1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Man, you wanna talk about toughness? It wasn’t always pretty, it wasn’t always what we expected, and it about stopped my heart, but we got the W today. Huge game from Vic and Big Z, outright title, closing out the regular season with a win, and I’d be surprised if anybody sleeps tonight. Go Big Red!

  3. All the folks who called CZ soft should apologize after the performance he had today…cutting down the nets was also appropriate now that we have won the B1G championship!!!

  4. That ball seemed to hang on the rim for minutes…I was in disbelief when it rolled off. Fantastic win! Oladipo’s tears of joy say it all, Hallelujah!

  5. Could you tell how much Oladipo wanted this win when the tears came at the end. I am so happy for this team. They have worked hard this year and the confidence from this victory hopefully will carry with them into the Big Ten Tournament.

  6. A great game, and great experience playing against another top ten team. Here’s Victor for Player of the Year in the big 10 for his head to head performance against TB!

  7. Here’s a toast to the 2013 BIG TEN Champions!
    Great season for all the coaches and players.
    Super happy for the seniors! Redemption is a sweet thing.

    Hope there is a huge crowd to welcome them home.

    More great stuff to come…..

  8. Overcame the biggest lead on IU this season. Down 5 with 50-some seconds. Nice foul by CWat on the breakaway. Crean taking a beating at half-time analysis. Happy for the seniors – Happy for the team.

    Now win one or two in Chicago and rest up for the big push.

  9. What a disappointing win against a team who had not lost at home all year. Man, I am tired of watching Zeller play soft, Crean not know how to correctly substitute, and IU generally get outhustled, outrebounded, and outplayed. Wait, what’s that? Oh, crap, I was talking about an IU team that never existed…only in the minds of morons who do not understand basketball.

  10. Great win for IU basketball! Winning Big Ten Championship outright caps a great Big Ten season. Looking forward to Big Ten tournament and NCAA tournament. in 1st half I was worried when Coach Crean’s substituted with 7 point lead that looked like we were about to pull away. I do agree with Gotleib that now is the time to plat starters. This is the big show.

    GO IU !!!!!!!! N

  11. Cody unveiled some monstrous stones for this one. Big game by Hollowell. I was really impressed with his poise and his hunger going to the glass..And what a big three.

    And shouldn’t overlook how big Watford’s saving of the ball before time ran out. Without that save Michigan likely gets one more inbound and possible final shot with about .6 seconds left.

    I have mixed feelings about the potential of the Hoosiers going through Indy. This team seems to thrive on adversity.

  12. When will the team be back in town? Will they come into the airport here or to Assembly Hall from Indy?

  13. Strange game

    Rebound IU 53 to 30. Wow

    FT’s – Cody got 8 and Jeremy one shot. CWat & Jordy never got to the line.

    Paint points – IU 40 to 32. Wow

    14 lead changes with 3 ties.

    Cody with 6 turnovers?
    CWat with 1 basket and 3 pts.

    McGary – 8 minutes (seemed longer) 1 out of 5 and 2 pts.

    IU 20 subs in the first half & 14 second half.

    Should have asked Michigan for a ladder and scissors after the game. But I imagine they are not letting the Michigan team handle any sharp objects after the blown FT’s…

  14. What a roller coaster ride the last two minutes were. IU won the game and my heart was still beating, both outcomes are a little bit of a surprise to me. I’m pretty sure my blood pressure was as high today as it has ever been.

    I have to confess, Victor was not the only Hoosier crying after today’s game. I am thrilled by this team and so proud of them. All sins are forgiven. When it had to be done, in the toughest of circumstances, in the most adverse environment, with the world watching, they found a way to do it. They played tough, they never quit and they never stopped believing in each other. And for no other reason, that’s why that ball had to roll off the rim at the end.

  15. Great win. I thought we’d about had it at the 50 some second mark.

    Having to win at Michigan in the last game of the season is just so satisfying.

    The trolls are noticeably absent. That Big Ten title must be caught in their throat.

  16. The last 2 mins, I was changing clothes as I did so many times in past seasons when the team began to crumble, had to run an errand and ALMOST left to beat the rain, wow, what a correct decision I made to hang out & finish it. Incredible & I think that ball was on the rim more than once, wasn’t there like 3 swats at it by MI players?

  17. That was unreal. I put my head down and closed my eyes when Michigan had two 1 and 1’s in the last minute…Hardaway misses, then Burke…hoky smokes..even had a friend send me a text right at the end that said “Game Over”, oh yee of little faith. What a win..

  18. What an incredible finish! You warned us Dustin not to give up on them too soon. What a great win!

  19. I’m tardy to the party today because I had a family gathering & had to DVR the game.

    As I posted 2 days ago, this team responded when the chips were down again. They played well enough to win a tough game, on the road, big deficit, and held on. They were clearly prepared, poised and pissed about the post OSU celebration backlash.

    Whatever it was, or is, this team comes to play with something to play for & the world against them.

    What other team in this nation can win @ MSU, @ OSU, @ MICH? What do you think the Zags record would be? Or KU? Or L-ville? Or Fla? Or Duke?

