1. Let me just pre-empt this before it gets ugly. Whatever political rant this sort of thing sets you off on, please don’t. It’s just an amusing piece of fluff that some people might find interesting. Let’s just let it stay that way, eh?

  2. Who could possibly have any negative comments about a man who has ruined and is ruining our country? It’s nice to know he still picked Indiana even though he lost our great state in the election. Hoosiers have brains. I’m glad for that.

  3. Oh and our great president spending his valued time following college basketball. Aren’t there more important things to do? Such as trying to prevent our economy from further collapsing and leading our nation like he should be doing.

  4. This could be bad news; the fool has never told the truth in his life. On the other hand, he’s never been right about anything, either.

  5. Did anyone else notice the times for the later round games on his bracket. It shows IU at 5:30 on Sunday. Dustin, Are these times verified? Thanks

  6. Sadly, the inevitable hyperbolic attacks in this thread by General Miles et al actually make me glad I moved away from Indiana. And that really makes me sad. Some people really need to get a grip. “Ruined our country”!!! LOL!!!

  7. Gawd, there just HAS to be one idiot in every small group. Personally, I would delete the comment……Anyway, a little more college hoops tonight then the real thing tomorrow.

  8. Well, Aruss… I’m not exactly sure where you lean, or what to take from your last comment, but… I’m a Goldwater fan, as is my father (who is now a staunch democrat). My father switched parties when he saw the conservative movement change from Goldwater’s ideals to the neo-conservative movement. According to my father (democrat) and step-father (republican) and everything I’ve read, Goldwater didn’t care much for the current Republican Party platform and was an outspoken critic of the GOP in his last years.

    I would argue that the average “voting” Democrat is slightly closer to the Goldwater political philosophy than the average “voting” Republican.

  9. I’m sure FOX News or Drudge has a blog. I think Dustin should delete the posts, refer them there, and let the rest of us get back to basketball.

  10. What? Only a handful of vitriolic statements and hateful, unsubstantiated personal attacks in the five hours this has been posted? Either you guys are going soft, or you’re losing your touch.

    And for the record, my Final Four bracket looks exactly the same as Obama’s. Not quite sure what to make of that…

  11. Geoff goes all ‘Good Will Hunting‘ on Aruss. Like we didn’t see that coming.

    I’m hungry. Brackets? Who has time for brackets..? I’m thinkin’ buckets right now…Buckets of Kentucky’s best fried with lots of thighs.

  12. Live from Channel 4 retirement home….. Hey Laz didn’t Reagan pick IU in ’84?

  13. I don’t remember ESPN ever having a special on any other president’s sports picks….couldn’t the fact they spend so much time on what Obama thinks about basketball be a racist stereotype? Tink about it.

  14. Why, Indiana is probably the last state where we should consider a love of basketball a racist stereotype. But I’ll bite. ESPN also made a big deal about Clinton and his affinity for Razorback basketball while he was in office. Dubya loved baseball and I remember a couple of SC segments on that. Obama has never hidden his love for the game, and I think it’s entirely appropriate to humanize Presidents– and all elected officials– to remind Americans that they are still people with many of the same interests as you and I. Race has nothing to do with it. Do you say the same thing about coverage of Obama on the golf course?

  15. Yeah race has nothing to do with it. Ever since Obama entered office he has expressed his love for basketball, and even installed a basketball court in the White House! And he’s from the Midwest, of course he loves basketball!

  16. Obama played basketball at a dorky high school in Hawaii..He moves on the basketball court like a school girl running after the popsicle truck.

    Stick to politics and speeches. Jordy Hulls has more street ball in the roots his corny ’70s mop than Barack.

  17. Ok for once I agree with Obama on picking Indiana as national champions. Ya got one thing right Mr. Obama!

    I think Jordy really needs his confidence back. He hasn’t been on for weeks! What is Tom Crean doing with the rotation? It seems like every time our guys get on a roll he puts 3 bench guys in to come in and mess things up. Not sure what his thinking is with the rotation but I honestly think 6 or 7 guys should be seeing the court in tourney games. No offense to them but with the exception of Sheehey and Abell every now and then are bench hasn’t given us much at all!

  18. He actually looked pretty smooth from what I’ve seen and that was playing with some pretty good talent.

    Of course, Jerry Ford was probably the best athlete to ever fill the office.

    What W did to the Rangers was…well…comparable to everything else he’s done.

  19. Harv, I can assure you that Obama’s stroke is much smoother than mine. I move on the basketball court like a water buffalo chasing a bee. Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t enjoy playing the game I love every once in a while.

  20. Chet-

    There’s no South Side Chicago in that swagger. Being a lefty is about as close he’ll ever get to a Jamarcus Ellis vibe. It’s beaches, leis, luaus, and Harvard Law. It’s softer than the sheets in the Lincoln bedroom.

    His game is about as smooth as this tune.

