents off that are, per usual, absurd. Olynyk had an enormous year, basically out of nowhere. His school is in Spokane, WA… Is that an Establishment outpost? The other guys on First Team all had great years. 2nd Team isn’t exactly chopped liver. There can only be 5 guys on each team.

    When it comes down to it, if there were a national debate, with a judge and jury, and after all the discussion, points, and counterpoints were heard (and Harvard got a say), my assumption is there is no way you could leave Zeller off the First Team. The current format though, just has a bunch of disparate writers from all over the country, without conversation, or a common agenda, throwing out names based on stats, records, momentum, and who has the best story. At the end of the year Dipo was a better “story”.

  37. Geoff nailed it. AA teams are just popularity contests. Totally subjective.

    Victor HAD to be on the first team. He had two or three SportsCenter moments every game AND the Hoosiers won the Big Ten AND got the #1 seed. Usually, the ‘human highlight reel’ guys play for a school like Oklahoma or UNLV that’s gonna be pretty good but are no real threat to actually win anything. He’s doing crazy superhuman stuff for the best team in the country. Cody’s timely tip ins, offensive rebounds, clutch free throws, charges drawn, deflected passes, and tipped shots just win games. They just aren’t fodder for SportsCenter plays of the week.

    So…the voter in Kansas City, who hasn’t really seen half the AA candidates, except for highlights, says to himself, “I put that Oleedee-whatever guy on the first team. Just to be fair I’ll put that other center on the first team and Zeller on the second.”

    Dustin can correct me on this, as I imagine he knows some of the voters, but I doubt any of the sportswriter/voters devote more than 5-10 minutes into their decision. It’s just not important to anyone other than devoted fans, like yourself. As someone else pointed out, NBA execs sure don’t place any credence to who is on what AA team.

  38. Rico, you seriously crack me up. So, as part of your obsession you now have developed a mental picture of me. Is the horse thing like John Elway (he was frequently described that way in Denver when I lived there)? Or, is more of a Mick Jagger (please be Elway, please, please).

    Oh, the breath thing. Do you think it’s hygiene or diet? I’m actually a little obsessive about brushing, so it must be diet.

    Are the two related? I don’t see how but you obviously have some insights I don’t. Maybe it’s the products? I’ve always used Colgate products since my Dad worked there. Should I switch to Proctor and Gamble? How about a whitener?

    Again, thanks for the shout out.

    When you get a chance, take a look at my wardrobe. I don’t pay very close attention to trends so my apparel is no doubt hopelessly dated. I’m pretty much a jeans and whatever with a pair of boots guy…but you already know that.

    Thanks again. I don’t know what I’d do without you. XOXO

  39. Uh oh… Doesn’t get any more Establishment than this… Obama just picked IU to win it all in Barack-etology.

  40. (I’m gonna beat you to the punch here Harvard)

    Of course Obama and ESPN team up to pick the Hoosiers… How else can you make the “un-hip” whiteys from corntown USA feel a little over-confident and set them up for failure… Now if IU does anything less than win the championship the season is a failure and the program is considered soft under-achievers. It’s just like SI putting Zeller on the cover pre-season… Making everyone have unrealistic expectations so at the end of the year you can snub him by putting him on the 2nd Team. It’s typical Establishment tactics.

    (Of course… If Barack had chosen IU to lose to Miami in the Elite 8 we would hear):

    Of course Obama and ESPN team up to disrespect the Hoosiers. All they’ve done is win the toughest league in the country outright. First they disrespect Zeller, now they disrespect the entire team. This is all part of the ploy to label the team as soft and deflect attention from the real cradle of hoops in order to prevent any long term dominance that added attention will give the Hoosiers.. It’s an intentional and monumental slight.

    (It’s all so convenient when you can create the same picture with completely different sets of paints)

  41. Clarion… While it was fun to watch UK flounder all season and then lose to a complete nobody in the NIT, I don’t think we’ll be enjoying next year quite as much. Pothryess, Cauley-Stein, and Goodwin all announced last night that they are returning. Wiltjer will be a junior. Harrow will be a very experienced back-up PG. Now add in the #1 PG, #1 SG, #1 C, #3 SF and a top 20 recruit at PF. They are also on the short list of the 3 top-5 recruits that are making their announcements at the McDonalds game.

    Next year could be a really ugly year for us UK haters.

  42. Like always Chet, you became weak, and had to respond, despite your best salesperson pitch to everyone else to avoid me. I knew from the past, you couldn’t keep your mouth shut. I know you will become weak, and respond again liver lips. Fruity Pierre strikes again, but what’s new.

    Chet, I though you only used Equate Toothpaste at Walmart? Respond, and you will become “weak” as you always are….

  43. Well, Julis Randle… #1 PF just committed to UK.

    This sucks.

