Burke named AP Player of the Year, Oladipo finishes third in voting

Michigan point guard Trey Burke won the Associated Press Player of the Year Award, earning 31 of the 65 first-place votes. Georgetown’s Otto Porter finished second with 16 first-place votes. Indiana junior guard Victor Oladipo was third with 10.


  1. Crean needs to do a much better job developing players… What a back slide for Dipo. I remember him winning this award his freshman year, and then coming in 2nd last year… Now 3rd!!?? It’s a complete injustice what Crean has done to his game.

    Now for reals…. Congrats Dipo on a great season and career. Good luck with the Wooden and Naismith Awards.

  2. Crean needs to do a much better job developing players … What a back slide for Cody Zeller. I remember him being voted No. 1 Pre-Season Player of the Year at the beginning of the season. And now… It’s a complete injustice what Crean has done to his game. Without Zeller it would be another twenty loss season and Oladipo would struggle like he did in the first two years.

    Now for reals… Congrats to Zeller for coming here for Indiana and not for Crean (actually in spite of Crean being here). The fact remains that Crean is the most clueless clown in all college basketball.

  3. 2 B2B “16”‘s with 3 Seniors who would not be recruited by IU for 2012-2013 and beyond. Clueless?

  4. The real fact is that even the best coaches in college basketball go years without championships or even sweet sixteens. Roy Williams and Bill Self aren’t being fired this year for not winning it all. Jim Boheim, from 04 to 08, had two first round exits and two NITs, and he’s still around. I love Clown Crean and believe in him, when its all said and done.

    Also, I’m on lithium and I crap the bed at night. Bear with me.

  5. I’ll also add a B1G C. Actually you are crapping on here and aren’t coherent enough to know it.

  6. Yeah Clarion, if you say so. I never take you seriously, unless what you write is 100 characters, or more. Which more times then not you don’t. I suggest you tend to your arthritis eaten fingers.

  7. Just call me Dr Rico Clarion. Now if you excuse me, I have patients who have insurance, waiting…

  8. Who is going to win tonight?

    Do people have a preference?

    I’m routing for WSU and Michigan, with UM to win it all and rep the B1G.

    I also think that Cal is taking the Ware thing a bit far… Really milking the attention. Also very convenient how the UL is capitalizing on his injury and he won’t get a dime. (Hopefully they’re smart enough to donate all the T-shirt sales to some children’s health cause)

    Anyway, Go Big Ten.

  9. First Michigan will rout Syracuse to show Tommy “Naismith” Crean how you deal with a zone. In fact I see Boeheim going after Jeff Meyer at the end of the game and yelling at him: “You destroyed our program, dude, you horrible person!” The Boeheim will fight Bellein for who cuts the nets and after a short game of paper rock scissors they will agree each on one basket. Then tomorrow Louisville will rout Michigan to win it all, demonstrating once and for all that Tom Crean deserves the title of best coach ever.

  10. Uh, is someone imitating Po? Doesn’t sound like a Podunker response… Maybe I’m wrong.

    Nope I’ll route some wild Maine blueberries their way. Much easier to pick out in the yard… I think they’re blueberries. I won’t send any to the Hoosiers…

  11. WHa Wha Wha– Good job Crean! It was evident they played Zeller tighter than ever and collapsed on him. Then the boys just didnt hit their shots to pull them back off! But lets blame Crean and the rest of the staff goes with him? Wow some people always blame the coaches– even though the kids really play the game! I guess the last three years were fun for those cause Crean didn’t have squat and they could continually blame him! Go root for someone else losers!

  12. Gave up picking blueberries/blackberries. Always ran into chiggers (sp?) Not worth the itch.

    Hospital in Florida, 1976. Old farmer from Indiana spending his first winter south. Unknowingly allergic to nigh-blooming jasmine. Went into CHF. Put him on a ventilator for 72 hours and he came out of it. Told the Doc he felt like chiggers were all over him. Doc (from Spain) said he would take care of that. Told me to stay with patient, he would be back. 10 minutes later he called me – “how do you spell chiggers?” He was on phone with his med school instructor in Spain trying to determine how to treat chiggers.

