1. Summary of the Hoosiers: Cannot, Will-not, Refuse to….ever beat Wisconsin.

  2. Wisconsin is just better mentally and has better fundamental skills. They play well together. Good evidence supporting Bo Ryan for coach of the year in BT.

  3. Madison may not be the La Jolla of the Midwest, but I doubt that they care if it’s not very ‘hip’ to win games.

  4. Not really, Mass Hoosier. IU still finished 1st in the Big Ten, 2 games ahead of Bo Ryan’s team. I am sick and tired of losing to Wisconsin because I hate that damn state in general, I hate Bo Ryan, and their stupid players, but IU is still the #1 seed in the Midwest. That is all that matters.

  5. Wisconsin on Q……Wisconsin offensive rebounds………lack of confidence for IU shooting the 3 before game even starts because IU worries about Wisconsin style of play and consequence of missing 3s……IU lack of finishing to the rim because of good Wisconsin tough defense….Wisconsin looks forward to playing IU; they feel good and are very confident

  6. In the scheme of things – today doesn’t really matter. Hopefully the right switch can be turned on in the NCAA.

    That aside – this was a chance a redemption and to prove your the best team in the country. As oppossed to hoping somebody else can take a Wisconsin out of the tourney for you. If IU wins it all they should give Wisconsin a banner as well.

    Pride is apparently rare.

    Question: Is there a worse behind on score board little time left than IU ( with the exception of Mich. game ) team. We take more time of the clock when down then at any other time in the game. Stand around – passup open shoots – throw ridiculous in traffic passes.

    Victor passed up 10 open shots and had some huge turnovers with under 3 mins. left. Refs could have assisited on a few no calls. Watford getting banged down 5 with about a min to go. No FT’S – instead another Hulls missed 3. We play 28 seconds of D when we should be fouling immediately – only to foul after 28 seconds anyway.

    We better pray we’re ahead in every game and play from the front.

    This didn’t mean anything really – but this was an embarrassment!

    Lastly – CTC – your sub patterns in just about every loss is maddening. VO – Cody – Yogi all out of the game at the same time??? Rewind and see what the situation was on the court on just about every Wisc. run.

    Praying for 6 in a row. And Wisc. being on the other side of the brackets.

  7. Bo Ryan entered this game as Big Ten Coach of the Year (COY) and made a Big Ten Clown of the Year (COY) out of Tom Crean. Problem solved: Crean is COY. Oh, Crean is soooo great!

  8. That was embarrassing. It was absolutely IU’s worst game of the year. It was Jordy’s worst game of the year. Let’s face it, Jordy is in a major shooting slump and has lost his shot (I think he went something like 2 for 14 in the tournament from 3-point range and one of those was in garbage time today.) He appears to have lost his confidence. VO played terrible today, and kept running right into Wisconsin’s traps. Cody got his lunch eaten by Wisconsin’s big men, again. Watford was the only guy that looked like he knew what he was doing.

    And as much as I support Tom Crean, he got out-coached again today. His substitutions were unwise. He left a cold Jordy Hulls in the game way too long. If Jordy’s not hitting his jump shots, he’s a liability against Wisconsin. When IU tied the game in the second half, he took three starters out all at once. Why does he keep doing that. Iu lost the momentum and never recovered. Crean could not get his guys to play with patience. They just kept making the same mistakes over and over. I hate to say it, but Crean was clearly out coached again today.

    This game was like the turtle and the hare, and the turtle just embarrassed the hare, again.

    This was embarrassing. And now The Hoosier Nation is going to have to hope Wisconsin is not in IU’s region or that they get knocked off before we encounter them again.

  9. If we meet any physical team in The Dance, we’re doomed.

    Victor was awful today with his lazy turnovers.

  10. We had a bad game! However, 1 bad game does not end our season. We won the B-10 regular season title which is a much larger body of work than 1 loss in the B10 Tourney. You can say Crean is a bad coach but we beat everyone in the B10 but Wisc. We were 7-2 on the road. We beat every ranked team we played at least once and some twice but Wisc.They are good at the slow down game and we are not so give them some credit but this team and this Coach put together a great season. A top 5 IU team in wins for a season and we are not done yet! If u want to call coach bad then we should look at the whole season not just this game. How many of you thought we would go 14-4 and 7-2 on the road in the B-10 before the season started? Coach Knight never won or even got close to winning a B-10 tourney so I guess that makes him a bad coach also in some of your eyes. We beat more ranked teams than anyone in the country and we will be a #1 seed and hopefully get to the final 4. We have not been blown out all season and we have not lost 2 games in a row. Wisc was blown out by PU in Madison which is why they might get a 4 seed with 10 or 11 losses. Gripe alll you want but this has been a great year for IU basketball and it is not over.

