1. Good stuff…..would like a link to the Elston-as-interviewer video, hopefully this is just the start of a fun weekend!

  2. Good win. Good warm up! Last year they had to experience the New Mexico State warm up game and a tough round two matchup with vcu. They made a perfect transition & handled VCU enough to advance. They were focused and ready. They are focused & ready now. Temple is a team that’s a little better than Purdue. We’ll beat them by 15+. From there it gets tricky. But I have faith this is a final four championship caliber team & coach. Go Hoosiers! P.S… For all the Crean Haters that question his coaching ability; Mateen Cleaves is hosting on one of the tourney shows for CBS, and stated that Crean was one of the best X’s & O’s coach he’s ever been around. I respect Mateen’s opinion on this one.

  3. The more I listen to these Scoop Talks, the more it’s apparent to me that Dustin will never shed his Establishment bias.

    Paraphrasing Dustin: This is what Yogi is supposed to do? Yogi is never going to be the 3-point shooter that Oladipo was this year? Blah…blah..blah.

    Please tell me you’re kidding? 14 of the first 16 points. James Madison was outmatched, but let’s not kid ourselves that Yogi’s start was like hitting them with a Tyson uppercut before they even broke a sweat. A start like that has the effect of changing the entire complexion of the contest…Very demoralizing for James Madison and it created an uphill battle and aspect of our team they did not plan for. That sort of start from Yogi also took a tremendous amount of pressure off of other Hoosiers and likely loosened up any possibilities of early tournament tightness that may have otherwise resulted from a game that stays close in the first stanza.

    This was an unbelievable breakout first tournament game for a freshman point guard..a severely underrated point guard that the experts(except Seth Greenberg)* on the national media scene have virtually ignored. And simply because he hasn’t put up the points doesn’t change the fact that his quickness, court vision, speed at pushing the ball after changes in a possession(especially off the first outlet a defensive board), point-of-attack defense, level of energy, and poise far beyond his years, has allowed guys like Dipo and Zeller to exploit at levels that would otherwise be drastically reduced.

    Harvard for Hillbillies
    Thursday, February 28, 2013 – 5:55 AM UTC

    We’d have at least twice the losses without Yogi’s superb point guard play. I still say he’s one of the best freshman point guards in the country.. He’ll be the difference-maker at both absorbing opponent’s intense defensive pressure on the ball and cutting off lanes and points of attack on attempts at penetrations, creating our own defensive pressure, that was barely present on last year’s tournament team.

    And I find complete agreement with Seth Greenberg’s statements during halftime commentary/analysis a recent Hoosier game in which he proclaimed Yogi Ferrell as the dynamic piece of the puzzle that makes the Hoosiers a much more dangerous team than last year’s..Yogi makes us a Final Four team. And his level of poise is rare in a 3-year player taking on the level of responsibility he has been thrust as a freshman. Definitely the most undervalued point guard playing on a top-10 team.

    And recent entry from his Twitter page @SethonHoops:

    Seth Greenberg ‏@SethOnHoops Feb 26

    Hoosiers X factor Yogi Ferrell. Defensive efficiency 15th in the country. A year ago it was 147.His ability to defend at point of attack.


    AND ONE: Yogi is an Indiana kid and it’s no surprise why anyone that can’t let go of their Establishment blankie refuses to give Yogi the true recognition he deserves. Yogi is arguably as valuable to this team as Isiah on the ’81 Hoosiers. He has many of the same attributes…a great ability to hesitate and shift gears and court vision very, very rare. The biggest question mark in my mind was if he could handle the big stage of the NCAA tournament with the same level of poise he’s exhibited all season long…If game one is any indication, a star is born.

  4. Drake – that’s pretty interesting… I wonder which part of the X’s and O’s he was responsible for at MSU… It must have been offense, right? Definitely couldn’t have been oob plays. I’m sure Izzo was the absolute dictator on defense. Maybe Crean made the calls on what plays to run coming out of time outs… We’ve been extremely effective in that area.

    Harvard – I figured it out… Finally. Establishment = Perspective. So when you say, “that’s just Establishment….” You’re saying, “that is just someone with perspective…”

    To be non-Establishment, you either have to have been born and never moved from Indiana, and therefore, never have any other perspective of the world… Or you have to have moved to Indiana from Argentina, or some other foreign country, so you haven’t gained any other perspective of America other than that of a Hoosier.

