In the end, Abell decides to leave

In the five days since Indiana announced his transfer, Remy Abell apparently continued to go through emotional tugs-of-war both internal and external. His mother, Natasha Gold, very much wanted him to stay and advisors including his former high school coach all suggested that Indiana might still be the best place for him. There was also indication that IU coach Tom Crean might be willing to take him back if Abell showed that he was committed to staying.

But on Wednesday afternoon, a day and a half after Gold met Monday night with Crean in hopes that Abell would return, the sophomore guard decided to stick with his initial decision, giving the same explanation to his former high school coach that he did in a press release Friday night.

“He just sent me a text,” said Jason Couch, Abell’s former coach at Eastern High School in Louisville. “It said, ‘Coach, I’m leaving. God has a plan for me.’”

Whatever divine guidance Abell has received, it ran counter to that which he was receiving from home. Couch said that Gold was never on board with Abell’s decision to transfer and was happy with everything he was getting at Indiana.

“His mom loves him being at IU,” Couch said. “She loves it and I do think that’s the thing with Remy. Any ideas that Remy has about not being there, it really upsets her because she loves him playing at IU, she loves the support he’s had academically and as well as he’s done in the classroom at IU.”

Couch himself was surprised at Abell’s decision to leave in the first place, but said there were a few factors that led to it. One was that he was simply emotional after Indiana’s Sweet 16 loss to Syracuse and the subsequent parting of ways of the extremely close-knit group that took led the Hoosiers to an outright Big Ten championship. Seniors Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford and Derek Elston were already graduating and the decisions of Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller to leave early for the NBA meant the locker room dynamic would change drastically. Abell was shaken up in large part because he was going to miss his friends.

“You know the type of relationships that you have on a team like that,” Couch said. It was a heck of a group of kids to watch play last year. It was so upsetting that they lost when they did. They were good enough to win the whole thing, and you don’t play as well as they did if there’s not a special bond being built on that team. I don’t know if he’s said it, but with the guys graduating, but I know he thinks the word of Jordy Hulls, and Christian and with Vic and Cody going that just makes a kid more emotional. All of these special kids that he’s been so close with are going, and that’s part of the reason.”

But so too were Abell’s concerns about playing time.

Abell has averaged 10.5 minutes per game in his first two years. He was a late addition and an unheralded recruit in the 2011 class, committing to Indiana after his initial choice, mid-major Bradley, had made a coaching change. The 6-foot-4, 201-pound guard proved valuable as reserve, however, giving the Hoosiers an additional ball-handler who could drive the ball to the rim and a stalwart perimeter defender.

This year, his minutes went through a major fluctuation. Through most of the non-conference seasons he was averaging close to 15 minutes per game as the Hoosiers’ seventh man behind the starters and swingman Will Sheehey, his minutes dwindled during Big Ten play and he played single-digit minutes in 10 of the 18 league games. However, his play picked up in the Big Ten and NCAA Tournaments. He averaged 4.0 points per game, shooting 46.9 percent from the field and 48.5 percent from beyond the 3-point arc.

With Oladipo and Hulls gone, Abell stood to see his minutes increase. Freshman Yogi Ferrell was bound to maintain the starting point guard role, but there wasn’t much else returning in the backcourt. However, the Hoosiers are bringing in a top-five recruiting class for 2013 that includes top-60 recruits Stanford Robinson, a combo guard, and Troy Williams, a swingman.

Couch said he and his assistants tried to convince Abell that he would have a leg up on the freshmen because of his experience and physical maturity, but Abell continued to harbor concerns and Couch believes that ultimately led to his decision.

“That’s always of No. 1 importance for a kid,” Couch said. “I think a lot of times, that’s why a kid chooses a school in the first place. Is there a chance to get playing time? I do think that was a little bit of it. Any kid wants more playing time, and not knowing for sure that he would get it next year, that’s something in his mind.”

The Hoosiers have to continue to look for players to take his minutes. Shortly after Abell’s decision was made final, Jaren Sina, a Class of 2013 point guard the Hoosiers were recruiting from Gill St. Bernard’s New Jersey, announced on Twitter that he is committing to Seton Hall. Sina was planning a visit to Indiana next week.


  1. Can’t wait to read Harvard attack Abell’s reference to “God” in his text to his High School coach, as in “God has a plan for me.” Wasn’t Abell one of Harvard’s favorite IU players?

  2. “Remy wasn’t the same player in the last half of the season. This has been in the works. He saw Crean polishing his blade. He felt it coming. When there is zero loyalty and a distorted hierarchy system of PT based on many variables outside the realm of your pure basketball skills and potential, it puts tightness into your game and strips the joy of playing for your teammates and the Indiana on the uniform.”


  3. That’s not really you talking Po, right?

    Thinking you are way off on this one.

    Nice to hear how close the team was last season. Think the new group will achieve the same.

  4. He has faith in God.

    He has faith in his skills.

    He had faith in his “everything hinges on” teammates that put banners behind dollar bills.

    He lost his faith in his coach and it’s why he wasn’t the same player for most of the latter half the season.

    The lights are coming on and maybe it is “God” moving him in right direction. He’s making the right decision to leave. He loves Indiana enough to not continue to partake in the deconstruction of her good name. He looked for something genuine and he found only image builders and fame-seekers.

    Remy’s heart is broken and now his faith will be truly tested.

  5. Would love to see him get a shot at Butler…His humble heart and determination would never mar the reputation of Hinkle.

  6. H, that is pure crap you are sending out. There is no reference to CTC in any negative way from Remy. He wants to start and it was not going to happen in the next 2 years. He left because he wanted too and if he is following God’s plan for him more power to him. You have to be happy and I hope he finds happiness after a year of not playing.

  7. Wouldn’t it send a lovely message to your next coach to publicly berate the previous?

    He bought in…Doesn’t mean he’s so foolish as to sell out.

    It’s done. Writing on the wall for the preacher. Remy could no longer believe in the “let’s keep hating on anything that once knew Kelvin Sampson” snake oil being sold around town. He saw how empty that faith.

  8. god’s plan. I just love that crap. if god doesn’t care when little children are raped, tortured, and murdered every day, he sure as hell doesn’t give a rat’s ass where remy plays basketball.

