Andre Kates signs with Baltimore Ravens

The curious story of Andre Kates continues. The former Indiana cornerback/safety who was a former junior college national player of the year but saw little time at IU and transferred after one year has signed an undrafted free agent contract with the Baltimore Ravens. This according to Virginia Union’s website. 

Kates played last season at Virginia Union and recorded five interceptions.


  1. Dustin – after reading Cam Coffman’s reaction to the Collins announcement on Twitter I was wondering if you guys have done/are doing a story on IU players and their use of social media? I follow as many IU players as I can because it’s an ego boost for them but I find myself unfollowing a lot after some of the awful language and subjects they tweet about.

  2. Wilson said Monday night and Tuesday that the Hoosiers will let practice play out to decide who starts. Though he isn’t thrilled about the idea of in-season competition at the quarterback spot, a position where stability is more important than other spots that are more effective with multi-player rotations, he said he believes Coffman and Sudfeld have the right mentalities for it.

    “They’re both pretty good,” Wilson said. “They’ve got great families. Christian families.

    Build it and they will come. Social media definitely has its positives. It certainly provides insights into recruits motives and the religious extremism that is filtering into the IU sports culture.

    It’s rather sad how it perpetuates what has always been the national Establishment’s constant attempts at painting Indiana as backward.

    Crean is more careful on his twitter page than a young Coffman, but it is no less displays our institution in reverse as it pertains to acceptance of diversity, embracing all faiths, and social tolerance.

    The extremist Christian beliefs is what they are packaging. They don’t take it to Lipscomb or Oral Roberts because those institutions have become more liberal and tolerant of varied faiths and stances on social issues than what they can get away with at desperate Indiana.

  3. A coworker said something to me a few weeks ago that couldn’t have summed it up better…

    “Religion targets the weak.”

    When you think of where IU football has been and what IU basketball(post overreaction to the Sampson lynching) was attempting to crawl out of….? Yup, he couldn’t have summed it up better.

  4. Harvard- wow, what a grand, original and thoroughly cutting egde thought. No one has EVER said anything like that before! In fact, when Marx called religion the “opiate of the people,” he was simply projecting into the future to harness the genius of your co-worker!

  5. Before my thought gets hijacked by HH, I unfollow IU players for using the n-word and misogynistic tweets. To see players and recruits tweet garbage while being followed by coaches is beyond stupid in my eyes.

    My issue with Cam’s tweet wasn’t about religion but his lack of understanding about civil rights and discrimination. He needs to understand that while he wears an IU uniform her represents the entire University when he speaks/tweets.

  6. seriously?-

    I seriously doubt you’ve ever known anything outside your massive intellect. Forgive me for quoting just an ‘average Joe’ that I work with at my average job. It’s not a high paying job..Certainly not the type of job a college grad would likely lower their standards to perform.

    The young man I’m quoting seems to be a decent guy..He’s a family man..He and his wife just celebrated having their first child. He’s originally from Mexico and he is currently part of the U.S. Army Reserves.. We were actually talking about the terror attacks at the Boston Marathon..I said that I couldn’t understand how such a young seemingly normal college kid could get so infected with hatred as to take the lives of innocent children and innocent bystanders…He didn’t respond with any radical hate-inspired spiel that can be pretty ugly and typical. I guess it just sorta seemed such a raw truth..His point of view was quick.He didn’t need 10 minutes to over-analyze and cloud the issue with multiple reasons someone might do something so removed from compassion and love for a fellow human being. I liked his answer. It caught me a bit off guard because he showed very little care to other coworkers overhearing his tiny and unimportant retort….Religion targets the weak.

    Higher institutions of learning may also suck in the weak…Those that hide behind the walls of their presumed intellect to condescend instead of defend freedom or become productive members of society. Somewhere we got lost in this country and allowed our institutions to become hiding grounds and breeding grounds for idleness and a snidely existence the haughty-mouthed that prefer to talk down and live out wasted years where contempt fills the space of anything that a once honest man found happiness in an honest days’ work. It’s the whore never getting out of bed from the fruits of capitalism.

  7. And what if, let’s say, I said to my co-worker Harvard “religion creates meaning and purpose for the lives of the downtrodden?” Would be citing me on this thread? No, of course not, because in that case i wouldn’t conform to his preconceived idea of what religion is.

    Because I confirmed what he already knows, Harvard made me his “Joe the Plumber” for his scoop argument.

  8. ‘Joe the Plumber’ would more likely have used your quote than Harvard’s. He’d probably have used words with fewer syllables, though.