    #1 PG (#5 overall)
    #1 SG (#7 overall)
    #3 SF (#6 overall)
    #1 PF (#3 overall)
    #1 C (#11 overall
    #9 PF (#18 overall)

  44. Let everyone get off this blog and just let hillbillie have it to himself . I have never heard such blabber as he spouts. Who cares what SI writes most of it is crap anyway.

  45. To be nurtured seemed not worth the grind. It was not his fault. Cursed by locks that refused to naturally flow as ivy on the old vine. He found his only company in the gold coins. He was ‘Bruesewitz Minus One.’

  46. Keep it up H4H…I read 85% of your post and enjoy most of what I read. On the other hand there was Laffy, Rico, and a few other that only post when we lose and that gets on my last nerve. I hate when I hear “I told you CTC was a bad coach” crap, this is the hand we have been dealt and we have to play the cards in our hand. We won’t be any tougher or get bigger “stones” or change the sub patterns. I am an IU fan and will be til I die!!!!

  47. Thanks Bart295, Chet, Tsao, Clarion, Geoff, & Barbwire Bill…and Dustin and Jeremy.

    Thanks for dealing with the absurdity. Never underestimate the power of the press. Never underestimate the power of the instantaneous images that our dropped before our eyes. I think we get conditioned. I think we get pulled and influenced so much by the visual and immediacy of news that we’ve grown used to the barrage. Within that barrage, we never have a chance to duck and make much use of the environment. We are deluged. We are manipulated by the media. Never underestimate their ability to use the technology available to instantly formulate agendas.

    There is still mystery in the games. Step away from the media bullets constantly racing by your head. Turn off all the expert and just enjoy the games. If there is one conspiracy, it is how the massive media monster has assumed you cannot think on your own. You cannot enjoy a game without their expertise and spin.

    Maybe I’m the fool for thinking there’s a bit of deviousness in that mission.

    Thanks you guys…Thanks for reading and letting me spew my nonsense.

  48. “Cursed by locks that refused to naturally flow as ivy on the old vine.”

    I just gotta say…Is that not a beautiful sentence?

    Papillon forever.

  49. Chet, before you met your bride and helped populate the Earth, did you used to go out with Rico Chet? She seems to have one never ending infatuation with you. Whatever it is Chet, if I had it, I’d charge people a dollar to address me on a blog. Way to go HERO!

    Rico, was he gentle? Naaaahh,… was he not gentle? Obviously, taking you an eternity to forget the memory.

  50. Harv, to piggy-back a lot of our Scoop brethren on here, while I don’t always agree with your stance, I always enjoy your writing. Carry on.

    Geoff, as pleased as I was to see UK go down last night (has there ever been a more justifiable, cathartic court-storming in the history of first-round NIT games?) I’m afraid of the karma monster should I get too giddy. First, because we haven’t accomplished anything in the post-season yet, and I would blame myself if the cosmos decided to smite my team for savoring the sorrow of others. Second, because as you pointed out, they have more horses coming. We saw what happened last year when they had a few returning McD’s AAs join a monster class of freshman. They should be beasts.

    Best we focus on supporting our own team rather than kicking a man while he’s down. We may not like the result when he gets back up.

  51. Now, as I was reading #49, #52, #53, #54 I was thinking the very subtle (subtly underhanded) way in which Geoff uses praise (of a comment, of someone writing the comment… of Indiana, of a player) to pull the thread into well camouflaged but clear ‘dump’…on someone, a post, a contributor, a (farm) state, a public university… an off-ramp towards a negative comment or rebuff about Hoosiers. And, of course, a carefully designed ‘statistical’ commentary (which isn’t statistically validate all since the indicators chosen are always chosen to validate his argument/view.

    In this case…this ‘undercover’ Kentucky fan that is Geoff, subtly takes the conversation away from what we are all doing here;…being nervous about our Hoosiers to…once again, oh boy! what a suprise!… redirect the conversation to another ‘Husaa! HUSAA FOR THE KENTUCKY WILDCATS (quickly and clumsily skipping by that they were thoroughly covered in south Ohio river sewer water and embarrassed, while shamefully exposed for the fraud they are…by whom??) and…again flying his Wildcat flag to about ‘what a fantastic recruiting season they had in all (his perceived) glory and how NEXT YEAR, they will be impossible to beat because of course they have the #1, #1A,#1B,#1C… while we stupid (in his mind)farmers, from Indiana who went to public high school AND public college in this ‘hick state’ are stressing over our corn-fed local and second-generation immigrant sons who were barely worthy of number #129 and #131 in his expert Obsessed Rivals ranking list as he so smooooothly reminds us how non-elite and common we are…therefore, how dare we ever be accepted as East Coast Establishment.

    Hoosiers we are! Step aside!