  9. Guys – I need you all to stop. The events in Boston should be bringing us closer together. Put things in perspective and stop posting hateful garbage before I tweet the editor.

  10. Amen Aruss. I take up my cross, cause I know God loves me, and wants the best for me. I’ll leave it at that.

    If this is what Remy wants, then God Bless him! He is one of the few who will actually follow Gods plan. He will succeed wherever he goes. Wish you stayed here Remy, but good luck at your new home. Always a Hoosier in my book.

  11. I’ll try to tread lightly here, Aruss. The whole “God has a plan for me” discussion is probably a little too heavy for this forum. I’ll spare you all my thoughts on that. But I don’t quite understand Remy’s logic re: playing time. Assuming he goes to another D-1 school, he’d be a senior in B-town by the time he gets to play again. He was already #2 off the bench with his main competitors, Hulls and Vic, gone next year. Stan looks like he should be a solid player, but by no means has he been penciled in as starter next year. At the very least, they split time at SG. In all likelihood, Remy’s PT skyrockets next year, and only goes up when he’s a senior. I don’t want to jump to rash conclusions, but it seemed like he made a rash, emotional decision. And his explanation doesn’t hold much water.

    I liked Remy. I liked him a lot. Offensively, I actually felt more comfortable with him on the court than Sheehey most of the time. Remy never tried to take over games when his game just wasn’t there. I just don’t understand his reasoning. As always, there’s probably much more to the story. I just hope he wasn’t overly emotional about the departure of Cody and others, and was too embarrassed to take his decision back. What a shame.

  12. Pun,

    I respect your take on the God thing, because your not a sarcastic poster. Your posts are quality more times then not. Though I totally agree with you. It’s a shame. It really is a shame. One day I hope to know how the dominos fell to this decision.

  13. Sorry, Ben. You picked the wrong night to not call me a sarcastic poster. But in all seriousness, thanks. I’m going through a bit of a spiritual renaissance, realizing once again that I’m not as wise as I once thought I was. I’ve always been open to anybody’s beliefs except those that were crammed down my throat. And by that I mean anybody that professed a strong belief one way or another without regard for others. But I’m (re)learning that that’s okay, too. You can take what anyone says as inspiration, education, or entertainment. Or all three. Thankfully, the Scoop provides an abundance for all.

  14. I have no problem with anyone’s religion or lack thereof. Absolutely none of my business. I like to keep it that way.

    However, when they start telling me that their relationship with God or Jesus or Zeus is somehow superior to that of others my hand tends to reflexively reach to protect my wallet.

    While I’m not one to pick out favorite Bible quotes the one about praying, etc., in private always seemed like a good idea.

  15. remy quit because he’s afraid of a little competition. playing time was there for the taking. he should have “manned-up” and taken it. look at that body of his. ha can’t withstand the challenge of some skinny freshmen? he turned his back on Indiana so he is definitely not once and forever a hoosier. he’s a nice guy and a quitter.

    back to watching cnn and witnessing god’s plan unfold in Waco.

  16. “Stanford Robinson looks like a thug”

    How do you get that?

    He’s looks exceedingly clean cut to me. He’s got no tattoos, simple haircut, no jewelry, he’s polite, he appeared very comfortable in interviews. He talks about his education and staying for 4 years. Everything I’ve read about him indicates that he is a high quality human being

    What ‘thug-like’ detail do you get from him?

  17. …inspiration, education, entertainment and the 4th would be BS…example(to say Stanford Robinson is a thug)…Chet would you not consider that BS had to have come from a maroon?

  18. Thank God there are more opportunities for ditzy blonds with big breasts.

    I’m not sure what you’re insinuating about Dustin, though.

  19. From Total College Sports: Why would a coach be in hot pursuit a recruit when he already has 13 players for 13 spots fulfilled…and this is even after the announced departure of Remy Abell?

    “…oversigning is gluttonous, it’s unnecessary”(courtesy: Teddy Greenstein, Total College Sports).

    Main article: Gluttony
    (Albert Anker, 1896)

    Derived from the Latin gluttire, meaning to gulp down or swallow, gluttony (Latin, gula) is the over-indulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste.

    In Christian religions, it is considered a sin because of the excessive desire for food, and its withholding from the needy.[14]

    Because of these scripts, gluttony can be interpreted as selfishness; essentially placing concern with one’s own interests above the well-being or interests of others(courtesy: Wikipedia)

    It’s easy to understand why Remy couldn’t feel confident in his coach. Sampson had a phone addiction. Crean has a fork and knife addiction. Kids begin to think they’re simply another serving of slop on the plate that will soon lose out to the latest hot item brought to the recruiting buffet line.

    Tom Crean recruiting: How can thirteen ever be thirteen?

  20. I think,

    Somewhere a plastic surgeon with a smile is thinking I did a good job. Motto is ‘Enhancements for all and the Location is your call’.

    The ‘I Know Everything’ male speaker (unless he took the motto too far) would probably change his out-spoken opinion if he had the Hoosier Nation (or even the Scoop Nation) breathing down his neck to do better than Sweet 16 and/or as the architect of Hoosier BB was, expected and required to anticipate any and all hiccups next season.

    Probably need to change ‘Scoop Nation’ to ‘Scoop Village’.

  21. HC, could you not lump BS into the entertainment category? Some may get angry, but it typically means they’re in a sour mood already or just haven’t developed the thick skin to laugh it off. I think most of us consider outlandish statements (a la Stan the thug)– whether intended to be taken ironically or not– as pure comedy gold.

  22. Teddy Greenstein makes noise for a living. Who cares what he says. As you would, normally say (how many times a day is normally used in conjunction with your name?) Garbage from the Establishment.

  23. Harv, one man’s gluttony is another man’s cautious preparation. I’ve watched a program or two on Discovery. I seem to remember something about animals storing fat for the long winter. (Cant’t wait to see where you go with that metaphor!) Maybe Papa Bear knows this is going to be an especially scarce one coming up.

    Can’t argue that the potential over-signing of players is dribbling on thin ice, It’s treading in dangerous territory and can have treacherous long-term effects, to be sure. But if you have the inside information to know you may need an insurance policy, is it not also irresponsible to neglect getting one?