    Patient discharged to winter home, back in two days, same treatment with ventilator. Last discharge, wife put him in the car and headed back to Indy.

  13. You could always go a different root and plant some routabaga in the backyard…Hee-hee.

    Though I’ve blabbered extensively about McGary and the rest my NW Indiana blue collar boys on Meatchicken(courtesy: Hoosier Clarion), I do believe Syracuse will be taking home the banner.

    Prove me wrong, Mitch. Prove them all wrong. Show them all what a small town Indiana hick can do.

  14. #11 is not my post. Looks like the chicken sh!t Harvard is deploying his cowardly tactics again. Be careful little boy, you may get sent to the principal’s office or kicked out of school altogether.

  15. I’ve been on the fence about having a secured log-in site, but given the trolls’ and cowards’ tactics of trying to imitate other posters, myself included, it’s clear that there are a few people (or perhaps one person with multiple personalities) without any integrity, and that the system needs to be changed/upgraded. Either that, or Dustin and his colleagues can always spend their time determining who the imitators are and then ban them from the site. Imitating other posters is degrading this site. If left unchecked, there will be little or no legitimate discussion/debate about IU sports. Pretty soon, all you’re going to see is Harvard, using a variety of other screen names, posting increasingly deranged and delusional comments to himself.

    1. Podunker,
      Cool your jets, Harvard is not the one being the imposter. We’re doing our best, but you’re right, it’s already hampering legitimate discussion and eating up too much of our time.

  16. To all the readers of the Hoosier Scoop, I offer my sincere apologies to the person who posts under the screen name Harvard for Hillbillies for incorrectly assuming he was posting under my screen name. Harvard, I apologize. It appears someone was also posting comments while imitating you, as well.

    We can all go at each other, debate and/or criticize each other’s comments vigorously (within the rules of the blog), but using another person’s screen name is low down scum-bag stuff.

    Jeremy, thanks for the clarification. Sorry you had to be bothered with this crap. But it’s all the more reason to put a stop to this behavior.

  17. Fun piece on McGary in SB Nation.

    Look, I don’t know who out there is texting sportswriters posing as an NBA GM, but just for the record: Mitch McGary would be insane not to leave school this year. He’s a lottery pick now, and depending on what happens Monday night, he could go as high as top 5. He’s probably the most athletic big man in the country, it’s a weak draft, and over the past four days he’s been compared to David Lee and Kevin Love. (Because he’s white, you see.)

    Did you see him against Syracuse? Against the same murderous zone that made potential top-5 pick Cody Zeller look like the most overrated prospect in decades, McGary was the best player on the floor and nearly had a triple double.

    Best case he’s another Greg Monroe or Kevin Love, worst case he’s Tyler Hansbrough. In a weak draft after dominating the NCAA tournament? It’s kinda impossible to imagine Big Mitch going any lower than no. 10(courtesy:SB Nation).

    Such incredible foresight from Harvard…Gosh, if only all these experts would have been reading Scoop.
    I probably would have been featured on the pregame tonight.

  18. See the interview with Mcgary where. when asked why he was not interested in IU who was recruiting him, he said he did not want to compete with CWat and CZ for playing time?

    He would have made the difference this year.

  19. You never know how those dynamics would have worked out. He might have been Hanner in a different setting. Or Hakeem. Who knows?

    I can’t help but notice how my comment from a while back that Cody wasn’t the next Larry Bird, which was continually reposted ad nauseum ridiculing my assessment, hasn’t been reposted in quite some time.

  20. Whoever that was at SB Nation comparing him favorably to Kevin Lov,e needs to have his Bball Card revoked.

    Mitch averaged 7 points and 6 rebounds a game this year in college against a bunch of kids, and made exactly 0 three pointers in 0 attempts. McGary shoots 44% on FT’s.

