Indiana announces that Maurice Creek will transfer

Indiana announced Wednesday that redshirt junior guard Maurice Creek will transfer. He is graduating this week and will use the graduate exemption to play one final season at another school next year. The release follows.

Indiana University men’s basketball coach Tom Crean has announced that guard Maurice Creek will graduate next week and will not play for the Hoosiers next season.  He will look to play his final season immediately at another school and begin work on a graduate degree.

“With his graduation coming up next week, Maurice and his family have decided to pursue an opportunity where he can find the type of role that would provide him the minutes he desires and is accustomed to,” said Crean.  “In all my time as a coach, I have never witnessed someone overcoming the adversity that Maurice had sustained during his time.  His attitude, ability to continue to work and his passion for the game of basketball have never wavered.  He has been an integral part of our basketball family and will always remain that in our eyes and and should also in the eyes of Hoosier Nation.”

During his career with the Hoosiers, the Oxon Hill, Maryland product averaged 7.2 points in 54 games including a 31-point effort against Kentucky as a freshman.

“I want to thank Hoosier Nation for their support during my four years at IU,” said Creek.  “I am grateful that Coach Crean gave me the opportunity to come to Indiana University.  As much as anyone, he has helped me turn from a boy into a man.    I feel like I would have a better opportunity for more playing time at another school where I can be eligible right away.”


  1. What if?

    Nothing but the best for Mo. I hope he picks a school based on getting a good graduate degree that brings him financial opportunities for the rest of his life as opposed to playing time. For all the bad luck he endured at IU, I hope this is a start for nothing but good fortune for him.

    I wanted him back for character and team chemistry but just like Remy you can’t blame a competitor for wanting to be on the floor.

  2. First thing that comes to mind is “what could have been”. He had such a promising career ahead of him, but just couldnt get his body to come along for the ride. Hoosier forever and I hope he lands somewhere he can get some PT and make an impact. He’s already overcome so much adversity in his life. Will serve him and his family well down the road.

  3. I heard a quality combo-gurard named Remy Abell just came available.

    Nice size..sturdy frame and hard-nosed defender. Can bring the ball up under heavy duress. Doesn’t always shoot for consistent average, but can deliver daggers in pressure moments when cocky studs named Sheehey suddenly get weak in the knees. He’s a quiet leader..Not much of a showboat. Not the most vocal guy on the court, but there’s a noticeable resolve and determination that is infectious to creating chemistry on the floor. I think he just left a highly regarded school because he was perplexed by some over-signing tendencies..Possibly left feeling a sense of disloyalty where roster-stuffing and subtle intimidation tactics for PT were emanating from a coach more focused on continually bringing in something perceived as the “next best thing” because he’s lacking in the chalkboard skills that help bring the most out of all specialty skill sets that build a top-to-bottom roster into successful and cohesive team. This Abell kid still has two solid years left in his college game and could be a perfect medicine on a team that could be lacking in maturity and leadership.

  4. This slot is for Dante Exum. I heard the guy graduates in Dec, 2013 and is immediately eligible to play. If he comes to IU he’s probably there for one semester then turns pro.

  5. Thanks Mo. Thanks for demonstrating an indomitable will to get back on the floor after three lower extremity injuries; each of which has ended the career of many an athlete. Your leadership, character and work ethic helped to change the culture in IU athletics. Best wishes in all your future endeavors to a guy whose has stared down serious adversity on multiple occasions and didn’t blink. Jay Bilas believes toughness is a skill which can be developed; Mo Creek is tougher than a $2 steak. Thanks again Mo!!

  6. Now were quoting Dukie dweebs on an IU board? Bilas can go suck an Establishment egg. Duke is nothing without K. K is nothing without Knight. Knight is nothing without the passion that grew out of a state where basketball was its lifeblood. It’s easy math.

  7. Mo Creek is a MAN! What a great example and inspiration to boys and young men who must overcome adversity. I admire his courage and perseverance a great deal and wish him all the best in the future. Aside from his physical rehabilitation afar so many heartbreaking injuries, we must also applaud him for keeping pace with his academics through those injuries. It’s not easy to study and go to class after suffering a major injury that includes surgery and aggressive rehab. But he stayed the course when a lot of lessor people would have thrown in the towel.

    This is a win-win for Mr. Creek and for IU. Mo has his degree and will transfer to a team that will provide him the opportunity to be a starter or at least play a lot of minutes. That was not going to happen at IU next season. And now IU has some flexibility to either give a walk-on a scholarship or recruit another player with greater upside.

    I was two-thirds right about the transfers. I did not see Remy Abell leaving but was right in suggesting Mo would transfer or simply move on with his life. I was also right in predicting that the Crean-haters, who were recently bashing him for over-recruiting, would not post comments admitting they were wrong when his recruiting efforts were vindicated. Why don’t you critics just admit that you were wrong, that Crean is in touch with his players, that he has insight that none of us have, and that he was doing what’s best for IU basketball, especially when it comes to recruiting? At the very least, even his most ardent critics have to admit that he’s a great recruiter!

    Ironically, IU’s roster is now one scholarship player short of the maximum allowed by the NCAA. I suppose some of the Crean-haters will now begin bashing IU’s coach for not having a full roster or enough depth on the team.

  8. Anybody want to guess as to whether Mo Creek is the last player from last year’s roster that will transfer? I would not be surprised if we lose one more player to transfer. I hope it does not happen, but it would not surprise me if it did.

  9. Kind of a toss-up. Which is worse, quoting a Duke dweeb on an IU board, or someone who has constant complaints of coaching, player utilization and as far as I can tell, anything the IU BB administration attempts?

    In the end, it’s your call.

    (Jay is one of the few I read/listen)

  10. Jonny “The Passion of the Maravich” can now get his scholarship. All is right at the Christian hoops compound.

  11. Not a big surprise but this action does create in dramatic fashion a very young IU team.

  12. This could be a win win for Creek but I sure hope he goes slow because he looks very fragile to me and any College is taking a huge risk with him and so is he. He was safe at IU
    and I believe coach was not going to give him additional minutes for fear he would get hurt again and the roster has lots of small forwards who would play ahead of him. He is giving up his free education to go play at a small school. I hope he can find the right fit for he and his family. Best of luck he deserves some gook luck!