  24. Something that you managed to skip over was that the topic was not about Indiana over signing, it was that the current trend is over signing.

    Like it or not, CTC will never lose his job for over signing. If he loses his job it will be because we’re losing basketball games to teams that ARE over signing.

    That’s what they meant by ‘trend’.

  25. Is their really that much insurance in playing around with the mid to lower tier of a roster? How often are you going to find a game-changer recruit six months before he’s slated to start his freshman season?

    Many bloggers complained that Perea wasn’t seeing enough playing time last season?
    Doing more with what you have is often a much better insurance policy than the opportunity cost of a loss in trust based on oversigning.

    Brad Stevens ended up putting a walk-on into a starting role. We like to think that all the rankings and hype turns the process into science. Kids can blossom out of nowhere…The insurance policy you gained may have just sent a future star packing. There will always be uncertainty and a certain amount of risk(performance meeting expectations) for even the recruits you want to believe are safe bets to produce.

  26. I understand perfectly, Chet. Crean’s insurance policy will always be overbalanced on the recruiting side of the scale because what is increasingly becoming apparent a lack of skill in the coaching of the x’s and o’s.

    Unless he can start attracting three or four McDonald’s All-American’s every year, all this oveersigning drama is a rather mute point anyway. It’s a distraction from the real facts. It makes us believe he is tirelessly in movement to make a better product. But do any of us really feel we got the most out of our talent/product last season? Searching and searching for a slight incremental boost in talent by way of oversigning seems rather fruitless when you’re not capitalizing on the full potential the talent already under your roof.

    We will continue to wonder what a coach like Stevens could do with far less to insure success.

    Will Perea stall in his development because it was the wrong insurance policy or because we had the wrong driver behind the wheels of his potential?

  27. Harvard, you make some interesting points, but to be fair that “walk-on” at Butler was not starting over a highly ranked recruit… Certainly not a top 100 calibre recruit.

  28. I don’t mind Crean’s recruiting tactics. It shows that recruiting is one thing that he can do well. Like Harvard said above, I’m still waiting to see if he can capitalize on that talent in the tourney. That Syracuse beat down still bothers me.

  29. I’m sure that’s true, Geoff.

    I begin to wonder if any coach could necessarily match what Calipari accomplished with his tons of talent in 2011-12. It’s easy to claim any coach can win with so much NBA potential on a college roster…I’m beginning to think that’s a wonderful myth for guys that can’t coach.

    No amount of talent or insurance policy can match superb coaching.

  30. Sometimes a game-changer is an unheralded backup who steps up when injuries, foul trouble, or a starter just having a plain old bad game bites us in the butt. They don’t need to go all Spike Albrecht with a NC on the line. They just need to make sure we don’t sink while they’re captaining the ship. In that respect, a game-changer can simply be one who doesn’t let the game change when the situation would otherwise go south in a hurry. With a relatively shallow pool of true guards, an insurance policy like Sina could’ve proved invaluable. That particular ship has sailed, but careful management of this over-signing trend is sometimes a necessary evil.

    Of course, we may already have one coming to our roster and don’t know it yet. Besides Marlin, don’t we have another “preferred walk-on” coming in next year? I can’t recall his name at the moment, but Dipo showed us that stars can come from anywhere. (Of course it helps if you can jump over a barn…) Not saying it’s going to happen, but it’s also not out of the realm if possibility.

  31. Harv, regardless of whether we think Calipari comes by his vast collections of absurd talent honorably, more often than not he’s able to mold great individual players into great teams by season’s end. That’s no more a matter of X’s and O’s than it is motivational tactics and leadership– traits that Crean is still developing. And let’s not forget, even with Noel out, UK still had more McD’s AAs than 98% of all other teams in the country. Superb coaching shouldn’t let talent like that lose in the first round of the NIT. To Robert Morris. Ever. But sometimes it happens.

  32. Hey folks, it does not matter what the issue is, people suffering from Tom Crean Derangement Syndrome are going to use any excuse to try to tarnish his image and/or reputation. Why they waste their time trying to convince other Hoosier fans that Tom Crean is a terrible coach/person is beyond me, but I generally don’t understand the motives of deranged people anyway.

    Pick the topic; Crean’s recruiting tendencies, his Twitter messages, his X’s and O’s, his hair style, his religion/faith, his preferred style of play, his post-game handshake, or his pacing on the sideline. They will use any topic, no matter how ridiculous and inane, to bash Tom Crean. That really is a symptom of derangement. And notice that the criticisms are not based on facts. In fact, most times, the attacks stem from perceptions, bias, fantasy or just plain old invention (lies).

    We don’t know all the facts about IU’s 2013/2014 roster. We don’t know what Tom Crean knows. We don’t have all the same information. All we know is that Tom Crean made an in-home recruiting trip to a player that recently de-committed from NW and that after Remy Abell announced his decision to transfer, IU now has a full compliment of scholarship players. But we may read next week that another player has decided to transfer, or that a player’s injury prohibits them from continuing to play. If that happens, will those currently bashing Crean, or at least questioning the ethics of his “over-recruiting” come on this site and apologize? I doubt it. But if Crean has strong reason to believe that his team is going to lose another scholarship player, I want him out there recruiting and trying to improve his roster. I want him doing everything he can do, within the rules, to make IU the best basketball team it can be. In fact, if he suspects that another player is going to leave, regardless of the reason, I’d be critical of Tom Crean if he was not out there, being proactive, and trying to replace the departed player.

    The irony of the criticism directed at Crean for his “over-recruiting” is that if a combination of transfers, grades and injuries were to suddenly deplete the team, and as a result IU had a bad season, those same deranged Crean-haters would be blaming him for not having enough good players to compete. To TCDS sufferers, nothing Crean does will ever be right, but nothing they say or write about him is ever going to affect his job security as IU’s head basketball coach. So let’s see what happens over the next few weeks before we start jumping to conclusions and implying that he’s doing something unethical, illegal or improper. Until its been proven that he is violating the rules, I’ll appreciate him being an aggressive and proactive recruiter and give him the benefit of the doubt.