    Love averaged 26 points and 13 rebounds last year while making 105 of 282 3’s (37%). For his 5 year career Love makes 82% of his FT’s.

    Talk about being a prisoner of the moment.

  21. Chet, maybe you and I should go back and find all our accurate assessments and repost them for posterity’s sake.

    I remember several times this year saying that UM was the team that concerned me most in our attempt at a national title. That they were the most talented team outside of IU. I was tooting Stauskas’s horn long before Harvard…. Should I go on?

  22. Spike Albrecth!! Because size MATTERS!!

    NW Indiana boys representing!!

    Did somebody also mention “Spike” a couple months ago? LOL.

    Yup…Indiana basketball only exists from Indy southward.

  23. Geoff, I remember your assessment of of UM as the best team in the Big Ten very well.

    Maybe you should repost that a few dozen times. That is how it works, right?

  24. Coach B. nailed it. If the second half is like the first it’s gonna be one of the best games ever.

    Kinda of the opposite of Indiana’s last trip to the Finals. That was barely watchable.

  25. I was tooting Stauskas’s horn long before Harvard….

    Complete bull. I was the first to mention him on here. First time I saw him play, I made a comment on Scoop stating that I saw flashes of Larry Bird.

    I then asked you about him. Keep blowin’ your horn, Mr. Establishment expert. I’ll happily dig out the the history and place it before your eyes.

    What the tournament is proving is just how little anyone can know what a kid is truly made of in terms of heart. Watching these guys that have seen very few minutes seize the day is what the stats will never unveil. It makes all the clinging onto stats seem rather trivial and dull.

    Big hearts shine on big stages.

  26. And I was talking much more about Michigan because I knew they had recruits from the faraway foreign land tucked in the NW corner our state.

    And Crean put no effort into recruiting McGary. There was no room with his A-Hope favors. So don’t feed me that bull. Hell, there wasn’t even room on the roster to give Roth his final year of eligibility.

  27. Harvard, I will bet you a week of silence on the Scoop that I was talking up Stauskas before you. I just have no idea how to go back and find it. It was back in November though…

  28. Great game so far. Louisville is probably the best team in the country at playing well when they don’t play well. That is so obvious! But what is clear is that Crean Tom Coach is absolutely the best of the best. I don’t know why some don’t like him. I mean what can this man do other than winning a national title? Eh?! Assault Jeff Meyer? Learn how to break a zone? Gimme a break. Tommy Naismith Crean-Coach is the best and the first half of tonight’s game showed it.

  29. Terrible last 8 minutes for the refs. Not sure that UM woulda won, but it certainly prevented then from winning. Can’t even recall how many bad calls went in UL’s favor down the stretch… There were several.

  30. I agree there were calls not made but L’ville still had 22 PF’s and Meatchicken only 15. And that disparity was larger in the 2nd half than the 1st. The problem Blue had was they needed 6 men on the floor to keep the Cards O from taking turns scoring inside then outside. Louisville with their full court D if not disruptive to the offense certainly wears them down. Dieng and Siva are much better than I originally gave them credit.

  31. I would caution anybody’s take on a player who shines in the tournament, and the tournament alone. McGary had a fine tourney, especially late. Should that make him a top five pick out of nowhere? Why not Luke Hancock? Or Cardiac Kemba? Or Gordon Heyward? They were phenomenal on the biggest stage in college basketball. Derrick Williams took a good-but-not-great Arizona team deep a few years ago and made himself a household name– and a lottery pick– out of nowhere. He seemed to have all the checkmarks of a future star. He had the physical tools. He had the clutch gene. Yet we haven’t heard from him since going pro. I can count on one hand the number of times I remember seeing any of them on Sportscenter since entering the draft.

    Everybody seems to want to tailor their critique of a player to fit their argument? Was he a great college player? Was he supposed to be great? Was he overlooked, ignored, or generally poopooed as a prep? Did he perform under the bright lights? Does he have the potential to be a professional? An all-star? Will he be a flop? What’s his draft stock? Does his draft stock have any real bearing on potential future success, or is he a beneficiary and/or victim of a fleeting moment in time?

