Indiana the No. 1 seed in the East Region

Indiana was named the overall No. 3 seed and the no. 1 seed in the East Region.  Also in the region are No. 2 seed Miami (Fla.), No. 3 Marquette, No. 4 Syracuse, No. 5 UNLV, No. 6 Butler, No. 7 Illinois, No. 8 seed North Carolina State, No. 9 Temple, No. 10 Colorado, No. 11 Bucknell, No. 12  California, No. 13 Montana, No. 14 Davidson, No. 15 Pacific and No. 16 play-in teams Long Island Brooklyn and James Madison.


  1. There are absolutely no guarantees in the tourney, but I like that draw. IMHO the Midwest is clearly the strongest region. Especially at the top.

    Louisville #1 – cats OUT. Wonder how that’s playing in Lexington?

    Oh yeah, just one more observation. ACC = only 4 teams. 🙂

  2. Like our draw, considering the Bucky loss, but only one gripe vis a vis B10: how the h-e- double hockey sticks does the Pac10 get 5 teams but Iowa doesn’t get in? They could’ve won the P10 by 3 games.

  3. Jeremy – can you set up a Yahoo or ESPN bracket challenge for scoop readers and yourselves to participate in? Maybe even give the winner an autographed copy of Dustin’s book.

  4. Now that I have completed my psychologist recommended 24 hour waiting period after an IU loss, I can share my thoughts…I guess I would rather play in DC with our bracket than in Indy with Louisvilles bracket. It’s easy to focus on the negative location, but lets celebrate – this is only IUs third #1 seed in the history of the bracket era. We all know the IU has the tools to go deep in the tourney, and if we can put them all together like they were in February, and maybe play with a chip on our shoulder for being selected as the 3rd number one seed (Kansas lost at home to #214 TCU @home – that’s reason enough to not be a #1 – esp when it came in a 3 game conference losing streak). Kentucky fans – love or loathe – are pretty bball smart so I don’t think you will hear much complaining coming from them about snubs…..The ACC got 4 teams in, and rightly so. I don’t see any ACC team in the final 4, though Coach K is always clutch and Miami is talented with an exceptional coach. They would be a real test for the Hoosiers…. Given his reputation of doing what is best for IU, I trust CTC to make quality decisions, I do feel like we would be better served in the tourney to sub out the top 6 players closer to the under 12 timeout and limit the bench play in tight games. There are so many timeouts in NCAA televised games (8 TV timeouts, 10 team timeouts plus a 20 minute halftime) it’s time for the players to play. Once again, I’ll defer to coach Tommy, but I always agreed with John wooden – “if you have a lot of players in and out of the game, no one is into the game.” That’s a paraphrase, but you get the point…..Doug Gotlieb…ugh. He is my least favorite part of march madness (someone had to take Billy Packers place I guess). Any one else catch that he said the PAC-12 is a better conference than the B1G, then immediately after say that UCLA (PAC -12 champ) will probably lose to Minnesota in the first game? Wha??? Get your arrogant, over greased head off my TV!
    Final 4 picks:
    Louisville – coming in hot, tough test against MSU but the D prevails
    New Mexico – easiest bracket, underrated, beats Ohio state in a thriller
    Georgetown – playing well, big big team, Otto Porter
    Indiana – all -around solid team. Well tooled. if they can click like they did last year in the tourney and get past Miami they should be favored. Jordy and Watford need to hit shots.

    Ill be at yogis for the week. Go Hoosiers.

  5. I can’t adequately express what a pleasure it is to read the ‘sane’ comments on this site this evening. Based upon what I read when Ryan was named COY, I thought this was going to be a ‘mushroom cloud’ of complaints. IU earned the East Regional because they didn’t earn staying in the Midwest. Louisville earned it. That being said, I echo the comments above and on the other string. I’d much rather have IU in the East than facing those teams and coaches in the Midwest. If they (collectively and individually) play as they have in ‘most’ of their ‘Big Games’ this year, they’ll be in Atlanta. I’m skiing out West the last week of March and am scheduling my travel and play time around when I expect the Hoosiers to be playing. I’m hoping my homecoming includes scheduling my time around the National Championship game.

