1. Yeah… I heard both sides of this debate. In general, I think how you handle it depends on the personality of your team, but then it also inherently defines the personality of your team.

    If you are concerned about the fragility of your teams confidence, and therefore want to take the focus off the ass-whooping you just took, and put it on the positive accomplishments of the season, then having that ceremony makes complete sense. But now you’re admitting that your team has shaky confidence and needs to be stroked. However, if that’s what the team needs to move on and perform then you can’t just ignore the personality of the team you have, even if you helped create it.

    The other side is canceling the net-cutting portion of the festivities and telling your team they don’t deserve it after that performance. If you take this route you better believe that your team is tough enough to handle the lack of success they’re currently mired in. If not, they could crumble further. If so, then you are lighting the fire under their ass they need to make a run in the tournament.

    There’s no question this team is very talented – in my opinion they’re the most talented team in the country. There’s also no question that they’re also a bit soft. Not always. But they aren’t very good at playing on their heals. They aren’t soft when they’re playing from ahead, they just don’t respond well to getting punched in the face. More Mike Tyson than Ricky Hatton.

    We won’t know if this is a good move until we see them play on Sunday.

    Either way I think this has more to do with celebrating what these seniors have accomplished – going from inheriting a team that went 1-17 in the B1G and improving to the point where IU was ranked #1 in the country and won a B1G championship. I’m not sure this will happen going forward. This group of seniors ushers out the excuses for us to look back and celebrate the journey. I think, and I hope, that Crean will concentrate on the present going forward.

  2. When IU started the season they played like a team. Now I see a lot of run and shoot style basketball. The starters are different, and I believe there are three starters on the team who think they have to show their talents, hopefully to attract the NBA, and I am not talking about Zeller. If the coach is reading this, which I doubt he would, you need to bring this team back to playing as a team, and remove those players who are trying to be a superstar. If you don’t you will continue to lose important games.

  3. John, could you provide some specificity to your point. I would love to systematically prove how ridiculous that sounds. It’s kinda my thing.

  4. I think what John is referring to it Vic’s play in the second half. I recognized it in real time, and while it’s much more a gut-call than evidence-based conclusion, he seemed to play for the first time like he needed to be the superstar. After the first half foul trouble, it seemed to me that Vic felt he had to take the game over offensively, which has never been his game. His has always been a “let the game come to me” style of play– doing all the little things and then exploding when the opportunity arose– and it just seemed for several possessions he was pressing the action too much. That takes us out of our offense, and when we get stagnant as a team, we’ve shown we can have trouble getting back on track. Especially against a team playing as well defensively as OSU was.

  5. I had zero problem with cutting down the nets other than it had to come after such a tough loss. Geoff, I think your last paragraph in #2 sums it up. It was about this group of seniors having such a special place in Hoosier hearts. It was about celebrating what was undoubtedly the most unlikely class of champions. It was about them leading us from the doldrums to the pinnacle of the best basketball conference in America. Bittersweet that we had to do it immediately after the loss, but our seniors deserved it. And our fans deserve it. Let’s just hope the journey isn’t over just yet.

  6. (Punjab, I know you aren’t taking a hard stance on this like John, but here are my general thoughts)

    I agree that Vic forced things in the second half. However, it wasn’t like it was effecting his defense. He took 6 shots all game. He scored all his ponts in the second half I believe. He blocked 2 fast break lay-ups in the last 5 minutes. If John believes Crean “should remove” the front-runner for national POY then I think he is a fool. Kid plays with more energy and passion than just about anyone in the country. He energizes the team and the fans with his defense and clutch plays. He creates turnovers and forces his man to take tough shots (hats off to Craft for hitting 2 in his grill as the shot clock was sounding off)

    Yeah… Lets remove him from a tight game because he forced a couple plays on offense.

    Listen, I agree he forced things, but the easiest way to break that up is to call a set for Cody or Watford… Not bench your most impactful player when you’re trying to win the B1G title.


  7. Geoff, I should’ve included a disclaimer that I wasn’t advocating the removal of Vic from the game. (Or any starter, for that matter.) He’s too important in all aspects. Indeed, i wasn’t even thinking about “removing the players” when i wrote #5. John’s post merely triggered a talking point that bothered me while I was watching the game.

    Oladipo was always the quiet superstar of this team up until a few weeks ago. Last night, the ESPN recap of the entire game was basically a highlight film of Vic’s game– foul trouble, dunk, three point shot, and blocks. They barely mentioned OSU at all, and they won the game. Vic is now the darling of the national media. Deservedly so. I just hope he remembers to focus on how he became the darling– by doing all the little things to get a win, letting the SC Top Ten highlights take care of themselves, and not try and turn this stretch run into an audition for the NBA lottery. That’s the point I was trying to make.

  8. I think there’s a some validity in John’s post #3.

    Then again, it was so much easier for OSU to play spoiler to a party, build the imaginary “we’re not getting our due respect” chip on the shoulder, coming into a scene where all the champagne bottles and media attention were already aimed at our team’s locker room.

    They’ve had quite the nightmares and ghosts in the rear view mirror of some dreadful beatings…Maybe we shouldn’t be too hard on them for getting a bit too caught up in the party of such a stunning turnaround. It would be intoxicating to any of us to rise so quickly from painted irrelevance to Doug Gottlieb suddenly calling you a “favorite” to win it all, slathers tanning lotion all over your back in front of millions of ESPN listeners, all the while holding his hand over his mouth to play it safe with his vomit reflex.

    If I could be on a team that could turn things around so quickly that your worst enemies had no choice but to apply thick disingenuous praise….? I’d probably be celebrating before the party actually began as well. Hard to just blame VO for getting caught up in an accomplishment and momentous turnaround so rare that the Establishment with all their inherent hatred of Indiana must still play it safe and bet on the Hoosiers.

    We can only hope that, post-OSU loss, Seth and Doug can find their anti-IU spit-wad shooters and take some more cheap shots at our team just before the tournament. Seth % Co. best bring out their true ‘blue’ colors they so admire….I feel dirty when they’re praising Hoosiers. The only thing worse than patting ourselves to much the backside is to watch Gottlieb pull out the bottle of baby oil and rub our lower backside with his smirk lotion.

    Hope the Establishment-SPN is putting the lotion back under the desk and doubting the cream and crimson again.

  9. The best part of that video is that there are no fans in the stands and no one cheering.

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