    Sadly, some Hoosier fans will look back back fondly and memorialize role-players like Roth and Pritchard as invaluable, unappreciated heroes of the program, and then slam guys like Cody and Wat as soft, lazy, underachieving nincompoops in the same breath. No offense to Roth or Pritchard, but Cody is an All-American who helped lead us to the one of the finest two-year campaigns in school history, and Wat is a top-ten all-time leading scorer who hit– aside from Keith Smart– arguably the biggest shot in school history. Roth had a hot-shooting night against a bottom-feeding Penn State. I loved Roth. I just don’t understand why some want to romanticize singular moments of greatness for some, yet disregard sustained performances of others. Is it all about expectations? And if so, how much of those expectations are what we see in our Hoosiers, or the potential we see– or saw– in ourselves?

  32. One of the worst officiated championship games that I can remember. The Louisville goaltending non-call in the first half…The undercutting of McGary committed by Hancock where they called the foul on a player not involved…The spectacular block by Burke called a foul at a crucial stanza of the second half.

    Michigan still shot themselves in the foot. They didn’t play the team ball that got them to the championship. I knew it was probably the kiss of death when Burke opened up hot and then Albrecht went unconscious. The cumulative effect was less involvement and touches for McGary early on. When you have a player on a tournament roll, why on earth would you suddenly want to put a damper on his level of intensity by not letting the ball move through him more? I think it took a bit of edge of the young freshman’s game and cost Michigan dearly in the second half. Too much one-on-one showmanship and wooing the NBA scouts in attendance.

    Hats off to Louisville. They were relentless and played unselfish ball throughout. Ware seems like a great kid.


    Harvard for Hillbillies
    Monday, December 3, 2012 – 1:35 PM UTC

    Could this be a repeat of 1976…? IU vs. Michigan in the championship game?

    Wow…Did anyone catch that Nik Stauskas kid in his debut starting role for Michigan? Kartje must be riding a real high..Michigan will give us all we can handle.

    Bring back Kartje’s Big 10 Power Rankings!


    Monday, December 3, 2012 – 2:32 PM UTC

    It was Bradley, for goodness sake. They have wins over UPPER Iowa and Texas-Pan American.

    Let’s wait and see.


    Harvard for Hillbillies
    Monday, December 3, 2012 – 6:57 PM UTC

    I don’t know, Chet..I saw flashes of Larry Bird. There was a presence you don’t often see from a freshman. I think that kid is going to be special. Doesn’t make me a Michigan fan.

    I’m sure Geoff was familiar with the kid(seeing how he played on one of the East Coast academy squads). I’ll be honest..He’s going to change that Michigan team into a very dangerous bunch.


    Tuesday, December 4, 2012 – 11:02 AM UTC

    Chet/Harvard – I had heard of Stauskas, but never seen him play. My only real knowledge of him was from his profile in the New England Basketball Report (a good site with tons of info on all the top HS and prep players up here). In fact, Noah Vonleh is currently the #1 ranked recruit in New England on that site, and he has a profile page full of links and articles if anyone is interested.

    Does the above exchange sound like you mentioned Stauskas at any earlier date. I brought him up at the beginning of the thread. I watched him in highlights of an early Michigan game. Chet added his normal brilliance and attempted to once again doubt/quell my foresight. Enough said.

  33. Punjab-

    It’s often just getting the opportunity. Strange to think that Ware’s injury may have actually helped Louisville bring home the banner. The kid that always played behind the starters(Hancock)never sees the amount of action or drills all those dagger threes without the turning of a card of fate.

    McGary was a lot more than one game..He carried Michigan through the tournament. He didn’t look like the same player tonight. Much of that was Louisville’s defense, but I also think(as I stated above) it just had a lot to do with how the first 10 minutes of the game played out. He didn’t get involved early and that’s not a good recipe for keeping confidence in a kid when he had been under so much attention previously.

