IU clinches share of Big Ten title for first time since 2002

Regardless of how things shake out the rest of the way, Indiana can call itself a Big Ten champion for the first time since 2002.

Wisconsin’s loss to Purdue and Michigan State’s loss at Michigan give the Hoosiers a two-game lead with two games to go. They would clinch the championship outright with a victory over Ohio State at home on Tuesday. It would be their first outright championship since 1993.



  1. Ironically four are tied at 11-5, wonder what the odds/configuration it has to happen that all finish 12-6

    MSU beats UW
    IU beats OSU
    UM beats PU


    MSU beats NW
    UW beats PSU
    IU beats UM
    OSU beats IL

    seems almost likely…
    This then in turn forces a whole bunch of tie breakers for the Big Ten tourney where the #5 teams really gets screwed playing on Thurs

  2. Congrats to the players. They’d have done it in an even more convincing way if they hadn’t had the yarn of Tom Krin’s BB “knowledge” weaved around their ankles, encumbering them game after game!

    Kudos to them and to their faith in Indiana Basketball!

  3. Congratulation Hoosiers! Tuesday night will be epic, and what a way to send out our seniors with an outright title! What a experience it will be for Watford, Hulls, and Elston. Young men who took a chance on us, and now leaving on top. I suspect Assembly Hall will be bedlam!

  4. Congrats to the Coaching staff and players whom have worked hard to get this done. It is set up to do something the foundation of this team set out to do four years ago that is be BIG TEN CHAMPS outright. I want to say thanks to the Seniors for everything i will always remember this the most cause you guys started this journey i know we had our ups and down but what you have guys have done is started a foundation and the young guys have followed bring Indiana University Basketball to the Top!!! Thanks for the memories you will never be forgotten in Hoosier History!! I know we have a lot more work to be done! Go HOO HOO HOOSIERS!!!

  5. Ferrell and Oladipo will suffocate Craft and hold him to his season’s worst game. Zeller will probably have his best career game for his last at Assembly Hall. Go IU!!!

  6. Coach Crean should get the NCAA Coach of The Year, regardless whether IU wins the national championship. Not even Bob Knight could have done what CTC has accomplished. And he is just a bitter old grump for not wanting to accept Crean’s invites to come back to IU. He is forgiven for his abuses, but Knight won’t let go.

  7. To put this in perspective, the last time IU was the outright Big Ten champion;

    Mr & Mrs Ferrell was welcoming Yogi to the world

    Cody & Vic were 1 yr old

    CWat was 2 yrs old

    Jordy & Maurice Creek were 3 yrs old.

  8. Agree tbird086, thank you team and players for all the hard work. You had to believe AND do the work for so long to reach this point.

  9. Hoosier fans should celebrate this team’s accomplishments and take great pride in how far the program has come in the last three years. If not for the incredible support of the Hoosier Nation, this accomplishment would not have been possible I enjoy my memories of the great Hoosier teams of the past, but I’m most excited to see how far this Hoosier team can go? Can this team become one of the great Hoosier teams of all time?

  10. By the way, if Michigan plays IU the way they played MSU today, IU should win that game by double digits. T Burke is a great talent, but he was a ball hog and took a bunch of terrible shots in the second half of today’s game. His steal (off Appling) was clutch, but he almost cost Mich that game. If Michigan relies that heavily on Burke for their offense, I like IU’s chances next week.

  11. It’s Great that they are assured of a ‘co-Big Ten” Championship but they truly do need to win one or both of the next two games. Nether I nor do I believe they would be happy with the ‘co’ designation. Win it outright and get the #1 Seed in the Big Ten Tournament along with THE #1 Seed in the NCAA Tournament. Neither game is going to be easy and the games they lost should drill into their heads that they can lose anywhere. Of course, they’ve also shown that they can win anywhere. This season remains interesting.

  12. The Colubus Dispatch has a two pager on the how the BIG 10 does tie-breakers. Not that we need to know that.!!

  13. I hope Crean doesn’t learn from his mentor and call a timeout with his team down 1 and in transition… Izzo took away a clear lay-up path and allowed UM to set their defense with only 4.8 to go. What a blunder from one of the greats. But thank you coach!

  14. So correct Geoff, I took a 2nd look just to see if Izzo was really still court side.

  15. Hillbilly:

    I was part of a suit that was filed over Open Meetings allegations where IU Trustees met in a serial manner circumventing the quorum statutes to conduct business in a public body in Indiana. Essentially Brand and Simpson brought in three sets of Trustees in secret and presented unsubstantiated characterizations regarding an incident with Knight and requested permission to dismiss Knight and then plan how to do it. The suit went to the IN Supreme Court and we lost because the statute did not specifically specify that if more than two members meet and discuss business they are out of the quorum statutes but then the IN legislature passed such a Sunshine Law.

    The question I have for you is so what? What does that have to do with 2012-13 team?

  16. Bob and Geoff, the last paragraph in the article succinctly states the comparative data.

  17. Always knew there was a sect at IU that desired the “decimation” that came after the Knight firing.

    Sampson must have wanted out. He felt them lurking under the floorboards everywhere he walked. He felt the hatred.