  6. Wondered about the book also…..I’d buy it if it’s about I.U. basketball. Ready to get this party started. I loved Cody’s tweet about not going to many high school dances so he was really ready to go to this one!

  7. Hmmmm, I think NCST is a bad match-up for us. They have some very athletic and physical players up front in Leslie, Warren, and Howell. They have really under-achieved all year. Top 10 talent. Hope they are who they’ve been all year. Obviously the good news is we’d play them in Dayton, so there would be a huge IU contingent.

  8. TV is now 24/7 NCAA. I had no idea there were so many ‘experts’ to talk on so many shows. Surprising (to me) that so many of them are picking IU and many of them talking about how good it will be for IU to get out of the B1G grind.

  9. Geoff, NC State worries me more than anybody just based on their ability and how a potential loss before the Sweet 16 would be perceived. That being said, I’ve only seen them play two or three times this year. They looked great against Duke, and not very good against whoever else they were playing. Reminded me a lot of Minnesota. Yes, they’re a team we should beat, but their makeup is almost exactly the type that gives us fits.

    I honestly think they’ll be our toughest test based on ability and the perceived “playing down to our opponent” trap that Indiana seems to fall into at times. An under-achieving 8-seed is the perfect storm if you’re worried about getting knocked out way too prematurely. If we can get through the first weekend without a letdown, we probably make the Final Four.

  10. Ron, you must not have been watching anything with Gottlieb on it, then. Watching the Selection Show yesterday, it looked like it pained him to have to bite his lip and not clown Indiana and the Big Ten every chance he got.

  11. Ticket prices are an eye-opener. $200.00?

    IU played NCAA in St Pete maybe…1992-93? Tickets were maybe $35-45. Next weekend was Miami. Paid scalper $75.00

    20 years ago was my last tourney game. I must be older than I thought. My first house $13900. 4 bed 5 acres. First new car 65 Mustang..$95 down & $55 month.

    Reality sucks. I’m old.

  12. Looking at our bracket…

    I won’t bother commenting on 1st game. If we can’t blow out that team and rest our starters for Sunday it’s a shame.

    NCST – already commented on, but there’s a little more to say. Punjab, Minnesota is exactly who I was thinking of with them. They just have some really good pieces. The other thing is that their starters are just big across the board. I mentioned Leslie, Warren, and Howell, all 6’8″+, but then you’ve got Wood (44% from 3) at 6’6″ and Brown at 6’5″… Everyone on their team scores 12 ppg so it’s not like you shut one guy down. However, the one thing I like is that Dipo always seems to play his best when he has a guy to key on… I’m hoping that his job is to hassle the crap out of Lorenzo Brown and cut off the head of the beast. I honestly don’t know how we play much with Jordy and Yogi together. It necessitates a zone, like we played against GTown (and squeaked out a win), and I just prefer our energy, rebounding, and ability to transition out of man D.

    UNLV/Syracuse – I think Cuse is just to experienced to lose this game, but the committee didn’t do them any favors sending them 3 time zones away in a Pod with 3 west coast teams. UNLV was one of the teams I identified a couple months ago as a tourney team that could really make a run. They’ve got talent, size, and experience. I just happen to think Syracuse has more. I like the match-up with Cuse better than NCST… I just see us matching up better with Triche and their zone. We have a couple zone-busters and 2 guys that really penetrate. We also have proven to be a very good offensive rebounding team. Hoping all that adds up to a trip to the Elite 8.

    Miami/Butler – those are the 2 teams I could see coming out of the lower half… I honestly don’t know who wins that game. Although, if Miami faces anyone but Butler then I think they cruise. So lets just say the %’s are greater for Miami… This is a real bitch of a match-up (as it should be at this point). They have such a big, athletic, and deep front court, with Kadji, Johnson, and Gamble.
    Lots of bodies to throw at Zeller. They can score with us all night. They win big games. They’re basically all juniors and seniors, except for Larkin, but he has the swagger and fearlessness that comes with being the son of a HOFer.

