1. Awesome. Way to go Vic. Thanks for everything you have done to put IUBB back at the top and best wishes to you in your NBA career. Just a few more games to go in your IU career and I have faith you will help guide us to Atlanta.

  2. Has he said he was going pro? I am still holding out hope that he comes back for 1 more year.

  3. Janet – it’s not a given, but he’s graduating this spring and his draft stock can only go down. He’s a projected top 5 pick.

  4. I like how Sporting News chose their player on the basis of what he does for his team and the moments he creates. With sportscenter and all this media frenzy we sometimes focus too much on stats and forget what really makes a great player. Oladipo has created so much excitement for the fans, the team, and the whole country. The crean dynasty couldn’t have started with a better group of players to set the tone.

  5. It has been a real privilege to watch Oladipo over these three years. He is certainly deserving of every award he gets.

  6. He’s graduating? Roth didn’t need his final year of eligibility and nor does Vic. Whether Vic wants the chance to be an cornfield hero for another year instead of the women and fame and money and big house and big car..that come with being an NBA player with rather narrow offensive skills that likely won’t ever make 1/3 the impact an Eric Gordon yet to unleash his full NBA potential, Vic should do the right thing and let the scholarship open up for someone else. Matt did the right thing. Take your degree and your suitcase and leave.

    And who knows…If you stay for one more year, you might have just as showstopping season as Christian Watford. Poor Watty…He probably listened to all the experts(including his coach)that told him his chances for the NBA would benefit from another year at Indiana. Thanks to those experts, he likely missed his only shot at the big bucks. His stock was never higher than an ESPY award would take him. He’s now the forgotten Hoosier playing a backseat role.

  7. What a great pic. And some great statements above that really address the selection of the POY, clearly Sporting News got it right. Lil Hoosier points out what Oladipo makes absolutely critical and obvious, the POY has impact beyond PPG, RPG, APG…he leads a team to achieving in all facets, and especially in the one the media completely misses the boat on when they spin the stats almost exclusively; the part of the game that is played without the ball as well as the 100% of the game that comes from non-measurables such as those exemplified by Victor Oladipo and the part that makes the Champions-D-E-F-E-N-S-E.

    No better way to say It’s Indiana than by pointing at Victor Oladipo!

    Congratulations to you Victor Oladipo, not even close as far as who the top and most accomplished player in the country is. Congratulations to Coach Crean for having seen the potential to be the POY when Victor was in high school. Congratulations to the staff that nurtured the talent taught and developed the best all-around player in the United States. And, congratulations to the rest of the team that knew and assumed the responsibility in playing and sharing themselves with their teammate-Victor.

    And, a big congratulations to my brother (sister) alumni and fellow IU fans who see and know the whole game of basketball; and have created this environment the inhales and exhales ’roundball’, applauds, cheers, encourages and always supports the true hero out of humble, rounded, super-likeable, decent and charismatic all around human being/student-athlete/basketball players that is Our Victor Oladipo.

    And, a tremendous measure of humble thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Oladipo, Victor’s sisters and the entire Oladipo clan here and in Nigeria for the ‘heart’ it shares through this great family.

    So proud I am your Hoosier Brother.

  8. Tsao-

    I wonder if you got so caught up in Victor that you missed what Hoosier Scoop failed to inform you?

    Did you see who Sporting News picked as Coach of the Year? These journalists know their stuff.

    What’s the old saying…? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?

  9. Crews is a good choice… I’ve seen that team play a couple times and they are ferocious. Personally I thinks it’s Larranaga, but no argument with Crews.

    I still can’t believe that Roth gave up his NBA dreams and un-declared from the draft for a chance to come back and get a second Masters Degree, only to have his roster spot taken after he celebrated his departure on Senior Night and accepted his framed jersey.

  10. Yup, he accepted his framed jersey along with Dustin’s piece that told of a kid that never was extended the decency of a phone call when all he ever communicated was his heartfelt desire to play out his final year of eligibility as a Hoosier. He had no choice but a ceremonial end. He knew he was as marked a man as what Crean displayed with Jeff Meyer. Let’s not forget that Matt Roth came to play for Sampson. I wonder how many times he felt the pious and judgmental anger? I wonder how many practices he could see it in Crean’s eyes with all the same distaste we saw the actions unfold with Meyer? Always knowing that there was a bigot with a grudge forever staring at him with the same preachy labels he wasn’t a true Hoosier. I would have taken that framed picture and broke it over his head.

    And I also remember many arguments on Scoop that claimed no matter his value as one of the best perimeter threats in the nation, if the kid has his degree, then he should move aside and let Peter Jurkin play a game of ‘how to tie a pair of shoes’ in his place.

    1. Harvard,
      Don’t take this the wrong way, but we’re going to put you in time out for a bit. There’s a big difference between the points of racial diversity Geoff is arguing and your inappropriate sexual hyperbole.

  11. Wow.
    Harvard must be stewing in a cesspool of his own hatred. He just can’t handle the success of this IU team, this IU coach and these individual players.

    A wonderful young man (by all accounts) EARNS the award of player of the year, and all he can do is post negative comments. Half expect to read a story of Harvard’s demise–aneurysm burst when he was fighting off the spectral demons of IU basketball.

    What a wonderful recognition for Mr. Oladipo. Well deserved, well earned. We are privileged to watch him play at IU.