    By the way, my friend that played for Wooden at UCLA told me John Wooden was the biggest over-recruiter in the history of college sports back in the 60’s. In those days, they used the “freshman can not play on the varsity rule” to disguise the over-recruiting. They’d bring a bunch of freshman into UCLA, have them scrimmage the varsity to evaluate their potential, and then “dump” those players Wooden did not think were good enough during and after their freshman year. My friend told me Wooden had all sorts of tactics to run a player off the team.

  33. Po, how many symptoms of TCDS does one have to exhibit before we can certify them as clowns? According to acute TCDS sufferers, the threshold for clown certification seems to be pretty low, but we don’t want anyone to have to suffer in silence without a proper diagnosis.

  34. They ruined Romney over one secret taping at a fundraiser.

    Let’s stop pretending that people don’t actually make rather huge leaps(whether fair or unfair) based on very limited access and involvement in “facts” when it pertains to character.

    Poor Mitt. Romney is probably much like Crean…He’s probably a very honest and down-to-earth rich guy that just happens to come off as shallow and manipulative…..and oily. It’s unfair that Dustin giving our coach a very cynical smirk helps form my opinions…It’s unfair that the daily quoting of a “dizzy blond” like Joyce Meyer gives me the sense he’s a pretty empty-headed in his own right…It’s surely wrong that a captured video image of our coach chasing down a Michigan assistant coach, a coach that has been away from Bloomington for five years, and publicly vilifies the man in front of rolling cameras without precious facts or due process, just happens to turn my stomach as to why he would wish to steal the interest away from his team’s moment.

    And now Remy comes across as confused and appears to have lost confidence in a coach giving him an honest shot when it just so happens that Indiana once again does not have enough scholarships for the promised roster spots….?

    Yeah, if only perceptions were construed as carefully as how we act out with so much facts at our disposal when it comes to networks spoon-feeding their spin during elections with full manipulative intent to influence our opinions in politics and the trivial act of choosing a President….?

    Oh, my….You think I’m hard on Crean? The press would only need one weekend to make the man look like a windup jack-in-the-box total charlatan made of tin and plastic. One look at his Twitter page and it would be game over.

    Lastly, if you think Hoosier fans have been all roses on Remy, then you’ve never gone to a Scoop LiveChat during a game. The roses came for the Remy funeral…So-called Hoosier fans have thrown brutal criticism at an 19-year-old kid that did nothing but represent our school with total dignity and pride..It has gone way beyond anything I’ve ever done to a grown man that has multimillion dollar secured contracts and extensions as his insurance policy at Indiana. Please don’t paint me as going overboard on criticism. Why should it be a free-for-all when it comes to attacking kids just out of high school and totally off limits for the guy that gets to spin everything at a podium microphone?

    You dinosaurs really do prefer it to return to the same “untouchable coach” era a tyrant that actually knew how to coach.

  35. Unfortunately, most you hypocrites will not need a lot of time to throw out your untouchable rules the moment the perceived success stalls or shows temporary sign of going in reverse when no “everything hinges on” saintly recruit goes to Duke instead of saving his ass.

    And when you’re done with him, you’ll do the honorable same as you did with Remy and Patterson…You’ll send roses to the funeral to cover up all your pee you put on the soil his every step and the mean-spirited intentions you needed to feed your pathetic and small world of being something grossly misrepresented and self-percieved as a “fan.”

  36. oops..

    Unfortunately, most you hypocrites will not need a lot of time to throw out your untouchable rules the moment the perceived success stalls or shows temporary sign of going in reverse when [the] “everything hinges on” saintly recruit goes to Duke instead of saving his ass.

  37. Did I actually say/type “pee?”

    My long term memory is pretty decent, but I get a little fuzzy with things that just happened. “Pee” just doesn’t sound like my word of choice for so-called fans urinating all over a decent kid’s name because his level of confidence on the floor has dipped.

    I’m amazed that the ‘comment police’ at Scoop our diving so deeply into the Harvard trash pile.

  38. hillbilly,

    “oveersigning drama is a rather mute point anyway”. I bet most people here wish all your points were muted. clearly you are not an iu alumnus.

  39. Good find. That’s the thing about blogging, one stumble and the illiteracy you’ve tried to hide immediately surfaces. Can’t lie my way out of that one. A 3rd grader doesn’t make that spelling mistake.

    I bet Geoff is glad we didn’t meet for lunch.

  40. coachv-

    I can see why Dustin has such admiration for you. You’re no fool.

  41. To the rest of you(Chet, Tsao, Geoff, Remora, Husky, Podunker), thanks for not embarrassing me more than the embarrassment I have caused to our school and myself.

    Nothing new..

  42. Harv, don’t be so hard on yourself. As the annoyed son of a copy editor, I’ve been reluctantly programmed from an early age to identify grammatical and/or spelling errors. I see them in my own writing all the time, and from just about every poster on here at one time or another. It ain’t no thing. Your intended point was clear, whether people agree with it or not.

    With that said, I’ll now turn right around and start hypocritically nitpicking. In regards to your #47 post, you make some valid points. But one thing I took exception to was the “very cynical smirk” on Dustin’s face informing your opinions. Where did you get that idea? Was there a first-hand account that I missed affirming the previously self-confessed smirk as being cynical in nature? Very cynical, even? Or is that just inferring character traits based on other opinions that were already formed without fact? Unless I’m way off base, that seems to run contrary to the point I think you were trying to make.

  43. H4H #33 post is spot on…spot on!

    “Unless he can start attracting three or four McDonald’s All-American’s every year, all this oveersigning drama is a rather mute point anyway. It’s a distraction from the real facts. It makes us believe he is tirelessly in movement to make a better product. But do any of us really feel we got the most out of our talent/product last season? Searching and searching for a slight incremental boost in talent by way of oversigning seems rather fruitless when you’re not capitalizing on the full potential the talent already under your roof.”

    This Remy loss is a big loss for 2013-4. But who didn’t see it coming? Remy was underutilized both years. This is what you get in that scenario. I think Remy could’ve really blossomed if given the PT over the last 2 years such that he would be a double-digit ppg guy his last 2 yrs. I’d love to see the kid go to Butler and succeed big time, but I fear he’s headed to either L-ville or Cincy.

