Cream defeats Crimson 21-7 in Indiana Spring Game

Rising junior wide receiver Shane Wynn caught six passes for 97 yards and two touchdowns according to unofficial statistics to lead Cream to a 21-7 win over the Crimson squad at Saturday’s Indiana Spring Game at Memorial Stadium.

Running back Tevin Coleman also caught two passes for 65 yards and rushed for the Cream squad’s other touchdown. Crimson’s lone score came on a spectacular 37-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Nate Sudfeld to wide receiver Cody Latimer.

All three quarterbacks played for both teams. Rising junior Cameron Coffman completed a combined 18 of his 24 passes for 234 yards and two touchdowns, but also threw an interception. Sudfeld completed 14 of 16 for 187 yards and that touchdown. Roberson was 7-for-18 for 64 yards.

Linebacker Forisse “Flo” Hardin had the game’s defensive highlight with an interception that stopped a Cream drive deep into Crimson territory. Linebacker Jacarri Alexander recorded 1.5 sacks, 2.5 tackles for loss and five total tackles.

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  1. Just got a jaw dropper of a letter. The last time I’d heard from Ben, a former player of mine, he was working as a graduate assistant for BC after quitting his job as a software developer in Durham, NC. Super smart guy. Math genius.

    Turns out he landed a job as an offensive assistant coach (QB’s) for the Miami Dolphins. How about that?

    His little brother, Kyle, also played QB for me. Kyle had a perfect score on his SAT’s. He went on to play QB and WR for MIT. He works for Boeing in Seattle.

  2. By all the accounts I’ve read this was the best Spring game in forever and certainly of the Wilson era. Heiderman, Simmons, Roundtree, Mangieri, Sudfeld and Andrew Wilson bringing powerful competition at their positions to the guys who have more playing time is a practice that will pay off big in the middle of the B1G season. Much more competition in June when the rest of the best recruiting class IU FB has ever had arrives. I’ll advance the thought there will be less people calling for Mallory’s head after this season is over.

  3. I thought not only the scrimmage was good, but IU done a fantastic job with all the other festivities as well, my son had a blast doing the youth clinic and the former players were really good to the kids…that was really nice to see.

    Shane Wynn looked terriffic, as well as Sudfeld. Coffman looked improved, but you can just tell where he is throwing to, he stares the receiver down the whole time. Roberson looked down right awful, he throws a really ugly ball. Sudfeld should no doubt get much more playing time this year (I hope he starts). I was also impressed with TJ Simmons at linebacker, very big kid and pretty athletic. Andrew Wilson at RB looked good, he is another big kid (5-10 220 i believe) but runs hard. Ralph Green at DT was the guy I wasreally excited to see…the kid is a monster and should be able to make some noise this year.

    Really excited to see the finished product this year once the rest of the class gets on campus. I’m officially “drinkin the kool-aid.” 4 more months til the season kicks off..seems like an eternity..

  4. Austin I liked hearing your thoughts about the activities of the day. I like Glass a lot, he is really promoting and polishing the IU athletic department brand. He really is aiming for the Golden Age of IU sports.

  5. Thanks HC. I’ve been on the scoop for a while, but haven’t really posted much. I enjoy reading your posts as well as most of the others. I agree with your thoughts on Glass completely. He has done a tremendous job since he arrived on the job, particularly with the football program. He understands it is a business and every year (regardless of our poor records) seems to find a way to get people in the stadium.

  6. Indeed, he really gets it, life long fans, are easier to recruit when you promote to them when young. Coaches have had much to do with putting 3-4 individual IU sports in the limelight but AD Glass aspires do that for the entire department.

  7. HC,

    I could very well be wrong, but I thought you was an advocate for Coach Mal to hit the road? We were talking about the assistants awhile back.

    The more I hear Wilson talk, the more I realize we finally have a coach who “gets it”. I am more positive about this program, then ever before.