    Personally, I’d say both of your quotes are valid. It’s all about context.

  9. “Higher institutions of learning may also suck in the weak. Those that hide behind the walls of their presumed intellect to condescend instead of defend freedom or become productive members of society. Somewhere we got lost in this country and allowed our institutions to become hiding grounds and breeding grounds for idleness and a snidely existence the haughty-mouthed that prefer to talk down and live out wasted years where contempt fills the space of anything that a once honest man found happiness in an honest days’ work. It’s the whore never getting out of bed from the fruits of capitalism”

    Gee, that is ironic coming from you. I think the actual idea is “People target the weak,” and Religion gets bastardized in the process by people like you.

  10. He needs to understand that while he wears an IU uniform her represents the entire University when he speaks/tweets.

    And Tom Crean needs to understand the same…He’s promoting and breeding the culture of exclusion with his propping up of Christianity as the ONLY religion. Would he be given such leeway if he were making all his prophecies and selling all his extremist ‘one faith’ doctrines if he were reading from a “book” not of Christian faith?

    Here’s what it should be about for a basketball coach at a public institution..It should be about basketball. Sell hoops. Sell your great knowledge of the game. Don’t use Indiana’s platform of liberal principles and acceptance to sell your narrow perspectives. And don’t use the stage of live cameras to accuse people not given the due process that our constitution and civil liberties strive to protect with your thick pious tongue.

    He never stops using the camera to convict. And whether they’re innocent or guilty should not be within his power to slander and shout to the heavens. And why is it allowed? It’s a tolerance all his bigotry and public lynchings lives within because it is wrapped in the veil of his plastic public professions on “social media” and his plastic faith.

  11. H4H,

    If you don’t believe in higher education and you don’t care for our basketball or football coaches then why are you on this message board? Seems there would be nothing here to interest you.

  12. Never said that I don’t believe in higher education. I believe it is being used as a shelter(a play now, pay never, shelter)where extremists and idle worshipers can blend.

    I believe higher education needs more purpose(other than an avenue for the comfortable to condescend) and more direct channels hope to empower the “downtrodden” toward gainful employment where there is a connect between the cost and benefit(especially to the future taxpayers that will inherit the debt of the massive defaults on the billions in government subsidized college loans).

    And simply because I believe our coach needs to quiet his thick tongue has nothing to do with my love for Indiana basketball and the hope our public institutions representing our state embrace acceptance and differences rather than separation, professions of one supreme faith, and the positioning of its value systems toward growing intolerance.

  13. Wow. This may be the worst string in the history of The Hoosier Scoop.

  14. Harvard, just thought I’d toss this out there. A local mega church is having a right-wing-o-thon coming up. It’s sponsored by homophobe fast food king Chi-fil-et (or however you spell it) with Jack Welch (the guy who invented outsourcing while CEO of GE), Condi Rice (the National Security Advisor leading up to 911), some deposed fascist dictator and…drumroll please…Coach K of Duke.

    Soooo, how are CTC’s tweets looking about now?

  15. GE = Government Electric. Took over the whole gig. Getting plenty of government help, yet sending it all overseas. Good ol’government. .

    Not much of a mega church fan. So eti es the worship is more like a routine. Hard to explain. Joel Olsteen is a good example. Good speaker, but wayyyyy to big.

  16. Chet- Harvard will find a way to exalt Coach K’s fanaticism as “genuine” and “sincere”, just to maintain his rebellious, conventionally non-conventional blog identity.

    Also, Condi Rice is not really a conservative, or not an American one, anyway. Too talented and too smart; probably too aware of the complexities of the modern world. She had a shot at being Romney’s VP, and would have probably tipped the scales to his favor, but alas, she wasn’t dogmatic enough, and showed an ability to think independently.

  17. I thought we were supposed to be discussing andre kates, probably the most beloved iu football player of all time.

  18. I don’t know a lot about coach K….but I am relatively certain that he is in much better favor with the God that opened the gates for all that seek IU as their coaching heaven. Because of this simple truth, a life of nonacceptance and zero validation from the supreme hoops being is a living hell.

  19. Pictures are worth a 1000 words. Tweets are worth a 1000 turds.

  20. “I don’t know much”…? Wasn’t that an Aaron Neville song? When I look at that photo of Crean attempting to be validated by coach Knight, that’s the song I envision.

  21. Top 10 song choices for a Tom Crean and Bob Knight special bonding moment?

    10. Don’t Know Much(Aaron Neville & Linda Ronstadt)

    9. ?