    Overall, I think it’s a pretty difficult road, but I’m just happy we aren’t in the Midwest. Trade us with Louisville… That would be terrible. I think SLU would have been a brutal match-up for us. Duke isn’t a team you want to see before the Final Four…

    Don’t know that I added much to the conversation, but what’s new,

  13. Paid $1100 for three tickets to go to the championship game(IU vs Maryland) in Atlanta in 2003.

    Also went to Lexington to watch us down #1 Duke and Kent State in the regional. I somehow lucked out with those tickets..bought them face value after a very nice older lady working the ticket office for Rupp Arena picked up the phone and managed to find me three seats.

    The incredible come-from-behind win(17 points down to a #1 team) against Duke was the most fun I’ve ever had a basketball game. It was indescribably electric and I feel blessed to have been lucky enough to be in that arena that day.

    The Final Four was basketball meets Mardi Gras…The money takes over and the wealthy fill most of the seats. We took a big slice of credit card debt to attend(when figuring hotels, the $1000 tickets, transportation, restaurants, memorabilia, etc), but it was obvious in scoping the crowd that it was mere pocket change for most. CEO dads putting their sons in company jets and flying them in for the weekend.

    The Final Four was still worth doing once, but the regionals is where you’ll find the hardcore fans and the true flavor of March Madness.

  14. I have a much greater fear of Syracuse..I still think we’re in the toughest region.

    Miami looks mean as hell. Miami looks like the Washington Bullets teams of the ’70s. Wes Unseld vs. Cody…?

    Patino in his white pimp suits and desires to have more than lasagna in Italian restaurants…? I think it makes Louisville and the entire Midwest a bit soft. Great coach, but I think there’s too much ‘Joanie Loves Chachi’ imparted onto the culture. I don’t see them as a Final Four team.

    I’m also a bit worried(assuming we get through Dayton) that Victor may get too caught up in playing in his hometown and try to be a one man Cirque du Soleil show for the NBA scouts at the regional. If VO takes the bait and falls into the psychological trap of the Establishment announcers that want to make the Hoosiers success more about VO than candy stripes, then we’re doomed.

  15. My attempt at pairing hit TV shows of the ’70s with the #1 seeds…We’ll start with the overall #1.

    Louisville = ?

  16. Wes was drafted by the Baltimore Bullets. I don’t think they moved to Washington until the twilight of his career. I was in the stands at Freedom Hall the night he set the Louisville single game scoring record.

    I read recently that Erin Moran lives in a trailer park somewhere in Indiana.

  17. Chet-

    You live for the technicality. Such a killjoy.

    Gonzaga basketball just sorta feels a bit stuck in hippie culture meets alien coach….Mark Few…”Na-Nu Na-Nu.” Down some dusty road outside of Spokane there is likely a very large egg-shaped one-man spaceship parked in a lonely field.

  18. …hey, we’ve got those here. Don’t even get me started on the Brown Mountain Lights (they did an episode of X-Files on those).

    ‘Killjoy’? That’s harsh. My kids would heartily disagree.

  19. Here’s one for your backyard.

    Here’s my ’70s show pairing if Duke would have been a #1 seed….?

  20. ^Doesn’t the priggish prim and proper of it all make you just want to vomit?

  21. Best I stop monopolizing the blog today…Thanks for not leaving me alone at sea, Chet. Glad you’ve retained your sense of humor.

    If it can’t be fun, then what the hell is the point? Don’t you just get sick of all the “heaviness” surrounding sports anymore? That Lunardi guy makes it all so uninspiring and scientific…What a stiff.

    Take care, Chet. Can you teach me how to ride a cycle one day?

  22. Shoot, I didn’t even teach my wife. I sent her off to take the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) class on her own.

    It’s like loaning money. Great way to end a relationship.

    I agree. If it’s not any fun it’s usually not worth doing. OK, donating bone marrow is different, but, in general, that’s true.

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