    I wonder who would win in a intra-squad Establishment vs Hoosier scrimmage…

    Coach – Crean
    G – Remy
    G – Creek
    G – Dipo
    F – Sheehey
    F – Watford
    6th – Jurkin (born in Juba, and NC high school)

    Coach – Hulls
    G – Yogi
    G – Hulls
    F – Hollowell
    F – Elston
    C – Zeller
    6th – Hanner (born in Columbia, but Indiana HS)

    Gotta give any team with Zeller on it the advantage.

  5. That “article” is definitely good for a chuckle Chet (like most nonsense that Bleacher Report puts out). He makes some good points, but a lot of it is either revisionist history or completely false premises. Mixes up all his dates and decades. Says Shaq would average 18 ppg a game in the 60’s in one sentence, but then says he’d average “30 easy” in the next…

    Not sure there’s anyone who would take Shaq over Wilt, so this is just more needless Shaq-bashing against (a percieved?) new school that (doesn’t claim) Shaq was the best center ever

  6. Where I lack perspective, I benefit immeasurable amounts Jim Spanarkel.

    You still don’t get it, Geoff. I embrace all Hoosiers from all corners of the globe. It’s the Establishment that can’t embrace anyone, or any team, from Indiana. Much of that despise started with Knight at the helm due to the fact he was light-years beyond the intelligence any TV reporter/journalist that tried to take him on.

  7. Harvard’s worldly perspective foresees the following form of “hip basketball defense” as the only way the Hoosiers get stopped in the tournament.

  8. You don’t embrace Crean… There are probably hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers who respect CTC for his religious views and openness of them… And yet you bash him for them, and in turn bash all those Hoosiers who embrace that part of Crean.

    Are you of the belief that the Establishment has not embraced:

    Bird (millions of New England folks certainly have)
    Oladipo (oh wait, he is Establishment)

    Those are 3 distinct generations of Hoosiers who have been pretty successful in and out of the state of Indiana to enormous acclaim.

  9. I gained a ton of perspective when I lived 30 minutes west of DC.

    I had a criminal from Turkey hiding behind the freedoms of this country attempt to steal $2000.00 from my wife and I(it was money serving as our security deposit to rent a town home). He used a jewelry store in another town in an attempt to legitimize his seedy existence. The jewelry store was in a ghost town new shopping center. My good Midwestern instincts began to trigger suspicions. His investments included the town home we were renting..Actually, it turned out they owned most the neighborhood where we were renting.

    The neighbors I had were very kind, but it’s the graft that exists undercutting chances to get ahead in life that kills the spirit.

    The Establishment likes to paint the reason for the housing crisis as average Americans overextending their means. Complete BS. I got a taste of the the reasons behind the housing crisis in small town west of the nation’s capital.

    It’s a long story. I got my money back. I’m pretty intimidating and somewhat clever when it comes to “perspective.”

  10. Of course Harvard… The whole world outside of Indiana is full of bad guys.

    The housing crisis has nothing to do with homeowners over-extending, and then the bottom falling out of the market, and everything to do with renters who have money stolen by minority slum-lords.

    Wooden was never embraced.

    Bird was never embraced.

    Dipo isn’t embraced.

    In one diatribe you’ll defend Sampson and his urban recruits of questionable character, and talk about how they were cast in a bad light, and then in your next monologue you’ll cast minorities from outside other cities as criminals and paint the rest of the US as a cesspool.

    Does it ever get tiring trying to keep track?

  11. I never realized that the hippest coach in basketball grew up in the city you deemed least hip in America.
    Shaka Smart grew up in Madison, Wisconsin…Go figure. Perspective.

    Smart grew up in Madison, Wis., raised by a single mother. Smart has said his grandfather had been severely ill, reportedly with kidney failure, during the V.C.U.’s run in the N.C.A.A. tournament.


    The Northwest Indiana kid you deemed as pretty much worthless on the Michigan roster was praised today for his solid, zero turnovers, performance in the backcourt against VCU and their famed press. Spike Albrecht. Perspective.

    Maybe you need to get out of your Maine bungalow and the spending of afternoons looking for a Tom Brady endorsed pacifier while hanging out with the Portland rednecks at the local Babies ‘R’ Us…. Perspective.

    Keep clutching that pink stat book, Mr. Know-it-all Perspective.