    I live in Alabama (SEC Country), and often laughed out of the break room table when I meantion this, but I reallt think Hoosier Football will make some noise this year. Exactly how many wins, I dont know. I’ve penciled in 5 wins. Personally, I’d like to see us win 3 non-conference games, and 3 Big 10 games. That would be one game better in each area then last year.

  8. Ben,
    I must admit, I am guilty of calling for Coach Mal’s head last year, too. After a long offseason of reflection, there’s no doubt that a lot of the problem was the talent level. You can have a coach that is brilliant at what he does, but if the players can’t execute, what good does the coaching level do?

    It’s been a vicious cycle of mine for many years – suffer through a horrible season, get ragged out at the team and swear I’ll never get excited about a season ever again…then a few months pass and I can’t wait to get out and see them…then repeat. HOWEVER, this year, I firmly believe that the program has turned the corner and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. So (for my wife’s sake, because I’m a total b**** when we lose) I hope this year yields a bowl bid for our beloved Hoosiers. After seeing them yesterday, I have no reason to believe that we should fall short of qualifying for a bowl birth.

    Also, we should know what to expect much sooner this year. In years past, we played and beat some cupcakes, got excited, then got destroyed in the B1G. Since we have a little stiffer challenge this year (Navy, Missouri) we should be able to properly judge and in my case, prepare myself, for either a disappointing season or start planning a year end trip to wherever we may go.

  9. Don’t be fooled. Tre is our QB next year Those thinking he won’t should be reminded of the season we tried to switch Randle El to WR. Tre will lead us to an 8 win season.

  10. Aruss,
    You must not have seen Tre yesterday? He looked horrendous! He has gotten much bigger and stronger, but he simply can’t throw the ball, it looks awful…very hard to watch. Even during warm-ups he was throwing it all over the place. He should be designated as our wildcat quarterback. That would probably be the best fit for him, Coffman and Sudfeld are both far more efficient throwing the ball than Tre is. Sudfeld is surprisingly mobile for a guy his size as well. I don’t know if Tre is still a little apprehensive out there or what, but he just doesn’t look comfortable at all. There’s simply no way we will win 8 games if he is our starter if he doesn’t make significant improvement. He’s got a lot of catching up to do if he wants to reclaim that starting spot.

  11. Ben, I have been an advocate of 1000% to Coach Wilson and staff. Mallory’s performance has been solid. I really regret the loss of Hagen and to a lessor extent Ekeler. Mallory’s success/failure has been totally dictated by talent(lack of)the last 2 seasons. The next 2 seasons will write his IU epitaph. I trust Wilson’s HR/headhunter skills, implicitly.

  12. That’s the difference between hiring an IU guy vs. a career AD. Fred Glass cares about IU. That’s it. End of story. If we had brought in a career AD he’d try to polish up a turd until he could move on to the next job. Fred Glass will never hold this position at any other university. He will retire from the AD game when he quits his job at IU. He is in it for the long game and he expects to be around when his labors come to fruition.

  13. My bad HC. Sorry. I was distraught over Eckler, but seems as if they transitioned well without him.

  14. Austin – Tre admitted he was nervous and played too fast. In CKW’s mind, Tre is our starter and leader. Your description of Tre’s throwing day reminds me of the criticism Tim Tebow received at Florida and all he did was win.

  15. That much was clear. There’s no doubt that Tre has the ability to get the job done. Maybe the thought of being injured is still weighing on his mind, ultimately affecting his decision making. Who knows? I was just going on what I saw from him yesterday. He looked awful. That’s funny that you reference Tebow, though, I made the same reference about Tebow and Sudfeld…when Sudfeld is on the field, he makes things happen. We have a good problem on our hands, Hoosier fans…3 very solid and capable quarterbacks – each bringing something different to the table. From what I saw yesterday, there’s no rhyme or reason to keep Sudfeld off the field, though. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out and what the coaches decide to do with the 3 of them.

  16. Tre was throwing a good ball when he got hurt. There’s no reason to think he won’t return to form.

  17. Ben, not too bad. I remember that discussion about Mallory but am hard pressed as to who was involved in it. I am with you it appears the 2 new coaches were added without skipping a beat.
    Chet I am in total agreement about IU Fred and TR.

