Notes about Senior Night, Halftime

Indiana’s Senior Night ceremonies will be live-streamed by both and, beginning at about 11 p.m.

Also, Indiana and the NCAA will be honoring former Hoosiers Steve Alford, Kent Benson, Scott May, Keith Smart and Isiah Thomas at halftime of Tuesday’s game. They were named to a list of the top 75 players ever to play in the NCAA Tournament in conjunction with the event’s 75th Anniversary. According to Indiana’s game notes, Sam Alford will represent his son, Scott May Jr. will represent his father, and Smart is unable to attend. (So yes, that means Benson and Thomas will be there.)


  1. Wish I could be there, esp to see Isaiah joining Benson. Someone cheer GO CHARGERS…and then there is another St Joe alumni whom is part IU lore:

    “Why does Knight call Daryl Thomas the real hero of the 1987 NCAA championship game against Syracuse? Because as the clock was ticking, he realized he couldn’t get a good shot off, and passed the ball to Keith Smart.”~~~quote from ‘Power of Negative Thinking’

  2. It’s kind of a shame the senior night ceremonies will be so late due to the primetime tip off. I guess ESPN has to dictate everything for the all mighty ratings gods. That’s the burden of being an elite program I guess.

  3. Wear those jerseys in an exhibition game or something if you must- but not a real game, please.

    Now let’s wrap up the B1G outright championship tonight!

  4. Top 75 players ever to play in the NCAA Tournament?

    I don’t know how you keep Steve Downing off that list. He carried IU in a ’73 Cinderella run to a Final Four. It was Knight’s first Final Four and fans across the country were mesmerized by an unknown center from Indiana completely outplaying the the most hyped center in the country, Bill Walton. The run epitomized the spirit of ‘March Madness’ at time period when college basketball was just beginning to gain more national attention by way of more television exposure. With that major network coverage came the spotlighting a young new coach from West Point..Without Downing I doubt the recruiting doors open up as quickly for Knight..Without Downing and the rest that gritty group of Hoosiers that made a miracle run in 1973, Knight doesn’t get near the instantaneous notoriety. Downing was named to the All-Final Four team..How do you keep him off the list of top players in 75 years of March Madness is beyond me…? An unsung hero putting his team on his back and opening the door for a future Hall of Fame coach and what would become one of the most elite programs in college basketball…

    And for those that care…The correct spelling of the point guard that led our Hoosier to their ’81 championship is Isiah Thomas(no extra ‘a’ in the spelling). This has been pointed out many times on here before. For those of you that our such Knight-worshipers, it amazes that you can’t get the spelling correct of one of his all-time greatest players he put in candy-stripes.

  5. I did it on purpose to flush your venom out of the woodwork, since you conflated Chris Simpson and Kelvin Sampson into some imaginary futuristic conspiracy.

    The fact is I knew him even in HS as I know Doc ironically through his brother in law, Campion. As for Smart’s honor Todd Meier will receive it.

  6. I don’t doubt for a minute that you know just about everything Hoosier. And ‘everything’ is now fully anchored in the credibility of how a man you painted as having very little redeeming value our institution can work for a PR firm for five years while he’s a corpse. Good job slandering a dead man.

  7. The PR firms I worked with in HealthCare were pretty non-responsive. Now I’m wondering…

  8. Your opinions are unsubstantiated and filled with incredible self-righteousness as you characterize what is in the public domain incorrectly. We all live and die in this earthly realm and because we expire does not make sacra-cent the actions and deeds of a public life. My recollections and characterizations came from testimony under oath by both him and others who witnessed his actions as well as from personal recollections of individuals whom were in company of during these and other matters—on the other hand my cursory review of your anonymous musings here and other places tell me that your opinions are derived from a distance in a virtual realm that underscores how you characterize or misinterpret items especially your own projections as what you believe an individual motivations or beliefs are. All in all my opinion you brought this out, both out of context in a manner that inferred agitation and ignorant to the details—your only contribution is your heavy handed bias to all things anti-Knight. Furthermore I don’t worship any human being or am part of a cult or sect as you have accused. Therefore in conclusion I place in an category to ignore like many who reside below bridges.

  9. I’ll say it one more time just so that can feel vindicated. My own middle name is Isaias (Spanish for Isaiah) and my fingers motor to it whenever my mind thinks Isiah. Sort of like you writing, “For those of you that our such Knight-worshipers, it amazes…”, when you meant to write…,”For those of you that [are] such Knight-worshipers, it amazes…”. But I knew that’s what you meant and decided to just past by it without feeling I have to be an ‘azz’.

    Now, if I had read the very interesting note by Bob Nemanich mentioning that Brand and Simpson went to a significant amount of trouble to get around BOT public meeting laws and rules and ;assumed’ it meant Brand and SAmpson had been in a prior conspiracy to bail Sampson out at the Univ. of Oklahoma (not OSU) where his rule breaking was already about to cost him his job; and I did not figure out they were not talking about the same guy…and the STILL, after being told this went ahead and made the same argument anyway, then that would be embarrassing.

    One more question; any particular reason you are looking to have another fight with anyone, anyone at all? Here’s a hint, B. Nemanich’s posts about the Knight, Brand, Simpson, Sampson episode are really interesting because undoubtedly BN became clear evidence of Cardinal Richelieu’s ‘palace intrigue’ to avoid one meeting laws, flip a middle finger to the public’s interest in the State of Indiana and the BOT’s willingness to be completely subservient to the power play without even considering their responsibility.

    But hell, for all the attention you gave the ‘reading’ of the facts and with the scramble in your emotional souffle, it might as well have been a vote by Donald Duck.

    Still you’re right, what great wisdom in Isaiah.

  10. Not gonna get to go to game, tickets will go to waste. Dang weather and dang ESPN 9:00 start time.

  11. Bob, just a little FYI here, referring to Harvard as being all things anti-Knight, or words to that effect, is pretty laughable to regular readers of the Scoop.

    He pretty much lays it all out that everything glorious about IU basketball should be attributed to Bobby and his coaching. Calling him anti-Knight pretty much confuses your message. He is much more a cheerleader for the guy.

    I think you mistook his criticism of you as criticism of RMK.

    Just sayin’…

  12. I would suggest that if you’re not a regular on the Scoop, it’s pretty easy to confuse Harvard’s position on matters. I’d say it would take me at least 1,000 words to attempt to articulate Harvard’s worldview.

  13. I’d say it would take me at least 1,000 words to attempt to articulate Harvard’s worldview.

    I can give you Tsao in video form.

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