  12. So all of this is because I don’t think Yogi Ferrell will ever shoot 46 percent from 3? I’m regretting the headline, but I think between the video, the game story today, and the feature I’m writing about Ferrell for tomorrow’s paper, he’s getting plenty of praise from us.
    Also, I was talking about percentages. If Ferrell shoots 38 percent from 3, he’d be one of the 10 best shooters in the Big Ten. Trey Burke shoots 38.9 percent from 3 and is seventh in the league and Big Ten Player of the Year. I don’t think I’m insulting him here by saying I don’t think he’ll be one of the top two or three. He was shooting 29.6 percent coming into the day, but that number is skewed by his bad start. So take that out and he’s probably about 33 or 34. He’s a point guard, so he will never get as many catch-and-shoot opportunities as Hulls gets (largely because of Ferrell). He’ll get much better and more consistent as his career goes on, and I think if he’s right around 40, that’s really really good for him considering what he brings in dribble penetration. I don’t see how I’m holding Yogi down here.

  13. Egyptians….They never got out much. Damn Romans wanted to take their “perspective.”

    Indiana basketball parallels the civilization on the Nile from over 3000 years ago…And Wooden left with the gold to build his pyramid in California. Tell me something I don’t already know. Perspective.

    Bird took his unparalleled art grown for the love of a game our Nile from the confinements a hick town in Southern Indiana and brought the gold to Boston. Tell me more I don’t already know. Perspective.

    Indiana is a basketball Mecca. No denying it, Geoff. You are absolutely right.

    Big game from Mitch McGary today…Those Chesterton boys are pure heart and determination…and rather solid\, too. Perspective.

  14. Dustin-

    I can go back to a ScoopTalk from months ago where Jeremy was proclaiming the difference-maker would be Yogi. Of course, I proclaimed the same thing back in November.

    You cut him off in mid-sentence..Unwilling to let go of your stubborn insistence that Hulls would remain ‘the man.’…You’re just attempting to stick to your earlier assumptions and the tempering of Jeremy’s astute observations that the point guard play and the leadership role was tipping toward the freshman poised beyonde his years…Osterman was in attendance as a guest. If you’d like, I’ll spend some time locating the session and provide the link. You were probably just trying to throw your Establishment weight around.

    I’m pretty keen to what’s going on, Dustin. This isn’t about Harvard. It’s about you admitting to Jeremy he was more perceptive to the changing of the guard(pun intended). Perspective.

  15. Guys, the “establishment” debate has become monotonous. It’s ridiculous pap. Let it go and focus on other, more interesting matters. Even you have to be bored arguing over such nonsense. The rest of us arrived there a long time ago.

  16. Podunker makes a fair point, but I’m interested.
    Harvard, how do I even count as Establishment, by the way? I’ve worked in two college towns at newspapers with circulations of 40,000 or under. There’s nothing about me that’s established. ESPN and Sports Illustrated and the New York Times don’t know my name.
    The discussion at the time was about who would take the last shot with the game on the line. I said Hulls, because he’d just done that against Georgetown. I didn’t say Ferrell wouldn’t make a difference.

  17. Podunker is right. Harvard, with his fixation on some fictitious establishment conspiracy, is a colossal, pedantic bore who just loves to hear himself talk. He has become irrelevant to the blog. I routinely skip his droning tripe.

  18. You beat to their drum, Dustin. Sucked in by the likes of Korman, Kellenberger, Osterman, and Geoff. You’re ‘Yacht Club’ sorta speak..You think it makes you ‘hip.’

    You have really great instincts about the game, but, the desire to be ‘one of the boys’ often overshadows your humble nature and intuitiveness. It’s a conflict you’ve yet to resolve. You quest to be ‘objective.’ But are any of them, all those you put on the perch simply because they’ve ventured all the ‘worldly’ places their gypsy tales, work within the corporate giants of the sports media enterprises, or can impress with the name-dropping, really, truthfully, anymore objective than Harvard with all his absurd ideas confined to his Hoosier basement existence?

    They all come with baggage, my friend. Because I haven’t traveled about this country as much as some means I’m not allowed the same unyielding arrogance to an opinion? I’m plenty open-minded, but I push back when those telling me of my limitations are no less the one-way street.

    I think you have the skills to carve your own niche without buying into all of it. I hate to see you waste those gifts just to be in vogue. Strive to be different. Find the audience that hungers for it. Ask yourself where the influence upon our favorite pastimes..Dose it well up from the humble fan or is it forced down from the kings on thrones? Which do you choose to represent?

  19. Well, of course I never called Madison the least hip place in the US, but what’s new…And while I also didn’t call Spike worthless, you’re right, I do now think he might’ve taken your boy Remy’s minutes. He played very well when they were up 20+ today.

    Dustin, first rule… The more you question or deny your Establishmentness, the more Establishment you become.

