Last-minute Bracketology

About 20 minutes from now, Indiana will find out its seed and destinations. The prevailing theory is that Louisville will get the No. 1 seed in the Midwest and Indiana could be shipped East to Washington D.C. It’s considered almost a certainty that Indiana will play its opening round games in Dayton. Here’s what the experts are saying in their final guesses.

Joe Lunardi has IU going East and Louisville to Indy.

CBS’s Jerry Palm also has IU in the East with a play-in game opponent in the second round.

Sports Illustrated’s Andy Glockner says the same.


  1. Louisville has only beat three top 25 teams- IU has beaten 7, including a #1, & hasn’t lost to anyone outside the top 40.

    Doesn’t that make Indiana’s wins twice as impressive as Louisvilles’?

  2. Nice going IU ..LOST your way out of INDY by going 3 and 3 the last 6 games…get your act together and LEARN something from OSU beating Wisconsin.HULLS get back in the gym and rE-learn HOW to get your shot.past 6 games you been a participating spectator!!!

  3. We just got one of the easiest brackets I’ve ever seen. Sa-weet!!!

    Don’t think we’ll beat Miami, though.

  4. Midwest has Duke and MSU as the #2 and 3 seeds? East has Miami and Marquette? Plus Syracuse? Despite not playing in Indy, we may have caught a break with this bracket.

  5. I don’t think we caught a break getting put in the East. Miami is good (they got screwed) and they will be hyper-motivated.

    But the good news is we won’t have to play Wisconsin unless they make it to the final four.

    And honestly, getting away from home, out of the Midwest, might be a good thing for IU this year. Yes, as fans, we’d all love them to be playing in Indy, but psychologically, being away from home might take some of the pressure off and allow them to focus better.

    If Jordy recovers his shooting touch, I think we’ll be O.K. If not, Crean’s going to have to replace him with Sheehey. 2 for 14 from 3-point range is just not going to cut it.

  6. The cream rises to the top and I do believe that Jordy knows how to play in the big games…remember this is 3 small tourneys…win 2 then rest…win 2 then rest…win 2 then hang the 6th banner.

    I think Miami will try to run with us and that will be a major mistake!

  7. I think CTC needs to bench Hulls and start a bigger guard like Sheehy . Maybe Starting Sheehy will shake things up and wake up the other 4 starters.Hulls needs to observe the game flow and figure where he can get his times he looks lost out there

  8. I like our draw. When Miami beat Michigan State the Spartans were playing their 4th game in 8 days. Miami got crushed by Arizona and pretty well spanked by a crummy Wake Forest team. They’ve also got pretty questionable losses to Indiana State and Georgia Tech. Sure, they killed Duke but Duke came back and beat them in the rematch.

    Nobody would ever mistake the ACC for a good conference this year.

    Miami has some good players but all they did in the ACC was ‘out athlete’ the opposition.

    They can be dangerous on any given night but, looking at their losses, they’d probably be the fifth place team in the Big Ten.

    The Midwest is absolutely brutal. I’m glad we don’t have to fight our way out of that bracket.

  9. Not sure now is the time to shake up the line up heading into the tourney…team chemistry is everything right now!

  10. I thought when IU made the run in the second half, with Remy, Vic, Wil, Zeller and Yogi, they looked like a number one team. I know Watford and Hollowell mixed in also, but, they just seemed a little quicker and they were on a roll. I think this is where some scratch thier heads concerning the substitution process.
    Remy and Jeremy will be key if we are to be successful and have a long run in the tourney.

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