  13. *Hilarious. Dustin never looked more the fish in water.

    It’s a perfect Letterman and Tom Arnold parallel universe moment.

    Love the sense of humor…Not as crazy about the hijacking of my ‘Lord of the _________’ trademark(though easily distinguished as the work of an imitator by the poor execution of the lasso/head-pasting techniques). Then again, it was the holiness of the halo encircling Dustin’s head that probably generated the added laughs. Great job. Nice to finally see someone have some fun other than Harvard. Things have been getting awfully anal around Hoosier land of late.

  14. Great move by Mo. He’s got his degree, he’s immediately eligible, and coaches won’t be standing around waiting for him to ‘break’.

    He might turn out to be the deal of the century for some team. I hope so.

    He’s due.

  15. RonB-

    Interesting and better take on the Creek situation than Podunker’s over-the-top hogwash that came off as totally insincere with all its Crean slathering.

    I personally don’t see it any different than the Roth situation. These are guys that came when we were bottom-feeders…They deserve every honest attempt to provide their full eligibility. It’s the right thing to do(degree or no degree).

    I’m thinking their is going to be a late push to get some inside help. The raw and slow-to-develop A-Hope projects will not survive against the likes of McGary and other seasoned Big 10 post players.

    Cody Zellers don’t come around the bend very often in Indiana..Getting the IU job with a kid like Zeller coming down the pike is a gift of happenstance very few coaches would fail to take advantage. The most realistic shot at a banner in twenty years has evaporated because we have preacher/tweeter/salesman/NBA agent posing as a coach. I truly believe a top Indiana high school coach(the head coach that just left Park Tudor)could have taken our team deeper and made stronger adjustments/game plans.

  16. Maybe Crean is going after Alford’s recent decommit…?

    Freeman looks like a baller. Would we have a shot?

  17. Geoff is much more up to speed on these prep school ballers…Is it my understanding that Freeman played with Stanford Robinson at Findley last season…?

  18. Why would Mo want to use his last year of eligibility sitting at the end of the bench at a school loaded with young players where he has a reputation as a walking injury? On top of that he has his degree and can play immediately.

    If it were me I’d transfer in a heartbeat.

    I don’t get why you see a situation where a player is bound to only benefit as being against the player’s best interest. While coming back and being a star at IU would make for a great movie script it’s pretty unlikely to actually happen.

    Then again, the story of a guy who graduated and transfers to another school and turns into a sensation is pretty well established.

  19. Allerik Freeman who played at Findlay Prep with Stanford Robinson just de-committed from UCLA. Not sure if this is coincidence or not. He was rated 81 in 2013 class.

    Sorry to see Mo go but had anticipated this for quite some time and ask about it each Thursday on the blog.

    Thanks for the memories Mo. Good luck and have a great future.

  20. Not surprised by this. Thanks Mo. Your an inspiration to many. Hope you if d a great team, and the minutes you desire.

    Harvard, I find it funny that you love pushing crap into our faces. Mo wasn’t dealt away by Crean, (Tweeting Christian as you call him) but simply left on his own. He graduated. What else do you want!? Mo simply wants more minutes, and with the talent coming in, he wasn’t going to get it here at Indiana. You pulled the same crap with Remy.

    Do us a favor. Stop acting like you always know what is going on in these young men’s lives. You don’t. Stop complaining about our coach being a Christian. If we had an atheist, would your soul be happy? You know Laffy was right. You are loopy. You hate PO, because he tells the truth about you, and this team.

    Let it go already. NOBODY was pushed out. As you usual, your imagination gets the best of you. I’m sure your a fine person, and while I think your writing style rocks, I just have a hard time relating to you Harvard. I mean al, this in a civil way, and not cutting you down.

  21. I guess Old Sports Dude didn’t read my post #21..

    You’re late to the party, dude.

    And seeing how I brought the news of the decomitt to the blog 37 minutes prior to your post, I guess that makes your comment ‘old sports’ news.

    If Robinson’s teammate signs with IU, are we still going to claim Remy and Maurice were not pushed? And even if he doesn’t sign, lets not pretend that Crean might have had inside info coming from Stanford Robinson concerning Freeman’s change of heart.


    I love Mo Creek, but I think it’s beyond any fantasy he’ll play at a high level anywhere. I don’t think he’s physically strong enough to play four quarters of high school ball. He’ll be no more of a role player than what we saw last season in a Hoosier uniform. I would have done the right thing and let him function as a leader and inspiration to the young guns coming in. It’s funny how you keep reiterating how common transfers are in the world of college basketball…Yet, the transfers and claims of guys not being academically fit are only coincidentally occurring when there are a scholly crunches.

  22. If we get Freeman, it’s going to look like a run-and-gun Sampson team. Should be a blast. Don’t think we’ll win banners without a dominant inside threat, but it will be entertaining to watch.

    And if things begin to go stagnant, the fewer Indiana homegrown Hoosiers in Indiana uniforms will begin to turn the local natives support against Crean. This ain’t Marquette. You don’t recruit the state, you don’t keep the fan base.

  23. aruss,

    you can’t compare this to remy’s transfer. remy just quit because he was afraid to compete. with the starting 2 and back-up point spots there for the taking, he lacked the spirit to earn the time. mo’s scrawny legs just could not withstand the rigors of the game.

  24. Mo…I remember when you scored 30+ points against UK during your Freshmen year – you looked to be a certain #1 pick in the NBA draft until you got hurt. This IU alum wishes you much luck with your transfer, and in your life in general.

  25. Maybe I should have signed Lard of the Nerd (Light).

    My dream pic is Dustin interviewing at track and field.

    In the background there’s a streaker with Crean’s face.

    The “you wrecked our program” face, c/o Jeff Meyer.

