1. got my super spicy bloody mary with a clausen pickle in it, so i’m in my zone. time for our hoosiers to get in theirs. let’s do this! go iu!!!

  2. Christmas came early for OSU. That game was gift wrapped for them and delivered on a silver platter. The refs screwed ISU big time. The last charging call should get those refs suspended for the remainder of the tournament.

  3. I remember the good ol days when I used to think every shot Jordy put up was going to be all net.

    Oh, how I miss those days.

  4. Apparently this is going to be one of those games where Cody looks clueless. Hopefully he does that hero thing in the last 2 minutes.

  5. Looks like Jordy may be done with a broken collarbone!

    We have to play better defense and rebound and we should pull this out!

    I like that CTC is rest Vic for a full run at the 2nd half!

    Don’t give up yet Hoosier fans!

  6. Hopefully he does that hero thing in the last 2 minutes.

    Wow. Does it get anymore cynical toward a Hoosier than that comment? It’s almost as if Geoff resents the kid putting the Big 10 championship on his shoulders. It doesn’t get more Establishment than that form of trivializing the importance of Zeller to this team’s overall success and the recruits his signature brought to Bloomington. Hopefully he does that hero thing…Wow.

    Unless Hulls shoulder is dislocated, he’ll be back.

  7. Cody was AWOL in the first half. It’s time he steps up. We survived the worst half of play this season and are only down three points.

  8. Watford needs to drain a couple from the perimeter.

    Remy will need to play big.

  9. A sad night awaits us here in Bloomington, folks. Snow piling up on empty Hoosier hearts. One word will ring in our ears, that has never fully disappeared through this long season: OVER-RATED. How can a team with so many impressive road victories be so inconsistent?

    Butler cooked up the recipe for beating Indiana; Wisconsin perfected it and sold the formula to Minnesota, OSU, and Temple. Just like that.

    Please, let us not be ranked #1 again any time soon. It’s bad karma.

  10. When will Crean stop running up and down the sideline freaking out and instead sit down and discuss with his assistants how to stop the one – ONE – guy beating them. Obviously,what they dreamed up at the spur of the moment during halftime isn’t working!

  11. Win or lose…IU had all season to develop a half court game…failed to do it…team defense has not developed….after IU being scouted throughout season… VO drives do not work much anymore against decent competition (just a couple weeks ago Butler beats Temple at Temple handily)…..IU is frustrated on offense and not to good defensively….So much for run, run, run.

    IU Wins…Live to play another game.

  12. Wow. Put him on every damn cover out there. Oladipo is the real deal.

    The block by Watford was also rather monumental.

    Finally win one ugly. Hallelujah.

  13. “Mr. Zeller, your car to the Regional Finals is outside and still waiting. Can we tell the driver when you’ll be down?”

  14. Win or Lose…IU had all season to develop half court game…failed to do it…team defense same way…throughout season IU is scouted and VO drives do not work much anymore…lack of movement and passing game.

    IU wins…maybe they can develop half court game and some team defense next week.

  15. Please explain how IU was outcoached???

    How can CTC stop Wyatt???

    CTC put Vic on Wyatt for the entire 2nd half and it worked….go back to high school IHSAA!!!

  16. And I’ll admit when I’m wrong.

    You called it, Dustin. Put the ball in Hulls hands when the team needs his leadership. They settled down when he came back on the floor…And his one 3-pointer was as big as any shot all year. I hate it when you’re right.

  17. I wonder who was calling the game plan for IU..?

    Crean.? No &*^%$. How could that be?

    Oh, You mean he ‘Can’ coach?

    Good Job IU and Crean. Great game to go forward on. You know you can do anything now.

    After all the &^%*%$*&^ on Live Game, I can’t believe they call themselves fans of IU.

    Now we get to listen to the babble from Charles Barkley.

    *&^*&^ Good Game.

  18. CTC calling out the 2 seniors as the key to victory…he has class…BTW he can coach!!!

  19. Sweet sixteen and yet critics and nay-sayers abound.
    The NCAA is tough, and if you don’t believe it, ask Gonzaga, Georgetown, New Mexico and the incredibly lucky Ohio State Buckeyes.
    Get a life, people.
    Go Hoosiers!

  20. There, that takes care of the obligatory “close one” that every #1 seed has to have at some point along the way to greatness. The rest of the way should be easier.


    We stop the out of control one-on-one offense and move the ball as a team and we win with ease. We make the game too difficult at times with our “get mine” attitude.

  22. So Vic is deserving of the cover of SI!!!

    Cuse is next and I believe they are more of a leaner more agile team and should be more of an uptempo game!

