Oladipo makes it official, declares for the NBA

Indiana junior guard Victor Oladipo said he didn’t truly consider the idea of entering the NBA draft until after the season was over, but once he started considering the whole of his situation, the decision was obvious.

Oladipo, a first-team All-American and near-certain lottery pick who will get his bachelor’s degree on May 4, said at a press conference Tuesday that he will enter the NBA draft and forego his senior season in Bloomington.

“It’s been an honor to play here at Indiana, to grow as a human being as a man, and as a basketball player,” Oladipo said. “… But I’ll be growing and going on and entering the NBA draft.”

Indiana coach Tom Crean was also at the press conference and said that he completely supported Oladio’s decision and that he not only believes the 6-foot-5, 214-pounder has the physical abilities to play at the next level, but also the mental capacity.

“I truly support what he’s doing,” Crean said. “There’s no question that he’s got the physical abilities, the mental capacity, maturity and focus, the emotional well-being and the spiritual background to be able to go and put himself in a position now where he takes his next step, which is a huge step, but where he takes his next step and is truly ready to embark on what I think will truly be an outstanding career at the next level, the NBA level.”

Crean didn’t give specifics in terms of the feedback he got from NBA personnel on Oladipo’s prospects, but said that everything he heard was that Oladipo was sure to be a lottery pick.

“That’s too good to pass up,” Crean said.

Oladipo said he wrestled with the decision for the past week, but he combination of what he’s already accomplished at Indiana, how high he will be drafted and the fact that he will leave with a degree informed his decision.

“I just felt like this is what was best for my family,” Oladipo said. “Coming in here like I said, graduating in three years, getting such a great education like I have here at Indiana University, I feel like I’m prepared for it.”

Crean said Oladipo has not hired an agent yet, but that is not a sign that he’s merely testing the waters. He is simply in the process of determining who will be the best person to represent him.

From here, Oladipo goes forward to the NBA Draft combine on May 16-17. The NBA draft lottery determines the order of selections on May 21, and the draft itself will be held June 27.

It was reported Tuesday that Indiana sophomore center Cody Zeller will be holding a press conference Wednesday. However, Oladipo said he is uncertain of Zeller’s plans. Oladipo said he informed the team of his plans in a meeting on Monday night.


  1. Damn. I thought they would announce that Crean transfers and Oladipo stays. That would have made my day.

  2. Wow. Thanks for coming to Indiana Vic.

    I’m sure you will always be welcomed back for a visit.

    Best of luck, you worked hard for this and I’m sure you will be successful at the next level and beyond.

  3. Congratulations to a young man who exemplifies the term student-athlete. A guy who was far less concerned with his rating out of high school, and more concerned with working to become a better basketball player.
    When you have the type of character and work ethic instilled by his parents, coupled with his physical abilities you have the recipe for a special person.
    I cannot say I’m sad to see you leave IU, because you’ve worked your tail off in the classroom and on the court and therefore deserve to reap the fruits of that labor.
    Best of Luck Vic. Go Hoosiers.

  4. Improved himself immensely? Check. Graduated? Check? Loved by everyone? Check. He accomplished all that could be asked, time to move on. We’ll all miss him.

  5. Congrats Victor. Proud to have someone like you as a fellow Alumni. I hope you get to the Warriors so I can come watch you play!

  6. Nothing more this fine young man can do on an individual level in college.

    Thanks for the memories, Victor.

  7. Did all he could here. I think our coaches couldn’t coach him up anymore, then he is. Time for the NBA coaches to take him to the next level. Thank you Victor.

  8. Too bad IU.You give scholarships to players to have them come and develop a team and become team members and then they jump ship. So much for loyalty, so much for caring about your fellow team mates. and….what could be next year for IU.

  9. Oldfrog, not only is that not the expectation of college coaches, but TE actual scholarship itself is a series of 1 year contracts.

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