  11. Did Hulls even score from the field? from early in season Watford has been Tentative on his long range shot ..unlike last year,I wouldnt put the ball in his hands.Hulls cant get his shot OR himself over the defense.and too many walking wounded on this team to be much help. Creek,Elston,Jurkin Remy Abell is more defense

  12. I think we’d be better if we had Hulls at the point. Yogi seems confused every time he drives and he’s not wide open. Another thing I’ve noticed is that Hulls isn’t getting shots. He’s just as important as Zeller and Oladipo. I feel like there is more focus on Zeller and Oladipo instead of a team attack. I thought we had a great team attack last year especially in the game we lost against UK. That team would kick this teams A.

  13. crean can make no adjustments to another teams play, he knows what wisconsin is going to do and his offense of dribble-drive just won,t work because they are better on defense than we are. take a lesson from wisconsin and pass the damn ball instead of dribbling it all the time. They are not going to let Hulls have any shots, so he becomes almost useless.. If we get in a bracket with someone similar to Wisconsin we will be done.

  14. Guess I am a man of few words about the loss today. Wisconsin was just too physical. That’s the trick to beat Indiana.

  15. I couldn’t have said it any better PO. Bo might have been Coach of the Year, but that ever increasing bald spot on the back of his head sure isn’t “hip”. In fact, I think it takes Madison down a notch on the “hipness” chart.

  16. Wisconsin packed the paint and we continued to dribble drive. Have we ever heard of kicking it out to the open man?
    What is oligapo’s ball to turn over ratio? Victor would beat better 6 than poor passing starter. Too many mistakes.
    Wouldn’t this have been a good game to play the bench a little more?
    Given that we have a pure shooter in jordy, do you think it might be possible to run him off some screens?

  17. As previously noted, that was an embarrassment. Hulls and Yogi cannot be in the same line up at the same time when we play a more physical and taller team. So start Yogi and Abell with both encouraged to shoot, They can play better defense. Unfortunately, Hulls is a liability defensively. Zeller needs to play tougher and likewise Watford. The team stands around too much. They don’t screen for one another to create open shots for their teammates. They handled the ball poorly and improve their passing. If they don’t, they will not go far into the NCAA.

  18. …we are doomed…watch out for the sky…it is falling…run, run, run…

  19. Now you guys are starting to use those degrees! Not all the way there yet, but I have confidence in the almighty alumni.

  20. Walt D is that for Disney , We beat every one in the B-10 except Wisc. with Yogi and Hulls playing together and a lot of those were ranked teams at home when we beat them with this line up. Now all or most of those teams have big strong guys in the middle and we won anyway. Now if you are just talking about Wisc. and them beating are butts 2 times then I agree something needed changed and either Coach or the players were not into this game. They don’t like Wisc style of play but others have tried it and we beat them. It is Wisc. that can do this and they do it to most teams. That is why no one wants to play them.
    Coach needs to adjust his game plan against Wisc. but I doubt we see them again until next year and maybe by then we will realize playing Wisc. is and has to be a different game plan.

  21. Podunker, your #9 here- ‘Live Talk- is brilliant, the best analysis I’ve read in a sober tone that diagnoses and accurately points out critical weaknesses without getting into emotional or a demeaning comment.

    Absolutely that Jody has put so much pressure on himself that it is now evident the leadership role completely overwhelms him. His body language and his face clearly show that. Cody reflects both his great talent and his lack of toughness- probably a consequence of having played his hs. basketball in the southern half of the stae, not in the much more physical northern half or in Indianapolis.

    Crean has done an excellent job taking a team program was a shambles, re-establishing the recruiting in Indiana and bringing in talented, potentially excellent (even great) ball layers who were under-the-radar and developing their individual skills to make the program competitive. He does, I believe, need to evaluate his ‘technical’ side and do a good job of self-critiquing himself and the responsibilities within his staff. Whatever he does, during the game he can not concentrate every dimension of the game to himself. Like all of us, he has to recognize his limits and compensate for them in his staff.

    I have one takeaway. Earlier in the year we as fans hurt this team to see and recognize its liabilities. It is the only explanation for the fact that for one game (Illinois) we lost to the same type of aggressive, physical, tough teams directed by outstanding, brainy and demanding coaches like Ryan(2), Stevens and Matta. More and more, the Big Ten will showcase this type of basketball and we’ll have to adapt to it. I don’t think it is a matter of blaming Crean- he’s a good coach with clear limitations that handicap his efforts. He’s also a great salesman for the University, no doubt…he is now bringing in better and better known potentially excellent players. But there is a moment where all the HS fame and hype and the selling is over and the only truth is on the floor. Great, valid commentary Podunker.

