1. This again is all on the players. It’s Senior Night in Assembly Hall and Ohio State is shooting better and playing tougher. When this happens in Minneapolis, it might be understandable. I thought they had turned the corner in East Lansing but they’re back to being the team they were against Butler, Wisconsin, and Illinois. They get hit in the mouth and they disappear. This is why the NCAA Tournament may be a huge disaapointment. IU will run into teams giving this type of effort in every game and IU has had trouble responding. They only need to ‘mess up’ one chance. There is now 2:30 left and I’m going to go back and watch hoping they’ll pull this out but this is a game where they shouldn’t have to be fighting to pull it out in the end.

  2. Disappointing loss, but credit OSU, they played one helluva game on defense. If the players are as pissed off as I am by that effort/game, I think they will win at Michigan on Sunday.

  3. I said Laast week after Minnesota ,that the rest of the basketball world will manhandle IU because they have no backbone!! And OSU came out and bitchslapped IU and they blinked and stared…Grow some toughness or they wont get past their first game in BIG 10 tourney

  4. Pathetic effort, pathetic loss. Slow to the ball. Way too many turnovers on double teams. A step slow all night. Poor transition defense. Craft just killed our guards all night. We lost to a better, tougher team that is getting better and better.

    We are troughing at the wrong time. This is 3 poor games in a row.

  5. 3 bad games in a row. Played the same way we played against Iowa but no one wanted to see it because we won.

    Did we peak too soon at MSU?

  6. You said it all AW. This was the most disapointing loss of the year imo. Had the golden opportunity to lock up the B1G title,if not the #1 overall seed and basically home court through the tourny. We may have let all of it slip at home on senior night. Very disapointing!

  7. Crean just proved why he can’t coach. He benched Hulls most of the game and, for the whole season, never set a ball screen for Hulls. When a shooter makes 50% from beyond the line, you devise plays so that he can make open shots. Watford doesn’t show up again as we’ll as Ferell. So disgusted.

  8. I love when these things happen because it shows what sports are all about. Sports are not at all about the fake crap we add on layer after layer to make something seem meaningful. “Senior Night, Vic/Cody’s last game in Assembly, chance to clinch #1 seed, chance to win B1G outright” none of those things have anything at all to do with what happens on the court and in the actual game. It all goes back to the basics and OSU wanted this game more. Screw all that other stuff, it was one game and OSU dominated from an effort and intensity stand point. IU lost and deserved to lose because of how lackluster they played. Fans/media want to hype a sport up and give it so much fake meaning….all that matters is how you play, IU played terrible=loss!

  9. They are who they’ve shown they are.

    I think I’ll remember this team for its lack of inner and outer toughness.

  10. This is a bitter pill to swallow, especially on senior night, and a golden opportunity to outright win Big 10 title. I didn’t think IU played terrible as stated above, but Ohio States defense was just too much for us.

    I wonder had Zeller and Oladipo not got into foul trouble in the first half, if this game would look any different.

    The poster said it spot on above. Their will be some huge let down in the tournament this year, but the good news is this: We can at least share the title, and if this loss pisses us off enough, we can beat Michigan! We can do this!

  11. Stats don’t lie.

    OSU took 6 more shots and hit 6 more shots. Why?

    OSU had 6 more RB.
    OSU had 5 less TOs, meaning 5 more possessions. They had 6 more steals….same stat in different context.

    All in all, 11 more possessions than us. (6 RB + 5 less TOs)
    As I’ve detailed before on this blog, 1 possession = 1 point if you shoot 50% from 2 & 35% from 3.

    A lot of bad shots, poor court awareness, & not being able to play well from behind. Standing around waiting for a play to be made down the stretch.

    Looking forward, no way we beat MI Sunday. The shots are falling and we are out of sync in all facets of the game.

  12. Disgusted and sad. I might just as well have watched the Wisc. game replay. Exact same game. They dicctated t
    the pace – came up with every loose ball in the last 10 mins. – made every shot and cared more. We got nervous – rushed and scared.

    As bad as I think we played. The toughness factor mentioned by many is true to some degree – but I think the real formula for beating us is the PACE. Anybody in the country has a shot at us if the game stays in the 50-60’s. Nobody beats us in the mid 80’s.