  34. Harv, I’ve said for a while L’VIlle seemed like a team of destiny. They may have gotten a few calls to go their way (however unlikely, WSU was robbed of a chance to force OT,) but they came back from 12 down twice in the Final Four and played like champions throughout. And they did it with poise and class. Would’ve loved for the B1G to bring it home, but the Cardinals were a worthy champ in every way.

    The night is getting long, though, so my memory is short and I have no interest in digging through archives. You bring up McGary’s lack of involvement early as a possible alibi for a young player’s disappointing performance. Have you given Cody the same benefit of the doubt when he came up short? The expectations were at least as high for Cody– not just after a spectacular couple of games, but all year– yet he was ridiculed way too often by way too many people. Were you willing to give Cody the same pass as you seem to be giving McGary?

  35. Sorry, Harv. I just re-read my last post. That was supposed to be an honest question; not as rhetorical as it seemed to come across.

  36. Punjab- In addition to McGary, here is another irony here that you wouldn’t know about unless you’ve been Scooping for a long time.

    When Eric Gordon (who, I assumed is in the Trey Burke “take over the game” category of talent, per Harvard) turned in his epic 9-point playoff flop against Arkansas, Harvard completely overlooked the fact that he couldn’t carry his team on his back towards a first round win. Instead, Harvard spent the next few days, weeks, months, years slobbering over Gordon’s one slam dunk in the blowout loss. He’ll probably slobber some more.

    Harvard’s favorites aren’t based on rational evaluation; or a player’s true talents; they are based on how much Harvard likes the coach they play for. Nothing more.

  37. Louisville had the weapons to get the job done.

    Burke got his points in the second half, but I think to the detriment of Michigan. IMO, he took his teammates out of the game.

  38. Michigan couldn’t keep Louisville off the offensive boards in the second half. It seemed like they were shooting the lights out because they scored on seemingly every possession but, in reality, they just kept rebounding and putting it back until they scored.

  39. Envious Peepsqueak Tom: funny how you should talk about reason and rational thought. Tell us more about LA. You had a hard childhood there? Wasn’t it during that time that a bunch of people in the neighborhood sent you to see a doctor about your face (it talked too much). Maybe that’s why you hate LA so much.

  40. Much of what Mariner Tom says is true…I do have favorites.

    Punjab- It’s the nature of the beast anymore. Players are just as responsible for the hype as the press. Cody didn’t have to make a dramatic Hollywood movie out of his recruitment. He played the waiting game for about as long as he could play it. From the very beginning, he embraced the huge limelight. He certainly didn’t burst onto a season the way McGary did.

    Maybe that puts more pressure on Cody, but I don’t really have a ton of sympathy. It’s all become so manufactured and superficial..Guys that don’t necessarily deserve to be propelled into “superstar” categories are declared such by way of a mindless press and national media Establishment that lives for nothing other than how much repetition of the same names they can pound into their viewers’ empty skulls..

    “Superstar” athletes(albeit, these are 18 to 20 year old kids), buy into the infectiousness of selling themselves. I think they all begin to believe they’re more skilled and more important than they really are.

    They all lose focus. They all build into the “American Idol” syndrome that grows in the brain of a college athlete with more junk information to throw in front of their self-anointing mirrors. Year after year it gets more amped up. There are a handful of really great coaches that can keep that noise somewhat contained. And then you have coaches that seem primarily concerned with building the stage for the prima donnas rather than building the name of the college on the uniform.

    I had a lot of bias going in with McGary. He’s from a tiny primarily working class town that’s fluctuated in population between 10 and 13 thousand residents over the past fifty years. It’s basically a dead town when it comes to Main Streets and Broadways that once flourished. I was only a couple streets down the road my front yard as a kid. A lot of memories. McGAry could be the biggest jerk in the world(probably the typical jock that I tended to despise in high school), but there’s a part of me that was seeing something intriguing and uniquely humble in the kid. “Big Mitch” was sure fun while it lasted.