  22. Intermission as one of Bobby’s Hoosiers goes all Bruin to put a hurtin’ on #8.

  23. Ben, you made me chuckle. The government took over GE. That’s pretty funny. Did you notice your typo?

    You put them in the wrong order.

    GE spent over $30,000,000.00 in lobbying and political contributions last year.

    Do you really think they’d do that if they had been taken over by the government?

    They also paid $0 in Federal corporate taxes.

    That $30,000,000.00 was a VERY good investment.

  24. Correct Chet, that $30m insures the corporate tax code(35% before loopholes)does not get changed to drastically. Works great for the huge corps but is damn hard on the guy incorporated with 59 employees. Also GE’s Immelt helped head up BO’s jobs commission for 3+ years. How did that work out for us? Just as the stimulus did, this is all part of the making more millionaires into billionaires.

  25. …Gotta remember corporations are people too. When it’s convenient.

    …Hanner, at this point anything more than 5 minutes a game could be considered a break-out year. But I do think he will be an important cog in the system. Next season will be fun.

    …Anybody heard from Harvard? Seems like he has disappeared.

    …The new young lady soon-to-be-Hoosier. Hope she adjusts to campus life. May be tough to mix the social, academic and athletic enviroments. From what I read she is a well adjusted individual. Good job Coach.

    …Wonder if the coach warns new recruits/parents to stay away from the Hoosier Scoop? I sure would.

    …Something like $3 billion in bets during the first 4 days of the NCAA tourney. Between sports, lotteries and the stock market lots of money from betting. Keeping the economy strong.

    …Sorry for the interruption…back to the motorcycle riding.

  26. Ron, I enjoyed those thoughts. When it comes to betting do not forget this Saturday. Mint Julep anyone?

  27. HC, tickets are still available. Plenty of them.

    Asheville is the last place on Earth for that confab. Our city is to the left of Berkeley. That gang should put on their show in some right wing dump like Gastonia.

    I was reading in the paper today that we have the lowest unemployment and the fastest job growth in the state. We also have the best schools, numerous alternative energy manufacturers, plentiful museums, parks, and galleries, gay friendly employers and regulations which has brought many imaginative entrepreneurs and their businesses (Apple, Google, and Facebook have all recently built facilities in the area), great health care (Gabby Giffords did all her rehab here), many opportunities for various types of assistance and health care for veterans, great public transportation including alternative fueled vehicles. Asheville is by far the most liberal city in North Carolina. It’s a great place to live and raise a family.

    The legislature is currently doing everything it can to dismantle our local government and put it under control of Raleigh (I guess that’s what they mean by ‘small government’). The fact that everything works efficiently, workers are well paid, and the well informed population receives a great education goes against everything they believe. The legislature wants to bring Asheville to its knees in order to make it more like much of the rest of North Carolina.

    You know…bad schools, low wages, no benefits, high unemployment, homophobic, few city services, poor health care, i.e. Republican Nirvana.

  28. HC, twenty-three years ago my wife and I went to the Derby with my cousins. They had inherited box seats that have been in the family forever. Best seats at Churchill Downs. We had a great time.

    One year later, on Derby Day, my daughter was born.

    Ron, I’m hoping for a break in the rain myself. All the leaves have come out and the roads are calling me.

    My daughter is gonna staying with us this summer before starting grad school, so we have a dog sitter. I have a few motorcycle trips in mind, starting with the Natchez Trace. I haven’t traveled it since I was a kid and never on a motorcycle. Perfect for the Triumph.

    There’s also the Trans America Trail. It’s an off road collection of trails and gravel roads that can take you from east Tennessee to the Pacific Coast without riding on pavement.

    There’s a similar route from Kallispell, MT, to the Mexican border along the Rockies ridgeline. All off pavement.

    Those trips are the reason I bought the KLRs. It’s about time I took the trips. They aren’t gonna get any easier.

  29. Chet,

    Research shows the United States Government/GE/NBC have a VERY close working relationship. GE is sure hellbent on efficient energy, only because the president is breathing down their back. Essentially saying”. Do as I say, or no more bailouts”. “Fat Bonuses”. I’ll never own a Government Motors car again either. Same deal..

  30. No doubt. Couldn’t get much closer. GE is the one pulling the strings, though. It’s pretty obvious. Follow the money. They currently own 70 Congressmen.