    Had no time so just pasted those faces on Zac Affron / Jimmy Kimmel.

    It’s all in good fun.

    So with Remy and Mo leaving I’ll see you less around here.

    So: take it easy, pal. Top tens forever! Crean sucks.

    Sorry: Crean piously sucks.

  26. I will miss this kid more than anyone can imagine. He just had bad luck with injuries and if anyone knows how that can kill an athletic career…it is me. My heart goes out to him. I will never forget that UK game and the game they beat a ranked Pitt team. Good luck Mo Creek in all you do in life. I would love to see you settle in Bloomington one day!

  27. Top 10 reasons Harvard needs to get a life:

    10. just learned that Satan doesn’t allow transfers
    9. ‘Being a Better Trophy Husband’ book deal fell through
    8. Showering is now a Dial Soap conspiracy
    7. Disloyal laptop wants to elope with
    6. Family dog prefers the treadmill for a walk
    5. The idle rich are getting exceedingly annoyed
    4. virgins deserve me
    3. Hip joints have become so stiff that I broke out the ‘Jabba the Hutt’ stretching video
    2. IRS wants to tax my IP address to reduce the national debt
    1. LA Lakers could use me at point guard

  28. Ah, it’s obvious that Harvard’s case of Tom-Crean-Derangement-Syndrome continues to progress. But you have to admire the creativity that this condition produces. If the sun comes up tomorrow and their are clear blue skies across the Midwest, Harvard would find a way of turning that information into a criticism of Tom Crean. He has an enormously warped perspective about this man (and a few other things).

    Ben, if Harvard actually “hates” me, I consider that a badge of honor.

  29. Why are you so threatened by my opinions?

    I have no connections to people in high places at Indiana. I don’t namedrop on here like so many others. I don’t brag of successes my offspring. I don’t proclaim any following, nor do I care.

    If you don’t find any agreement with my viewpoints, there is less theater if you simply don’t give my “deranged” statements any extra spotlight.

    So where does that leave Podunker? So shallow and insecure with his own ideas he must feed his narcissistic desires by moving in the shadows of every word dropped by Scoop’s Ivan the Terrible.

    I have no reason to hate you. I’m pretty nutso, but still not so removed from basic reasoning to ever believe 1/1000 of a man is revealed by the persona he/she builds/sells behind a screen name on a blog.

    Anyway, I have a hunch you have enough reasons coming from the self-portrait mutating on itself in the thick oil your own attic canvas. Never a need to hate on anything more pure than any of God’s simple creations. Crean chases his demons of his own soul by charging after Jeff Meyer. Podunker is comfortable with defining his shallow originality by mimicking the same tactic as he relentlessly chases down every unspeakable crime found in a Harvard comment box. And I’m the windmill guy? Best you go check on that mutating portrait that finds home your own demons.

  30. Podunker = GF Dave. That’s my theory, and I’m stickin’ to it.

    What do you think, Harvard?

  31. Also, somebody in here is Casey, whether they admit it or not. Maybe it’s Geoff.

  32. Aruss, Harvard is this blog’s version of Don Quixote, and he’s still tilting at windmills. Heck, even after Crean wins a championship, he’ll find something the criticize him about.

  33. I don’t know…Podunker’s attack techniques are eerily similar to Husky Tom. And Husky Tom was always very fond of the Spanish novel about the dude living in a windmill.

    Podunker = Reggie(formerly ‘Puke is the worst’}= Husky Tom

    Geoff = Rico Chet

  34. tomahawk sean = Chris Korman

    suHky Tom= Chris Engel

    Rico Chet = Hugh Kellenburger

    Husky Tom, by the way, had no developed technique. He quickly learned to fight goofy gibberish with goofy gibberish. That made Comatose Crean, Fire Crean2012, , 4guards, and Rico Chet really angry.

  35. Who is Casey? Seriously… I can’t ever remember reading a Casey post.

    I’m definitely Rico Chet.

    So I’ve just gotten back from a very busy week and want to respond to a couple of Harvard’s silly points.

    1. If Remy was such a great teammate, and one of the personalities that held the team together, then why didn’t he know that Creek was leaving? The fact that Creek left proves that Remy left of his own accord. It completely disproves your theory that it had anything to do with over signs.

    2. Why are you so optimistic if we get Freeman? He’s just another East Coast kid… No Chesterton in his blood. He is everything you complain about on a regular basis… And now you’re getting all googly-eyed about him???

    3. Remember that time Sheehey wilted in the last seconds of an NCAA tournament game against VCU… I can’t believe they let him keep his scholarship after that cowardly display.

    4. Louisville just won a NC without having a dominant inside player. Why can’t IU win with a Vonleh-type surrounded by elite athleticism?

    5. You talk 10 times more sh!t about IU basketball (coach, players, recruits, administration, fans, sports writers) than Jay Bilas. But I suppose calling Sheehey a wussy, our southern Indiana players soft, our east coast recruits unworthy, and constantly bashing the coach who brought our program from the ashes to #1 in 5 years is all for the good of the program, while clearly Bilas’s well-thought out and expressed compliments and measured criticisms of the program are decaying IU’s foundation… Even though by your own admission he’s only 1 degree of separation from IU’s most prolific coach.

  36. 4. Louisville just won a NC without having a dominant inside player. Why can’t IU win with a Vonleh-type surrounded by elite athleticism?


  37. The only reason he brought it to #1 from the ashes in five years was because of one Indiana recruit. As 4guard reiterated countless times…”Everything hinges on Zeller.”

    We’re still bottom-feeders without that one recruit. Crean has no contract extension without that one recruit. Oladipo is never going home because we’re not in the NCAA round of 16 without that one recruit. One recruit defined taking the team to the next level and having some dominoes fall as a consequence.

    Next two years? Now everything hinges on coaching(much like it did against Syracuse).

    If we land Freeman it might just be enough to keep us in the top half the Big 10. Without Zeller commanding tons of attention, the warts of bad coaching will be far more obvious.

