1. If only it could have been Zach Osterman doing the forklift drive-by….Nonetheless, a classic Scoop moment. Hilarious.

  2. Watching Stevie Falford’s overhyped teams flounder in the post season has become one of my favorite March rituals.

    Maybe he should be required to participate in the play-in game from now on, rather than be given an automatic berth. I’m sure he would have given James Madison a run for its money!

  3. Guess my IU vs NM final game is a no go.

    My south & west bracket crash & burn.

    Having a 7’5″ guy did not help.

    Oregon guy – Iranian -reminds me of Will.

    Lot of teams looking good – not Gonzaga.

    Can’t wait for the VCU – Michigan game.

    James Madison – 4-5th grade – trick question.

    Dustin will have interesting interview tapes for ESPN.
    When they say they don’t have an office for you, he’ll be able to prove he can work under difficult conditions.

    Whats with 6-10″ snow this weekend? It’s spring.

    Six games to go or it’s Endiana.

  4. What?! The NIT? Are you saying I like Kentucky?

    No thanks, dude, I prefer current Hoosier coaches to ones that never coached IU and never will, like Falford.

  5. Lobos basketball is like Husky football: once the postseason starts you know they’re going to SUCK!

  6. Oops, I was wrong. Husky football has a National Championship and 7 Rose Bowl titles.

    New Mexico basketball’s highest basketball moment, on the other hand, was getting blown out of the 2nd round… by a Washington. Time to go make myself barf with my finger in my throat!

  7. The Lobos play good basketball and Alford has built a good program. People just need to keep in mind that it’s a good Mountain West program. The mistake was the media, et al, trying to make the Mountain West sound like the Big Ten or the Big East all season based on a couple of early upsets. The NCAA compounded those mistakes by making them ridiculously high seeds. I read some quotes after the selection show where Mountain West fans were complaining that their teams were seeded too low. Some even insisted New Mexico was deserving of a 1 seed.

    Hopefully, they will take a breath now.

    I thought New Mexico would beat Harvard but I never thought UNLV wold get past Cal or Boise State would get past LaSalle in the play in game.

    Five of the nine teams in their conference got bids, four of the five in the top 8 seeds. Even Boise State was a 2 point favorite in their play in game. After four games, in which the Mountain West team was favored in EVERY game (some of them BIG favorites), they are 1-3.

    Does anyone really think Boise State is better than Iowa?

    If we should learn anything from this it is not to rely too much on the RPI. Before yesterday the Mountain West was the #1 conference in RPI.

    Alford has built a good program. Just don’t confuse apples with oranges.

  8. I read some quotes after the selection show where Mountain West fans were complaining that their teams were seeded too low. Some even insisted New Mexico was deserving of a 1 seed.

    Chet, the “Mountain West fans” you mention were probably just jaded IU Crean haters who wanted Alford’s profile to rise higher.

  9. I wouldn’t make too much of the New Mexico loss…Davidson and St. Mary’s both came within a last possession of major upset. It’s March.

    For the higher seeds, the jitters are usually greatest in the opening round games.

    I thought Dustin looked down on name hijacking. Screen names like ‘Rico Chet’ and ‘Harvard for Blowbos’ are used as cowardly jealous attempts to gain attention.

    I have never propped Alford up as some sort of ‘prodigal’ son of Indiana. In their heyday of playing in this great hoops state, Scott Skiles could have taken Alford to school. Alford benefited immensely from a system instilled by Knight that allowed him his open looks. Alford would fare less than Jordy Hulls in Crean’s transition, push-the-ball, style of play.

  10. “Harvard for Blowbos” is not a jealous attempt to get attention. Nor is it a name hijack, since it’s markedly different from HfH. Rico Chet is also not a hijack, but a clever way to name a post that responds to, or “deflects off of” a Chet post.

    Harvard is the team that beat the New Mexico (B)Lo(w)bos last night. So the name is really just simply describing the medicine that Alford was fed last night… his (B)Lo(w)bos received a dose of Harvard University. Got it?