    The Treasury will end up making quite a bit of money on the auto loans. The now repaid with interest auto loans saved us from another Republican Great Depression (which is how the ‘Great Depression’ was referred to prior to WWII). If the US auto industry collapsed the Repubs would have gotten the Depression they so desperately wanted.

    My last two cars were American-made, a Subaru and a Honda. I could care less which multinational conglomerate gets my money but I do want it built by an American auto worker, preferably union.

  31. I’m anti union Chet. I saw my fathers career go up in flames, because of the greedy unions. Overpaid/Lazy, and usually can get away with anything, because the actual company itself is powerless. It made me sick how people abused the system. Always on sick leave, long term for years.. No wonder why it went under. Dad worked for Dana Corporation in Syracuse, Indiana. Too bad. He was one of the good ones.

    Now I don’t hate the people, just what a union stands for. I understand why they originally started, but personally think they are more of a hassle, then what it’s worth.

  32. Capitalism is a great thing Chet. Bailouts are silly. Companies rise and fall daily. Companies that fall are always absorbed, and made better. I would have let car companies lime Government Motors, Chrysler collapse. Just an abuse to an honest tax payer like myself.

    I am not die hard republican. I care less about either party. I came to the realization this year at age 32 if you put your heart and soul into “your candidate”, you will be disipointed.

  33. kates had great foot speed. and fantastic eye vision. and let us not forget his brain intelligence.

  34. Ben, do you enjoy your weekends? How about health insurance? Vacations? Planning on retiring some day? Forty hour work week (as opposed to 80)? Safe working conditions (read “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair sometime or how about the 3 year life span of a copper miner due to silica in the air)? Like knowing you can’t be fired because your sister won’t sleep with the boss? How about an occasional pay raise?

    I understand you’re young and find it hard to imagine but before unions there were no weekends, no vacations, no health insurance, no such thing as retirement, your job might cause our death in weeks or months, rarely did anyone ever get a pay raise, you could be fired for any reason. ALL these things are due to unions. Do you think the Robber Barons just decided on these things out of the goodness of their hearts?

    You need to study a little history.

  35. Yes, Chet, that’s him.

    Ben, Chet is attempting to give you union talking points the Depts. of Labor has had a handle on for 50+ years and squeeze employers tighter every year. Remember any freebies a union promises comes from the pockets of its customers. The “Robber Barons”(risk takers) get theirs regardless. Union put Hostess(Twinkies and Wonder Bread)out of business and 18,000 emplyees out of work. The reason, work rules. An example of 1 those rules, Twinkies or Wonder Bread could not be delivered to the same store in the same truck with the other. That is just 1 way a union successfully gets deeper into the customers pocket to expand “freebies” for its dues payers. They also do an excellent job of protecting the piss poor employees(dues payer)that need to fired, as your Father knows 1st hand. At 32 your skepticism and questions are notable and needed by our young generation. Rock the boat.

  36. I really like how the police union in Indianapolis is paying the legal cost for the drunk-on-duty police man who ran down 3 bikers killing one.

  37. Just love thos Faux News myths.

    “Risk takers”? That’s hilarious.

    HC, did you know that the railroads were a completely government subsidized stimulus program? Those “risk takers” put up exactly zero of their own capital. All they did was get fabulously wealthy on the government’s (our great…grandparents’) dime. Just like today.

    Yep, it’s been going on for a long time.

    Just like the “risk takers” that built the Interstate Highways (another stimulus program).

    Or, the “risk takers” (mostly Dick Cheney’s Halliburton) that skimmed billions off the top burning down Iraq so they could do a shabby job of rebuilding it.

    Most of those “risk takers” never risked a thing. A least not like the workers that died making them rich for a pittance.

    “Risk takers” are small business people like me (and probably HC). The robber barons never risked anything. They filled a need and were paid lavishly for it. Few of them ever put up a dime of their own money and never risked their own lives.

    That was for the laborers to do.

    Ben, read. Study some history. Real history, not Fox News history. Nothing could be farther from the truth than that tripe. Read Upton Sinclair, Studs Terkel, Steven Ashby. Don’t confuse entertainment with education.

    Take a look at Chinese or Bangladesh sweat shops. That’s what happens when you don’t have organized labor.

  38. Ron, that is truly offensive. Couldn’t agree more.

    No system is perfect. Look how many war criminals the US is covering for right now.

  39. Chet,

    I know my history. My father taught me the rights and wrongs of a union merely by observing.