    Yogi + Will + Vonleh + freshman = 8 Big 10 wins…max.

  44. “They ruined Romney over one secret taping at a fundraiser.”

    While that video certainly got a lot of airplay it didn’t change anything as far as voter preferences.

    There was nothing new. I don’t think anyone was shocked or surprised by anything he said.

  45. I think Remy is making the smart move for him. IU will miss him but, come conference play, all the new pieces will be in place. Agree with how he was used or not, Remy has decided he’d never be anything other than a role player for Indiana.

    Nobody dreams of being a role player.

  46. 47%….? It makes me think of how we’ve grown so accustomed to assigning numbers to kids in sports. We determine their value based on what exactly? A kid named Victor Oladipo barely breaks the top 150 of a Rivals list and now is expected to be one of the highest picks in the NBA draft.

    How did it all start? Who decided we need player rankings sites and things like “Bracketology.”

    Could the NCAA seed teams properly without Bracketology?

    Could coaches recruit effectively without player rankings sites?

    Would players be more inclined to stay an extra year or two in college without all the hype machines that assign value based on some guy in a cubicle typing a number next to his name?

    I know it’s quite the stretch to compare it to a Mitt speech that came off as very dehumanizing, but isn’t there similarities in how we attempt to anchor truth in very subjective numbers?

    And now, maybe, Remy has bought into the numbers…Numbers that tell him 47% of his minutes will evaporate because someone in a cubicle has crunched their “your just a number” numbers to determine the new blood coming in has 47% more basketball success flowing through their 47% higher ranking on a site that 47% of all sportswriters and coaches spend 47% of their time in assessing the 100% value the next player they write a story or the next recruit they put on a roster.

    Numbers…? Gosh, when people throw them around with such confidence and matter-of-fact tone, they sure as hell sound like the numbers were delivered directly from God’s big desk on a cloud. Numbers…? It starts so early doesn’t it? IQ…SAT…72% = C- …76% = C+…47% pay no taxes…53% pay not enough taxes because they find a loophole and put 47% of their profits into foreign investments on an island.

    Paint by numbers.. Assess by numbers…Twist by numbers…Lie by numbers…Think by numbers…Judge by numbers..Rank by numbers…Hire by numbers…Segregate in a classroom by numbers…Atrocities by numbers…

    Numbers with faces of young children killed in a school shooting. The comparison of heinous acts based on numbers. Your child shot by AK 47 becomes another number on the streets of Chicago where deaths by firearms is up 47%.

    One surely does become the loneliest number. But 47% of one leaves you out of the 53%. If you were in the 53%, your one number assigned to you wouldn’t look so lonely. It all just begins to blur into the numbers. The heart of a man soon to be measured to pump 47% less desire by the man sitting in the cubicle. 47% of his friends will attend his funeral once the news is leaked that his heart was not on a Cardiology Today Top-100 list. 47% of the 53% that did not attend the funeral will claim that 47% of their bosses would not give them the day off. The other 53% of the 53% that were not in attendance noticed that gas prices had gone up 47% and the drive to funeral home would cost 47% more than they were willing to pay to watch you lowered into the ground.

  47. I think we’re discovering a new condition, and it should be named Obsessive – Compulsive Tom Crean Derangement Syndrome, or OCTCDS. It does not appear to be fatal, but the question is, do the symptoms ever go away? Can it be cured by IU winning a National Championship or would another banner simply serve to immunize the vast majority of Hoosier fans and prevent the condition from spreading? How about making it to the final four? Would that cause this condition to disappear or at least go into remission? Or is another, stronger remedy required, such as the voluntary or involuntary termination of Tom Crean from his position as IU’s head basketball coach? My hypothesis is that there is no cure for TCDS or OCTCDS, and that those people that suffer from the condition will continue to display symptoms and grow more miserable, regardless of who is coaching IU basketball. OCTCDS is kind of like a virus in that it will continue to mutate and adapt to its host and the environment.

  48. ^ Your hypothesis is false, as is most of what you post on this blog whether you realize it or not.

  49. How about making it to the final four? Would that cause this condition to disappear or at least go into remission?

    I don’t know…Best ask those that hated on Mike Davis. It didn’t immunize their OCMDDS disease. Huh..? That’s funny..’MD’ Mike Davis has an MD and he still was not immune.

    Elite programs are measured by banners. OSU football doesn’t keep a coach that doesn’t get to top BCS bowl games. IU basketball will not keep a coach that merely hangs Sweet 16 banners and gets bragging rights for landing the occasional “sleeper talent,” or the overly hyped Indiana savior that passed on NC, into the NBA.

  50. Can’t believe the media gives the fruitcake aunts and uncles of the murderers responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings their “celebrity” moment on television.

    The eight-year-old boy gets no live camera moment six feet in the earth.

  51. Harvard, I don’t like asking anything of people who hate on others, let alone those who hate on an IU coach. I certainly did not hate on Mike Davis and don’t know anyone who did. But of course, I was not participating on The Hoosier Scoop back in those days.

  52. Harvard,
    Why do you presume the function of everything the media does is to produce celebrity? Isn’t there something to be said for, you know, gathering information and trying to figure out exactly what it is we’re dealing with here? And isn’t part of that trying to figure out who these guys are/were and what there intentions are?
    Honest question considering all of what you’ve said. Do you believe there should cease to be a media?

  53. ^

    I would think the authorities were covering those bases.

    The aunt of the accused seemed(this is just my personal opinion based on her mannerisms) to be sucking it up. Her face began to crack a smile. Policeman have died. Families have lost their loved ones. I thought her attitude lacked any sign of remorse(even for her own nephews)and I would have pulled the plug.

    There’s something amiss. Maybe putting her on stage can get something valuable that the police and FBI have not picked up on, but my stomach turned watching her nearly break a smile on camera. She was almost braggadocios with regard to her personal circumstances and experiences growing up and, given the backdrop of the terror and loss of life, I didn’t have the perception she showed any compassion for the victims.



