1. “Ironic” doesn’t even begin to describe posters like Chet who are always blasting fans if they say anything negative about the team, no matter how awful they were.

    In their eyes, the only “real” fans are those that bury their head in the sand and shower praise on our players and coaches non-stop.

    Their “holier-than-thou” act is beyond tiresome.

    We were told, “Who cares, it’s one bad loss” about 15 times now. A team is supposed to get better as the season progresses and fans are not “fake fans” for being concerned about it.

    If the team is awful, it’s our right to say so. You’re tired of reading about it? Well, we’re tired of you telling us the only way we can be a real fan is if we think exactly like you posts after post after post.

    My favorite is, “Hey, other teams suck too so that makes it ok.”

    Imagine if your child had the highest IQ in his class.

    Most of the other kids were pretty smart too, but not as good as students years before.

    They pull a C – when they could be getting B+ and your child could get solid A’s.

    If your son often brought home a C-, would you be on them to get better or would you say, “Well, Billy, just because everyone else is getting a C-, it’s ok that you do too. And any parent that would call you out for it is a fake parent. As long as the other kids are bad, that’s all I’m going to hold you to.”

    Give me a break.

    We’re not “fake fans” because we actually expect the team to play up to it’s potential instead of the garbage we’ve seen the past 2 games and we certainly aren’t “fake fans” because we don’t say, “Oh well. The other teams suck too. Who cares if we aren’t coming close to our potential.”

  2. Yeah, but; Chet seems to often provide data/statistics
    that back up his comments. You on the other hand manage to just, uh, babble.

    Ugly win Hoosiers but a win. We’ll see a different team on Tuesday.

  3. When have I “blasted” anyone?

    If I disagree I try to make a point of being respectful and support my argument. That should be the whole point of posting here, don’t you think? Sure, I might take a poke at ‘Debbie’ or her (his?) ilk that are only posting to be ugly to everyone else. They were just trying to stir the pot to begin with and never present any effort at a serious discussion.

    I don’t have any need to be right. It’s not important to me. I’ll express my opinion and move on. Feel free to completely disagree with everything I post.

    If you think I’m being “holier” than anyone I’d have to say your standards on that topic are pretty low.

    I read and post here because of common interest with IU fans. I’m not negative by nature but I don’t care if someone else is. I’ve yet to come across a post that affects me, certainly not by its tone.

    So, feel free to be negative if you wish. It’s all good. I haven’t “blasted” you in the past and I won’t “blast” you in the future

  4. The only “stats” I see are, “Yeah, well, the other teams suck too”…..which was part of my point with the whole, “If your smart kid gets a C- too, are you content”?

  5. I think I echo Purduenker’s sentiments exactly when I say that: (a) a win is a win and (b) what else would you like Crean to do other than winning a national championship? I mean what else can you guys want. You’re always negative and critical of him, take last night for example: another banner game and a double digit win at home against a mediocre B1G opponent and you guys keep going and going that the game was ugly and unpromising. Chet was quickly to point out (your dimness, I salute you) that so many other ranked teams lost. On any given night any team can lose. Don’t we know it? Didn’t we lose to Butler? To Wiscy? To Illannoy? To Minne, recently? Listen if you don’t shut up (all of you) or better yet sing Tom Krin’s praises (all of you, including Darwin) another loss is coming. As a punishment. Some fans you are the lot of you? You simply don’t deserve this coach. (Heck, let’s face it: you deserve a better coach, but that’s beside the point.)

  6. Actually, if you ask any star athlete/coach, none of them will tell you a “win is a win” as they ALL want to get better if they know their performance wasn’t up to standards.

    What do we want? Easy. The team to play to it’s potential. For Cody not to cower every time he plays a physical team.

    Banner game? We were like 2 of 20 from 3 point land. At home no less. In what universe is that “banner game”?

    Again with the “other teams suck so it’s ok we do too” nonsense. Yes or no: If your child pulled that line on you after bringing home C- after C-, when she could bring home A’s, would you say, “OK, sweetie. Doesn’t matter if you could get A’s or not. As long as the other kids suck too, and you passed, that’s the ONLY thing that matters.”

  7. Well actually Real IU Fan I’m starting to agree with you.

    Which means I need to schedule my Doctor’s appointment ASAP. Thinking it’s time to do another one of those medication adjustment.

