1. Not much to say about this game. We just overwhelmed JMU. I liked that IU came out strong, with a lot of energy, and took nothing for granted. I loved Yogi’s start. Wow, where has that scoring been all year? Jordy’s shot looked better today and that’s very encouraging. And our bench scored well throughout the game.

    I know the game was well in hand in the first half, but I thought JMU could have had two players fouled out of the game before half time. The smaller post players just decided that neither Zeller, Cwat or any other IU player was going to score at the rim today, and the refs let them get away with quite a few fouls down low.

    It got a little ragged in the second half after we got up by 30, but that’s to be expected. And best of all, I loved seeing Crean empty the bench today.

  2. So much for the match-up between NC State and IU. Next up is Temple. Let’s hope they peaked in today’s win.

  3. Podunker-

    Yogi may not have been putting up big numbers all year, but he’s truly the difference-maker this year and he’ll be key going forward in the tournament.

    Unbelievable poise for a freshman…

    He’s really been overlooked by all the established journalists and analysts that grab onto the “sexy” names that they want put on magazine covers while really never taking a deeper look at a contender’s roster.

    I won’t gloat by way of a cut-and-paste that envisioned this coming early in the season…Ferrell’s been very underrated and under the national radar. The combination of a dominant post player and a dynamo point guard is lethal.

  4. Not often you can win an NCAA game by 20+ and the game wasn’t even as close as the final score would indicate. On to Temple. If Dipo can contain Wyatt, I doubt they’ll have enough firepower to stay close. Never want to take anything for granted, but the Sweet 16 is definitely ours to lose. Go Big Red!

  5. Anyone else think Sheehey is trying to do too much on offense? He should never be leading us in shot attempts. I think he’s going to hurt us in a close game if he doesn’t calm down with jacking up shots, not to mention his poor ft shooting.

  6. Nice to see Remy getting confidence back in the stroke..

    Big plus to have him on the floor when Yogi or Jordan need a blow.

    Have I ever mentioned that I like Remy?

  7. I actually thought Sheehey had a really decent game..Played hard and made some strong flashes to the rim.

  8. I love Tom Crean. I honestly do. I’ve totally had a change of heart about him, after so many years of mindless questioning his impressive record.

    After seeing Alford lose yet again with a much-hyped Low-blow team, I’m on board the Creanwagon. He is the perfect man for this program!

    I am also really sorry to Chet, Podonkey, and all the other people I’ve been stalking. I think they are great people!

  9. Will was 7-14 I think. He took 1 less shot than CWat, Cody and Jordy combined. He took the most shots of anyone on the team playing 3-4 minutes less than CWat, Cody & Jordy.

  10. Aruss, I agree with you. While I thought Sheehey did well today, he definitely took more than a few bad shots. A couple of those resulted from the shot clock winding down, but others were just bad decisions. I do give him credit for having the best mid-range jumper on the team, and that is valuable. I think with Sheehey, his shot selection is a part of his “edge”. If it can be harnessed and made more efficient on offense, he can be a key difference-maker throughout this tournament. Let’s just say this. Sheehey provided Crean with an opportunity to do some coaching in tonight’s film session.

    But the bigger point for me is this. If you just scouted the Hoosiers in today’s game, you have a severe headache trying to figure out how to stop six or seven different players that can score. I think that’s why Yogi had a great first half. JMU was not prepared to see him do what he did. IU has a lot of people who can score and that make game-planning really tough.

  11. Tsao, I think you’re right that Yogi is a huge reason why IU has a #1 seed in this tournament. He’s played way above his age and seniority all year. It’s just that we have not seen the kind of explosive scoring from him all year. Driving to the hoop for easy layups and then knocking down three pointers, he did it all today. It’s as if he’s finally removed the shackles or has gained confidence all of a sudden. We knew the talent was there, but he has seemed reluctant to shoot at time this year.

    If Yogi’s getting hot, I’m liking our chances.

  12. Well, 3 of our worst match-ups have been eliminated from the tourney… GTown, Wiscy, and NCST.

    That’s the good news. The bad news is that it looks like anyone can beat just about anyone.

    The other good news is that we looked as good as anyone in the first round.

  13. coachv – that’s bull! Sheehey was playing outside of the framework of the team on offense trying to “get his”. It didn’t cost us this game but it reminded me of his selfish offensive basket interference that killed out momentum against uw in the B1G tourney. He and Hulls do best when they get their baskets from the natural flow of the offense and not by trying to manufacture their own shot.

    Even next year, I don’t want to see the box score with Sheehey having the most shot attempts.

  14. It is easy to get sucked into the good in a good game. But today, I saw a lot of interesting things not the least of which were hard, purposeful dunks by Z and the unleashing of Isiah Thomas revisited. Recall in 1981, Knight basically unleashed the new beast and let #11 run the show. I saw a different Yogi today and he’s capable of this every night.

    As previously noted, we need Hulls to be “that guy” who buries the dagger shots again. Hopeful his 1 game turns into 5 more.
    CWat was a beast on the glass, even when not bringing down the RB he tipped many and played more rugged than he is. We need him to play to the TV big game lights 5 more times.

    Basketball is a beautiful thing when the ball goes in, isn’t it?

  15. * ‘BB a beautiful thing’…Not if you are a sports reporter covering NM. He quit – said he could not take the under-performimg NM team any more.

    * The weekend will show, or not, how strong the B1G really is..MS-Memphis, OS-Iowa State, Minnesota-Florida, Illinois-Miami, Michigan-VCU and IU-Temple. Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois games will be tough. IU tougher game but should be doable.

    * Still can’t get over the FGCU game. Yahoo bracket, 47000 (?) OR 4700 picked them over Georgetown. 330-some picked them to win the championship (or was it 33)?

  16. After reading all 23 post I was shocked that no one mentioned how good our defense was in the first half…I believe that set the tone for the game…Yogi just exploited a weakness and got hot…I think that is what makes this team so dangerous is that any of our 6 starters can have a similar night…if you have a weak link we will find it…btw did anyone else notice CWat skying for those rebounds…I think getting out of the B1G bar fight conference is refreshing for our guys!!!

  17. Sheehey’s 7-14 is pretty damn good, let him shoot, he is a scorer. Coach Crean has given him the green light. Also hope he brings back the fingers to the temple sign after knocking 1 down.

  18. He was taking wide open shots. He went 7-14 on an off shooting night. He usually hits a higher percentage on the kind of shots he missed.

  19. I’ll take Sheehey with 7 made shots any game. The fact he got 14 shots is a function of his minutes, aggression and athleticism. And I’ll take that too.

  20. I don’t think anyone is really down on Sheehey for Friday’s game. He played well, overall. But he did take several bad shots. I think the problem with a few of those shots was that he had better options at the time. As Hoosiers, we’ve been programed to appreciate shot selection more than most fan bases.

  21. awuss,
    leave the basketball analysis to the professionals. that would be me. just be a good fan, drink your beer, and stare at the ball.

  22. I’m a professional. My doctor is a professional. What qualifies you as a professional other than blogging snarkiness?

  23. Holy c__p CoachV!!! When did you get the vote?… You’re normally tempered;…but your belly button went Saddam Hussein on you.

  24. Of Will’s 14 shots I saw 1 that could be called questionable. He undoubtedly will make the same solid decisions on shot selection today. His aggressiveness is much appreciated.

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