  21. Nothing wrong with the stroke..It’s all cool cat.

    Much like making too much of the perfect photo op stroke of a pen as a measure the strength of a document blessed by his flamboyant wrist.. It’s the rest of the game I’m talking about. Play enough hoops and you’ll not be fooled by camouflage.

  22. Fair enough, but I’m not sure I want the leader of the free world stepping in and taking a charge in a White House charity game with LeBron rumbling down the lane. We could debate the merits of substance vs style in sports all day, but do we want Biden trying o explain to World Leaders that Obama couldn’t make the G-8 summit because he wanted to show he could play true south side hoops?

  23. Well, I wasn’t trying to measure swagger or South Side street cred. He looked like a pretty decent basketball player for a 50 year old guy, though.

    Actually, for a 50 year old guy he looked like a very good player.

  24. When hearing of the remarkable rebuilding job Tom Crean had done at IU, Obama turned to the camera, addressed Tom Crean, and said:

    “Hey Tom Crean. You didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen!”

  25. Swaggerless, Chet. Swaggerless.

    Though I must say, Dancing with the Stars would be a bigger mistake than playing some ‘Around the World’ with Clark Kellogg.

    He lived surrounded by ocean…But he got no Billy Ocean.

  26. Nothing like perpetuating a myth by taking half a quote and then using it out of context to sound exactly like Harvard… Well done Raphael.

  27. Well Geoff, whatever makes you sleep at night. The fact that you voted for him is on your conscience, not mine.

  28. Can’t most of you guys just “Grow Up” and Stop! This is a basketball web site and though I might suffer through the above comments if any of them were ‘witty’ or ‘funny’ they’re not and you’re not. Just Stop.

  29. Iulongago, et al: I submit to you that this post was a bit of a social experiment. Dustin’s a smart guy, and I’m sure he knew what he was getting into when he posted this “fluff.” The mere mention of a political figure, even if it has nothing to do with politics, is enough to get some people ranting and raving over nothing. I’m actually impressed with the relative decorum in this thread. I expected much worse. Thanks, everyone, for keeping it mostly relevant and respectful.

    And HC, BO knows chalk? Nice.

  30. Raphael… That’s a pretty big assumption. My leanings are Libertarian. I did not vote for Obama. One nice thing about that is I don’t have to digest every morsel that Fox or CNBC sends my way. I get to actually read or watch a presser or interview or speech and listen to what is being said instead of fall for the spin that the pundits put on it. Very freeing, and absolutely allows me to sleep better at night. Apparently your views don’t allow that. I’m sorry.

    (P.S. – feel free to go back and listen/read the entire answer BO gave, that you misquoted, misrepresented, and took out of context. What the GOP machine tried to do with that quote was similar, but far less fair, than what the Dems did with Romney and the 47% quote. But hey, if basing your hatred of someone on completely false premises to rationalize your bias makes you sleep better at night…)

  31. I saw the Pres. play a couple of times before he became the Pres, while a State Senator and then Senator. He’s not bad (for a mid-size IL high school) but not college. Decent shooter, with room… A friend (Sect of Ed Arne Duncan,is a former Harvard U. captain and pro ball player in Australia) played with him and a group at Hoops the Gym that once in a while included some former Bulls or former players from Chicago area. Sure he’d make the Hoosier Scoop All Stars.

    More important, he does love the game which should probably be appreciated on this blog.

    As far as my politics…..je, je, je………………… think I’d tell you here…

  32. Tsao, can you imagine the political impact of a foreign leader getting posterized by POTUS? Obama jamming it in Karzai’s grill? Alley-oop over Kim Jong Un? A sweet crossover dribble before nailing the jumper on Ahmadinejhad? Three fingers to the forehead. Now that’s what I call a show of force. Nobody would dare mess with us.

    I bet their brackets suck, too…

  33. Punjab-

    When you talk politics, it tends to really unveil your true identity. The ‘social experiment’ comment in reference to Dustin’s motives for this thread was a dead giveaway.

    Are you attempting to manipulate us, Dustin? Was this an Establishment trick…Will future censorship decisions be based on these answers?

    And what’s with all the ‘he’s a smart guy’ and ‘you’re a smart guy’ comments from some of you? Do many of you have such inferiority complexes that you need to tell others how smart they are?

    How smart can any of us be wasting so much of the dwindling time we each have on this planet with nothing better to do than function as a “smart guy” barometer for all the lonely old sedentary Hoosier blowhards with nothing better to do than blog?

    egotistical…easily amused…narcissistic…wannabee journalists…unsatisfied romanticists in failing relationships…bullies looking for someone to bully….antagonistic contrarians …know it all’s….melancholic old farts that blog between placing their online Depends orders….

    But to suggest anyone on here is a “smart guy?” That’s counterproductive to the whole idea of blogging.