    PROUD PROUD PROUD of this team for what they did today and all season. A marathon completed….

  20. What an exhausting win! That last minute made up for all the pains of the last six years and this year’s frustrations of Illinois/Minnesota/OSU.

    Hats off to Crean for coaching a great game. Tired of hearing people bash a guy that has turned this thing around…… and doing it with positive vibes and encouragement.

    Sheehey and Watford are the X factors on this team……we go as far as they will bring us. And today Sheehey was HUGE!

  21. I had a game of my own tonight, so I too had to DVR and watch it after wifey time and the Walking Dead…

    First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS HOOSIERS!

    I had a good feeling going into this game because UM is a finesse team, and I didn’t think they had the experience on their roster to change their personality and rough us up. However they were generally better than us and we got a tad lucky the refs didnt call a flagrant on Wat and they missed late FT’s… But hey we’ll take it. They got a tad lucky that we were missing FT’s all game.

    Anyway, one thing that’s just irritating as all hell is our inbounds defense. It’s been brutal under the basket all year, and now on this sideline play leading up to the Watford foul. I mean HOLY SH!T… Middle school teams should be smart enough to not allow run outs like that. Its just ridiculous, honestly. It cost us against Illinois and it really should’ve cost us the game tonight.

    But, now that’s off my chest, I will just silently celebrate whilest my love slumbers downstairs and my dogs snores in my lap.

    Great night to be a Hoosier!

  22. Mitch McGary …a finesse guy?

    McGary shoving Zeller to the floor should have been a flagrant.

    McGary’s finesse would make Uwe Blab feel like Dr. J.

    Michigan choked and Hoosiers didn’t quit. Their stars couldn’t deliver from the line.

    Our POY they had no answer for inside. What a nice little push pass assist off the dribble while driving from Yogi that led to Cody’s go-ahead bucket. Glad the ball was in Yogi’s hands on that last offensive possession. What unbelievable poise for a freshman amongst a team carrying such high expectations from the fans and national media.

    My only regret is that we weren’t given the joy to watch Gottlieb and Seth choke on their bitter tongues while attempting to conceal their complete heartbreak at the end. What a surprise they didn’t go back to the studio at the conclusion.

  23. Ummm, maybe, like always, you misread my statement… I said a finesse “team”. And they are. Just because one player isn’t finesse doesn’t mean the team isn’t. They don’t pound it inside. They don’t crash the offensive boards. They don’t irritate you all game by being up in your grill at every position… They start 2 offensively talented freshman, who are fairly soft defensively. Same can be said about Hardaway.

    McGary’s foul had little chance of being called a flagrant. It had way more to do with the unexpected nature of contact catching Zeller off guard, than any real force that Mitch put behind it. However, its very common for the Watford play to be called a flagrant. Breakaway play, involving the ball, hand in the small of the back, puts the offensive player in a very compromised potion when landing… Luckily the ref didn’t make a snap Intentional Foul call, because there’s no way they could’ve overturned it if they’d gone to the monitor. They handled it perfectly, and I think ultimately they made the right call. Watford made a lay on the ball, and there wasn’t much of push with left hand. It’s just that I’ve seen that called an intentional foul way more times than not, and you could tell by Watford’s expression after the whistle that he was dreading it too.

    I too was glad the ball was in Yogi’s hand at the end.

    Still wondering why you think Gottlieb cares who wins between UM and IU… They are 2 Midwestern teams that he has no affiliation with. It’s utter silliness to think that UM is more Establishment than IU…

  24. Geoff-

    He pushed Cody. You need to wake up and get off your damn high horse.

  25. Outside of Hulls aren’t we a finesse team?

    And you said Michigan was “generally” better than us.

    You’re right. But they more than generally lost to us.

    And they more than putting “generally” on a rocket to the moon had no answer for our POY center in the middle that out-finessed their entire team in the clutch.

  26. Yes, we are a fairly finesse team. But we have the ability to play inside-out, which UM does not. That however isn’t my point. I have been saying for a couple weeks that we are the best “basketball team” in the country. When we go up against other teams that aren’t trying to make it a different sport (like say, rugby) then we win. I don’t think any other finesse team can beat us because we are simply better.

    Saying that UM is finesse wasn’t a critique, it just means they don’t play the style that has been used to beat us.

    Get off my high horse? You’re funny. Because I disagree that McGary’s foul should have been called a flagrant? He gave him a side by side bump. It was certainly intentional, but it wasn’t flagrant… McGary didn’t extend his arm, he didn’t lower his shoulder, he didn’t give a two-handed shove… He ran up next to him at an angle and nudged him with his forearm, and had Cody seen it coming then he never would have fallen down. It caught him between steps and off guard, which made it look 10x’s worse than it was. It was nothing like the Meyers Leonard incident last year. THAT was flagrant.

    You complain about the change in tournament formats making Hoosiers kids soft, but maybe its guys like you causing it who are over-protective and looking for flagrant fouls when our guy gets bumped.

    You’re such a baby sometimes Harvard.

  27. We just won the Big Ten Championship outright and you two guys can’t stop nitpicking each other’s comments. Give it a rest and celebrate a great victory and an even better Big Ten campaign.

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