1. LOL at your guy’s camera; you’re both glowing. It looks like a couple of Jedi ghosts talking to us. 😉 😀

  2. Somewhere, 2000 miles westward in a California bungalow, Kartje whipped the fauxhawk with too great of force to the Establishment east and, in his wild excitation, toppled the deciding shot hanging in the limbo his last Hoosier Scoop skewed “Power Ranking” off the outer edge of the patiently waiting rim sealing destiny into the hands of the Hoosiers.

    Thank you Ryan. Michigan = BIG Fauxchamps

  3. Not saying it’s your fault, Ryan.. But thanks for the Ann Arbor tremor.

  4. Hey Laffy, do you even like IU? I mean, I’m all for honesty on our approach and not looking with rose-tinted glasses, but all you seem to e able to do is grudgingly admit that we won the game, although naturally not by our own merits. I’m just curious, because I almost never see any positivity, and this is the best season we’ve had (arguably) in 20 years.

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