    For your info: I am off every weekend. I started the year with 203 hours of vacation. (5 years of service). I pay 20.00 every 2 weeks for my BC/BS insurance. I started my 401K at age 19. I remember my Mom and Dad always stressing me to save my money. Thankfully where I work now, they match. I am a 35 hour a week associate, still considered Full Time. I will in the Oncology business.

    Thankfully we aren’t a union. We take very good care of our associates. I think we do quite well managing the company, without union influence.

    The difference is this. Unions are reckless with money. You make more, but fail to think long term how they will continue to pay out wages, and retirement. Non unions work in their own means. Better ran, and more careful with their cash on hand.

    I had a good childhood, cause Dad worked for a greedy union, and made excellent money. Dad was one of the good ones. Never missed work. Again, I don’t hate the people, just the dummies who make these lucrative promises, and know damn well they can’t pay it out in 30 years.

  40. I do like to read, and wrote down your suggestions Chet. Oh, I don’t let Fox News run my life. Just when I need a quick update, they fit my personal needs.

  41. Beings I live in Alabama, I can be fired for any reason. Ugly Hoosier shirts, making fun of Auburn Tigers, etc. I think Alabama is the only state that don’t need a reason to fire. I wish Indiana was like that, for my fathers sake. They could have fired the lazy thugs years ago, even with union protection.

    Mom and Dad was so close to their dream. Dad retiring from Dana Corporation, and moving to Panama City Beach, FL and being beach bums. Renting a small home, and forget about it. Granted, we made to Dothan, AL which is 60 miles from Panama City, but now my father is working 12 hour days, 6 days a week. He’s tired and grumpy, because he did all that in Indiana, to achieve the dream. It breaks my heart. Again, had they just cleaned up, been more reasonable with their “promises”, maybe the company could have made it.

  42. Ben, again Chet gives names and facts that support his slant for unions. He forgets about people like Kemmons Wilson, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Bell or Edison(successful risk takers). If you read those authors(favorites of the left and academia)you will indeed be polar opposite of FOX News. Remember Hostess Brands mentioned above? How about our U.S. steel companies pre-1982? Remember Chrysler before Iacocca? IH in Fort Wayne, Indiana? Or almost as recent as Hostess Brands, the Saturn division of Government Motors?

    Chet, I call em as I see em. If you want to label me for it be bold and do so in red ink. It does me no damage and is no consequence as to whether the sun comes up tomorrow.

  43. I’m not sure you get it, Ben. That vacation, 401k, weekends, insurance (When I was your age BCBC was non-profit, no co-pay, no deductible, they paid every bill. When they were non-profit there was plenty of money to pay every claim.) NEVER WOULD HAVE EXISTED except for unions.

    They are considered a way of life now, thanks to organized labor. Pay attention, though. Places like South Carolina (and, recently, Indiana) became the hilariously named ‘right-to-work’ (for less) states.

    I’ve seen it all so I’ll tell you what comes next.

    That $20 bucks every two weeks will go up (though not nearly as much as it would have before the Affordable Care Act got passed limiting rate increases). The 401k matching? Kiss it goodbye. The matching part, that is.

    I’d try to get that 35 hours bumped up to 40 if you can. You have very few rights in the workplace under 40 hours (which may be why they have you at 35).

    Every state that has adopted ‘right-to-work’ (for less) pays less than corresponding (economically) states. Their real wage has also dropped since passage of the laws. Every…single…one.

    Hospitals are, by and large, good employers. Their labor requirements are varying levels of ‘semi skilled’ to ‘skilled’ to ‘technical’ to ‘professional’. They can’t afford a reputation as poor employers as most of their employees can simply work elsewhere. Good career choice.

    A piece of advice, obtain specialized skilled that cannot be easily (or economically) replaced.

    I have a skill set that allows me to call all the shots, but it took years to obtain it and you could achieve something else far quicker (possibly even medical school). There are 10,000 new patients requiring my skills each year (The therapy requires 2-4 years and then the patient requires no further intervention. It is incredibly cost effective, saving insurers/society from $50,000 to $200,000 per child) and there are 264 people certified in the world. Even when I worked full time I couldn’t begin to accept all the work that came my way. It’s a great gig and I enjoy doing it.

    Now, I mostly consult.

    My primary activity these days is building “green” homes. High efficiency, renewable materials, that kind of thing. I’ve established two companies in the field. I have actually been a “risk taker” as it’s all my own money. I don’t even involve banks.

    As the “middle class” is an invention of organized labor (that’s right, there didn’t used to be a middle class, either) there would be no one to buy any of these houses without the benefits of organized labor.

