Indiana No. 19 in ESPN’s Way-Too-Early Top 25

The 2012-13 Indiana team got its first understanding of what its expectations would be a day after last season’s national championship game when the Hoosiers were ranked No. 1 in most of the media “way-too-early” Top 25’s. The Hoosiers were anointed preseason No. 1 long before any actual preseason poll came out.

The 2013-14 squad will apparently not be operating with quite as much hype. Indiana is ranked No. 19 in ESPN’s “very early” Top 25, which was compiled today by reporter Jason King. The Hoosiers, of course, could lose as many as four starters from this year’s team if guard Victor Oladipo and center Cody Zeller opt to leave early for the NBA.

ESPN pits Kentucky with its potential humongous freshman class as preseason No. 1 followed by newly-crowned champion Louisville and No. 3 Michigan State, the top-rated Big Ten team on the board. That of course, presumes the return of at least one of two potential first-round picks in guard Gary Harris and Adreian Payne.

Ohio State is No. 6 on the list and NIT runner-up Iowa is No. 25, but those are all of the Big Ten teams on the list. King obviously presumes that Michigan’s lineup will be hit significantly by early NBA entries.



  1. I always felt like Vic was gone but I just told friends last night that with Zeller we are top 5 and without top 20 at best! I am sad to read he is leaning towards leaving!

  2. “…and coach Tom Crean couldn’t be more excited about the progress of freshman forward Hanner Mosquera-Perea.” What?! What progress is Crean excited about? Potential progress, maybe. But that article reads present tense, as if HMP had significant improvement this year. I for one, did not see that.

  3. These early “rankings” are nods to this year’s successes. Better buckle up, Hoosier Nation, next year is going to be a bumpy ride. Best hope is for a severely weakened conference as opposed to this year’s monster.

  4. CBS has us ranked at 23 for next year. Anyone who thinks we will have a “down” year doesn’t know squat about basketball.

  5. Charming response, Aruss. Are you always this offensively dogmatic? I happen to know a hell of a lot about basketball. But all I know about you and your knowledge is that you think really highly about yourself.

  6. J Pat, I’m curious where you read that Cody is more inclined to leave than stay. Is that based off the current of speculation from people like us, or has there been more credible statements made from people who are actually in the know? Just wondering if there’s something I missed.

    These “way too early polls” are always fun to speculate on, and typically don’t change much from now until next fall save for a few marquee names that stay or go. I’m satisfied with a top 15 or 20 preseason ranking. It suggests that we should be relatively successful and have the potential to make a lot of noise, but not such high expectations that any loss seems crushing.

  7. Punjab, I hate to say this but peegs is right on most of the time and I read this today:

    NBA decisions

    Sources tonight tell to expect Cody Zeller to announce this week he is declaring for the NBA draft.

    The 7-foot sophomore center is widely projected as an NBA lottery pick, with some NBA scouts telling they have him as a top 10 selection.

    One source said to look for an announcement “possibly within 48 hours.”

    Zeller was named to several All-American teams and was the leading scorer and rebounder for an Indiana team that won 29 games, won the Big Ten regular-season title outright and spent ten weeks ranked No. 1.

    NBA sources tell they expect junior guard Victor Oladipo also to be in the draft.

    Oladipo was the runner-up for National Player of the Year and named to multiple All-American teams as well.

    NBA DraftExpress projects Oladipo as the fifth pick, Zeller as the sixth. projects Zeller as the ninth pick, Oladipo as the 10th.

    Neither Oladipo, Zeller nor Indiana University has made any official comment regarding the status of either player.

    He could always change his mind or this could be wrong but I talked to a friend that has worked on campus for 20 years and he told me this on Saturday. I hope it is all wrong!

  8. Thanks, J Pat. Not good news, but at least it seems a bit more concrete than your average rumor mill. I’ll be crossing my fingers and hope they’re wrong.

  9. I had heard a couple of weeks ago that Cody was staying but I guess he has changed his mind. He’s a great kid and a great basketball player, I wish him well no matter what he chooses to do.