    Does Rachel Nichols age? Even when it looks like she hasn’t slept in a week, she still looks exactly the same as she did however many years ago she started doing the sideline thing.

  20. Ask yourself where the influence upon our favorite pastimes [should reside]..[Does] it well up from the humble fan or is it forced down from the kings on thrones? Which do you choose to represent?

    And give back to your followers and fans…Mention Geoff once in a while on ScoopTalk. Show your audience you’re willing to give them a small slither your stage. Be different from those that fight so hard to protect and not share. We have shared our thoughts with you. My own may not be of much use, but their are many excellent and intelligent debaters on Scoop that have had to given you some new insights that you’ve benefited. Much like teaching or coaching, it’s not a one way street. The teacher can often learn a great deal from the pupil…And it’s often the ability a not so “smart guy,” a mind not so saturated with what’s “in vogue” that helps inspire you to think outside of the standard formats, norms within the profession, and accepted methodologies that provide you the creative inspirations to see things differently.

  21. And I don’t think your perceptions about Yogi vs. Hulls was just about “who you want taking the last shot.” If my recollection is correct(an I’ll be happy to post the link to the ScoopTalk in question), Jeremy was talking more toward the transference of point guard prowess..It was more about who’s hands the ball should be in in big moments. You pushed back immediately to those thoughts.

    You weren’t alone. I don’t think many were believing Yogi was ready for those moments and responsibilities. Was much of that squelching and tempering because some didn’t want to steal the Oladipo buzz(fueled by national hype)that was inundating our campus and team? I think there was a tendency to keep the lid on the press surrounding Yogi’s talents. His importance to the success was subdued…Why? We live in a world of followers that grab one story, one name, and never let go. It sells to those that want the sappy simple explanations. It sells to the desire of one hero. We all want the Roy Hobbs story.

    The cover of that latest Sports Illustrated issue should have feature the entire Hoosier team. Indiana has always about the five being the hero(and ‘five’ symbolically embodying the term “all.”). The Hoosiers are a team with players at every position responsible for our unprecedented resurrection…From Verdell to Danny Moore..to Pritch..to Maurice Creek…to Zeller..to Oladipo. It is the story far bigger than one.

  22. Dustin-

    And thanks for exploring the absurdity of my thoughts. Thanks for not diminishing my opinions simply because they’re “out there.”

    Thanks for not referencing others as “smart guys” for purposes an intentional dig on my ideas.

    Thanks for not being condescending because I’ve been a shut-in for most of my life.

    Thanks for respecting me and not calling me an idiot or a moron. Thanks for risking being unpopular with the “hip” crowd on Scoop because your willingness to keep an open mind….or maybe it’s just the fact you had damn good parents that instilled in you their same wholehearted decency and desire to be kind before all else.

  23. I’m not condescending because you have been a shut in… I’m, I guess, condescending in tone because you relentlessly label and judge the rest of the non-Harvard world with a negative slant (while claiming you aren’t into labels). You constantly act like a victim all while dishing out loads of criticism and accusations. You incessently put words in people’s mouths and use hyperbole in an attempt to further your “out there” points.

    And despite all that, or maybe because of it, I can’t wait to meet you one day and buy you a beer. Despite what you may think I don’t have a cookie cutter set of friends. I like interesting people Harvard, and they come in all shapes, colors, and ages… And you, my friend, are an interesting person.

  24. Oh, and quite possibly the funniest thing about you calling me or anyone else Establishment… Or trying to make like I look down upon Hoosiers, or make back-handed compliments, is your handle… Harvard for Hillbillies. That is the best.

  25. Excellent observation, Geoff.

    Never in my life have I seen anyone play the victim act more than Harvard. He spends his entire time on here insulting others but the second anyone says anything remotely negative about him, he runs to Dustin complaining about the “unfair attacks against him” and demands they be taken off.

    And his “Establishment” nonsense is beyond tiresome…..and stupid. Why he’s allowed to hijack this board is beyond me and numerous people have complained about him.

  26. “Never in my life have I seen anyone play the victim act more than Harvard.”

    Ever met Laffy?