    These aren’t the classics we’re writing here. I wish I could be less blunt, but smart guys don’t waste their smarts on blogs. Smart guys develop things like blogs to entice the masses into the wasting of precious hours of precious days while making himself/herself the few profiteers living off the unproductive existence of another man. That’s what smart guys do.

  34. Sooooo…. You’re saying, once and for all, that Tsao is NOT a smart guy? After all the times he came to your defense? After all the hogwash you served up to him and he greedily inhaled? Talk about a slight! That is a snub of monumental proportions Harvard!

  35. I may never have your poetic eloquence, but one day, Harv, I will have your cynicism. I’m halfway there, and at way too early an age. I’m just not quite there yet. I get to go home next month, after six months deployed, and I still have a baby boy to be born in May. So there’s a brief hope. A small ray of sunshine. A time when i get to enjoy life. But my daughters will one day be teenagers. And all the world will be suspect. For now, I will try and hold on to that last shred of even keel– of belief in humanity– until they pry it from my warm, lifeless hands.

    But I’m glad you got me pegged. I was afraid I wasn’t being transparent enough with my independent, non-committal, offend-everybody-so-I-don’t-offend-anybody ways. Thankfully, you felt me. I just wish I hadn’t wasted so much time trying to hide my true identity. I’m free now.

    Go Big Red.

  36. Sorry, Harv. It’s been a long night. I mean no disrespect. I’m just ready to go home.

  37. Punjab, that rocks. I’m so happy for you. It’s been a long time since I was deployed but the best part was always going home.

    Of course, I was on the Big Gray Cruise Line (our motto, “It’s like being in prison only you can drown.”). People imagine being deployed in the Navy involves seeing the ocean a lot but the fact of the matter is most of the crew is rarely above deck when they’re working and being above deck at night is generally a bad thing. You can’t see a damned thing once you have ‘set Zulu’ (for obvious reasons warships generally turn off the porch lights at night). You could easily walk right over the side.

    As far as the scenery, everything is pretty ‘haze gray’ or ‘habitability green’. Of course, that was back in the day. They may have gone all HGTV since then for all I know.

    I was lucky, I got to see the sun. Actually, I got to see the outside a lot but that was one of the perks of the job.

    Thanks for your service, buddy. I think I speak for all of us when I say we surely do appreciate it. Stay safe.

  38. Punjab-

    You’re very poetic. No need to apologize. I wish I could locate the day that the cynicism took me over. Much of it centers around my own giving up on a positive outcome and a sense of achievement in my own life. The Establishment is all the creative evils of those many days of internal battles my own doubts vs hope. The doubts have been winning for many the last few years. Cynicism is born from those doubts. Do smart guys let doubts take them over?

    Haven’t even filled out a bracket yet. All the little joys I once had all seem rather pointless. I don’t wish upon any of you what works on my soul. It ain’t fun.

    Thanks for you apology, Punjab. It felt sincere. It was totally unnecessary because, as usual, it was I that owed the apology. But it still felt good to hear a sincere tone and a compassionate voice attempting to understand. I hope there’s more like you protecting the Stars & Stripes.

  39. Geoff-

    You’re a smart guy. You know that Tsao knows how much I’ve appreciated his arm around my shoulder and his encouragement to press on. Does he do it because I’m a smart guy?

    I had SAT scores that barely cracked the levels to get into IU(and this was over 30 years ago)

    I failed the graduate school admissions test for Business School.

    I had to have a parent write a recommendation letter when I once attempted to get into Northwestern. I had no other source because all I had really ever known was a family business.

    I got into a pretty respected School of Architecture about 20 years ago. I was told by a family member that no one has use for a architect that will be my age. Guess what I did? Yup. Dropped out after 2 weeks.

    I don’t have a full-time job.

    I rarely read. I haven’t read any of ‘the classics’ I so often refer.

    I have no skills that can transfer readily into the modern world.

    I’m basically a loner.

    My wife is frustrated and tired of sticking by a tree stump that refuses to fight.

    I’ve taken these easy pathways of least resistance and this is the town my soul has set up shop.

    Do I sound like a smart guy?

  40. And hears one that will give you a huge laugh…

    I have a terrible flat spot on the back of my head. I have a big head of hair(Jordyesque), but I’ve always been self-conscious about it.

    Here’s the story…I was told by siblings that the flat spot is there because as a newborn my mother refused to pick me up from the crib for weeks. I would lay on my back until, finally, my oldest sister(about 9 years old when I was a baby) would pick me up. Of course, this would be after a whole day of elementary school. She thought I was a baby doll.

    My father worked so many hours a week that I guess he didn’t know I was just being left in a crib for most of the day. I had one very mean sister that nicknamed me “Boulder” for the deformed spot on the back of my skull.

    Do I sound like a smart guy?

  41. Maybe the flat spot on the back of my head is the Establishment…?

    The crib? The bars of the crib? Doubt I looked too much at the bars..Probably just started at the ceiling. A guy has to wonder why he got jail time for just being born. There had to be a conspiracy..Right?

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