  8. I don’t dislike negative comments when we don’t bring our A game,I really don’t. What I don’t like is when we play our A game with wins like at Michigan State or Ohio State on the road wins against ranked teams guys like the real IU Fan so he calls himself still have negative comments. IU has won 25 games only 6 other IU teams in history had more and these guys still have lots of games to go so they will move up the ladder with some of the all time great teams but this guy RIUF never gives this team,these players or this coach a positive comment. When we play well these guys like RIUF just disappear and make no comments. Being a Real IU fan is also about positive comments when they play well not just negative comments all the time! So speak up when they deserve negative feedback but
    also speak up when they deserve positive feedback. Balance is important in team sports for

  9. Well, I thought the MSU win was the best of Crean’s career so you can’t be talking about me.

  10. I thought Crean has come up big last night with some awesome plays: the one where Cody hit the floor and busted his chin had a particularly breathtaking design. I wonder how many times they had to go through that in practice. I think Cody is thrilled to be playing for such a genius coach that has a number of plays designed to take advantage of his specific qualities as a seven foot player.

  11. Damn, we only lead the conference, that means the sky is falling, run Chicken Little, RUN, Run, run.

  12. “Real”… You seem so… familiar…

    Here’s the thing. No one is saying its a “banner performance”… No one.

    It had its good points (first half defense) and its bad points (every conceivable way to shoot the ball). We turned them over and kept our turnovers relatively low. Some good… Some bad… But a win.

    I have defended IU as being the best in country “even if by default”. And I think that has merit. At the same time that doesn’t mean I’m satisfied with how we’ve been playing the last couple games. I have been satisfied with the way we play against the top competition though, so I feel pretty good about our chances in the tournament. We have proven it won’t be an easy road to a NC by any stretch, but we’ve also proven we can beat absolutely anybody who’s in our way.

    “Real”… While your analogy about a child’s grades has merit, it also has its faults. If the ultimate goal of school were to be the valedictorian then having the best grades is all that matters. Yes, you would hope that your star student gets a 4.0 (or whatever the standard is these days), but ultimately, 10 years down the road, all anyone will remember is that that kid was valedictorian… He can claim it on a resume… His parents and grandparents can brag about it. The outcome will live forever, long after the details fade.

    So, while I desire improvement from our team, if ultimately we win very game in the tournament because nobody else can beat us (not because we were great), I’m still going to celebrate like a crazy man and brag about it for years to come. The trophy will look like all the others except newer.

    (Moral of the story… Just like everything else in life, there is grey area… Nothing is ever black and white… Sorry HC)


  13. Rice said it was a “banner game” in post # 5 so I don’t know how you can say “no one” said it.

    If we win it all, while looking like garbage, I’ll celebrate too.

    I’m just saying it looks highly unlikely now.

    I think Georgetown would clean our clocks if we played them again.

  14. You bet I said it and I repeat(ed) it in post #15.

    Check if you don’t believe it: “banner game”.

    Krin is a genius.

  15. Um Rice… Rico… Never says anything in a serious manner. He is 100% sarcastic. If he says it was a banner game he means the opposite… C’mon Laf… I mean Real.

    Georgetown is good. No question. No one has cleaned our clock all season. And we’ve played some pretty good teams… So not sure that would be the outcome.

  16. Why hasn’t Dustin updated us on the implications of Purdue’s win today???

    Are we league champs or what????

  17. Come on, Geoff, losing 4 games by a total of 13 points is getting one’s clock cleaned. Oh, and welcome back, Laffy.

  18. Aruss,
    Because I got back to the office from football practice like a minute ago. Slow your roll.
    IU is not yet Big Ten champs, but they will get a share if Michigan beats Michigan State. The Spartans still only have four losses, so if they win out and IU loses both games, they would be champs.

  19. Good point Geoff, in #16, just the wrong percentage.

    Now please tell us how hard it is to win at Kohl’s Center.

    Explain Purdue, Geoff. Explain it.

    You can’t.

    So: Minne was in a slump. End of argument.

  20. I’d say Butler cleaned our clock.

    There’s more than just “final score.”

  21. Stand back I am learning so much today. Losing by 2 points in OT is a cleaned clock. I think I’ll stay up extra late to absorb as much as I can.

  22. Hoosier Clari-yawn you are overestimating yourself again. Before you fall asleep: losing by 2 in OT with the winning points scored by a walk-on is very much a cleaned clock.

    If losing by 2 in OT to a team of nobodies is a feat of genius then by all means that genius can’t belong to any other that your fav Coach, the allrighteous Tom Cringe.

  23. When it was from a team we should have wiped the floor with?


    When your All-American Center gets thrown around like a rag doll and did nothing when their 3 big guys fouled out?


    When an un-ranked team destroyed them?


    I’d say we got our clocks cleaned by them.

