1. Joe,
      Not sure. Most radio stations can’t live stream the game, but you may be able to get it via the TuneIn app on a smartphone. Also, WIUX student radio should be live-streaming, not subject to IU Radio Network copyright issues.

  1. I was able to get it through the ESPN Radio app on my Droid. There was a list of about 3-4 stations that were carrying the game.

  2. What a difference a month, a neutral site and some rest makes. That was a butt whipping. Me thinks Cody Zeller wanted to make a statement about the Big Ten POY award. Not that he really cared all that much, but he seemed to have an extra edge today. If he keeps that edge, that’s very bad news for the other teams in this tournament. And on a neutral site, I don’t think the refs will tolerate the muggings he’s often subjected to.

    Happy with the job Crean did getting these guys ready for the game today, but in a game like this, he needs to take his starters out earlier. There was no reason for any starter to still be playing with a 16 point lead and 2:30 left on the clock. When VO hit the floor in the last minute, my heart skipped a few beats.

  3. One other comment. VO showed everybody watching today why he was the obvious choice for Big Ten POY. Wow, did he shut Paul down or what? That was a demonstration of smothering defense. Beautiful!

  4. O.K., now we get a chance to avenge the Wisconsin loss. I really want to see IU pound Wisconsin. In order to do that, IU’s players are going to have to remain patient against Wisconsin plodding deliberate style of play. As we learned in Bloomington in January, they won’t beat themselves. This next one will be a grind-it-out game, so if we win by eight, that will be a blow-out.

  5. I’ve been waiting for a game like this. Reminds you of the type of game Knight’s team had with in 1976 with an undefeated season. During his dynasty there was a game at assembly hall when the Notre Dame was lucky to double figures by half time. The crowd was roaring to keep them at 9 points.

  6. Well, now there is no option to lose tomorrow. We just can’t. There’s no swallowing another loss to Wisconsin. If it had been UM then there’s the whole, “it’s tough to beat a good team 3 times in a season.” But when you haven’t beat a team in your entire career… Boys will be going extra hard tomorrow.

    Hope they crush em.

  7. I’ll be covering my eyes tomorrow during the game, for sure, anticipating the next Brian Butch or Rob Wilson to step up and have a career game.

    As Geoff put it, there is no swallowing another Wisconsin loss. Has one school ever perenially dominated another in both football and basketball like Wisconsin – IU? The only other recent example is Oregon vs. Washington.

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