    The world isn’t as desperate for unions as it once was…mostly because of the work they have already done. Next time you watch “A Christmas Carol” just remember, we’d all be Bob Cratchit’s without organized labor.

  44. Ben, I did my primary flight training just south of Dothan in Milton, FL, at Whiting Field.

    HC, bigotry is a sorry thing to be proud of. It’s usually the first word people use when describing someone who is.

  45. BTW, as I’m on the advisory board for the Alexander Graham Bell Association I can safely say that I know far more about the man than you could ever imagine.

  46. Chet,

    Your right. I am scared of what the Affordable Health Care act will do. I think about it a lot. We haven’t been told anything yet. I know dads insurance went up $14.00 more every 2 weeks. I forget when that goes into effect

    Did you ever visit Ft Rucker?

  47. As much as I would love 40 hours, it just isn’t there. I’ve tried. Just isn’t enough to do, and the biggest reason is they don’t want to pay the overtime. I understand though.

  48. The Affordable Care Act, as limited as it is, will help keep rates in check until the insurance companies find a way around it.

    I never flew into Ft. Rucker. That’s Army helo as I recall. Everyone (Navy) goes through the fixed wing primary in T-34s (turboprop) or (in my day) T-28s (radial piston). Then you are selected for helo, jets, or fixed wing (P3’s, C-130s, etc.) Navy helo primary was at Whiting Field, also.

    Those Army helo pilots know their stuff, tough.

    There’s an old military saying that the Army has more aircraft than the Air Force and more boats than the Navy.

  49. Ben, you do actually get it. The passage of right-to-work is working in Indiana. There is no doubt.

    Chet, my folks and my large extended family were middle class all, with no help from any union. Oh, and me too.
    Where is the red ink, no boldness? Chet you are the 1 throwing out the bigot charge, not I. I do not worry about the shoe fitting.
    Congratulation on the advisory board. Makes me happy AGB fit my profile of Who’s Who.

  50. HC,
    Obviously, I run a pretty loose ship here, but I think because of that, we can agree that everybody’s been pretty free to express their opinion here and you’ve had fairly free reign to do that as well. Plus, I’ve also been pretty lax about censorship on here lately in general so I don’t think you can make some argument about oppression here.
    But there are two slang words I find truly detestable, that I don’t use in any circumstance, and that should I ever have children, they will never say. You used one of them earlier in reference to Barney Frank. It’s been deleted. I ask that you not use it again. Thank you.

  51. Dustin, please delete where I called him on it as well as the word was in there. Thanks.

  52. Ben, great arguments. The triumph for your dad is having you as a son.


    Chet, why so condescending? Read your own #47.

  53. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    I’m not even going to address bigots or those that encourage them.

    I can assure you of something, though. I spend every day with young people all day long. As much as you’re going to tell yourself otherwise, that’s the first word your grandkids use to describe you.

    I guarantee it.

  54. Old man Ricoooooooooooo
    That old man Ricoooooooo
    He must know somethinggggggg
    He won’t say nothhhhhing
    That old man Ricoooooo
    Keeps on driftingggg, alongggggg…

  55. Read every one of Ben’s post and I saw absolutely nothing that even comes close to the definition of the word ‘bigot’ as used by Chet. Just some (touching) personal observations from Ben’s family history. Not even remotely close.

    On the other hand, the explosion of ‘pre-conceived intolerance’ directed at Ben (using the factual meaning of ‘bigot’) described by Chet’s reaction is much closer to a ‘liberal’ Archie Bunker character (or perhaps Archie’s son-in-law). Oh my…how did I get this old and this innocent to only now find out the ‘Rico Chet’ Chorus sings truth?

    Intolerance… a duck by any other name…still walks and quacks like a … Just sayin’.

  56. DD, please be advised how enthralled I am with now knowing through your proclamation of my possible leanings toward bigotry. My heavy heart, my fevered brow, I really did not know the depressive state I was in or the anxiety I suffer nor the darkness I dwelled. I have had the wife remove all the knives, guns, tools, matches, lighters, forks, fuels, paint thinner, unused medicine, alcohol, rope, vehicle keys, safety razors, fertilizer, toothpicks, electric cords, belts, sold the lawnmower, shut off the gas, electric and water, she on her own has blocked off the stairways and got rid of the cat I may trip over, the pool is now filled with fresh concrete and the pond bulldozed shut, trees are all cut down and ladders sold, I just checked the phone-no more dial tone, cables are cut to the TV, alas no more Faux News, even all the glass items(windows too)are gone. I am now safe with no possibility of initiating my own demise. I knuckle under to the all knowing censorship of the Scoop. Oh how I hate my old self. Damn am I exuberant since your intervention about my frailties. I now only sing exaltations of those I USED to disagree. Go Chet, Go, you have the green light, both ways!