    If anyone thinks that IU is going to be a top 25 team next year then they are smoking crack. I just don’t see it – especially with this coaching staff.

  10. The Indy Star is reporting IU has called a press conference for 4PM today to announce Victor’s decision to declare for the NBA. Can this be confirmed?

  11. When we beat Mich. St. twice, Mich. twice,Ohio St.,Georgetown, and Ill. all ranked teams and win the Big Ten Regular Champ. we here nothing from guys like Back2Basics. Who coached this team to 29 wins? Oh right, Tom Crean but win he loses these guys come out of the wood work to throw downers on next years team before we have played one game.
    How about talking again about next Feb 2014 and we will see if IU is rated in the top 25
    with this coaching staff. I will make a note to remind you next year that you were wrong. You are wrong we will be ranked just like all the polls says now but I guess you are smarter than all the experts and they are saying this without Vic or Cody coming back. If you hate this team so bad why don’t u go post on KY or PU sites they would love to hear you disc IU and our Coaches. I also think they could get u some crack cause you must be smoking it to make that statement. Thank you for the good words about Cody because like you say he is a great kid and helped get IU back.

  12. Obviously you have never read my posts before but I am very consistent. Crean is a decent recruiter but that is about it. He knows how to be politically correct and smile at the right times for the IU administration but when it comes to coaching INDIANA basketball he doesn’t know crap about it and never will. He, like Davis, and Sampson, and similar idiots love the NBA crap style of play and therefore will never play basketball that will win national championships or anything close to them.

    Keep dreaming… if it makes you feel better.

  13. B2B… You are half right, half wrong. Here’s the deal with Crean… He’s similar to Roy Williams. He values offense more than defense. He wants lots of long athletes. He is coaching a pro style to attract high calibre recruits.

    When Crean was at Marquette he didn’t have the brand to attract the top talent, so he ran his system with 3/4 star recruits and was top 25 material, but not really a title contender.

    When he got to Indiana he had to rebuild the brand, so he had to recruit what he could get until 2 years ago. He infused top talent with marginal talent and created a title contender… But something was still a bit off. He wants a taller and more athletic team than he was able to put out on the court this year, but there was no denying that Watford and Hulls were 2 of the top 6 and needed minutes.

    Going forward Crean will have a solid brand to recruit off of and is attracting the type of athletes he got at Marquette, except instead of being 3/4 star guys they are 4/5 star guys.

    The jury is still out on whether or not Crean can win titles. We will see how it works out in the next 4 years. Williams has certainly won a couple championships doing a similar thing, and with similar questions about his X & O’s acumen. It took Roy 17 seasons at blue blood schools to win a title, but now he has 2 and I don’t think UNC has any regrets. (Crean has 14 seasons under his belt, but he didn’t start out at Kansas either)

  14. And Dan, you determine this how? Because I disagreed with the mighty Aruss? Or could it be because you don’t agree with me? Brother, this board is dumber than the Free Board on Peegs. What a bunch of chuckleheads. Think I’m gonna go back to letting you all play with yourselves. Got better things to do.

  15. Thats crazy. We are not a top 25 team- at least not early in the season as we only return 30 percent of our scoring. We need to add a juco big this spring imo.

  16. Without 4 of our top 6 players, we will be lucky to be .500 in the Big 10 next year. Face the facts. Next year we will see a team that can compete and on any night beat anybody, but most nights can’t. Face the facts, next year is another build-up to the 2014 – 15 season where the Final Four is in Indy.

    We will be behind Michigan, Mich. St., Iowa, and Ohio St. in the Big 10. Guarantee it.

    Let’s just take it for what it is and enjoy the type of team that improves from week to week next season.

    Plus, I will point out that IU wouldn’t have had the wheels to run with L-ville either. That “dream” match-up that about 1/2 the country had in their office pools would have been a dismal outcome, I’m afraid. The game was called like a football game, and let’s face it, our football team sucks.