  18. Harvard – now clearly I don’t know the innermost details or motivations of the class action lawsuit that Bob and other “fans and alumni” were part of. But in reading this article, if I take it at face value, it sounds as if Bob and his cohorts were looking out for the best interests of the university vis-a-vis the Knight firing.

    Here’s the link: http://lubbockonline.com/stories/100401/col_1004010008.shtml

    And here is the most pertinent quote:

    “We want IU to be accountable for what they did,” said Robert Nemanich, a lead plaintiff in the fans’ lawsuit. “Our case was never about Bob Knight. It wasn’t about getting Bob Knight rehired. It’s never been about any of that. Our case is about our university and how it’s governing itself and mis-governing itself.”

    And a concise statement abut why they brought the suit:

    Brand met with separate groups of four of the nine IU trustees in secret prior to Knight’s firing. The university argues that the meetings were not required to be open because fewer than half of the nine trustees attended each one.

    My take: certainly there are more details than what is included in this article or Bob’s narrative. The judge decided the firing was legal, so clearly there was some validity or loophole. But when I read the claim by itself, it is definitely a sneaky way for Brand to conduct business. If Bob and others take issue with the leadership of their university conducting themselves in sneaky ways and want to make sure that they conduct themselves above board and in the open then I don’t equate that with relishing in the demise of IU following the Knight firing. Imagine if a group of alumni and fans had taken a similar stance at Dustin’s alma mater… (And clearly I’m not comparing the offenses, but the way the offenses were handled by leadership)… Would that have saved PSU or led to its demise?

  19. Thanks Geoff:

    The issue always was how IU conducted its business affairs. Ultimately the manner which IU then led by Brand and how he conducted that business cost IU over $1M. It included expenditutes spent on our suit and subsequent other personal lawsuits filed by Knight and his staff. The question was never whether Knight should have been dismissed or not, but how the BOT allowed Brand to act inappropriately and without oversight or within proper methods. One BOT Trustee said that Brand was never able to provide the working environment for truly talented individuals, that a major university like IU possessed and needed to have, and he regreted hiring him. Knight was a contracted employee, his contract was with the BOT and not the President and subsequently had a due process to have an executive session meeting to defend his accusation and the BOT was supposed to then have a public meeting to make a decision—they were cowards. The entire process was circumvented so that Brand could get private clearance and do this in a self-serving political manner. He then used university for his own personal gain that led to him being Pres of the NCAA as he was failing at the helm of an academic institution. Now we this ongoing situation where Knight and IU continue with institutionalized acrimony and resentment when we should be celebrating achievements now and then instead of remembering discourse.

    That chapter is over and Hillbilly I have never been part of any sect or movement regarding IU BB. I find your insinuations and projections to be and example of ignorance in that they are without merit. When Sampson was here his actions at OSU and here speak volumes for his charactor and manner. His hiring was desperation from a continued lack of leadership and vision that had permeated throughout IU since the mid-90’s and until the probation and now I am seeing a revival in academic areas as well. My son may well apply for a graduate program and he has zero interest in BB and me being an alum is actually an obstacle, but they have a new program that interest him.

    But I will add by coincidence I was on the phone with Terry Clapacs IU’s VP of Admin in Feb 2008 and had a brief conversation about Sampson and the cell phone stuff among irregularities that led to IU’s probation and then I personally suggested Tom Crean as I had a personal reference from an influencial booster and physician to the Marquette team about Crean’s character. Ironically two months later Crean was hired and now IU sits at the doorstep of a great season. Now I know my suggestion meant nothing but it is still ironic.

  20. Essentially Brand and Simpson brought in three sets of Trustees in secret and presented unsubstantiated characterizations regarding an incident with Knight and requested permission to dismiss Knight and then plan how to do it.

    Brand was plotting with Sampson to get Knight removed?

    Is that your insinuation? They were plotting with a secret group of trustees even before Davis took over?

    Fascinating stuff. Have you ever done any investigative reporting into this, Dustin? I never once heard anything about Brand plotting with Kelvin Sampson during Davis’s tenure. If true, that certainly explains all the lack of love for Mike Davis.

    On its face, it sure appears there was quite the division..Some trying to protect Knight from Brand..Some trying to work with Brand to usurp the disproportionalte powers of the basketball program and make it more accountable to the institution as a whole.

  21. Harv – just when I thought you gave us a completely worthless post I read that last paragraph…

    So now I’m interested. I don’t want to bore the masses with a drawn out discussion on this, so if it starts to go in that direction maybe we take it to email.

    What I’m hearing – and maybe you’ve stated this really clearly in your history on the Scoop that predate me or I haven’t paid attention to – is that you think that Brand was right to do what he did EVEN if it went against university by-laws or employments contracts? He is forgiven in your mind because you feel the University had ceded too much power to the basketball program and the only way to reel them back in was to circumvent the rules that were in place?

    I don’t know enough about the landscape of university, or the power struggles within, to agree or disagree with that stance. But is that your basic view or am I misreading the situation?