  18. Austin, good comments. Please post more often. The Scoop needs more people like you rational opinions based on observations. And I especially appreciate your love of IU football, regardless of our past record.

    One hypothesis about Tre’s delivery. If he has “gotten bigger” since breaking his leg, that probably means he’s gotten bigger in the upper body. Getting bigger in the upper body is not necessarily good for a quarterback’s ability to throw the football. The extra muscle can affect the throwing motion and takes a while to get used to. It is suggested that one of the problems with Tim Tebow’s passing is, relative to other NFL quarterbacks, the muscle mass in his upper body. A lot of muscle in the arms and shoulders is not always conducive to throwing a great pass. He’ll probably improve over the summer, but I’d hold off saying that Tre’s going to be IU’s starter. Wilson’s offense is based on efficient and accurate passing, and if Tre is not throwing quickly and with great accuracy come late August, he won’t be the starter. The other two guys got a lot of experience last season after Tre went down and have probably made major strides this off-season.

  19. Thanks, Po. I’d like to say it’s been easy to be an IU Football fan…but I don’t want to lie to you. All joking aside, I completely agree with your comments about Tre and muscle mass in the upper body. I read or heard that he put on 24 pounds of muscle, being that his leg was broke, almost all of that has to be in the upper body and I’m sure he’s just not used to that. As efficient as Coffman and Sudfeld were at the scrimmage, I’m sure Tre knows that he’s got his work cut out for him. Missing all that time last year really hurt, he was starting to come along really well. But on the flip side, it only gave Coffman and Sudfeld an opportunity for more snaps. As we all know, there’s no better way to bring out the best in somebody than good, strong competition.

  20. Austin, I agree that IU will be in good shape for the QB position in the upcoming football season. My guess is that Sudfeld will eventually emerge as the starting QB. But having three talented and experienced guys should allow IU to produce a dynamic offense that scores lot of points. Hopefully, our defense will be much improved, allowing us to win six games and go to a minor bowl game. But my guess is that things will really start to come together for Wilson’s team in the 2014 season.

    As for being an IU football fan, I witnessed my first IU game at Memorial Stadium in 1966. The next year was the magical year, with John Pont leading a young but scrappy team to the Rose Bowl. Now, I’m just hoping to live long enough to see them return to The Rose Bowl some day.

  21. Good posts Austin and Podunker. I too am a long time IU football fan and I agree that the program is, at long last, moving in a positive and sustainable direction. Barring injuries or some other factor that causes us to take hits on our roster, I’m not worried about the offense. We’ll score points…a lot of them.

    The challenge continues to be on defense. Defense is so much harder to build and while I know we’ve made strides, I’m not sure we can win enough shoot outs to get us to a bowl. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Go Hoosiers!

  22. Drink the IU football Kool-Aid? I guzzle it! I stir a little in to my boy’s drinks, too. Enjoy football as we know it while we can. A bill has been introduced into the Ill. state legislature to limit tackling to one day per week of practice on account of the concussion factor. My new rules? No helmets and no other pads ‘cept for knees and elbows, and the roster is limited to 25 players. Then we’d have some versitile atheletes instead of trying to recruit 300 lb. freaks. End zones would be 20 yds. deep and if the receiving team doesn’t run out a punt or missed field goal, 1 point for the kicking team and it must free kick from the twenty yard line. (Stolen from Canadian rules.) Also, on the try (point after touchdown), if the scoring team wants to placekick for 1 point, then the ball is spotted at a distance from the sideline equal to the point where it crossed the goal line on the TD (or was caught in the end zone for at TD). If the TD will have been scored between the uprights, then kick it from the middle of the field. But if the TD is scored at the plastic pylon at sideline, the try is is kicked from the sideline, then the scoring team would have to move the spot, as far back as it deems, for the place kick to give the kicker a better angle. (Stolen from rugby.) That would end the routinely boring PAT in a lot of cases, and really change the play calling at the end of a scoring drive in a tight game.

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