    No need to shed too many tears for Cody, Dipo, McGary, Burke, etc, etc…They’ll all likely never have to worry about health care or having a rooftop over their heads for as long as the future can play out in front of their imaginations and dreams. Maybe that’s the biggest curse of all that has killed the heart of high school and college basketball.

  41. I didn’t catch Ron’s post #45 until just now. Agree and disagree. I think his coach somewhat forced that hand by, 1)not insuring more involvement of McGary early on and, 2)riding the high of Albrecht’s lights out first half too long into the second half. Burke sat too much. Maybe Burke gets McGary involved more if you roll the dice with the two fouls. The full-court pressing of Louisville slowed an already physically drained Albrecht to struggle getting the ball up court. It killed the transition game of Michigan and created a lot of standing..Taking McGary out of the offensive flow wasn’t all on Burke wanting a championship game to be his personal highlight reel.

    I thought McGary said something very interesting in a postgame interview…He said that he would of preferred his team be down at halftime. I think he understood how the heroics of Albrecht and the long sitting of Burke took the fire and edge off the moment. You have to play 40 minutes of controlled desperation. When facing a team like Louisville(or any top tier squad in March Madness), you have to have the mindset that your 15 points down even though the scoreboard is luring you into complacency by means of a near equal score. I don’t think the moment was too big for McGary. Games are all different and this one didn’t set up in a fashion that put enough urgency in Michigan’s coach, or some of its new “stars the shining moment” their one act, to ride the big shoulders of the guy that helped them immensely on getting to the final dance. McGary may look like the dumb “polar bear” trudging down the court, but his perceptions in the locker room were delivered with the same crisp pinpoint accuracy his passes, decision-making, composure, and vision he displayed on the court throughout the tournament.

  42. Geoff-

    I know..It’s not there. You’re not going to find any posts from November where you were talking highly of Stauskas.

    You don’t have to stay silent for 30 days. You have a great mind for the game and there’s nobody on this blog that can match your encyclopedic breadth of knowledge the full array of talent in the game. We all know that.

    I was always paying pretty close attention to Michigan…I’ve followed them more closely because of their recruiting interest in players from the stomping grounds my youth(many have already forgotten Novak was also from Chesterton). Zack Novak epitomized that same working class baller with sound stroke and sound fundamentals that we saw from McGary. Wasn’t Novak also a lefty?

  43. Harvard,

    You asked me a question and I responded. My answer doesn’t suggest that I hadn’t talked about him previously on the Scoop. It suggests that prior to his being at UM I wasn’t very familiar with his game or potential.

    My recollection is that I was doting on him prior to this series of posts, in November, after watching UM dismantle teams and Stauskas going off in a couple of those games.

    Now as far as McGary goes, he was only involved in one gameplan… Syracuse, because of the zone. Other than that he was never “involved” in the offense. Everything he got came in 3 ways – dump offs for uncontested dunks and lay-ups when Burke was (selfishly) driving and drawing; offensive puts backs; transition. They never ran offense through him except against Syracuse’s zone.

    For you to say he wasn’t getting touches because those guys got hot means you were never paying attention in the first place, and just feel like talking about Mitch because he’s from your home town. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

  44. Put these three things into your search bar:

    ‘Hoosier Scoop Geoff Stauskas’

    It’s not there, Geoff. It would come up. You need to admit when you’re wrong.

    I heard on the Dakich show that Chad Ford has McGary going as #12 in his mock draft(only one slot behind Zeller @ #11).

    Monday, March 26, 2012 – 10:08 PM UTC

    Podunker – why do you think this is speculative puff?

    Do you read or follow Chad Ford?

    He has unparalleled access to NBA executives when it comes to the draft. He has been the foremost authority on the NBA draft for many years.

    The guy at SB Nation thought in all likelihood McGary would go in top 10…(some of that was also qualified with McGary finishing the tournament with the same controlled dominance he was exhibiting prior to the championship game). Ford has him currently at #12. Is that so drastically different?