    I think one thing that has been missing is not making the pace what we want it. You can do this by pressing more often. 5-6 mins. per half when you feel the pace not favoring us. Nobody spurts better than IU. But when you allow the other team to kill 25 seconds before they even think about starting on offense play. We’re dead – especially when they score at the end of it or get an offensive rebound to continue the process.

    Our end of the game coaching/stategy when down is about as bad as any team in the country. We have arguable the best 3 pt. shooting team in the country – atheletes all over the play – we should have a great chance to make a comeback on anyone. With 2 mins left down 7-9 and OSU with the ball. You have to start the fouling process immediately and extend this game to as many possible possions as you can get. From 2:19 to 58 seconds OSU held the ball before we got them to the line. Absoultely ridiculous. Jim Valvano would have started fouling in this game at the 4 min. mark to try and change the flow and get something going.

    Our offense or lack there of the last 3 mins. was unreal in a bad way. It’s amazing we can look so good regularly with ball movement – cuts – the extra pass – etc.. To a 4 guys standing around the 3 pt. line and trying to force the ball into Cody for a contested post move. OSU played a perfect defense in the end. 2

  13. National Champions don’t lose at home.

    National Champions don’t let opportunities like this slip away.

    Ground the expectations IU fans. We have about 15 days to figure this out and go rolling.

  14. 2 post guys to guard the basket and 3 outside the 3 pt. line. Taking away the drive to the goal and the 3 pt. shot.

    I truly do not understand why this team can not handle it’s success. Every time an individual gets talked about for being great. Cody POY – then VO joining him – Will best 6th man – for the team….ESPN talks them up – the #1 seed – the favorite in the tournament – etc. They fold like a tent. It would make you think the players watch and believe everything the media says and forgets the hard work they put in to get those pats on the back.

    I think I might force them to read a book and never watch ESPN again until the tournament is over. Maybe they can focus. I’ll DVR everything said about them for now until the tourneys over.

    For the 5th time. Will this FINALLY be the slap they need! I hope so. Especially since I bought my tickets for Atlanta weeks ago.

  15. To address a few of the comments…

    TJ – you’re right. They did get bitch slapped tonight. However, I’m personally hoping they win only one game in the big tourney.

    AZ – disagree about our transition defense. They had several run outs on steals and we were able to thwart many of them. I thought it was actually one of the bright spots. Craft hit 3 bullsh!t shots at the end of the shot clock in the last 4 minutes. That and Scott’s defense were the difference in the game.

    IUBob – you are completely wrong about IU not setting ball screens for Hulls. They are constantly setting ball screens for him on the right wing coming to the middle of the floor. It happens several times every game. It happens sporadically in other spots as well. You are also completely wrong about Crean benching Hulls… He played 31 minutes – second most on the team.

    A couple of my own thoughts…

    1) Dipo struggles when we give him the ball and stand. He is better when we continue the motion and keep defenders moving so they can’t play true help side and keep eyes on the ball. Unfortunately we tend to run that weave and then after the second reversal when it gets to him everyone stops… Cody sets a ball screen… And then Dipo makes a decision off that. Right now defenses have seen it so much they are able to adjust to his speed by the end of the game and bad things start to happen. Dipo has always been best 1) in transition; 2) off the ball cuts; 3) offensive boards; 4) against a moving defense

    2) it will be interesting to see who they draw in the tournament, and how the refs allow the games to be played. It is clear that the way to beat IU is to be extremely physical. B1G refs seems to allow it. I also think Big East officials allow a lot of physical play. I honestly don’t think anyone will beat us if we are allowed to play un-encumbered. We are too talented and have too many scoring options. I literally lost track of how many times I saw one of our guys get thrown to the ground in rebounding action. If teams are allowed to play that way against us we will eventually lose in the tournament. If they aren’t I think we’ll win it all. I wish we were tougher, but we aren’t. However, we are better at basketball than any other team in the country this particular year.

  16. AZ – then the good news is that the only team that meets your criteria for a national champion is Ganzaga… Who plays in a (expletive deleted) conference that was decided in early January, and hasn’t played anyone decent at home. Every other contender has lost at home and/or let opportunities slip away. So I guess we’re back to having a good shot at winning this thing. (Also I don’t think anyone will be playing any home games in the NCAA tournament)

    Good thing it’s 2012-13 and not some other season. We play in the year we are present in, and there’s no reason we can’t beat every other team in this year’s tournament.