  57. HC,
    Didn’t know you had the drama in you. I don’t care what you do or don’t agree with. I don’t know if you’re a bigot and I frankly don’t care if you are. I have no interest in trying to change you, and I think even if I were interested in that I would have given up long ago because you seem pretty set in your ways. Which is fine. It’s your life. I’m asking for one thing and one thing only. Don’t use that word on this blog again. I’m more than just slightly permissive about things. You guys all get away with a lot on here that wouldn’t fly elsewhere. I don’t draw too many lines in the sand. But that’s one of them. Again, I appreciate your cooperation.

  58. I read every one of Chet’s posts and saw neither intolerance or him calling Ben a bigot.

    Tsao, you should really keep out of these things. You are the absolute king of taking things out of context. I don’t want to silence you by any means, and lord knows you are entitled to your opinion… It’s just that you never seem to understand anything anyone is saying and so your comments end up looking ridiculous.

    Chet’s tone was not condescending or combative (at least towards Ben). Clarion presented an opposite view, and was just as determined to make his point, yet you had no criticism for him…
    (FYI Clarion, I don’t have any issue with you, but I also missed your now deleted comments)

    Much of what Chet said is absolutely true… If it weren’t for organized labor we wouldn’t have a middle class and our working conditions would be far worse. There is no question that unions laid the foundations for all the benefits we enjoy today.

    Ben and HC also have many valid points, in that unions have over-stepped their bounds, become power-hungry in many instances, and negotiated greedily creating terms that had no chance of succeeding long-term.

    Chet also made sure to acquiesce some and admit that unions don’t have the same importance today because most of the necessary work has already been done.

    This really isn’t difficult stuff to follow Tsao…

  59. I’m pissed that I can no longer buy a Hostess apple pie.

    Not sure who’s to blame, but I’m pissed. I loved every scrumptiously delicious sugary bite of every apple saucy flaky yummy goodness. I loved the bright green wrapper. I loved to peel back the paper and have the first half with a cold jug of milk in the solitude my car while driving home after my late night shift. I would save the other wonderful remaining half, store it in the fridge, and devour the cold pie with a warm cup of fresh morning coffee. Who’s to blame for stealing that from me? Hostess apple pies made me happy. I hadn’t rediscovered the sweet fruit-filled turnover of golden dough until this year. I must have gone 25 years without and then it happened. It must have been destiny. I usually go straight for the cashew nuts at the BP. But one night I just decided to wonder to other side of the store and found a lone apple pie amongst a rack full of cupcakes and twinkies..The first bite took me immediately back to the carefree days of youth. The rest of the drive home wasn’t so bad. Hostess apple pies gave me hope that someone or something in the stars still cared about me. I wasn’t so alone anymore.

    Liberal..? Conservative..? Shame on them all. Shame on the greed and shame on foolish pride. This was no Treaty of Versailles, this was a Hostess Apple Pie. Don’t we all just deserve to find simple treasures for the little things that can get us through the next round of emptiness and loss the days that evaporate far too fast? I miss my mom. She never fed me too many those unhealthy packaged pies..Always made the most delicious homemade pies ..Why did she have to suffer so horribly? Wish I could share an easy store-bought apple pie with her and chat up some Hoosier high school hoops again. She would find it sinful and fun.

    I don’t know what Clarion said…I was occupied on another thread. I do remember how Clarion once talked of the fabulous pies his wife baked in an old iron electric skillet. Harsh words and accusations we cast. We all say vulgar things we don’t mean.

  60. That was a rather rare leading role for Cotten. He had a wonderful little part as the detective in Gaslight.

    Did you notice the other great supporting actor at the dinner table scene in the Shadow of a Doubt clip? Yes, that’s “Clarence”(the angel yet to earn his wings) from It’s a Wonderful Life.

    Great films would never be worth a hoot without great supporting actors. Much like great basketball teams. Sorta unsophisticated how we’ve become so consumed with the NBA talent and those that only play the leading roles for a very deep cast/team.

    I digress in my insomnia. Take care, Scoop friends.


    I’m expecting a monumental game from Nate tonight. He’s reeled me in..Big heart in that tiny supporting role he found on the Bulls.