  24. I am extremely thrilled to have lived as long as I have and seen as much as I have or I would not have the expanded ability to fathom the depth of thinking involved to label a 2 point OT loss, A Clock Cleaning. That is a perspective worthy of critical acclaim. I am honest to God going to get me some truck driver pills so I can stay up real late and learn more about this truthin being dropped on us today. I do not want to miss none of it. Please ramble on and type faster.

  25. 25 wins. Recognized nationally all season. #1 a good portion of the year, Big big wins over rivals at home and on the road.

    None of that happens by accident.

    Would it really hurt that bad to recognize the accomplishments of this team and coaching staff? Why dwell on the occasional hiccup?

    Think people where this program was 6 years ago? Better yet, think how long ago it was that we had anything close to this awesome to celebrate!? And you want to spend your time debating am inspired win by Butler? Let it go.

    Big Ten Championships are likely ahead, and tourneys after that. I think this group at the very very least deserves the benefit of the doubt from us all that they know what they are doing! Perfect? Not by a long shot. NONE OF US ARE. But deserving.

    Go Hoosiers!

  26. Completely agree Geoff. Had been thinking and suspecting that since beginning the thread. The physical structure, the vocabulary, the use of syntax, the images he attempts to create in the reader’s mind….he’s baaaaaaaccck!!!

    Guess it didn’t work out with the lawyer despite the sizeable down payment for a U.S. Supreme Court long run of Appeals. But he’s happy…look at how he shredded the monitoring and vigilance of The Scoop. Happy days in LV!

  27. Thanks for the update, Dustin. Speaking of conference titles, have you noticed what Mike Davis has done with Texas Southern? Pretty impressive winning the conference title with his late hire. Can you imagine the implosion if we draw them in the first round of the NCAA tourney?

  28. I am absolutely angered by IU backing their way into a Big Ten championship through Michigan and Purdue winning today. They should be ashamed of themselves that they have managed a 6-0 record against ranked opponents(including winning @ the Breslin Center for the first time since 1991), 25-4 overall record, and a likely #1 seed in the NCAA tournament, something that has not happened in decades. If you are a Hoosier fan, you should dwell on the four losses they have experienced over an extremely shortened span of 29 games, which is a ghastly low winning percentage of 86%.

    But since I am a moron, I will instead bask in the glory of their best season since 2002, their first Big Ten Championship since 2002, and likely their first #1 seed since I was a child.

  29. So it’s now possible to have five teams finish 13-5? Really?

    I think we’re champions. Let’s hope Tuesday we play like some.

  30. Don’t tell Heoff and Chet that though. They will back you into a corner, and make you feel stupid! Nagafive! Read The Energy Bus by Jon Hordon, to quelch your negativity!

  31. Everything that has happened to this point is moot, other than we have 25 Ws which puts us at the top of the Big 10, the toughest conference in the country. We now control our own destiny, with OSU sitting in the crosshairs Tues. night. Truly the definition of “a must win”.

    We are now in the mix for at worst a #2 seed, and that’s if we lose our next 3, which won’t happen. I’d like to payback Wisc. & MN in the conf. tournament & then rest (let the reserves play more in the Big 10 tournament) for the NCAA tournament by getting a little sharper in practice before the 1st round.

    Consider this;
    How many losses does Gonzaga, KU, FL or Duke have IF they play in the Big 10? My guess is Gonzaga is a bit over .500 (9 – 7?), KU & Duke probably 11-5, & FL 10-6.

    It’s high time to fire all cylinders including Watford, Elston, Creek, Remy and Hollowell. We will need all of them come Mar. 21st & I’m glad they got good minutes vs. Iowa. God willing and the creek don’t rise I’d love to see Perea give us 8 – 10 good minutes a game down the stretch here.

  32. Guess Gonzaga is done for the regular season?
    There last two wins was against #254 Portland and
    #70 BYU.

    IU’s last win was against #32 Iowa with games against
    #11 OS and #10 Michigan.
    ……(per KenPom)

    In anticipation of Gonzaga getting the #1 spot Monday?

  33. KevinK, the reason they don’t want to recognize the accomplishments of the current Hoosier squad is most likely because they are Purdue trolls.

    Aruss, I’d be surprised if half the players (and many of the student fans) have any idea who Mike Davis is. That’s ancient history to a 20 year old. There certainly won’t be an “implosion” if we play a team that is coached by a guy that was in Bloomington when they were probably in the fourth grade and is two low profile jobs down the road.

  34. wow. couple of you boyz are so negative about this team and coach. Why not find another team and coach to support? Your heads are so far out of the sunshine, it’s ridiculous. criticism when due is fine, but goood goollly. Get a life and get real. you are so fake and so unhappy with your own lives, you want to drag some 18 to 22 year old kids down with you??? sick sick sick…

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