  22. Knight had clear limitations. He couldn’t do sh*t in his last 10 years and had numerous seasons when he couldn’t even get our team past an opening round of the NCAA.

    This season isn’t over, folks.

  23. Hust some general thoughts to share: (These are opinions formed over the last month. First a note to Harvard…I don’t have to tell you I enjoy a lot of your stuff, particular when you discuss the ‘software’ that moves groups and teams from the ‘inside’. Today’s, a little forced I thought,….it reminded me of Pericles’ Funeral Oration for the Athenian foot soldiers after they got their clocks cleaned in the Peloponnesian Wars,…the best that could be said of them was that they did not run away leaving their shields and uniforms behind. Instead, he spoke of their feelings for Athens. Sounded so, so….Establishment.(Harvard, as much as I believe in camaraderie a Maybe, we should come up with a new fight song- (Chorus)… “We lost once again we lost/ We Tried Hard but They Stepped On Us/…” Nothing wrong with losing, sometimes it happens to great teams. Rather, I have some trouble with the way we do not respond to some challenges.

    Continuing with the opinions:

    Hoosier C- I don’t think it is fair to deride those who criticize the Hoosier’s play within ourselves. I think one of the reasons we join blogs like this one is to feel the freedom of criticizing the Hoosiers ‘within the family’. I’d hate to think that we’ve development a a sense of entitlement about Hoosier basketball, since it would become a destructive force. Playing in such a tough league is an issue until we make it a problem where there are at least 5 teams that can beat us at any one time. The problem is four us if we don’t play to our potential and above it with a couple of them we can and have been beat. That is just ‘normal’ common sense for Hoosier fans, don’t you think?

    Psych- Why hate Wisconsin? Why hate the Badgers? Why hate Bo Ryan? I certainly don’t think he is a jerk. He’s a great coach who confirmed there was thought given to his COY award. Why be sick and tired of it? I wish we could be as smart and disciplined in the half-court as they are.

    Walt D- good comment. I agree that Jordan has limitations other coaches (who have scouted Indiana 3-4 times) figure out how to exploit. And Yogi Ferrell is way too inexperienced, idoes not yet understand the reads on the floor and makes too many poor decisions. I agree, Ferrell and Jordan on the floor at the same time in a critical game was not a good decision.

    Substitutions- I also thing that going forward, Coach Crean has to rethink (meaning give deep thought to) ‘hockey’ line changes. Once you are beyond 7-8(at most) regulars, you are asking for trouble. Timing, cohesiveness, flow, balance and synthesis in the team effort are lost. Individual match-up advantages are lost.

    Dribbling/Dribble drive/over-dribbling- this is strictly a coach’s vision and decision, but I can have an opinion. I’ve never understood the point of the ‘dribble-drive offense that emphasizes the dribble and 1v1. It exposes the ball, increases the likelihood of individual mistakes, turns the four teammate individuals not handling the ball into obstacles (for the man with the ball) and usually reduces spaces and kills their movement, making defenses much more easily able to follow the ball and contain its movement. It is nothing but a barely more sophisticated extension of ‘driveway’ basketball. (I think the defenders could just as easily follow the ‘dribble-drive’ by looking up at the giant screen most gyms have now and still defend the ball). Nothing was more irritating yesterday than to see our Hoosier dribble-drive reduced to such incredible impotence yesterday. Similarly, no one can doubt that Bo Ryan had not anticipated this yesterday.

    Use of zone v man-to-man- Since Indiana is a team that thrives on transition, extended use of zone defense raises questions. Man-to-man allows much greater pressure on the ball, deflections; while zones are designed to protect spaces behind the defense and (seems to me) more restrictive in creating quick transitions to fast break, absolutely the best weapon fro points available to the Hoosiers.

    Lack of movement on offense- I’ve wondered about how static the Hoosier offense has been playing the half court. Yesterday, in particular, the weave they use seemed to be sloppy and had the effect of reducing spaces and lanes to the basket. The offense is designed to create 1v1 penetrations to force the defense to collapse, opening the possibility of throwing the ball to the perimeter shooters. But, without much movement, especially by Zeller, it has the effect of clogging up space in the paint. Unfortunately, if the perimeter shooters have not been shooting well or are pressured, especially when Watford is off, they create no reason for loosening up the middle.

    The above observations have one thing in common. They were all present in all of the Hoosier losses and in some of the tighter wins. These are all tactical issues that need to be considered as long as the Hoosiers continue to depend on the dribble drive.

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