    Jay Bilas(and all Dukies)can suck eggs. They love how Indiana has brought in a religious fanatic to prey on the weak. It will serve their wishes knowing such pious blow will justify complacency and making more out of marginal improvement. Sweet Sixteens don’t cut it at “elite” programs. The Sampson excuse was brought to the forefront again after the win at Michigan. That boat won’t float in the coming years.

  38. Remy and Creek both knew they were on the chopping block.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Jurkin gets shoved within the next two weeks…Could come with the landing of Freeman and the need to give the Jonny “The Passion of the Maravich” Marlin his scholly.

  39. I wonder if Price knows Hugh’s shoes he’s filling in: larger than life, still. Price, you need to step it up, dude.

  40. He was able to be in the top third of a very tough Big East without Zeller…

    He is continuing to get top flight recruits like Zeller…

    So either way you want to look at it IU can be a contender.

  41. YouTube “The Grubb Files” The similarities between this guy and Harvard are uncanny…

  42. Well Harv, using your criteria, compared to Calapari, CTC is Dean Smith, RMK, and Coach K all rolled into one. Cal brings in a top 3 recruiting class every year, only gets into the tourney half the time (3 out of 6 years), and, if they go to the NIT, they get totally humiliated by a community college (just kidding, I’m sure that Ronald Morrison is a perfectly fine institution).

    Then there’s the fact that no one ever graduates from that bait and tackle shop and they probably can’t even read.

    They do get to keep a trophy until the sanctions come down

    Talk about doing less with more.

    That being said, I’ll bet you’d love to switch coaches with Kaintuck.

    Just because…

  43. Crean sucks as a coach. He had the most talented kids in the nation. He ruined their college careers. A couple more years and Glass (who was in fact hired by Crean) will have to catch on. Then the big heads Crean brought from Milwaukee on this blog and others (I am referring to the propaGhandi-stas like Chewpt, Podunkey etc.) will go away too. Until then they do what they’re paid for.

  44. RC, please be advised Glass was hired by McRobbie. Crean was part of a 13 member IU search committee who qualified through resumes, conducted interviews and then as a committees made recommendations to McRobbie to interview. He was personally endorsed by C.M. Newton. The final decision was McRobbie’s. Read Glass’s resume and you’ll see the facts of his experience met the distinct needs of IU.

  45. Sorry to see Mo go …All his injuries really side lined a promising collegiate career. Obviously,as exemplified by previous posts, not all idiots are in DC. What I truly hope doe MO is that he remains injury free and that ALL the previous injuries dont impact upon his career choice. mo was EXPECTED to leave because of Graduation AND injuries . for those who are feigning “surprise and indignation” go talk to a wall because no one here believes it

  46. Chet-

    If Noel doesn’t get injured, Kentucky is probably in the Final Four again.

    If we’re going to be primarily piping in recruits(primarily the guys Duke, Maryland, Syracuse, NC have likely passed on)instead of staying strong with top guys from Indiana and the Midwest…? Given that scenario, I think I would rather have Calipari as coach. He brings in the highest level McDonald’s All-American talent at a level that can win championships. He has very little concern with the Kentucky recruits roadblocking his main mission. I see Crean’s tactics as a watered down version of the same. If I’m going to abandoned the in state pride on the jersey and allow Michigan, MSU, OSU to continue to pluck top Indiana ballers from our borders, then I really don’t care to have the watered-down version. The NCAA seems to have no issues with Calipari’s methods. Calipari is continually praised by the top national announcers/analysts(other than Knight) as being more than just a recruiter. He knows how to take prima donnas slated for a quick leap to the NBA and get them to play with solid chemistry and execution. What the hell is wrong with that?

    Contrast that to Crean attempting to take chances on a couple sleeper prima donnas in hopes they’ll gel into a D-Wade in just enough time to have them leave Indiana by their sophomore or junior year?

    We dropped the UK vs IU historic rivalry game off the schedule. The fans of UK knew what they were getting when they brought in Calipari(a guy that only cares about elite talent with very little beating of a drum to the local fan base and the pride built out of years of tradition in state high school basketball).

    The fans of IU should have known what they were getting with Crean. He’ll forever be a C+ Calipari. Weaker as a coach with the built in pious, holier-than-thou image always conscious to never take risks on the top talent in fear his carefully crafted perfect image might get tarnished.

  47. You may want to pretend any coach could take prima donna talent and get them to play as an unselfish unit, but I tend to think it’s a pretty rare coach that can pull it off.

    Crean can’t get chemistry out of guys that think they’re better than they truly are(not the type of humble drive you’ll find in most Indiana recruits..McGary, Harris, Albrecht, Robinson, etc)…

    I don’t care how high Oladipo goes in the NBA draft. He and Zeller both have fat heads and have been convinced by a self-anointing fan base and coach that they are better skilled than they truly are. Zeller will be a bench-warmer in the NBA..He’ll likely see less time than Gordon Hayward and get even a lesser amount of press. Oladipo may plug his nose in college after a dunk, but when you put him on the same floor with the most elite in the game…? The fans of that circus show will soon wonder what all the fuss was about. He’s no D-Wade.

  48. And please don’t construe this as me believing in Calipari’s methods as being good for college basketball. College basketball should be as removed from the NBA as completely possible. If you think you’re better than the college game, then don’t go to college.

    I can’t fix the system the NCAA has allowed to flourish. But if I have to live within that system and choose between a Calipari or a guy attempting to be a long distance recruiter and a watered-down version of the same? If, post-Zeller(the recruit that locked down Crean’s safety net. created some domino effect with “the Movement” and helped lock down a statewide fan base), we’re going to concentrate on religious private and prep schools from the East instead of staying strong with the public schools that have traditionally fueled our unique basketball pride like no other state in the nation? If we’re going that route, then give me the Calipari…Give me the guy that nearly fully abandons caring what the homies think and has the coaching ability to get the highest production out of the highest talent recruited from sea to shining sea.