  27. Unfortunately, Geoff will always be limited by the cubicles of his logical mind. It’s the forks in the road nobody takes..It’s the shedding of the preconceived notions…It’s the original thought born of nothing found his straight and narrow always seeking the formula to explain all the mysteries of nature that will forever allude his hardwired intellect. He takes the observation and immediately straitjackets the poor cloud in the sky as simply being molecules of moisture. It is shade. It is relief from blinding observation. It is ever-changing. It is droplets of rain upon the starving Great Plain his, oh, so logical, boring and plain. What constraints and evils would flourish without the dreamers. What gifts from heaven lost to have the simplest joys in nothing measured removed this world, without the mysteries, without the clouds that drift and vanish from the sky. Do we really know why? Should we know why? And Harvard floats about with no purpose the same. He holds to the clouds for hope that something better is beyond the created images of logic and perfection in the mirrors of a man’s world.

  28. Not sure how Laffy “played the victim” as I never saw him whine to Dustin about being called any names. He just insulted people right back instead of begging Dustin to have the person booted or the comments yanked like Harvard does.

    Harvard spends his entire time insulting others yet he has the thinnest skin in the entire universe and screams it’s “over-the-line” if he’s ever bashed.

  29. What voyages never embarked..? What seas never crossed and bountiful lands never found if man listened to man for the logic of a dream tied to port never wayward bound. The intellect of the unimaginative with their logical flat waters where only cliffs be home to thoughts so pure and sound.

    And basketball much the same. Most desire the summations as flat the hardwood its maple surface. Unimaginative is their quest and they follow to the voices that have nailed it all down. But some take board to a ship that doesn’t always seek the narrow sound. The bounce never determined…The dreams never limited. The game doesn’t live in a stat sheet of observation. The ball is round and fate and gifts never understood in the crossings many dreams have drown forever immeasurable in the hearts of men not determined by pundits their visions and hopes; voyages that took them from land to the mysteries of a sea forever feared by the cowardly holding onto their observations and truths.

  30. Well, I’m not going to get into a whizzing-contest with you defending your buddy Harvard, but I think you’re flat-out crazy.

    Harvard complains constantly if a negative word is ever said against him while insulting others non-stop.

    Also, his “Establishment” shtick is the Holy Grail of Playing the Victim: The ENTIRE WORLD is against us (him) every waking moment of his life.

    The guy needs professional help.

  31. It is my hope that the “establishment” debate will quickly become a soliloquy. This can happen if all the other participants on the Hoosier Scoop refuse to participate in this conversation. If HforH remains passionate about this subject, he can post his comments until his heart is content (which I doubt is possible), but we can choose not to engage, transforming the “debate” into a soliloquy. No need to further criticize/attack him for his passion and his (mostly) articulate expression of them, but why give this inane subject any more oxygen?

    Too many other great things going on in IU sports to waste time on this pap.

  32. Chet, you’re funny… Always making me chuckle.

    Harvard, you must hate Butler and Brad Stevens approach… Trying to take all the mystery out of the game and all…

  33. I understand why you do not want to get into it with me. What I do not understand is why your position makes you wrong but mine makes me crazy. As far as H4H being my buddy you are wrong again. At times I find him damn creative, entertaining and mysteriously eloquent. Many other times he just wastes vast amounts of o2. He also defends himself very well, with his 3 sharp elbows. Laffed-At was a negative 24/7/365.

  34. HC, HforH makes some great contributions on occasion. He made one of his best ever earlier this week. And you have to admire his persistence and passion. But I am reminded that even blind squirrels find nuts once in a while.

  35. Why is it crazy?

    Because you’re completely wrong.

    Laffy never once whined to Dustin, “Hey, he called me a name so you need to kick him off and/or yank the post.”

    Your buddy Harvard does it 24/7/365…..which is hilarious considering he throws out more insults than everyone else put together.

    Of course, when HE insults people he’s “just having fun.”

    I’ve seen at least 10 different posters say they are tired of him vomiting all over this board with his professional victim nonsense.

  36. Here is your next project: Find 1 poster on this blog who agrees with your above stated thoughts of Laffed-At. Oh, GOOD LUCK!

  37. Like I said, I’ve seen at least 10 posters say they are tired of HH’s act.

    Heck, even Geoff said he always plays the victim.

    What is your definition of “playing the victim”? How does he not?

    Oh, thanks for the laugh about “who here agrees with you.”

    You guys do NOTHING but CRY about the refs 24/7/365 and then rip OTHERS for “whining” and, even better, “complaining about the refs too much.”


    You think anyone that doesn’t proclaim you as the “smartest fans in the history of the world” is a “troll” that should be booted.


  38. Just as we all knew, your have no support. Enjoy your isolation. It begins NOW.

  39. That’s cute.

    You ask for proof….I give it to you…..and you attack me anyway while ducking it.

    The day you respect me is the day I shoot myself.