  61. I never said a thing about Ben. Ben didn’t say anything offensive to the best of my knowledge.

  62. Harvard, while there a certainly great actors today, back in the day the actor/actress had to carry the movie. It wasn’t a few minutes dialogue before the next explosion.

    When I worked EMS the youngsters would have a fit if I had a movie on in the day room that wasn’t in color. Sometimes one of them might watch, and enjoy, the flick.

    All to often they’d just ask if Beavus and Butthead was on MTV right now.

  63. What is that word that Desitin wouldn’t want mentioned on this site? Can someone please offer an anagram? Thank you.

    Otherwise Chet remains one exceptionally loose cannon bowel.

  64. ^ Typically lousy attempt by HUsky to appear tech-savvy.

    What’s the matter, HUsky? Boogers got in the way again?

  65. Did you know that this message board will not accept one word (or at least one word that is only eight letter long) as a post. I thought it would have been more pithy to have just posted “football,” but this site forced me into redundancy.

  66. Been thinking the same damned thing as Davis!


    We are at the beginning of a great story on Hoosier football. One most Hoosier fans have been waiting for most of their lives!!! One that many HT subscribers (and former subscribers) actually seek out the HT as the most reasonable source for news and commentary as the most logical of places to search…one that keeps the words BHT branded in the memory….

    but …nooooooooooooo!!!!! we’ve got to read about 4 year olds who can dribble with both hands as they drink milk out of their baby bottles while making their 2032 scholarship travel plans that may or may not include Indiana…or can dunk on their 4-foot basket set up by their crib.

    I’ve checked out other Big 10 college town newspapers and they report on football happenings even in April, some even in March…and February…and….(I particularly was impressed with the Champaign paper’s coverage, but also Columbus, Lansing, Detroit, Madison…).

    Even more…In my case (as I am sure is the case with many other Hoosier fans who bother to think the HT matters) I’d like to hear our great journalists take a blogging interest in other sports _(although I admit, Coach Smith did do a good job on DD this year but it took a new stadium to get us there).

    Still. We did win our 7th (or 8th…or whatever soccer NCAA championsip (does that tie the St. Louis record? Think of it!…our soccer team just lost 0-1 to the Mexican National U-20 team. Some 2-3-4 years ago the same IU team (with many of the players who WON the NCAA tournament this last season) beat a Mexico National U-20 team that is the basis for Mexico’s world ranked side in the next World Cup (Brazil), including its very, very celebrated international star Chicharrito and other internationally known top players. So disappointing!…I read the coverage of the 0-1 loss this year and beyond a description of the stats of the game and 2 or three Hoosier names, I couldn’t tell you how IU played, what they tried to do, how they handled the ball, how they defended against a possession (and touch-touch)team like Mexico…

    How about that Drouin kid! Do they still play tennis at IU or did it go the way of wrestling

    And finally,…..FOOTBALL!!!!

  67. Tsao,
    If you hadn’t let your subscription lapse, you’d have all of that stuff you’re complaining about not having. I went to every football availability during spring practice (when I wasn’t on the road covering basketball) and wrote features on all of that. Wrote a track feature this week, a tennis feature last week, story on the divisions, story on the guys who signed free agent contracts. Story on the guys who ended up getting free agent contracts before the draft talking about hoping to get, bunch of baseball features. (And it didn’t take a new stadium. I’ve been covering baseball home games for four years. Check the archive.) And don’t go ripping socialism and then complain on here about what you don’t get for free.
    (Just messing with you Tsao. Well, kind of. But thanks as always.)

  68. Just a wee bit of trivia, I have a friend who has a daughter at IU that Derek Drouin has been hanging out with for over a year. FWIW.

  69. Tsao just had to show me up, but I say punctuation is cheating. Unless it saves lives:

    1. Let’s eat Grandma!
    2. Let’s eat, Grandma!

  70. Davis- Learned it as I allowed this limited third world intellect to deal with the complexities of first world urban cybernetic cultures..quite a task, had to take my shoes off to count the ways.

    Let’s do eat, grandma.

  71. HC- I can’t imagine jumping 8 feet, even horizontally; but great for your buddy’s daughter…someone needs to make those Olympic stars at IU feel the love!

  72. Lord of the Aerial Assault- (Anyone ever hear of the Red Devils in Baggy Pants from the Skies; 1st Battalion, 508th Infantry Reg., 82nd Airborne…great, great outfit- the All Americans!!

    We are all pumped… Go Airborne!….HUAAAHHHHH!

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