  49. I don’t care about chasing Sampson demons in Ann Arbor..I don’t care about kids graduating with Media Arts degrees in three years and being encourage to the NBA game when they’re not at the level to truly succeed in the NBA…I don’t care about religious tweets to Joyce Meyer and selling Indiana as the perfect holier-than-thou Christian compound wearing Barnum & Bailey circus warmup pants in the process. I don’t care about slogans and turning Cook Hall into a banner museum.

    I care about having a coach that more substance than blow. And I don’t want a watered-down version of saint or sinner. Give me genuineness and knowledge and a coach that gets players to respect the game with no need for excessive showboating because they think they’re better skilled than they truly are.

  50. Care for any more? Are you getting it yet?

    I had no problem with Kelvin Sampson. He was vilified for being nothing different than a John Calipari. He served the NCAA as a scapegoat. Sampson went after talent. He took risks. Now we have watered-down wannabe preacher version that pushes guys out to the NBA with watered-down talent and watered-down 3-year degrees. Yippee. Wonderful system…Safe system. Crean gets to build his name by locating the once-every-20-years D-Wade and we get to watch the revolving door of 3 and 4-stars coming out of Seth Prep. Yippee.

    Meanwhile, Michigan goes to a Final Four on the backs of Indiana kids nobody heard of. OSU goes deeper on the back of a kid named Thomas from Indiana. Yippee.

  51. Harvard, you speak of these idealized, inspirational, selfless, genuine, all-powerful coaches as if they exist. You are no better than the multitudes of lemming-mentality Republicans and Democrats who, year after year and decade after decade, take pot shots at the opponent in power while claiming that the only way to get the true, honest, competent candidate who will set the ship straight is to vote for the one in their party. And they are all just politicians in the end, whose ultimate “success” or “failure” has waay more to do with external factors (i.e. the economy, wars) than any symbolic button-pressing they may do while sitting on the master throne.

    The telltale sign of an ignoramus fan is when you see him start to rely on platitudes such as “X coach ‘gets more out of his players‘,” “Z coach ‘wants it more than Y coach’,” “”W coach has no ‘substance‘.” These are backseat driver-type comments that casual fans make in the absence of actual basketball knowledge of what goes on in courts and locker rooms.

    Coaches at the highest levels are all pontificating, arrogant jerks who do some questionable things along with the good things. None of them possess a complete list of the fairy-tale qualities that you seem to imply every other good coach has except Crean.

    Crean may be obnoxious, but when he eventually wins, the ends will justify the means, and the Harvards of the world and their Rico alter-egos will whimper into the night.

    Now there’s some Friday cud for you (and your Rico) to chew on, old fart! Have fun with your reply! I’ll read it at 1 AM when I stumble in after 6 or 7 pints of ale!

  52. And why are we vilifying Sampson five years after the phone scandal? It’s not like he was allowing children to be molested in showers. We’ve forgiven Penn State and vilify a man that took chances on some kids from streets that didn’t know how to handle the campus comforts where gun shots weren’t buzzing buy their ears. We’re those horrible street kids that lived in the backseats of cars molesting kids in showers? So forgive me for not understanding the vilification priorities…Maybe Crean should chase down some Penn State administrators and scream of how his Bible would perceive taking hideous advantage of the most meek and innocent. Meyer ruined the program? Really? How ’bout some perspective. Why is Penn State even allowed to remain in the conference in light of what they ruined?

  53. Yeah…Like you didn’t do a ton of ‘backseat driving’ with Sampson and Eric Gordon. Like you had perspective and honest interpretation of a team being ripped apart by an NCAA looking for a villain.

    Penn State vs. 3-way phone calls..? Crean is the guy that uses the microphone and his holier-than-thou special tweeting leotards to distort true perspective.

    Don’t lay that BS on Harvard. I don’t claim to be the perfect fan. It was a guy named Husky Tom making that preachy proclamation when it was easy to join the bandwagon and witch-hunters. Your heart is in Seattle..This is just a place you make fun of ‘Huge’ journalists and practice at pulling the strings of shallow Indiana puppets that buy into your windmill stories.

  54. Oh… More Establishment Caliparianism from Harvard. (You know I don’t believe that last sentence, but whenever I put the word Calipari in a sentence you deride me and call me a UK fan, so if its good for the Geoff it must be good for the gander)

    Still trying to figure out how getting Zeller, Yogi, Hollowell, Hanner, Davis, Hartman, and Buss is getting our butts kicked by UM, MSU, and OSU. We got 7 of the last 15 highest rated players to come out of Indiana. Neither Duke or NC was “passing” on Vonleh or Williams. Do you think half the players Cal brings to UK could get accepted at IU? I don’t know… Our players have a tendency to graduate early, while his players don’t tend to graduate at all.

    And now that Crean is operating from a position of strength what sleepers is he taking a chance on? And even if he does, he’s proven he can develop wing talent. What does it matter to IU if Dipo doesn’t become a star the NBA? He turned him into a 1st Team All-American and an NBA lottery pick. That means he helped our team immensely, got to achieve his dream, and will help attract more great players to the program at least as long as his name is hot.

    Why do you think that Crean can’t create team chemistry? That’s a ridiculous statement. Because they didn’t win an NC? Neither did 346 other teams. Is Pitino the only coach that creates chemistry? Or maybe because 2 players Harvard ordained as chemistry guys, Creek and Abell, transferred out? Well players transfer out of every program… Duke’s coach is slightly esteemed… Seems to put guys into the NBA… His coaching tree is impressive… The USA trusts him to lead our national team… But yet players still transfer out of Duke…

    (Can’t imbed a link in my iPad…sorry)

    Where is your proof that Zeller and Dipo have fat heads? Because they left early? Well, then every great team has fat heads, even your esteemed UM Wolverines… Burke and Hardaway left early. Are they going to be stars or busts? Or mediocre? (There is middle ground you know) maybe the fact they left early proves they don’t have fat heads… This draft is supposed to be much weaker than next years, so maybe they wanted to capitalize while they could, knowing they would fall out of the lottery next year. You certainly can’t say they have fat heads because of the way they treat people or their university… They both will graduate in 3 years or less. Cody is a soft-spoken kid who never could be accused of being a selfish teammate. Dipo was as loved a student as has ever stepped foot in Bloomington. Outgoing kid. Fun-loving. Gained noteriety for his hustle and work-ethic, not his prima Donna status or offensive repertoire. His game is about as unselfish as one could imagine, continuously giving up his body and working as hard as he could on the defensive end while averaging only 8 shots a game.