    You don’t have to go back to when Davis was coach to have read plenty of hate aimed at him on Scoop. Many never stopped on their campaign to claim the job was way over his head. They also claimed he was more interested in coaching in the NBA than any love he had for Indiana. Many of these comments have been made in the last year. You’d have to be pretty sporadic in your visits to the pages of Scoop to not have seen them. Dare I mention Laffy? Laffy never stopped reminding of the hate that was aimed at Davis. And, like yours truly and most others with flawed qualities of introspection, could never recognize being guilty of doing the same to various coaches, players, politician, bloggers, etc, etc, etc.

    None of us are perfect here. We formulate our opinions and are rarely very cautious to care when things become cruel. Signed, Windmill.

  54. And how much hate does our own coach still attempt to generate toward the name of Kelvin Sampson? Sampson made mistakes..Hasn’t Crean’s good friend at Kentucky made a few along his coaching career? What does chasing down one of Sampson’s assistants do for Indiana fire years removed from that day? Is that pride or is that something else? Is that also the same misplaced ego of the infectious desire for celebrity in a moment all the recognition should be on his team’s accomplishment?

  55. “cease to be a media”

    After listening to one of the first press conferences yesterday, I think the media all ready left. Were there any intelligent questionsw asked by the, I hate to call them media? It sounded like a 1st grade lunch room frenzy.

    Reminded me of the coverage of the Challenger Shuttle coverage. Since then I hate to hear a reporter ask “what went through your mind when…whatever happened happened?”

    Too many media people with too much reporting time.

    fox/MSNBC/CNN 24/7(fox not capitalized for the same reason I do not capitalize ncaa) cannot be considered good for America’s psyche. Talk with minimal content with the possible exclution of CNN International.

    A reporter is the guy from Sarasota Fl (Herald Tribune) who finally after 10 yrs was sucessful getting the FBI to release their documentation of the involvement of a Saudi family in Sarasota and 9-11 terrorists. SWFlorida was told they had no pre knowledge of 911 yet the FBI reports otherwise, they had met with two of the hi-jackers. For some reason, our President at the time allowed them to leave the country. Guess it turned out ok, the oil continued to flow.

    Otherwise we get 24/7 of talking heads with nothing to say. And none of them play basketball. (maintaining the sports content).

  56. The unfortunate reality is that the network that provides the most information (even if it is all incorrect, as with Faux News) is the one that gets the most eyeballs and, consequently, the most advertising dollars.

    It’s not healthy. It’s akin to building liquor stores where the most alcoholics are located. But that’s the way business works.

    FWIW, I don’t even have Faux News programmed into my ‘guide’ as it’s the dung heap of broadcast news. Those that claim MSNBC does the same thing ignore that their daytime programming is headed by an arch conservative. They don’t make my ‘guide’ either, BTW.

    Until we, as a society, get our own mental health in order I wouldn’t expect any changes.

  57. I’ve been addicted to this coverage up here.

    WEEI was my go-to. It’s pure Establishment by Harvard’s standards… For those that don’t know it’s Boston’s major sports radio station and it comes in on 2 FM and 1 AM channel here in Maine. I believe it’s the #1 rated sports station in the country. (As another point of reference, I am a little closer to Boston than Fort Wayne is to Indy)

    They went commercial free for the last few days and had the most accurate and up to date information. Because they kept their sports personalities in their regular spots there was no, I repeat this, NO politicization of the story (so refreshing). They had far better interviews with their Boston sources, asked more poignant questions, and got more honest answers because of the format, than all of the major news outlets combined.

    They broke to every press conference as it happened. They recapped every important fact regularly.

    The most impressive part was because they are a local call-in station, they had 2 or 3 phone interviews every hour with loyal listeners who were inside the police barrier today in Watertown. I received first-hand, eye-witness accounts of last night’s gun fight that ended with the older brother’s death. Heard from people who had bullet holes in their homes and were still in lock-down. Heard interviews from students at UMass-Dartmouth who knew the living brother as they were in their cars being evacuated from campus and Blackhawks were flying in.

    While part of me is embarrassed that I became so addicted to the coverage, there’s another part of me that is extremely proud to have received the information from the (unexpected) source that I did. The sports world should be proud of how one of their flagship stations handled this coverage.

    I honestly wish the rest of the world had received it through the airwaves I did…. Every time I changed the station or turned on the TV I ended up disappointed.

  58. Harvard,

    We certainly don’t agree on much. I know we don’t agree on religion. (The bible tweets motivate me to be a better person.). Anyways, I can find something in common with you. I believe it to e for Cream to shelve the Sampson fiasco. It’s still a heartwarming story, but it’s getting old as Zwickau Vitale always saying Assembly Hall needs to be renamed Robert Montgomery Kinght Hall. (Btw, you agree with that Harvard?). Curious…

    Bottom line is this. Sampson is a memory, and all his players are now gone, with Elston being the last one. (Recruited). Time to turn a new leaf. IU basketball is back. It can still serve as a good reminder, but time to let it go.


    Funny how different people view things. I can’t stand MSNBC. Honestly I am a Fox News person, but do enjoy CNN in small doses. (Especially when Gretta is on Fox) Honestly, I barely watch any of them. All negative anyway. I use my app to read what I want, and leave it at that. Chris Matthews and they wayyyy left woman on MSNBC drives me crazy. I forget her name. At 32, I gave up on right or left politics. My theory is if you put al, your faith in one candidate, you better be prepared for disappointment.

  59. I don’t think you rename a court after a guy that was fired.

    I enjoy watching CBS’s ‘Up to the Minute’ …It comes on when most of you are probably snoozing(3:00 a.m.- 5:00 a.m.). When/if I can get my butt out of bed on Sunday, I find the CBS ‘Sunday Morning’ show a nice way to curl up with coffee and a tastefully done hour and a half news/entertainment/specialty program. I don’t know if they still do the “Everybody Has a Story” pieces that were done by Steve Hartman….Hartman would have his backside facing a map of the U.S. and toss a dart over his shoulder at it. Wherever the dart hit, he searched for an American tale…I loved watching those pieces.

  60. There you go, Dustin…Rip it off.

    Blend Geoff’s and Harvard’s .thoughts together. You can be the Steve Hartman of ‘Every Hoosier Has a Story.’ You have the genuineness and interview skills to pull it off and do it right. You have all your Scoop blogging friends to serve as inspiration.

