1. Michael Wilbon(co-host on PTI) only gave the dunk a B+. He said something to the effect that 360 dunks have become almost commonplace. To really ‘wow the crowd’ these days, you have to do a 720. It’s sorta like the evolution of ice skating jumps evolving from the triple to the quad.

  2. 1..Wilbon and Tony are 99% Pro sports. They have little interest or knowledge of College Hoops.

    2..”50 craziest college hoops plays of the season” on SportsNation. Missed #’s 20 -50. But Tom Cream and the under 5 sec gum thing was #18. Vic’s miss of the dunk was #14

  3. I believe I’ve seen every 360 done, Dr. J to MJ and multiple others since and no one has ever done a faster spin than VO.

  4. Victor just made it look so darn easy. I can watch it again and again…and again.

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