Sunday game time set for IU-Temple

This came out late Friday night, but Indiana’s third-round game against Temple on Sunday is slated to tip off at approximately 2:45 p.m. and will be televised on CBS.

The top-seeded Hoosiers and the ninth-seeded Owls will be the second game of the day in Dayton, 30 minutes after the conclusion of the 12:15 opener between Ohio State and Iowa State.


  1. Steve Falford resigns. Apparently the loss to Harvard was too much. Can you blame Falford? Arizona is rippjng them a new one.

  2. Guess we won’t get to see an Olynyk v Zeller showdown…

    I like how they tried to make that sound like a “shocking” upset.

  3. I’d love to see Florida Gulf Coast knock out the last remnant of the Mountain West. They were a lot of fun to watch last round. A couple of the best alley oop plays I’ve seen all year. Very athletic team. The coach played for Johns Hopkins and he has a supermodel wife. Gotta love that.

    The Mountain West will never see 5 bids again. They left the selection committee with egg all over their faces. Boise State? Seriously?

    The Big East has been impressively unimpressive.

    The Big Ten hasn’t been a let down although that Wisconsin game was hard to watch. Basketball at its ugliest.

  4. ^ It goes without saying the respect is mutual.

    This is the year!

    Indiana Crean rules the world of college basketball!

  5. Chet… I have, in general, been rooting for the B1G teams, but I was definitely fist pumping with every play Ole Miss made down the stretch to put that game away. Kinda my dream scenario to have IU play well and win big, the B1G go 8-1, and Wiscy be the only loss.

    Hoping the dream doesn’t end anytime soon. Every game from here on out will be nerve-wracking.

  6. Chet – FGCU played IU a couple of yrs ago, pre-conference cupcake. How things change. Attended two of their games last yr. Small new’ish school in Ft Myers. Coach has done a admirable job.

    Aruss – Couple of yrs ago (again), sitting on my bike in Charlotte Harbor Fl, enjoying a morning cup of coffee and the view of the Harbor. Indiana plates on bike, guy stops, says he’s from Indiana and he was the Little 500 starter..

  7. Yeah, it’s quite the international team. They really did their work recruiting, with players from 4 different countries. Do you think the coach’s wife goes with him on recruiting trips? That certainly couldn’t hurt.

    Good for them. I’ll bet that we we’ll be hearing more from them. Smart coach, fast start with the program.

    I guess the University of Florida system was just overburdened and they needed another university. I know UCF has the second highest enrollment in the country and it’s still growing. UF has become pretty selective. FCGU sounds like a pretty decent school. Average GPA of incoming freshmen was 3.35, which isn’t too bad. They had a 60% acceptance rate, which isn’t terribly selective. Liberty University, the least selective university in the country according to the US News and World Report, has a 97% acceptance rate. If you have a pulse and can write a tuition check Liberty will take you.

    FGCU looks like a decent place to go to college if you can stand the south Florida climate (I can’t, I tried).

  8. Anyone else out there who pays $7 a month to listen to Fisch do the games via internet radio feed? Where are the games? I’ve been paying CBS for several years and this year with no warning (and conveniently right before the tournament) they charged my credit card then stopped carrying the games. Anybody have any ideas before I have to listen to Dick Vitale?

  9. The advantage of hot & humid Fl summers?

    Many; No waiting at any restaurant. Stop lights – green means you can go instead of waiting through 3-4 more greens. Prices drop. Work days (at least in health care) are 4 hours instead of 10 hours. Daily cooling thunderstorms (until the sun come out and the humidity goes crazy). Vacations can be 4 weeks instead of 4 days.

    Just gotta ignore the hurricane’s, skeeters, red tide and $400 electric bills from the AC.

  10. I don’t have any trouble finding an IU feed via iHeartRadio. Just look up the IU Radio Network and find one of the stations on iHeartRadio. It’s free.

    Ron, I understand it has it’s upside. I lived in Florida for a while. I’m just not wired for that kind of heat and humidity. Plus, I ride a motorcycle and, other than warm winters, Florida is a terrible place to ride. Too flat and no curves. Then there are the deadly Florida Blue Hairs who feed on motorcyclists (but then, they come up to North Carolina in the summer anyway).

  11. My sinuses always clear up in Florida. I love the heat and humidity…and the beaches..and the warm sun…and Guppy’s restaurant on the Gulf Coast near St. Petersburg. Delicious escargot.

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