    (I’m hoping you can give me an answer that is concise)

  22. This will be my last comment regarding this old chapter but Dustin you have enough old newsroom to verify much of this. Anyway, Hillbilly: The person who was Myles Brand administrative toadie was a guy named Christopher Simpson who Brand brought to Oregon from Wash DC when he was a press aide for Sen Strom Thurmond. He was not Kelvin Sampson as you mistakenly made some false equivalent connection. Simpson developed a plan as VP Communications that funding for departments depended on publications that generated interest and corporate sponsorship and not basic research and knowledge. This caused a serious brain drain at IU during his tenure. Simpson is now in Kentucky heading his own PR partnership.

    This now is not replay the old misguided crapola that was IU in the ’90’s and then 00’s, it is to find some way to make amends and close this wound as the program develops a new success.

  23. My bad..I thought it said ‘Sampson’ in post #21.


    I thought a coach could be fired for just about anything. Don’t the legalities come into play because of indemnification based on settling any remaining financial obligations?

    Are we saying that ‘zero tolerance’ was created as a secretive ploy between a select group of trustees, Brand, and Simpson(?)to find a reason to fire Knight without fulfilling financial obligations under his contract?

    Brand felt that in the eyes of a very entrenched supportive Athletic Dept/Establishment(and a select number of trustees in the hip pocket?)there was no level of poor coaching performance Knight was capable that could have ever resulted in his discharge? The only solution to remove him from the coaching position within the entrenched powers in his favor was to invent a system where a false accusation against his character could result in termination?

    Sounds to me like Brand was a brilliant man that kept us from Pat Knight until the year 2025.

    So we’re saying Brand cheated the appropriate rules in getting Knight removed? I don’t know enough about the the rights and voting privileges/procedures that put ‘zero tolerance’ into being..But I’m pretty certain that I never heard anyone claim that Knight’s final straw, the physical act of grabbing of a student by the arm, was a lie or a set-up job enabling the dismissal to move forward.

    But I will add by coincidence I was on the phone with Terry Clapacs IU’s VP of Admin in Feb 2008 and had a brief conversation about Sampson and the cell phone stuff among irregularities that led to IU’s probation and then I personally suggested Tom Crean as I had a personal reference from an influencial booster and physician to the Marquette team about Crean’s character. Ironically two months later Crean was hired and now IU sits at the doorstep of a great season. Now I know my suggestion meant nothing but it is still ironic.

    Personally suggested Tom Crean? I’m glad our current president decided he had ‘zero tolerance’ of the IU logo serving as undeniable endorsement his Bible preachings/teachings on his personal Twitter page. Not sure if the current president of IU needed any votes or meetings of trustees to get the policy of the university clearly and succinctly in place. I find it far more hideous an abuse of ultimate power given to a basketball program’s coach than 1000 3-way calls or grabbing a disrespectful kid by the arm because he was a rude little spoiled sh*t with zero manners.

  24. So are we now to assume that corrections have been put into place so that Crean can never be undermined by the current president/trustees in the same manner that allowed for a minority to slither around rules and ultimately remove Knight? Well, isn’t that special.

    Begs the question..What came first, the chicken or the egg?

    I guess we still have divine intervention.

  25. This dead guy?


    What do college basketball icon Bob Knight, former U.S. Senator Gary Hart, and former University of South Carolina President James B. Holderman have in common? All were at the center of a crisis of enormous consequence and all are part of the hard-won experience of Christopher Simpson, author of this crisis communications guid

    Simpson, a former newspaper reporter, press secretary in the U.S. Senate and marketing/media crisis chief at three universities, provides a step-by-step approach to creating a crisis plan that can ready your institution to withstand a media assault when times get tough.

    On any given day, you are ripe targets for a full-blown crisis,” writes Simpson. “Too few institutional leaders plan effectively. And when crises happen, you scramble, play catch up, and too often, don’t get a seat at the senior staff table when lawyers blossom like kudzu and PR decisions are made well outside the court of public opinion.

    So protect your institution’s reputation and build your crisis communication plan straight from the school of hard knocks.

    About the Author

    Christopher Simpson

    Christopher Simpson, who was CEO and partner of SimsponScarborough, was a nationally recognized integrated marketing, media relations and crisis communication leader in higher education and the nonprofit world. He spent 12 years as a newspaper reporter, much of it in Washington, DC, as a political writer and senior editor for the Washington Times. He served as press secretary to U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond before working as the senior administrator for marketing and media at the University of South Carolina, the University of Oregon and Indiana University. Simpson died in February 2008(courtesy: Weathering the Storm: Protecting Your Brand in the Worst of Times
    Christopher Simpson).

  26. Simpson is now in Kentucky heading his own PR partnership.


    I don’t know how a guy heads up a PR partnership in Kentucky when he’s been dead and buried for five years.

  27. Maybe Bob is insinuating that Mr Simpson has gone to that special place below…. Indiana… Is it hell or is it Kentucky? Chet?

  28. …or Texas?

    I find it fascinating that Bob is lashing out at Harvard when they both probably agree on virtually everything.

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