  40. I have a question for the “smart” fans.

    All season long, all we heard was THE BIG TEN IS THE TOUGHEST CONFERENCE AROUND……BY FAR!!!!!

    And yet, Ohio State BARELY won. And we BARELY won. Wisconsin got their butts kicked. So did Minny. My guess is so will Illinois.

    MSU and Michigan looked good.

    So, is the excuse, “The Big Ten doesn’t look great because we beat up on each other so much”?


    Lamest excuse ever……….(besides crying Cody is fouled every time he touches the ball)

  41. You may as well put on your floppy shoes, orange hair, and red nose and go home in your little car with all the other clowns.

    As obtuse as you obviously are, even you should be able to figure out that no one here will ever take you seriously.

  42. I could not be more serious when I say this: I’m glad…..GLAD…..that you clowns don’t respect me.

    I’ve never been more serious in my life.

    You’re the most worthless Professional Victim Hypocrites walking the face of the earth and as I said before, the day you respect me is the day I shoot myself.

    You whine non-stop about others “being whiners” when ALL YOU DO is BITCH about the refs and media.

    Harvard is the biggest fruit cake/victim to ever breathe.
    Funny how you rip “me” for “playing the victim” when that’s ALL YOU GUYS DO.

    No one……no one……projects their own faults onto others like you clowns do.

    So, go back to your circle jerk to cccccrrrrryyyyyyyy about the refs while blasting Boehim for “being a whiner” so I can laugh some more.

    And if we had $1 for every time Harvard played his “Establishment Victim Act”, we could retire the national debt in a week.

  43. This quote form Harvard is just so precious:

    “Thanks for not being condescending because I’ve been a shut-in for most of my life.”

    First of all, you gotta love the play for sympathy. He’s good at guilting Dustin into letting him vomit on here 24/7.

    Second, Harvard insults others more than everyone else put together………times 100.

    But, if you insult HIM….well…..DAMN…..that’s just UNCALLED FOR because…..LOL!!!!….he was a “shut-in.”

    Geoff was right when he said Harvard plays victim 24/7.

    So, why do you give him a free pass for it?

  44. And before I get booted, I have to say Harvard is a complete moron for saying this:

    “The Establishment likes to paint the reason for the housing crisis as average Americans overextending their means. Complete BS.”

    People were using their houses as ATM’s to go on vacations and buying all kinds of CRAP. They were taking out “liar loans” faster than the mortgage companies could write them.

    As always, you’re beyond clueless.

  45. Yeah, it wasn’t the trillions in derivatives, it was the 2.1% of mortgages that were sub prime. What a fool.

    Bye-bye, Laffy.

  46. The derivatives were part of it, but without people using their houses like ATM’s thinking the value was going to go up 15% a month forever, none of that would have mattered one single bit.

    Dude, I had friends doing mortgages at the time and every time I visited their office, they couldn’t write loans fast enough for people doing the “liar loans.”

    And people were taking their “equity” and blowing it on all kinds of crap.

    To blame it all on the “evil banks” is beyond stupid.

    Of course, since you’re a Professional Victim like Harvard, it’s no wonder you agree with him.

  47. You know, it sure is funny how you guys keep saying how “stupid” I am when I called the housing collapse WAY before it happened while everyone else “never saw it coming.”

    I saw my friends writing all those loans and knew it was happening all over the country. And when I said, “This is going to blow up in all our faces” I was told I was a moron.

    Hard to be humble when I’m right all the time……..

    And I didn’t say anything about “sub-prime” Goober.

    How about all the idiots who were taking out adjustable rate mortgages because they thought their house would go up 15% a month forever?

    A 5 year old should have known better.

    Time bomb waiting to happen.

    So even without the derivatives, we were screwed.

  48. This quote can’t be right:

    “Podunker is right. Harvard, with his fixation on some fictitious establishment conspiracy, is a colossal, pedantic bore who just loves to hear himself talk. He has become irrelevant to the blog. I routinely skip his droning tripe.”

    HC was crying that “no one” agreed with me that Harvard’s 24/7/365 Victim Act about the “Establishment” is beyond ridiculous.

  49. I haven’t needed a mortgage in quite some time.

    I’m not surprised to hear that you think all your friends are all losers, though. I imagine they feel much the same way.

    I’m done with you, Laffy.

  50. Where did I say “all my friends are losers”?

    You need to get Harvard out of your lap so you can read better.

    I said all the people who used their houses as ATM’s were losers.

    So, nice duck/lie/diversion.

    And this is the 538th time you said you were “done with me.”

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