    By the way, everybody keeps bringing up Gordon Hayward as a cautionary tale of a guy who left early… He’s started 102 games for an NBA team. He averaged 30 minutes per game the last 2 years. He increased his scoring every year and this averaged 14 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists. He’s guaranteed to have made at least $11M and is 23 years old… No need to feel sorry for this kid. He has a bright future even if he never becomes an all-star.

  55. We didn’t get Buss and Perea is a bust. And those Indiana recruits came primarily the result of Etherington’s relentless push and friendship with Zeller.

    Why in the hell do you think Etherington is still on the roster? If it wasn’t for the injury, he’d been pushed out just as quickly as Remy. Mustn’t tarnish the image…even though it’s always “the next best thing” in the world of over-signs. Who cuts a kid coming off a terrible injury? Crean will be done with Etherington after this season. He got the recruiting he needed out of him.

    What’s your prediction on Freeman? Villanova or Duke?
    Gosh, I think I read somewhere that Villanova has three open scholarships available for the upcoming season…Can you imagine being such a terrible coach that you have three scholarships still available in late spring? That charlatan should be fired.

  56. Come on, Goeff. You know perfectly well that Burke and Hardaway are more multi-skilled and better suited for getting quickly up to speed in the NBA game more than Zeller or Dipo.

    You’re hung up on Dipo because you made him your personal hero all season long. I doubt he’ll have any bigger impact than Jordan Crawford. Crawford looked so terrible the other night(coming off the bench late when the Celtic were getting pounded)that I almost felt sorry for the kid. It’s a much bigger leap than most these kids truly understand. They’ll still get their millions early on, but the lights will quickly dim and by age 30 they’ll have to reinvent their purpose in life. 1 out of every 100 will properly manage the money. Stay in college. Make memories and be a true legend for your school.

  57. The only thing I’ll ever remember about Gordon Hayward is how he stopped one bucket and one season short of making himself an Indiana legend. Could one imagine three consecutive trips to a Final Four… and on the final attempt, bringing home the banner for tiny Butler? What a beautiful tale of perseverance and cohesive determination that never got told because money trumps all and every head has a price.

  58. 1. We did get Buss. He signed an LOI. If he were a good enough student he’d be a Hoosier. Those are facts. We won that recruiting battle.

    2. Perea was a freshman last year. We have no idea if he is a bust or not. All we know is he wasn’t as good as 2 all-B1G players that were ahead of him on the chart, got a raw deal from the NCAA and never got to build any confidence against non-conference weaker teams. The jury is not out on Perea.

    3. I’m not sure that Dipo and Zeller are less likely to have impact careers in the NBA. If I were ranking them I’d say 1. Burke 2. Dipo 3. Zeller 4. Hardaway
    Burke is good, but certainly not a guarantee. He is good enough defensively though that there’s no excuse not to start for a bad team. He can make shots and has range. I have the most faith that Dipo will have success because he has an elite skill that is in dire need in the NBA – wing defense. I was saying it before any ESPN prognosticator… He is a better version of Tony Allen (who starts for a playoff team). Zeller could go either way. Hardaways are a dime a dozen… I have very little faith he’ll get out of the D League.

    4. Why is it again that you think Remy was “pushed” out? Was it the scholarship situation? Because the scholarship issue is that we have one extra right now. I think Etherington is still on the roster because he wants to be there. Besides that there is plenty of room for him. If he wants to play then he’ll have to transfer.

    5. What does it matter if Yogi came because Zeller and Zeller because of Austin. They came to IU. Crean has a top 5 class coming in with guys at the top who aren’t quite sure yet who AE is. The future of recruiting looks bright. Austin is still on the team. What’s your point.

    6. Dipo is the anti-Jordan Crawford. Crawford needs to have the ball in his hands and get up shots to have an impact. Dipo effects the game with his defense, hustle, enthusiasm, and athleticism. He is a great off-the-ball offensive player with transition runs, timely cuts, and offensive rebounds. It’s exactly why he has a chance to succeed when guys like Crawford don’t.

    7. Maybe if Dipo or Zeller or both stay then they win a NC… Maybe. Only 1 team in the whole country will next year. But either way they will be legends. They brought IU back from the ashes. They brought eyeballs and recruits back to Bloomington. They won the first B1G Title in 20 years.
    Don’t get it twisted. Just because you’re a jaded, bitter man doesn’t mean that those two aren’t cemented as Hoosier stars. They accomplished everything except a National Championship.

    You seem to be losing your keen insights into the game Harvard. I’m having trouble finding a single legitimate thing you write down.

  59. No one could imagine 1 trip to the Final Four for Butler, much less 2. The chances of him going to a third in a row is very low, and if they don’t is his legacy diminished? That Butler team has legendary status, and he is a big reason why.

  60. “If Noel doesn’t get injured, Kentucky is probably in the Final Four again.”

    You’re kidding, right? You DO realized that Noel was injured on February 12, don’t you? BTW, it happened late in the 2nd half in a game in which they were getting destroyed…again. Kaintuck had ALREADY played their way out of the Big Dance LONG before Noel was injured.

    That’s taking revisionist history to a whole new level.

    Maybe they get past the first round of the NIT with him but, as they were never going to the NCAA Tournament, making the Final Four woul have been tough.

  61. I’m going to go way out on a limb and say that Hayward doesn’t regret his decision.

    Hmmm… Pros: live out my dream, get picked in the lottery, make millions, score double digits… Cons: disappoint Harvard, give up a 2% chance of going to a 3rd consecutive NC game, and a 1% chance of winning it.