  45. I didn’t say he couldn’t be a high draft pick. I said the guy who compared him favorably to Love is an idiot.

    That search bar has never worked for me. Never. I have typed in crap I know I wrote ver-freaking-batim and it has never pulled up a thing for me. Not once.

    My name + Crean doesn’t pull anything up. It never works Harvard. You have a magic power over it.

  46. I do believe the SB Nation ‘guy’ said “best case” when referencing Love..

    .I do agree that McGary will likely not be that versatile of a force in the NBA. Doubt his ceiling is anywhere near that high. But I guess you never know.

    I heard Dakich say that the only way Cody gets tougher, stronger, more developed….is to enter the NBA. Maybe the same is true of McGary. Maybe the NBA can unleash his potential more adequately than the limited opportunities afforded for in the somewhat restricted environment of the college game. I don’t like to throw around words like “idiot.” McGary’s obviously caught the attention of some people that see the potential in his quickness, vision, and motor. Hard for me to know where the ceiling is for a kid that’s very strong, very balanced, and very athletic.

    If he can take the money and run, would you pass it up and roll the dice that next year is better year at Michigan?

  47. Harvard, others who enjoy the insides of basketball- Yesterday I toyed with the idea of writing in response to Chet’s comment referencing Geoff and his ‘expertise’..

    I clearly remembered the exchange (you’ve now reproduced) #40 on Dec. 3 when you first brought out the Stauskas name as a factor that would make Michigan a very, very difficult team to deal with. And, I remember it exactly as the thread reveals; Stauskas just drilling from three, the immense distraction he would represent for a team with so many options (as you concluded). Most important, I remember that no one- then or now and including me- had any idea nor written of the presence of this kid. Anyone claiming otherwise is simply ‘wacking’ for the sheer experience of convincing himself he still can; or worse, trying to convince us of his ‘guru’ potence.

    Harvard, we’ve certainly have had our moments and shares of ‘discussions’ on this blog, some even reaching the point of (temporary) ‘anger’. One thing, however, has become clear over two years z(or nearly)when it comes to your basketball commentary and analysis. You have an excellent eye and a perception for the not-so-noticeable skills, great recall of facts and perception for attitudes that separate the successful from the ‘wannabes’in this game. And, you extend with great logic with your excellent ability to see the pieces fit together into team performance (a fasct most miss when looking at basketball in its best form).

    I don’t say this for any reason other than I pay a lot of attention to your comments because you do seem to possess insights way beyond what others frequently miss. Whether I enjoy all your posts or not, or whether I may sometimes think you may sometimes overdo it, there is no question you have a tremendous feel and sense for the game others only wish they could have. I really respect your contributions. (I also believe that your respect for the history of the game, the setting of Indiana basketball culture and the importance of isolated anecdotes and about those who are the game are really the causal link in that insight).

    Paradoxically, your factual observations are enhanced by your feel for the rich history of the game in the State; and weave and fill a totally different context that is ignored by shallow statistics that sterilize the environment around it.

    We’ll disagree again (of that I’m 100% sure), but I truly believe yours are great contributions to the ‘lore, science and culture’ of basketball in Indiana. Just felt it needed to be said Harvard, it is a great contribution and I’m glad I get to share in it.

  48. Tsao-

    I could have used a couple more paragraphs. It will have to suffice. I wonder if Geoff has stopped laughing yet…?

    Kidding aside, I’m really no match for the intellect of the Scoops’ most respected names. If this was a classroom, Professor Tsao would have to lower the curve to keep Harvard safely enrolled.

    I struggle along without much logic and I use diversions and photo-doctoring gimmicks to camouflage a lack of background and worldliness my rather boring life.

    I do appreciate your kind words. I think the jokes by some have hit home of late and I’m rather in a low mood. My family doesn’t even look at me with any pride in their eyes.

    My not wanting to meet in Chicago for lunch and beers has never had anything to do with you. I’m sure you know that.

  49. How about Chesterton? I’ll be in Indiana this weekend and I’ll make the drive up to get a history lesson from you over lunch Harvey Banners…

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