    We need more grassroots pride and tales of young dreamers and old melancholic lonely souls not always in the limelight. Tales that used to grow out of the simple days a couple old friends chatting in small town barbershop. I’m sure many of the tales would naturally weave there way into the fabric of our common bonds and love for dreams, retained innocence, pride in country and simple accomplishments, that are not measured by a need for limelight; heartwarming and heartbreaking vignettes that bring a human element back to a side of sports coverage long lost. …

    Dustin Dopirak’s ‘Every Hoosier Has a Story.’

  61. I’m being sincere…I’m not smirking. Take your skills and make it your niche. Imagine yourself sitting between the two dizzy gorgeous blonds on Total College Sports and making them tear up to the beauty of a tale done by a journalist that can offer something beyond cynicism, cheap sex appeal, showboating, and shouting matches.

  62. oops(more ammo for coachv).

    ….I’m sure many of the tales would naturally weave [their] way into the fabric of our common bonds.

    Could you imagine if your dart would have found coachv’s name in the phone book? There has to be a great story of a kid disciplined by a mentor, an Obi-Wan Abernathy, he truly loved to learn the art of formulating the quintessential jump shot. ..So many tales…So many untold.

  63. Chet, I pitched enough crap growing up on a dairy farm to know it has positive uses. So I frequently like hearing what is coming from the dung heap and that is why I have msnbc and cnn programed in my satellite guide. Listening to both sides provides the landscape for me to discern the contrast to what is right and wrong.

  64. HC, it’s funny. I frequently hear CNN referred to as the ‘Conservative News Network’.

    They can’t please anybody.

  65. Clarion’s #78 sums up why Americans (especially conservative ones) are the most duped, delusional people in the world today. Watching CNN and FOX to get “both sides of the issues”? Hahaha. That’s like saying “I travel to Ohio every year to experience different cultures.” Or, “I drink both Bud and Bud Lite, to experience the full range of what beer tastes like.”

  66. Harvard, honestly, I don’t recall reading much of anything, let alone anything hateful, about Davis. I think he was a great guy, thrust into an almost impossible situation, who did the best he could under the circumstances. But I would also say that he did not have the experience or the qualifications to be IU’s head coach. That’s not hateful, it’s just an honest opinion. IU basketball is a big job. Following Bob Knight made it a huge job, and really too big for almost any coach, especially one without any head coaching experience.

    And honestly, I have not heard Crean ever mention Sampson’s name, let alone make hateful comments about the man. If he’s made such comments, maybe I’m just not drawn to such subject matter, because it’s ancient history and because there are more positive things to focus on. Maybe we should look to the future more and spend less time prosecuting the past.

  67. Dustin thanks for the editing.

    Chet, I agree completely.

    MT, I guess you simply did not see I included msnbc in post #78.

  68. A kid named Victor Oladipo barely breaks the top 150 of a Rivals list and now is expected to be one of the highest picks in the NBA draft.


    Unless he can start attracting three or four McDonald’s All-American’s every year, all this oveersigning drama is a rather mute point anyway. It’s a distraction from the real facts. It makes us believe he is tirelessly in movement to make a better product. But do any of us really feel we got the most out of our talent/product last season? Searching and searching for a slight incremental boost in talent by way of oversigning seems rather fruitless when you’re not capitalizing on the full potential the talent already under your roof.

    CTC must do both and if anyone thinks that his position as IU head coach is in peril all one needs to do is look at wins and losses. Life is all about winning, basketball or the media. Fox news is around because they blow msnbc out of the water on ratings, they WIN. All the networks spew terrible lies coming from pretty faces, or networks looking to be more diverse by hiring minority talking heads. Why? Because they want to win, has nothing to do with putting out real news about real people. Celebrity wins again! Question everything in life, CTC, Remy, H4H, Dustin, and the media. Questions are healthy and they keep the stench of BS away from my nose that is pointed upwards at the moment!

    We have taught that winning is everything and that is what CTC will be judged on, not banners or titles, WINNING!

  69. Network news used to be a “loss leader” for those of you that understand retail. It was never supposed to make money. Due to FCC guidelines news departments were to serve the public good. The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, that required the holders of broadcast licenses to both present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was, in the Commission’s view, honest, equitable and balanced.

    No news network made money. They never expected to. That’s why Walter Cronkite was trusted and respected, as were most news anchors.

    President Reagan did away with the Fairness Doctrine in 1987. News departments were transferred to the entertainment divisions.

    The goal now was to make money. Whatever was necessary to make the most money possible.

    It’s really sad. Accuracy used to be the most important factor. Now it’s just about ratings and advertising dollars.

    If I want accuracy on American politics I look to the BBC, the CBC, or any of a number of international news agencies. There was a study, I believe last year, that showed that viewers of Comedy Central did better on a current events quiz than any major network’s viewers. Fox News fans scored lower than people who watched no news at all but I don’t paint them with any brush that they are not all deserving of.

    Where for art thou, Walter Cronkite?

  70. Very impressive Chet. Just over 24 hours from your last post and you are now an expert on the history of network news! Bravo you . . . !

  71. With so many broadcast programing options for a household to choose in the past 25 years the Fairness Doctrine would be obsolete. Much like buggy whips are not needed for the Ford or Chevy.

  72. Clarion-

    I have to laugh any time someone cites MSNBC as their example of a “liberal” network. Up until a few years ago, MSNBC was just an everyday, run-of-the-mill cable news channel. Then, some “marketing genius” who saw the cash that FOX News was making figured out that he could make his own fortune by turning MSNBC into a “liberal” equivalent and preaching over-the-top “left-leaning” slants. It was a complete supply-and-demand decision, not an ideological one, aimed at making money, rather than honest reporting.

    MSNBC is the brainchild and product of old fashioned, neoliberal capitalists, just like the ones that run every other big corporation in the US. Hell, MSNBC has shows on stocks and investing (Jim Cromer is one example). No true leftist network would celebrate the free market the way MSNBC does (this is tying into what Chet said about the news being “for sale”). MSNBC, at their core, are about as liberal as Richard Lugar.

  73. nsfmf, I certainly don’t claim to be any kind of ‘expert’. I just know much more than you. That hardly qualifies anyone to be an ‘expert’. More like ‘average’.