  17. Wow, the pessimism of some of the people who post on this site is amazing. Who cares where IU is now ranked for next season? Who cares where they’re ranked at the beginning of the season? The only thing that matters is their record at the end next season. Let’s see how it plays out.

    Did anyone believe IU’s baseball team would be ranked in the top 15 at this point in the season? Did anyone believe IU’s men’s soccer team would win the national championship this past season?

    Geoff, #15 was a solid post. Nice job!

  18. B2B, I beg to differ with you. The NBA style of play is everywhere in the college game and teams do win using it KY and Louisville are the most recent examples. Kids come to Indiana to play Crean’s type of basketball and don’t go to Wisconsin to play slow down boring games. You need to look around the dribble drive is here to stay and most top 25 teams are using it and winning. IU is not going back to coach Knight’s offense and by the way I used that offense when I coached and loved it but it is a thing of the past. Now with respect to defense we have not had enough long players to play full court like Louisville, VCU, and others, but it is coming thru recruitment. You just don’t like that style of basketball and by the way Davis and Sampson never played the dribble drive so that comparison does not count. I agree they were bad coaches but Davis used Knight’s offense with some so called NBA plays and Sampson was a terrible judge of players and a cheater. Coach gets quality kids and he gets them thru school without a bunch of one and done players. He may not be a great coach but this conversation started with your comment that IU would not be a top 25 team next year and I still say you are wrong. Sorry you disagree but I sure hope I am right on this one. Keep dreaming if you think Crean is going anywhere soon like you want. Get on board or go home and play video games.

  19. My “jury” was this year. The next four is the “sentencing.”

    Tom Crean stole the chances from one of the most talent-rich teams we’ve amassed in decades.

    Now we are the prisoners of buying into salesman over substance. Now we are the prisoners of an NBA luring away two Hoosiers too young to love a dream more than a dollar. Now we are the prisoners of a bench that was not developed to its full potential so the stage could be more adequate for those that brought slogans for a coach that couldn’t bring coaching.

    Yes, this year was all the jury I needed. Now we seek to throw out the verdict on a technicality. Our hopes were not robbed. There was tampering with the tournament. There was officials from the NBA. There was faulty testimony from a season with too much A-Hope instead of any hope a coaching staff that could figure out how to put a ‘SuperMitch’ costume on to ‘Mr. Everything Hinges’ for 40 minutes and move the ball unselfishly through the high post. The jury needs more time?! Did you not see the the charlatan’s other glove at the scene of the ‘Syracuse Zone’ crime? The trail of orange juice all over his sticky fingers ain’t worth the piss on a dime.

    26 years of jailed hopes…What’s another couple decades. I would be ashamed to move to the NBA unless I’ve done everything humanly possible to help my team turn slogans into reality.

    The only “Movement” is the calendar and the clock forward. I find no memory of hope in the lies of self-anointment using candy-stripes fro the wardrobe of profiteers. IU Basketball is nothing but a facade for a more sophisticated white collar, holier-than-thou, Establishment criminal. I don’t need four years of Joyce tweets, reminders of “19 F’s!” and “decimation” while running down the manufactured criminals to shield against the true victims of a coach’s incompetency. Nope, don’t need four more years to tell me our five banners serve nothing more than a cheap backdrop and marketing tool for men more experts with tongues than chalkboards. The only thing rising in a “Hoosier Rising” is the bank account for a preacher, a couple guys that will fizzle out in the NBA, and the mountains of slogans and BS for every crucifixion and excuse.

  20. “We” didn’t amass any talent. TC and his staff assembled this team.

    I’m not a prisoner to anything. Season tickets since Davis. Very proud of the accomplishments of this group. More to come. Don’t tell me the future isn’t bright. Already looking forward to next year.

    Go Hoosiers!

  21. Hmmm, I think we have the athletism next year Chet. I dont doubt that. Just we are so young.. For those already fretting on next year. We will be fine. Won’t be like 2008, and only win 6 games, 10, 12. You get my point. This will be a solid team year after year. It will be fun to see these p,ayers develop. If we can make it to the Sweet 16 Chet, I think it will be a successful season, being so young.

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