1. Espn experts picking Syracuse to beat IU…I like when the whole nation and the establishment picks against us!

  2. I saw 4 of the 6 ESPN guys picking IU into the Final 4. None of them have IU winning. So what? IU gets to decide this not them.

  3. Every time a Scoop blogger says “Establishment,” an angel gets it wings. Attaboy, Bart295.

    Don’t those damn experts just love to take all the fun out of it? Then again, if I were a betting man, I would also have to put my money on Syracuse. If we’re knocked out of the running for national champs, my chips will be riding on the Orange.

    My brackets will be filled, as usual, with very little objectivity. I’ll have the Hoosiers as a Final Four team knowing full well there are probably ten teams with equal or superior talent and equal chance to get to Atlanta. Sometimes it’s just fate, luck, destiny..(whatever label you want to put on it) in catching a powerhouse team on a night they’re not playing to their full potential…Or, maybe it’s just a night your team can do no wrong…everything thrown at the basket rips the nets. We’ll need some luck. I’m counting on our team to play their guts out, while always realizing much of the explanations as to why some teams gel at the best moment will never be found within logic and solid examinations.

  4. I like the draw. It’s time to put up or shut up. We can clearly win it, have the talent to win it and are one of the few teams that can win 6 straight games. But, to win this deal we need Hulls and Watford to play to their potential. And foul trouble is inevitable, so we are going to need quality play from Elston, Sheehey, Abel and Hollowell at key junctures. (Maybe even Perea….) Who knows, but there’s always a sleeper that steps up to lift champions over the top.

    Can L-ville win 16 straight? I think not. They’ve already won 10. I saw the ND 5 OT game and they are not all that if you ask me. We match up to them well and I hope we get there.

    I also like our chances vs. Syracuse because of Yogi’s penetration through the zone and Big Z, Oladipo, Watford and Sheehey running off the baseline. And Hulls taking AND HITTING some shots on the perimeter.

    NC State is not going to be easy. And I hope MT beats Syracuse, who’s always dangerous in March with that goofy zone.

  5. Nice to see Kellenberger’s team got in. Nothing helps boost the mood more for a journalist than to be able to cover his team during March Madness. ..And as fate should have it, Ole Miss gets paired with the Hoosiers’ nemesis.

    Sometimes you just can’t escape fate.

  6. Just viewed a recent “Talking Points” segment done by Hugh at his gig in Mississippi…It appears Hugh has shed some pounds..He sure looks better.

    Good job, Kellenberger. It takes a ton of discipline and Harvard noticed.

  7. AWinAZ, and I really like the draw + the location. As I look at the potential opponents ahead it portends a workable/manageable glide path to the FF. I am not an L’ville sympathizer but they got a mine field to play in and KU and the Zags not much better. We asked for it, its here, March Madness at its best.

  8. Aside from about as favorable a draw as we could probably expect in the east bracket, has anybody brought up the fact that we’re 0-1 in Indianapolis this year? The more I think about it, the fans might lose out on us getting shipped out to D.C. much more than the players do.

  9. Syracuse is always sure to disappoint. They got handed two gift wins from the officials last year before having the decency to go down in flames.

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