  52. In a related story, just read where MSU fans have been ordering up all kinds of South Dakota State gear. It seems MSU plays in Auburn Hills earlier that day, and Sparty wants to stick around for the evening session when SDSU faces Michigan– and give Wolverine fans a run for their money. I love the college enthusiasm and think it’s hilarious. But I can’t help but wonder how many of you would rather cheer against a rival than for your own conference. It is the NCAA tourney, after all. Where do your allegiances lie?

  53. Would like to see each B1G team win unless/until they face IU. Final 4 of B1G teams would be perfect. Would shut up many of the talking heads. IU wins of course.

  54. Ron, couldn’t agree more. The only exception is Purdue.

    While Kaintuck will no doubt return to NBA farm club status next year I think the brand took a major hit. Their entire sales pitch consists of, “Come here and play one year. You’ll contend for an NCAA championship and, then, you can go pro and you’ll be a lottery pick.”

    That’s it. They can’t sell the school, their education, prestige…really, anything other than being a lottery pick. Almost no one graduates and so what if they did? A UK degree is nearly worthless.

    Now, any rival coach can point to this year and say, “Cal promised those guys they’d have a great team and then they’d sign a pro contract after one season. None of that was true.”

    If Kaintuck had any academic standards they’d probably have a team full of academically ineligible players next year. They surely didn’t plan on this.

  55. Rico, that was SO disappointing. I had hoped for so much more.

    BTW, you whole ‘weak’ thing has no impact on whether or not I mess with you. Just playing with my food. Everyone is just poking you with a stick at this point.

    You had actually gotten to be kind of fun but then you just lapsed into name calling and insults. No creativity. That’s too bad.

  56. Ron and Chet, agreed. The lone exception was the Big Dog days of Purdue, when I REALLY hated Purdue and wanted them to be the first #1 seed to go down in the first round. Other than that brief period, I’ve wished them well in the tourney and rooted for any B1G team (not playing IU, of course) to win. Even Wisconsin.

  57. Well, I guess there was also the MSU-Butler Final Four in, what, 2010? I was torn between a possible B1G NC and a Cinderella story from an unheralded Indiana school. My heart went with Butler.

  58. I used to thrash Kentucky, but since they bailed on us, I really don’t care anymore really. Until Calipari grows a set, and decides to take his team to Assembly Hall, I say good riddance to rubbish.

  59. Tsao-

    You are right on target…You are beginning to understand the underhandedness of the Establishment. We’re never good enough, are we?

    And as much as I love watching and cheering for Oladipo, I somehow revert a bit back to my conspiracy theories. Is VO making the covers and being so excessively covered with glory by Geoff all season long because Victor validates his(born of the Establishment mothership with Calipari as Captain Courageous) subtle desire to paint Indiana as the….”stupid (in his mind)farmers, from Indiana who went to public high school AND public college in this ‘hick state’ are stressing over our corn-fed local and second-generation immigrant sons.”

    Are these subtle underhanded messages(the exaggerations in referring to Victor as the next MJ…the Establishment sportswriters keeping Cody off of 1st team All-American..getting in Cody’s head and constantly calling him “soft” when he had nothing from Pritch to Hakeem to back him up….the televising by ESPN of a meaningless NIT game between UK and Robert Morris…the sending the Hoosiers to DC…the talk of UK’s incoming recruiting class, the necessity for a school to be “hip” to truly be attractive to the top Rivals pedigree) attempts to polarize our team and make them individually and collectively adhere to a second fiddle mentality?

    Or, maybe they’re all bigger Knight-worshipers than you could ever be(I know you don’t worship him back)and camouflage their dislike for the new uptight puritanical image courtesy the Christian savior from Marquette with fake Establishment “I’m hip” lotion?

    Is Calipari and Seth Davis..and the entrenched rich of the Establishment mothership bureaucracy that rule the boardrooms of ESPN protecting the true backward ultraconservative hypocrisy of their existence with their constant measured shots at dumb ol’ stupid Indiana?…A backwardness and world of inequity and protection that makes Bobby Knight look more progressive than their ruling hip king from Harvard via the island of pineapples?

    The keep their world protected its true injustices by way of making everyone else the target of their stereotypes?

  60. Punjab, when Purdue was a #1 seed a while back they played Western Carolina, the #16 seed. In the waning seconds of the game a Purdue guard made a pass from underneath the basket to Glen Robinson for what would prove to be the winning basket.

    WCU missed their final at the other end to lose the game.

    In the paper the following morning there was a front page picture of the winning assist. With the ball still in his hands the passer’s right foot was clearly planted six inches out of bounds.

    That missed call could have been the first #1 to lose to a #16.

  61. Harvard,
    If Indiana is a “hick state”‘. Then I don’t know what Alabama is. All I know is I look like a professor to some of these people in this state.