  23. Yes that block by Harvard has now supplanted the Kentucky shot as THE monumental moment of his career. It won’t be replayed as many times, or win any Espy’s, but it was 1) out of nowhere, and 2) clutch as clutch can be.

  24. Harvard? Either I spelled Watford slightly wrong and it went to the most recognized name in my iPad memory, or I have completely lost my mind in the wake of this game.

  25. If they play that way against ‘Cuse, they’ll lose by 20. That said, thank God they pulled it out. I will be lucky to live past the age of 35 having to watch games like that.

  26. Sheehey also hit a 3-point dagger in front of the Hoosier bench. Ugly game, but big plays down the stretch.

    And we were very fortunate that Wyatt couldn’t do a repeat of his first half performance.

    Crean was smart to put various defenders on Wyatt(not that anyone could stop him in 1st half)so he could keep Oladipo out of foul trouble for the crucial, final minutes stretch, to defend him.

    That last jumper by VO from top of the circle will be on every morning paper..Do they still have morning papers?

  27. The 2009 Indiana Mr. Basketball provided a spark off the bench in the 2nd half. He gets taken out on a non-called foul and comes back with pride and effort. How does IU nation spell guts? ……HULLS

  28. IU only had 2 personal fouls the entire 2nd half.

    Cody was fouled every time he went to the hoop…he should take some acting classes from Wyatt!!!

  29. Nat Hill IV – and ask Syracuse, Kansas, St Louise, VCU, and NC State how easy it is to dispatch of the Owls. Tough win. Wasn’t expecting anything less.

  30. Could all of you who have cannibalized Watford, please identify yourselves with an entry that says: ‘Thank you Mr. Watford…I am unworthy of your merits.”

  31. My 13 year old son said it exactly right: “OMG, IU plays SO much calmer and more poised when Jordy is in the game.”

    For anyone who does not know, or thinks it is a fluke that Jordy has the best +/- total in all of college basketball. Watch every IU possession when he is in the game and then compare every possession when he is out.

    We need him next week and we will miss him DEARLY when he is done.

  32. Bart – is Wyatt not the biggest flopper this side of freakin Manu Ginobili…?

    Every time he came within 6″ of someone’s forearm he acted like he took an uppercut from Manny Pacquiao

  33. I had sinking feeling in my gut for most of the game…

    Thank goodness my gut was wrong.

    I like the vest on Hulls. Keep wearing the vest…Gives him sort of a Rambo look.

  34. My guess is that the establishment will report that IU squeaked by Temple…Temple is a quality team that would have won more game in the B1G than PU this year!

  35. I had the same feeling Harvard…I kept watching the clock hoping for a spark…then the BLOCK heard round Nicks English Hut!!!

  36. Yogi is a dandy of a freshman point guard, but there’s no stat in the book for Jordy’s…(drum roll)….Glory, Game, Guts, and Gumption all over his Grumpy face.

  37. Biggest block of the college basketball season. Seniors come up big.

    The Hoosier scored the last 10 points of the game. Great coaching job, CTC.

  38. I always thought Bruce Pearl was a kind of a sleazy, greasy douchebag without ever hearing him talk. Hearing him backhand compliment the Hoosiers after the game today, and totally lowballing Oladipo, completely confirmed my sentiment.

  39. Far from our best game, but I will take it. Credit Temple for decent defense. Yogi vanished. So much for the momentum builder against JMU. Oh well, time to right that ship against Syracuse! To Geoff and Chet, or anyone really. Any similarities between IU and Syracuse?

  40. Po, regarding the OSU/ISU game, I thought Charles Barkley was way over the top beating a single call out of an entire game to death (he lost money, obviously) and claiming Iowa State would have won except for that call. The fact of the matter is, had they called a block instead of a charge, had they counted the basket, had he gone to the line and hit the free throw (hardly a given), OSU won the game by three. Had everything about that sequence gone their way at best possible outcome for Iowa State was that the game would have gone to overtime. Barkley’s claim Iowa State would have won if not for that call is asinine

  41. CWat came through again. All the trolls (like Debbie) that have derided him this year are now choking down some crow. When Hulls went down and Zeller went AWOL, CWat demonstrated great leadership. Then, in crunch time, he made the defensive play of the game. He deserves the recognition from his coach and everyone in The Hoosier Nation.

    Hulls has got guts. You could just see the impact he had on the team when he returned to the game. He made a key shot in the second half and got his teammates to slow things down and get back to running their offense.

    And what can you say about VO? I thought I could actually see the moment he shifted his game into another gear. When he made the steal and the dunk, I turned to my wife and said, “Victor’s taking control, we have a chance.” His last 3-point shot was priceless.