    Would you have understood his decision if he had left after his junior year, when Howard and Mack graduated? Would that have been justified since they’d have had no chance to make a tourney run? Would he have still been a legend if he lost in the Sweet 16 as a junior and 2nd round as a senior? Does he still get drafted in the lottery as a 22 year old that ended his career in average fashion?

    You make ZERO valid points today Harvard… But on the flip-side, your Top 10 list yesterday was great.

  62. Whoa. Geoff and Chet are really administering a rational beat-down on Harvard’s old emotion-driven “gut feeling”-based arguments.
    I mean, it’s looking like the St Louis Cardinals (Geoff and Chet) vs Carlos Marmol (Harvard) out there. Where is Rico to back Harvard up when he’s in need? After all, he shares the EXACT same perspective

  63. Crean may be obnoxious, but when he eventually wins,

    😆 Priceless. Absolute lunacy. Toutes proportions gardées it’s all Goebbely-gook. Gibberish. Typical you.

  64. I thought Harvards Top 10 was idiotic, and what makes me more sick is I pay taxes to support this loon. (Harvard). Your way off on everything, though what’s new. Your fruitcake philosifies strike the Scoop boards again.

    You moan and you bitch at Crean, yet you call yourself a fan? Give me a break! Tell ya what, I’ll search high and low for an atheist coach, and maybe that will bring a speckle of enlightenment in your life, beings you always bash the Christian faith. Get lost. This place was better when Laffy ran you out of town.

    Thankfully we have people like Chet, Geoff, Podunker, coachv, HC, and Tasu who know a thing or two about basketball. Just shut up already about Remy. Nobody cares anymore. Move on. Take a walk, or broaden your horizons with a hobby.

  65. I do know how to rally the troops. Crean should really put me on the payroll.

    This place is dead until Harvard gets the passion juices flowing again. Albeit, you’ve all been stunned by the visionary one.

    Legends stick to the mission…I don’t consider a Sweet 16 as a resurrection. Valpo and Ball St. have made Sweet 16s. Do you remember the “legends” that played on those teams? Bonzi Wells!!

  66. And why are we vilifying Sampson five years after the phone scandal? It’s not like he was allowing children to be molested in showers. We’ve forgiven Penn State and vilify a man that took chances on some kids from streets that didn’t know how to handle the campus comforts where gun shots weren’t buzzing buy their ears. We’re those horrible street kids that lived in the backseats of cars molesting kids in showers? So forgive me for not understanding the vilification priorities…Maybe Crean should chase down some Penn State administrators and scream of how his Bible would perceive taking hideous advantage of the most meek and innocent. Meyer ruined the program? Really? How ’bout some perspective.

    Why is Penn State even allowed to remain in the conference in light of what they ruined?

    How ’bout some answers to those questions…Does a 3-way phone calling investigation remotely compare to what happened at Penn State over the course of decades? If 3-way calls “ruined a program,” then what happened at Penn State should have shut that football program down forever.

    It’s all about money. And your selected demons are the choices of hypocrites. Funny how I don’t see anyone chasing down Crean and Calipari for ruining an interstate rivalry game that nobody else at IU or Kentucky could eff up for 25 years. …a couple more Bible and Joyce tweets and all is good.

  67. Ok Harvard, if you insist… Here’s your answer:

    “We” aren’t vilifying Sampson. Crean took a shot at Meyer. “We” were forced to decide whether he looked like fool, was outright wrong, or a white knight… There wasn’t anything close to consensus from the fan base.

    As far as the PSU comments… They have nothing to do with IU. They aren’t worth responding to.

    How about this… Why are we still letting the US Govt off the hook for pretending to land a shuttle on the moon? I mean we want to have conspiracies about why Fred Glass was hired, but there are bigger fish to fry and unresolved conflicts in the Middle East…

    There’s your Penn State answer.

  68. A “shuttle” on the moon?

    I’m not buying that one at all.

    I did hear about the pictures in his ‘lie bury’ of W shooting down Tojo’s plane. He also suggested the theory of relativity to Einstein. That was after his solo crossing of the Atlantic. Of course, he single handedly brought down the Berlin Wall…no, wait, that was Ronald Reagan (and those stupid Germans give the credit to the labor unions).

    There are MUCH bigger conspiracies going on than the CTC/Fred Glass/Patty Hearst/Malcom X plot to infiltrate the Tea Party.

  69. I’ve never seen a sports fan so obsessed with the past, and so hateful of the present, than Harvard.

    The Sampson teams weren’t even that good. They couldn’t win a conference road game and served up disappointment at almost every meaningful moment. Yet Harvard speaks as if the NCAA dismantled the 1972 UCLA Bruins.

    What you see happening here is some sort of transference taking place whereby Harvard is creating a mythical past to deal with some complex internal emotions and displace some of them onto a team that never was. I think he sees parts of himself in those players

  70. Once again, complete, absolute lunacy from Harvard. I sure hope you have a monitoring device attached to you, as I am afraid you would be a harm to many innocent people. Glad I no longer live in NorthCentral Indiana.

    Your obsession with Sampson is a absolute joke. GET OVER IT! Coach Crean has accomplished much more, but still you bitch and moan. Your one of those people if your not happy, nobody can be. You love dragging people down, because you live a pathetic, secluded life.

    You still haven’t answered my question. What God do you serve? Jesus? Allah? Satan? Your own twisted God? Tell me Harvard. What makes you tick in this life? Putting down the Christian faith, and what Coach Crean believes? That make you feel like a big man?

    Podunker was right. You are off the rails. Hey, maybe Ozzy Ozbourne is your God. “I’m Going Off The Rails Of A Crazy Train”?

    Your a joke. Your only medicine in life is pushing your demonic, twisted life into this blog. Stop being a hermit, and enjoy life. Get off the Merlin costume, and blend in with PEOPLE.

  71. Come on Harvard, I am waiting patiently….. Who is your God? Jesus? Allah? Satan? Atheism? Baloo The Bear??? Come on big guy. I know you constantly hit that refresh button….