  62. Chet, I remember my feeling after that game vividly. Purdue eked by with an undeserved win, and I felt almost sick at the lost chance of PU’s complete indignity. (I wont speculate on the psychology of it all…) I didn’t remember the final plays as vividly, however. Or why I felt it was so undeserved. Thanks for pointing that out. I may have to take another trip down memory lane.

  63. I don’t think it’s a hick state at all, Ben.

    My post is satirical in purpose and plays off of Tsao’s suggestion that Indiana has been the constant target of such stereotypes(along with his suggestion that Geoff perpetuates that image with all his worldly knowledge the exacting definitions of what is “hip”).

    I am merely exploring reasons they try so fervently to protect their “hip” elitist world we never have passage through the gates.

  64. Tsao… Come on man, you’re smart… (Why do I keep having to say that)… Why is it that you never understand what’s going on? When I speak as Harvard I am throwing out the claims that Harvard makes about me, sometimes with, sometimes without, saying he’s directing them at me, that I never actually say.

    I have never once on this blog made an underhanded statement about, or stereotyped, any Hoosiers.

    You are such a gullible follower. Apparently anything that Harvard says about me you just take as gospel.

    Regardless, I hope you’re feeling ok and your health concerns are passing.

  65. Dr. Harvard,

    What do I do when people scream “Roll Tide” at me, despite me being in Hoosier Red? I do t feel so “hip”.

  66. Ben… I don’t think it’s a hick state either. I live in Maine, which contrary to Harvard’s beliefs, is more rural than Indiana, and has its share of “hicks”. Before that I lived in Texas, which has its share of Rednecks. Before that I lived in Florida, which, well…. Everyone knows about Florida. 75% of my family still lives in Indiana, and I visit and keep in touch with them, and I don’t consider any of them “hicks”, so any claim that I have some east coast Establishment bias is typical Harvard absurdity. If you want to witness a blogger calling his relatives “hicks” all you have to do is ask Chet how he feels about his Kaintuck Kin. He’ll be happy to tell you.

  67. My best friend from high school once dragged me from Northwest Indiana to Paducah, KY…Trapped in the family fan for about 8 hours listening to the Beach Boys. I had literally thought I had entered Satan’s village.

    My best friend came from a family of nice people..Sure, they were hicks by some hipster’s definition. There are kind people everywhere. Establishment isn’t a geographical term. It’s an arrogance…It’s calling people ‘smart’ as if you hold the yardstick. My best friend and I were from different worlds. He was the closest thing I’ve ever had to a brother. So many laughs..So many good times. We didn’t care a crap about labels.

  68. Got 10 more inches yesterday Chet… Just missed a big dumping. They said we were going to get 12-16″.

    It was a big local news story because last year on March 19 it was 82 degrees and people were swimming and golfing.

    Never know what we’re going to get… Always exciting.

  69. Dustin, I typically can’t even remember what I had for breakfast in the morning, but if memory serves correctly that’s a new caption you placed underneath SI cover, no? I like it. Identifying some of the “extras” in it brings a whole new dimension to the photo. Thanks.

  70. Geoff, so correct, that is why I am all giggles after their performance last night. They acted like they did not even want the ball.

  71. Gosh Dustin!! ..Maybe Harvard is right; that SI picks their covers (and therefore compelling cover stories) with a view to selling more issues. Could that be why journalists are always saying make the Front Page ‘bleed’!?!

    Jeremy, could you explain why Harvard makes you want to wear aluminum foil paper. I don’t get it.

    Harvard…Oladipo’s is such a great, great story of will and triumph. I spent about an hour remembering when my dad attended a ball game and half way through it he grabbed my warm up jacket and wore it. I’ll never forget the vision of his standing there waving his fist and yelling for me to foul someone: ‘little foul!! LITTLE FOUL!!’

    1. TTG,
      To protect against the brainwashing of the government, the aliens and the folks at SI (maybe even Harvard, who is actually using telepathic reverse physchology to make me sympathetic to the Establishment he allegedly loathes).

  72. Well it was obvious they were trying to sell Zoeller early in the season as Indiana’s best player but as time went on it was obvious that Victor was the leader of the team. All you heard was Zoeller this and Zoeller that trying to make him out to be something he is not He could make a bunny lay up and the announcers would make it out as if he just landed on Mars. It was ridiculous, I love the Indiana team but Indiana sports does not promote the black Atheletes. Victor made a name for himself all by himself. After the country seen Indiana on the court it was obvious who should be the highlight. If Indiana had PR’d Olidipo like they do Zoeller he would win Player of the year and the wooden award hands down The guy is good no he is great and the best thing about him is He is getting better and better. Indiana got a Diamond in the rough when they recruited him. They had no idea he would be this good same goes for the Pro’s whoever gets him has a diamond who will get better and better daily. That is my hope is to see Victor Olidipo at his very best, the sky is the limit and yes he is a junior. If he doesn’t go pro expect Indiana to be right back in the hunt again back to back next year He is just that good.

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