Oladipo to hold press conference at 4 p.m., expected to announce entry to the NBA draft

Victor Oladipo and Tom Crean will hold a press conference at 4 p.m. to discuss Oladipo’s future plans. The press conference will be live-streamed at IUHoosiers.com.

Oladipo, a junior guard, is projected to be a top-10 pick in the NBA draft if he decides to enter.

UPDATE: According to a source, and to the surprise of no one, Oladipo is going to declare for the NBA draft.

UPDATE: You can watch the press conference here.



  1. He gone!!!

    I know some here get tired of comments about the referees in college bb, but watching that game last night with no real interest in who might win I was appalled by the terrible performance by those 3 guys. I do think that the constant reach-ins, pushing, shoving, and overall physical nature goes against the beauty of the college game. If I want to watch the NBA I will watch the Pacers. The NCAA should focus on the idea of what is actually in the rulebook and not these career officials idea of how college bb should be played.

    Another idea which is used in other sports during the playoff/tourney time is to use extra officials on the court. We can there not be 4 refs instead of 3?

    Last nights game just degraded the great game we have all grown to love!

  2. Bart295 you are right on! How can a kid get knocked to the floor and hurt his shoulder so bad he needed a brace and no foul called. You are right the rules are not being applied in College basketball.

  3. So college basketball refs are worse than the NBA? I hope nobody ever comes to that conclusion.

  4. That’s too bad about Oladipo. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be rooting for him to have a great NBA career. But I don’t like the way college has become a “prep league” for the NBA with players leaving as soon as they establish a case for being drafted.

    Of course, in Oladipo’s case he’s graduating so I don’t really have an objection. But in general I think if you choose to go to college it needs to be as a student not a “student”-athlete who is really just a low-compensated pro-athlete.

    If you want to be a pro-athlete go to the D-league. Even if they all bolted, the college game would be every bit as good without the 4 dozen or so future NBA players in each class. Actually it’d be better with the stability of watching players for four years. I say that once you decide to play in college, you can’t go the NBA for four years.

  5. Agree with Bart & RonB.

    NBA calls. Don’t care & don’t watch. Not real BB to me.

    The ncaa needs to standardize what and when a foul is called. Now that criteria can change at half time. The ref team should not be the ultimate source of how to call a game. Cody took a beating this year. Couple of games I believe the goal was to break Hulls and sideline Zeller.

    Who, what and when fouls are winning and/or losing games. Not the team effort or individual players. Why should the team have to change there style of play dependent on who and how the refs are calling the game.

    Just consistency would be a major improvment.

  6. Re Bart 295- I’ve certainly been one of those who has frequently posted that referees have nothing to do with the outcome of games. Good or bad, they generally make their calls with neutrality and the argument that fans use to suggest the officials ‘pumped’ against them is a loser’s argument.

    That said, I totally agree with Bart statement that the way the game is being officiated is influencing how it is played and is steadily corroding it into a contest that has little to do with how the game is/was intended to be played. The media has used the word physicality as a substitute for ‘violent’ and violations of what are clear ‘breaking rules’ beyond their meaning is now common place.

    Bart is absolutely right that behind it is the NBA vision of the game. Out and out blows are called ‘contesting for position’, individuals are held on every play and the game is now an uninterrupted series of whistle blowing that have taken its beauty and marginalized its intelligence away. This is true not only of the physical and violent blows that are now its characteristic, but of rules previously designed to test the skill of the player. Travel is a common part of finishing (when was the last time we saw 1 and 1/2 steps on a dunk deserving of an ovation)?). Palming of the ball is so common it is no longer called.

    And, it has all been traded in to the circus act demanded by television broadcasting. The NCAA, one of the most corrupt institutions disintegrating in the face of ‘market value’ has no problem with the consequences of its complicity. The term student-athlete is nearly non-existent in Division 1 competition. Class attendance is mandatory, only for the tutors who must make some gesture of compliance to maintain eligibility for and of the analphabet or near-analphabet athletes who constitute the majority of NCAA division 1 teams.

    What is it that justifies a coach being paid more than a million dollars per year, or assistant coaches being paid $500,000+? What is it that empowers athletic departments at amjor public institutions financed to carry athletic budgets ‘off-the-books’ equal to the budgets of their medical schools or worth several times the amounts the university puts into cancer or mental illness research?

    I could end this argument stating I have no idea to the above question; but I do have an idea…look at the scenes in the stands at the NCAA tournament over the last few weeks… How far have we come since we cheered with that much passion for the lions tearing apart the body of a human being at the Roman Coliseum?

    Or simply watch an NBA game and see the human beings we turn out as examples of virtue.

  7. Victor Oladipo, you are an original. I have so much enjoyed you and your essence. I am proud that I can say to people that “Oladipo went to my alma matter’. I wish you fortune, happiness and whenever it comes, a moment of discovery between you and your father and a lifetime of enjoyment for your mother and your sisters.

    We bow, in gratitude, and pray for your well being and for you to always remember us, your loving fans.

    Besides being a major cause for our re-establishing our legendary basketball program, you have shown us the great potential and power of will in being the outstanding human being your are. It has captured us and will continue to do so and remain, forever, one of the great memories of being a Hoosier fan.

  8. Well said Tsao!

    This is the most unsurprising news flash in a while.

    We can only hope that Oladipo’s infectious personality and work ethic has lit a fire in Remy Abel, Jeremy Hollowell, and a slew of others kids willing to work their ass off to become a spectacular college basketball player. Not only did Oladipo influence this and last year’s teams, his legacy will be felt for quite some time.

    GodSpeed young man, and congratulations on getting that college degree in 3 years. Spectacular achievement!

  9. We will miss you Victor! You will always be one of my favorite Hoosiers!

  10. Tsao, #8 was a great post. The first three paragraphs especially.

    The best player in the country sat out for about 11 minutes in the first half as a result of a terrible foul call made by the refs. And that definitely affected the outcome of the game. Those are facts! What’s funny is that by the end of the game, the second foul that Burke was accused of committing was minor compared to what the refs had long since been ignoring.

    Victor, all Hoosier fans love you and celebrate your many accomplishments achieved during your three great years at IU. All the best to you and your family in the future. You are a first class human being.

  11. Thank you Victor! Thanks for enduring the rough times. Your my favorite Hoosier. Goodluck!

  12. good luck victor. thanks for everything. you will have to get used to the smattering of applause when you unleash one of your thunder dunks.

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