  74. MT, that was feeble attempt to convince me or anyone else msnbc is conservative. Richard Lugar the last 18 years had no idea what he wanted to be. He lost because he no longer had a strong ideology.

  75. HC- My point was not so much to say that MSNBC is conservative in what it preaches. Just that its ownership and management is capitalist to the core, and therefore, pro-status quo, pro free-market, pro low corporate taxes, and pro- all the other neoliberal tenets. Ideologically they are much closer to Donald Trump than they are to Hugo Chavez.

    At the higher levels of government and corporations (including the media), the only real difference between liberals and conservatives in the US is about 3-4% discrepancy in what the tax rate should be. Go outside the US and you will see much more substantial differences.

  76. All I can say is:                                                                    think outside the box!

  77. It’s not easy so let me try again:                                                                                                                                                  think outside the box!

  78. Personally, in reference to post #92, I think it sounded about as indoctrinated into an Establishment sect of permanent institutionalized academia existence as one can get; a snobby tone of elitism in a privileged world where the language of the positional debate is crafted with such careful precision that it comes away as soulless and beyond any real heartfelt and sincere interpretation.

    Summation: Professionalized wishy-washyness.. Probably wears Jesus sandals in the winter. Nothing new from a guy that labeled every kid that played for Sampson as thugs because they wore their hats crooked or drove around Bloomington with boom boxes blaring

  79. Translation of Harvard’s last post: “Anything not said by me, or that dares to disrupt my Scoop celebrity, is heartless, wishy-washy crap.”

    Expect nothing less from Baloo the Bear (thanks for that one Rico Chet).

  80. Nothing worse than a Cubs fan who tries to claim working-class street cred. “From the ghettoes of Barrington, born and raised, damn straight, homie.” “Representin’ my peeps out in E-town, Evanston, livin’ hard.” “Pour some liquor on the ground for my main man Mark Cuban.”

    The only Cubs fan I’ve ever liked (loved) now lives in Seattle.

  81. MT, somehow in your travails you lost me at the bakery. Whatever it was you expounded on have to do with the Fairness Doctrine. That was the topic.

  82. Husky-

    Life has been rather hard lately…I get grumpy. Sorry for the stupid post and the pointless attacking of your comment.

    I think I just miss the old days..Miss the mystery and the fun we used to have on Basketblog. Miss the times the words seemed to flow effortlessly …Miss Pierre and Annecy and the tales of ships and teasing great white whales.

    I miss the feeling that my writing meant something to you. Nothing flows anymore..It’s labor instead of joy. I also greatly miss the wonderful writing of Husky Tom when he was as carefree wildly imaginative.

    It all seems silly now..It must sound terribly foolish to all on Scoop that don’t understand. The lonely solitude of the boudoir is the prison of my creativity that can’t be found. You brought it out of me and there is sadness and resentment when I long for it back.

    I’ll stop before it sounds even more deranged and sappy.

  83. And for the record, I grew up in a small town in NW Indiana…No Barrington..No Evanston. I started tuning into the Cubs before I was even 10-years-old.

    I fell in love with the Cubs because of a true artist behind the microphone named Jack Brickhouse. He had a genuine excitement in his voice..He was a true one-of-a-kind. He had that Chicago spirit in his blood; a love for life that came through in his every call of joy and heartbreak of covering a team he held in heart like family and could never possibly be “objective.”

  84. Hope you are holding up.

    Those were fun days on the Basketblog, indeed. I remember the beginning of our whole relationship when I tuned in one day to see some guy calling him Downing’s 5th writing exuberant, innocent, rambling posts about Mark Spitz. I decided to poke fun, and here we are, 5 or 6 years later.

    Exuberance. That’s one quality I greatly admire (and lack myself). It’s what the Rolling Stones have, that so many of these gloomy, pathetic modern hipster musicians could only dream of having. It’s what players like Terrell Owens and Richard Sherman have, that make them so controversial yet so infectious to watch. Sheehey has it. You still have it, which is why people still like you no matter how much slander, criticism and nonsense you write. Rico Chet even has it, in his continuously hilarious images.

    By the way, I didn’t say the whole Sampson bunch were thugs. In fact, I praised Eric Gordon and Jordan Crawford for not being one (especially EJ for calling out the others on the team). But that’s water under the bridge.

    Take care. The Mariners beat the Astros last night and are on pace to win 70 games. Yeah!

  85. The Cubs are on pace to win 17 games.

    Your a bit confused because of the passage of so much time..It’s o.k., there are very few that possess the exacting recall Harvard has frequently displayed on Scoop. It was Rico that was obsessed with Mark Spitz. I often wondered if Rico was originally from Mexico..possibly a former swimmer or diver that got infatuated with Spitz during the Olympic games held in Mexico City. He would constantly mock Spitz and eventually started posting under the screen name “Sptizinpoole.”

    Anyway, I won’t further bore the bloggers of Scoop. We all have our obsessions…You could never stop chatting about the famous Hoosier backcourt of Brandon Roy and Bracey Wright. Downing’s 5th could never shut up about Steve Downing and Eric Gordon. And Rico…? It was always about ‘the Aussie Thorpedo’ and Spitz…Always claiming the Thorpedo was no Mark Spitz. Soon Rico was rambling on about the special baguettes baked by Pierre in Annecy and sharing lyrics to Candle in the Speedo…and Hollies tunes.

  86. Am I the only one that tires of the far too overused “In the end” as an introductory phrase to a headline?

    In the end, it was Brandon Roy that could claim no more “celebrity” than Remy Abell.

    In the end, Tom Crean decides to send flowers to Jeff Meyer.

    In the end, Preparation H failed in alleviating the irritation.

    In the end, the driver’s ed student could not stop tailgating.

    In the end, Pierre’s undersized oven could hold no more baguettes.

  87. In the end, Scoop unAbell to ascertain all the facts surrounding Remy’s departure.

  88. (And) in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. Golden slumbers fill your eyes.

    That’s the original phrasing, everything else is just a cheap ripoff.

    Maligner Tom? I was hoping for something funnier than that, Rico for Hillbillies. I guess that Podonkey, Rico Chet, and tomahawk sean are tough acts to follow.

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