  17. 5 of the past 11 national champions lost at least one game at home. Past champions probably let plenty of opportunities like this slip away. That is subjective, so it is debatable.

    I am not grounding my expectations. Every championship caliber team has weaknesses. OSU executed their gameplan perfectly tonight, and IU did not shoot their way out of it. They will be upset against Michigan on Sunday. I think Watford and Hulls will respond with big games, and IU will win by 5. Right or wrong in that prediction, I am still not quitting on this team.

  18. Dustin-

    Geoff really needs to clean up his language.

    Hopefully this is only a momentary bout of bad karma from promoting that ‘Hoosier Rising’ piece of self-absorbed garbage… Prematurely anointing Crean with his outstretched arms looking like he is the King of Siam and releasing that video before we even finish out the year was the thickest piece of cheesy propaganda BS I’ve witnessed in 30 years of following the Hoosiers.


    Bangkok, Slam, Feb. 26 (A*).—
    King Prajatlpok, who succeeded to
    the Siamese throne on the death of
    his brother last ‘November, crowned
    himself today
    In the presence of
    the Princes, foreign envoys and
    higher officials of the government.
    The ceremony, an elaborate one.
    is of Hindu origin. After placing
    the crown on his head, the King
    raised the Queen to sovereign rank
    by seating her at his side.
    Later His Majesty proceeded In
    state to the Temple of the Emerald
    Buddha, where he proclaimed him
    self defender of the faith
    (courtesy: The Troy Times, TROY, N. Y., FRIDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 26, 1926).

    Hmmm..That was 87 years ago…? Our last championship was in 1987…? ‘Hoosier Rising’ released in the last week of February…New King of Siam crowns himself in the last week of February.

  19. So hard to put this game into perspective. I still think we have a phenomenal basketball team that can make a deep run in the tournament, but I am disturbed by tonight’s game.

    Tonight represented the culmination of a trend. IU has hit a trough after playing some of their best basketball of the season. They have to turn it around.

    I have to give mad props to OSU. God I hate OSU. But they were so damn good against us defensively tonight, they could get away with an average offensive night. I think most of us would have taken OSU only putting 67 on the board at home tonight. However, there were 6 possessions down the floor we had in the 2nd half that the Heat would have have trouble scoring against.

    Here’s what scared me: OSU just wanted that game more than we did. Loose balls, tipped rebounds, “deflections”, overall intensity. They just had it. We didn’t. On Senior Night. With the Big Ten on the line.

    These guys need to get short memories of tonight. Time to tap into that emotion that made them all cry during their speeches tonight and unleash it against Michigan. Or not only do we share the Big Ten Tourney, we go into it losing 3 of 4. Not the recipe for success. Don’t mean to be too dramatic, but losing at Michigan doesn’t look good for our long term prospects.

  20. Have I told anyone lately that I predicted 6 losses and a season that would not be without some “bumps in the road?” Bulldog Bump..Badger Bump…Buckeye Bump. Hope for a team name not beginning with a ‘B’ come March Madness.

    Keep listening to the self-proclaimed experts..I’ll just keep bumping along…doin’ what I’m doin’

  21. TJ, no backbone??? Wouldn’t it have taken some backbone to defeat MSU & OSU on their home floors? LOL It takes at least a little backbone to even contend for a share of the title in this conference this year.

  22. Hey, progress is when only one poster writes “Crean can’t coach” after a loss! It’s still a ridiculous opinion, but it’s just not as prevalent.

    I want IU to win the NCAA Championship, if for nothing else, just so we don’t have to read that lame comment anymore. But somehow, even if Crean wins three Championships, I suspect we’d still have people expressing the opinion that “Crean can’t coach.”

    Look at where IU was four years ago. Then consider where we are now. If that’s not effective coaching, then nothing is.

  23. It’s coaching by entropy Po…

    However, I just read a basketball analytics paper that came to the conclusion that offensive basketball is most successful and efficient when there is entropy. I almost spit out my coffee when I read the phrasing.

