1. Jeremy – I read something yesterday (i think on espn.com) where the writer makes a quip about Stern being able to fine CTC one day. In your interactions with CTC has he ever indicated he wants to coach in the NBA one day? Do you get the impression he will coach in the NBA at some point?

    1. Well, since Stern is retiring from the NBA, unless he takes over the NCAA, the fine is not happening. But, no, I don’t recall any mention of wanting to coach in the NBA. You never say never, though. I could see it. It wasn’t too long ago Michigan State’s Tom Izzo was weighing a jump to the NBA (Cleveland, I think it was. Good career choice by him to stay put). With a few more years of sustained success at IU, Crean could very well face a similar decision.

  2. Who was the coach at ISU when Larry Bird became a Sycamore? Did everyone know that Bird would be one the greatest to ever play in the NBA?

    Did not landing a future legend of the NBA game prevent Bobby Knight from winning NCAA championships?

    How many college football coaches in the late 70s were envisioning Walter Payton evolving into what is considered one of the top five running backs to ever play in the NFL?

    Where is the credit to all the college coaches that were immensely ahead of the curve in identifying the true icons that changed professional sports?

    How could we have ever allowed Larry Bird to be ignored on the streets of Bloomington?

    Today, we make these kids into gods before they’ve ever put on a uniform at the professional level. Wasn’t it far more beautiful to watch them blossom without all the hoopla? And with all the hype are we killing the chance at a natural evolution of an athlete that may be a late bloomer? Are we closing doors by way of over-studying and pigeonholing athletes before they enter a sophomore year of high school? Are we ruining the games by breaking dreams with such microscopic examinations and exacting probabilities that can predict the future icons before they step on foot onto the biggest stages? Nothing left to the imagination leaves nothing left to the dream of it all. Much like they killed the one class system of high school hoops in Indiana. The probabilities were just too small that a Scott Skiles and four unsung gems could take a small town all the way to a championship. Create more classes…Create more divisions…More experts..More rankings…More fantasy drafts…More round holes for their round pegs..More information for less dreams. And we wonder why the gyms are empty? High school..college…It’s everywhere..Always someone deemed the right to be the “expert” where all the ‘stars’ in the galaxy of sports are found. They kill dreams before the seeds barely sprout from the ground.

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