  42. I remained pretty optimistic during the 1st half. JH going out hurt and questionable whether he’d return became a negative for the team mentally. During that 1st half Sheehey was the only 1 providing energy, enthusiasm and confidence. His 3 kept the game breathing for IU. Did you notice how Watford hunted down the man with the ball just prior to the “block”. FANTASTIC! Wyatt had to cool off sometime and JH’s presence helped IU’s prospects. Then VO took control of an opportunity. I keep thinking back to how it maybe would of been a different game if Remy had not stepped out of bounds when he hit that 3. Somebody posted we should fear Cuse, yes, but we do not have to fear a Wyatt again. I imagine JH will have to figure out how to sleep in a bed full of ice for the next 48 hours or so.

  43. Chet I understand how that rule is written and what it states but unless I had reread it just before the game or at halftime I would have made the same call the ref did. Its perception just does not fit when making a real time call. Charles is simply bombastic and gets worse as he gets bigger. I meant older.

  44. Chet, although Barkley was the most outspoken member of that TBS crew, his colleagues all agreed that the refs blew that call. And it was a huge mistake. It clearly affected the outcome of the game. No way does OSU’s guard hold that ball for the last second shot if OSU is down by two or three. ISU got screwed and I find it refreshing to hear a member of the media call it like they see it. Too many of these talking heads on TV are afraid to criticize the refs and instead, just sweep those terrible calls under the rug, as if nothing happened.

    Refs are human and they don’t always have the benefit of the camera angle or instant replay. Bad calls are part of the game and I believe that in most cases, they tend to even out through the course of a game. But given the circumstances, that call was one of the worst calls of the tournament and it most likely cost ISU the opportunity to advance. OSU got a huge break and were not the better team today.

  45. I wouldn’t be too harsh on Yogi. Temple shot .339 from the field and .125 from the arc (3 for 24!!). He was doing something right. Wyatt only hit 3-12 from long range but everybody else went 0-12. Temple did a great job of interrupting our offensive flow. While they did beat us on the boards there were an awful lot of long rebounds (missing 21 threes will do that) that skewed that stat.

    I was really impressed by our Hoosiers pressure performance, though. After trailing the entire second half they score the last 10 points of the game and made every big play. Not many teams could have pulled that one out.

    Ben, about Syracuse, I know this. They lost to Temple. They also lost their first two matchups with Georgetown (including a 61-39 beat down) before beating them in OT in their conference tourney. We are absolutely a better team but, like all Jim Boewhine teams, they are up one night and down the next.

    I also know that the Syracuse bench will sound like a newborn nursery with all the whining their coach will be doing all game long.

  46. Temple beat Syracuse earlier this year so I say: we’re in Sweet 16.

    Long live Clown Tom Crean!

    Clown Tom Crean could take any team (even the Lobos or the UW HUskies) to the Final Four. He’s that good! (not too mention so darn handsome…)

  47. Bart, you embarrass all IU fans by complaining “Zeller was fouled every time he touched it.”

    Please stop. You sound like Kentucky and Purdue fans with that nonsense…..especially after Chet complained about Boeheim’s whining.

    That one block on Cody was as clean as it gets yet I’m sure your head exploded how it was a “foul.”

  48. Everybody needs to read LoveOurHoosiers’ post on the other string. He said IU has virtually no chance against Syracuse. According to him, Crean should just cancel the trip to D.C.

  49. No, I don’t think he should “cancel the trip.”

    But Syracuse has long athletic players who I think our going to toy with our guys.

  50. Po, well those things are conjecture and, no doubt, possibly COULD have happened. Personally, I think Craft absolutely does hold for the last second three. Why would he not? What actually did happen was that OSU won by three which is the most possible points Iowa State could possibly have scored assuming everything went their way AND they hit the free throw.

    Worst case scenario for OSU, based on the things that actually did happen, was overtime. Who knows? It certainly wasn’t the only missed call of the game. They went both ways. All game long.

    I thought CWat’s block was the play of the game. A season highlight. If Temple scores that basket I think they probably win. The momentum shift of that block and the subsequent ball recovery was incalculable.

    CWat comes up big again. The quiet hero.

    We’ll also hear all about Wyatt’s big game but consider this, we did a fair amount of double teaming of Wyatt the second half. Somebody on Temple HAD to be open when Wyatt was facing a double team. Know how many assists Wyatt had? Zero. He scored a lot of points. His team lost the game.

  51. Chet, Wyatt reminded me of Larry Bird in the final against MSU. He was impossible to shut down and scored a lot of points, but could not, by himself, defeat a superior team.