  72. All of you realize we’re back at square one.

    Opportunity lost always seeks an enemy. Your frustrations with Harvard is because he’s tapping into the deepest reserves a truth you want to avoid.

    Opportunists always seek a villain. There is nothing sincere in a man’s faith and devotion to any ‘God’ when he constantly has to advertise his faith while making villains others that have shown nothing other than the common human flaws the accuser refuses to see introspectively.

    Confidence in faith in yourself, your God, and your team is a quiet pursuit. There is no need to advertise and vilify what is a truth in its most naked form. If you can’t separate your bonds to something dear to your heart because a fear that nothing is left once the golden armor is removed, then I congratulate you for the sensations of an empty happiness. I prefer genuineness and man willing to admit his faults rather than continually propping himself up with the aid his Gods and villains.

    What is “ruined” becomes opportunity for something better. It is not Harvard that lives in the past. I’m not the coach chasing it down.

  73. “We” aren’t vilifying Sampson. Crean took a shot at Meyer. “We” were forced to decide whether he looked like fool, was outright wrong, or a white knight… There wasn’t anything close to consensus from the fan base.

    What was the “consensus” from those that can have a perspective removed from the expected pollyannaism rooted in 90% the typical fan of a typical “fan base?”

    A “fan base” would have forever refused Neil Reed was the target a vicious coach with an uncontrollable temper until a video tape surface years later.

    As long as the program is winning more than losing, the heads continue to turn the other way(especially in a program struggling to regain its former glory).

    There is absolutely no reason that Christian extremism belongs in the athletics a public institution. But as long as there is the perception of success in the “fan base,” the heads will look away with the same fashion a Penn State locker room or a Neil Reed physical assualt.

    And what do our heads notice? A coach that makes too many 3-way phone calls.

  74. He refers to himself in the 3rd person, and spends enough hours of each week cutting and pasting Tom Crean heads to be considered a clinical stalker. Someone who has a medical dictionary handy, please match the symptoms with the disease.

  75. Do we really believe only a couple pairs of eyes noticed the sick behavior that was living in a Penn State locker room?

    Do we really believe our basketball program has been the model of perfection during the banner years when so many heads(assistant coaches, former players, team managers, administrators) turned the other way when a player was physically assaulted during a practice?

    Yet, most of you bozos cannot find one shred of fault in man using the Bible and created villains of the past to build similar walls around perceived perfection?

    And how does Crean sell himself to the fan base when it comes to the subject of Knight? Does he chase Knight down after a game against Georgetown with the same balance of truth as when he chases down Jeff Meyer? He plays his act to you with such condescension your insights that it truly amazes me.

  76. Unfortunate that no one was ‘stalking’ Jerry Sandusky out of his comfortable sick pursuits.

  77. Neil Reed

    Basketball player choked by Bob Knight

    Neil Reed, 36, the former Indiana basketball player whom coach Bob Knight was caught on tape choking in 1997, died Thursday of heart complications after collapsing at his home in Nipomo, Calif. His death was confirmed by Shanda Herrera, principal at Pioneer Valley High School in Santa Maria, where Reed was a coach.

    In March 2000, Reed accused Knight of choking him during a practice in 1997.

    When video of the practice surfaced backing Reed’s claim, the Hall of Fame coach, who was known for his temper as well as his success, was put on a zero-tolerance policy by then-Indiana University President Myles Brand.

    That September, Knight, who became head coach at Indiana in 1971 and won three national championships, was fired after a student accused him of grabbing his arm.

    “Believe it or not, I’m not happy that Indiana fired Coach Knight,” Reed told ESPN The Magazine at the time. “I don’t have any feelings about it, mostly because I’ve had to stand alone for so long. In a way, I’ve been proven right, but that doesn’t make my life any easier.”

    Reed transferred to Southern Mississippi shortly after the incident at Indiana and played there in the 1998-99 season. He received a bachelor’s degree in sports administration from Southern Mississippi and a master’s from Chapman University.

    Herrera said Reed had worked at Pioneer Valley High School coaching football, basketball and golf and teaching physical education since 2007.

    Reed was born Nov. 29, 1975, in Hot Springs Ark., and was a McDonald’s All-American basketball player at East Jefferson High School in Metairie, La.

    (courtesy: LA Times)

    So, who is chasing the past? Neil Reed is dead and Crean is chasing down Bobby Knight, his new personal hero, after a Georgetown game(coincidentally in the backyard his new favorite recruiting ‘zone’) so he can put another layer of oily validation upon himself.

    But let’s all just continue to vilify the assistant coach three levels removed from a 3-way phone call and a kid that gets a C- instead of a C+.

  78. What’s with the Neil Reed post? Neil Reed died nearly a year ago. Is there an underlying message that escapes me?

    So, why does God have to have a particular name? Why can’t God be called Allah by Muslims and God by Baptists, etc.?

    I’m betting God/Allah/Jehovah/Yahweh/Skipper/Big Guy doesn’t care at all. He/she probably thinks that people that get hung up on his/her name are…well…let’s just say caught up on trivial matters.

    But, hey, I don’t claim to speak to or for God. I’m just assuming he/she/it is intelligent.

  79. Trivial Chet? Nah. My only claim is I love for the LORD. Sure, I have my moments, but know he loves me regardless. Unlike Harvard, I KNOW who my savior is.

  80. I never said God is trivial. I just think that people who get caught up in what name to give their supreme being are missing the whole point.

    I think there’s every chance that God’s real name can’t even be spelled out using the characters on your typical keyboard. I doubt God signed any type of user agreements with current manufacturers.

    Gutenberg probably even took literary privileges.

    Come on. The supreme being of the universe and you’re certain that they are gonna use a particular name from just a single one of the languages from a single country on a single continent on a single planet and on and on.

    Think about that.

  81. Told ya that B-town is going all Ben & Jerry fruitcake Jesus vanilla Crean ‘Passion of the Maravich’ Sundae.

    Be very careful, Chet. At IU basketball, there is only one faith and one savior to be recognized. Have you not met the chairman of the board?

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