    The author charted all the offensive possessions of every NBA team for the entire 2009-10 season and created flow charts for who, when, and where the ball moved, and how that correlated to scoring efficiency. Basically the teams that were less dependent on certain patterns and specific players or positions were the most efficient. Basically that coaching a system of offensive entropy was good because the defense seemed to not be able to key on certain players or spots on the court.

    I’ll see if I can find the link if anyone has any interest.

  24. Where has this OSU team been for the last 3 weeks? Still at times this competition was more wrestling match than BB game. Great game plan by Matta and Staff.

    IUBob1981, what the hell were you watching in that 9:00PM slot?

  25. TJ for Blogger of the Year (no sarcasm at all intended). He/she has it right.

    Who is it that wrote: “…I still think we have a phenomenal basketball team that can make a deep run in the tournament…”; and then suggests the players exercise short memories. The players would carry these two weeks as a memory at least through raising their own children, as an example they can give in first hand experience that skill, physical gifts (like being 7′ tall) and a good developmental setting still leave the truth about self somewhere in the chest cavity.

    Next, we’ll be suggesting the IU players be given class credit for suffering PTSD as a consequence of suffering through the trauma of the B1G season as some above seem to do when addressing this ‘phenomenal team’.

  26. Again I do not think Crean is a good coach. We have no offense it is usually one on one trying to dribble drive,every one lately has us figured out. Its playground basketball, We won,t win the big 10 tourney and we won,t win a NCAA title. Out side of Hulls and Zeller I don,t see a lot of pure basketball intelligence among the rest of the players. I have never figured it out why when a player gets three fouls its automatic to remove him from the game, we get five a game? Oh well I,ve said my piece.

  27. Elmo – (why am I about to do this…) IU is #3 in the country in points per game. We are #1 in scoring margin. We are #1 in conference play in scoring and margin. We are #1 in 3-pt FG % and #2 in FG % in the conference (by .001). We are also #3 in assists in the conference. To top it off we are #1 in the country in offensive efficiency.

    Now what was was that again?

    Honest question… Do you really want them to win the B1G tourney? I don’t want them to win more than a game because its just too tough to have to win both tourneys back to back. We are pretty good at winning 6 games in a row. Much less luck winning 10 games in a row.

  28. Sure helps our scoring average when we play such a tough early schedule. That doesn,t mean anything, we are in the home stretch playing like crap ,we won,t hang any banners this year. Geoff, I,ve been a Hoosier fan more years than you have lived,but I don,t look at them through rose colored glasses

  29. The B1G tourney is all of a sudden big again. Had we won last night, we might have secured the #1 seed in the Midwest. t think that would’ve been more important to our fans than anything. (Traveling to Dayton and Indy is doable for most. Not so much if we have to travel to L.A. or Texas.)

    We match up well with Michigan and still have a very good shot at beating them at their place, too. Beating another top ten team on the road and winning the outright conference title would go a long way towards getting us that favorable Midwest seeding, even without a B1G tourney title. But if that doesn’t happen, we’re almost guaranteed to have to go all the way in Chicago.

  30. Elmo, in case you speed read there was a bunch of conference statistics listed also that have nothing to do with OOC. I’ve been around since Branch, this team is in no worse shape than anyone in the Top 15, 4 of which we’ve whipped.

  31. Not all of us look at IU through poop colored glasses, either. What part of #1 in conference play in scoring and margin does our early schedule have to do with, exactly? We’ve already played 96% of the entire schedule.

  32. We have a very, very good basketball team. That’s why we’re all so bummed about last night. It is really tough to draw conclusions from a single game. But OSU just played harder and better than us last night. In college basketball, that happens. We did it to them 3X over in Columbus a couple weeks ago.

    Maybe I’m waxing poetic about this, but this is why I love College Hoops so much. A football team with equivalent talent in the NCAA is harder to beat. The nature of basketball is so much different and winning a championship takes a lot more than just skill: you have to weather those games where you just aren’t your best and your opponent came to play.

    Let me be Winston Wolf from Pulp Fiction and paraphrase a command he made in a far more crude way, “Let not start ‘hanging the banner’ quite yet.”

  33. In my earlier comment I meant two personal fouls not three I still don,t think two is a good reason to pull them out of the game, or you assuming they are going to commit their third, they may never commit another one. Clarion I was there when Branch was there even played a little. I,ve been around for a long time.

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