  11. Ole Miss showing Crean how it’s done. Not attempting to badger the Hoosier faithful..Merely a deflection.

  12. Wisconsin’s second half was some of the worst basketball I’ve ever seen.

    What an ugly basketball game.

    I’ve always considered the name thing as flattery. I don’t mind. He does seem to devote a surprising amount of time dwelling on me. Maybe I should send him an autographed picture or something.

    I’m not sure how you’re supposed to deal with stalkers.

  13. The history of Husky football is shrouded in toilet paper. I should know because I have been there. During my time as a student Husky Football went to Toilet Bowl every single week. Or down the… I think I mean both. Went down the toilet bowl every single week.

  14. Are you sure you are in the right place Husky Tom? I just checked and nobody here cares about Husky football.

  15. Geoff’s primo Stabilimento Harvard team beats New Mexico and the “prodigal son,” Alford.

    Castaway Kellenberger’s Ole Miss makes our record against Wissy simply shameful.

    Dopirak’s James Madison goes all presidential on the Hoosiers and Indiana goes down courtesy an Obama jinx cocktail…?

    I’m getting nervous. Are the dark forces aligned for an Establishment trifecta?

  16. Good riddance to Bo Ryan’s gimmicky schemes, whose only virtue seems to be that they can beat Tom Crean.

    Wisconsin sure sucks in the post season, year after year.

  17. Yesterday- That was me, writing as an old blogger that once posted on here named “Husky Tom.”

    Sorry, you are right, no one cares about Husky football. Except me. I spend almost as much time talking about it as I do about Steve Falford.

  18. Korman’s son named “Charlie?”

    Charles Cooke, 6-6 lanky guard(Trenton, NJ)on James Madison…? Bobby Wilkerson coming off their bench? Had a broken wrist for much of the season..Just getting back into form..

    Isn’t it always the kid nobody saw coming that fuels the monumental upsets? And he shares the first name of Korman’s new son. I’m getting nervous.

  19. How perfect …You play for James Madison(“Father of the Constitution”) and your last name is Nation.

    Andre Nation looks like a baller.

    This game is going to be tight.

  20. Oladipo was then asked what he knew about James Madison, the fourth U.S. president.

    “He signed something big, like the Declaration of Independence,” Oladipo said. “I’m right, right? Emancipation Proclamation, something like that. One of those big names. I know he’s a big historic figure in U.S. history.”

    Oladipo then turned the questioning around.

    “Do you know what an Indiana Hoosier is?” he asked


  21. Harvard,

    Your an idiot. If anyone, your the one liable of name stealing. You going to sue me like Laffy? Having the name Rico Chet isn’t hurting you. Go blow your hot air Into a bag.

    Chet, glad you like my comments. I am never going to leave you Mr. Horselips.

  22. Rico-

    Have no idea what you’re talking about, but you need to get a grip. What on earth did Chet ever do to you?

  23. Harvard,
    It’s because I have a great life and it eats him up inside. He’s practically said as much.

    It’s OK. Stalking me is probably the only thing he has going on. It doesn’t hurt anything and I don’t mind.

    When someone comes on here and just calls people names and throws out insults I just feel sorry for them, being so bitter and all. Who’d want to go through life like that?

  24. I’m just having fun with ya big boy. Chet, your the idiot who keeps going after the bait. If it truly don’t bother you, why don’t you just ignore me like Geoff does? You can’t. You all get so worked up around here. Get out, and enjoy life some. I live a happy life actually. Great parents, good job. You seem to be the one with the problem Chet. You and Harbard can’t seem to control yourselves with responding to my posts. I challenge you to actually ignore me. You won’t, cause you have fish lips that love to flap flap.

  25. ^ That’s just crazy talk. What do you do: walk around the house with a cape and wooden sword and while you swish it through the air you say “I am Rico Chet!” 😆

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