    Chet, we’ll just disagree about the call against ISU. But it’s not conjecture that the ball went in and was disallowed. And it’s not conjecture that if called the right way, ISU would have had a free throw. I don’t really care about ISU, it’s just that I hate to see bad calls affect the outcome of a game, especially when it prevents a team from advancing to the Sweet 16. But for the record, three former NBA stars and professional basketball commentators agreed that the refs blew that call.

  52. I wonder if the rule would also be so positive toward a violation if it had been Craft’s arm that extended over the semicircle but was not touching the floor? I think not.

  53. Clarion, that last point is very interesting. Hadn’t thought about that.

    How much fun is FGC!

  54. Po, they blew the call. No doubt about that. We’ll never know the woulda, coulda, shoulda part…

    Good point, HC. Just goes to show they haven’t thought it all the way through. If they had, a player would have have to touch his heel down to be ruled in the arc.

    It’s been an interesting year with the officiating changes, particularly the elbow thing and the flagrant one and flagrant two.

    I don’t recall a season where the game changed so dramatically due to rule changes except for the introduction of the three point shot. For those that don’t recall the ACC was previously using 19’9″ as their distance in conference games. You know, a routine jump shot.

  55. FGCU is too much fun. What a refreshing change.

    I wouldn’t want to be the next team to play them. They have no fear.

  56. Geoff,

    They are the kind of team everyone likes, or wants to be unless of course they are the opposition.
    I just think it would be very tough looking at 2 similar situations in real time with a different perspective of both. Such as the rule in question and a player falling out of bounds(already over the line)but is not out till his body touches so. As I stated to Chet earlier, unless I had reread the rule before the game or in this case during halftime I would have made the same call as the ref did. We humans do not always make 2+2 four.

  57. Chet, exactly! FGCU has no fear, and that’s what makes them so dangerous.

    I suspect their coach will either be getting a big raise or a new job in the very near future. Good for him (and his lovely wife).

  58. Yeah, La Salle plays pretty much the same way – lots of fun, zero fear. I love it because its the way all my teams have played since after HS. 4-guards (uh oh) with multiple shooters on the court at all times. Penetrate to kick out , make the next pass for a wide open look. How I learned to play in college and beat bigger and/or more athletic teams. I love watching both FGC and La Salle… Funny too that Giannini (former UMaine coach) is at the helm.

    And La Salle wins!

  59. I also was impressed with the Shockers. But not the mighty Mountain West teams. All of them.

  60. With 6 Big Ten teams about to make it to the Sweet Sixteen, are there any morons left out there who want to pick on Crean’s Hoosiers for “only” winning 14 conference games and losing such a mighty sum as 4? Anyone?

  61. I think the refs screwed every team in the Mountain West because they were biased against them………

  62. Nothing like being called a “moron” by someone that can’t add.

    Even if Illinois wins, which I doubt, there will be 5 teams.

    Nice accomplishment.

    Of course, if the Big Ten had flamed out, we would have heard, “The Dance proves nothing because it’s such a crap shoot.”


  63. Brandon Paul has to be the biggest enigma in basketball. Insanely talented. Defined position, with all the skills that position requires. Great size and athleticism. Balls.

    If you are an NBA GM you must be scratching your head. “Why is it that this guy isn’t on our draft board?”

    Oooops… Refs just screwed Illinois. Totally foolish that you can spend 3 minutes reviewing whether a shot was a 3 or a 2 and then exactly how much time, to the tenth of a second, should be on the clock when the ball went through the net, or exactly how much time should be on the clock when a ball hits out of bounds, or a cach calls timeout, but the refs aren’t allowed to take a quick look to see who the ball went out of bounds off of in the last minute. Foolish.

  64. LoveOur: Thank you for so quickly identifying yourself as one of the morons. YOu walked right into the trap!

  65. LoveOur: Thank you for so quickly identifying yourself as one of the morons. YOu walked right into the trap! Go Steve Alfafard!

  66. Jeremy or Dustin…please check and see if or old friend has made his way back into the Scoop???

  67. Bart295, there’s no doubt Laffy is “LoveOurHoosiers.” He as much admitted it on another string. It’s so obvious, the recognition was instantaneous. A zebra can not change his stripes.

    I wonder how his lawsuit against Dustin and The Herald Times is coming?

  68. I completely agree Po…I doubt the his case has gone anywhere…what slimebag lawyer would take a case like that???

    My plan is to ignore his anti Hoosier fan remarks…the man is so angry and for what real purpose?

  69. Ha. Is anybody else having as much fun with this “Where’s Waldo” game of identifying a certain expatriot continually posting under a new alias? It’s as if the Scoop is in full LAFCON 5 alert. I don’t know about you, but I get a big kick out of it.

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