  12. Congratulations Victor and thanks for all the spectacular memories. Hopefully in the next few weeks there will be more to come!

  13. There’a difference between CWat hoping to secure a spot in the draft with another season and Victor passing up a shot as a top 5 pick.

    That’s gonna be very hard to turn down, especially with your degree in hand.

    It would be hard for a coach to suggest he return and attend grad school while risking an injury.

    I’d love to have him back but it’s hard to come up with a reason that would be in his best interest.

  14. Florida Hoosier girl, do you live in Gainesville and have relatives in Indiana?

  15. A couple comments:

    1. Lil Hoosier, #4 was a great post. You articulated VO’s appeal beautifully.

    2. Why would anyone expect VO stay at IU for a fourth year? He’ll have his degree, he’ll have won the Big Ten Championship outright, he’ll have been selected for numerous national and conference honors and awards, he’ll have won a National Championship, and he’ll be a multimillionaire in about six months. It’s kind of selfish and silly to expect a young man in his circumstances not to take his talent to the next level and secure his financial future. Why would anyone take the risk of a career-ending injury, which could cost him tens of millions of dollars, to come and play for another year in college? Now, if he had a lot of work to do to finish his degree, one might be able to justify his return. But the young man exceeded just about every expectation a parent, a coach, and a Hoosier fan could have had. He’s not quite finished at IU, but when he is, he should go and we should all wish him well and remember him as one of Iu’s greats.

  16. Harvard, sorry and thank you for the heads up on Crews. I had not seen it. A spectacularly busy day. A friend from Argentina in the 1970’s, early in his career, (1975+-) who I met through other friends, visited his house, had meetings and shared a couple of meals with him and visited him again in 1996, was named Pope today. Pope Francis, previously Fr. (then Cardinal) Jorge Bergoglio As would be the case, among the important things we discussed, we devoted time to talking about soccer-(he’s a big San Lorenzo fan and I am rabid Boca)… Hard to believe!

    How do you demand the ball from the Pope?

    It is incredible, have heard throughout the day from other friends and laughing with a couple (over email). One incident we remember came in a little pick-up game at a park one Saturday (in 1975-76), he (the Pope) lifted lifted him up in the air with a sweeping foul and, on the way down, the guy (JPFranco) yelled out…’Jesus Christ Father!!!’

    What’s going on HfH? Was the ‘Time Out justified’? I’ll read Scoop in a minute. I’m glad for Jim Crews..he was always a really decent guy while at IU and I did see a couple of SLU’s games. He did a heck of a job replacing another Great this year and last, Rick Majerus. Things did not turn out well for Jim at West Point (where my son went to school) and I am glad to see him get a second chance. That speaks miles for Majerus (if I recall, you’d written a note when Majerus passed as well). Majerus was more than a decent man, and Jimmy Crews served him really well when Majerus got sick. Glad and he has proven a hell of a coach.

    Not surprisingly Crews is a branch from the Knight tree. BTW, Knight, who was rabidly anti-corruption and a couple got in trouble (elsewhere) and were fired. When their sanctions ended, Knight gave them a second chance and hired them when they needed it. Don’t know how it ended up for them (I seem to remember in one case ok and in another not so good), but it says a lot about loyalty as a value in athletics as long as it doesn’t interfere with ‘doing things the right way).

    Anyway…when are you back? Just keep it smart Banners. Don’t see the distinction Price is making but I think they removed the post he referred to.

    1. TTG,
      All of the posts (much more than one) referred to have been removed. Not a matter of right or wrong, just simply not appropriate for this forum.

  17. Tsao-

    Chet read the post that was deleted…He made a comment in reference to it. I’ll accept Jeremy’s decision that is was too provocative. It was mainly made to make a point that many stereotypes exist about topflight athletes and what fuels their desires. My stereotype example involved the lure of beautiful girls and how stardom can infect percieved levels of dominance and submission in the college campus dating scene where innocence is ripe to be stolen.

    Many stereotypes exist about who should define what is considered “hip.” Many stereotypes exist about different parts of the country.

    There can be inferences made based on census correlations and tendencies(economic vitality, income classes, race, avg. age of a population, etc) that can unfairly stereotype a college, a town, a neighborhood, state, an area within a state.

    Personally, I don’t believe the success of a particular college’s athletic program has a hell of a lot to do with how progressive or “hip” the school or the town.

    There are so many options for a young person. I tend to have greater respect for someone that makes choices outside of the box and doesn’t necessarily follow the trends of those that seek something because it’s the “hip” thing to do.

    Friendship can be found anywhere. Love and dreams can meet on any street. I understand that athletes with the greatest chances to play a game at the highest level want to have the best chances their skills be presented on teams with great tradition and exposure. But I see nothing beneficial in making unfair inferences about a college or town that may not be the most attractive place for the athlete that desires a grander limelight and greatest opportunity to put his/her skills of full display in front of national audiences. Some programs, with the landing of just a couple top stars(whether those stars are from the school’s backyard or a cross-country recruiting path), can catapult very quickly to unexpected exposure.

    Would love to ramble more on this topic, but I’ve gotta get some sleep..

    I once knew a Pope when I was in high school..Seriously, the kid’s last name was ‘Pope.’ The family owned a farm in Northwest Indiana. So quit thinking your so damn special.

  18. “New Pope”??!!

    I thought they said there was a “New Coke”.

    Never mind. Doesn’t affect me.

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