1. Vic will be on my short list of all time favorites to play at IU. I think he made the right decision. Best of luck to you Victor!

  2. Dustin,

    Can you update us on Zellers degree? Didn’t I read where he won’t be finished with his degree next year? I thought I read quite a bit of material where Zeller wants his degree in his hand, before he leaves? Money talk maybe?

    I still, think a year more would do him good. Just to be more aggressive toward the rim. Maybe his NBA coaches can supply that.

    What is everyone’s opinion on Center next year? Who starts if Zeller goes? Noah, Fischer, or Jurkin? (Dark horse)

  3. Ben,
    I was told he’d graduate 2 1/2 years from his enrollment, which should put it at December. I don’t think he ever said definitively that he would not leave Indiana without his degree, but it was certainly a big part of the equation. In this case, it can sort of work both ways. It could keep him around because he’s so close to it, but it could be a reason to leave because it won’t take him long to get the degree even if he leaves. I imagine he’ll take a full course load this summer, and I imagine he’ll be 15 credits short when he leaves. He’s in the Kelly School, so I don’t imagine it will be easy to schedule all of the courses he needs in the summers, but I don’t think he’ll be too far into his NBA career before he has his degree.
    My guess for next year’s center is Fischer. Vonleh’s more of a power forward.

  4. Harvard’s silence is so deafening its hilarious. No love for Vic whatsoever; Vic might as well be Meyers Leonard to him. His favorite players are only Northern Indiana kids not signed by IU, or Indiana kids before the Crean era that choked in big games. What a putz!

  5. I’ve never been into the senior day speeches but if there were any Hoosier that I’d love to have seen honored with a senior day it would be Vic. He is the face of IU hoops going forward.

  6. I will dedicate a song to Victor.

    Good luck to you and thanks for your tremendous work ethic. You will miss chasing that banner.

  7. What are the rules for scholarship athletes who’ve already completed their degree requirements? I mean, hypothetically speaking, if Cody were to stay and finish up his degree by December, would he still have to be enrolled in second-semester classes to play? Would they have to be graduate-level or could he go back and take some, shall we say, less academically intensive courses? Or would he be allowed to concentrate solely on basketball once the B1G season rolls around? I wonder how much any of that would factor into a decision.

    Regardless, I echo everyone’s sentiments on Vic. No Indiana fan could be happy to see him go, but we all seem genuinely happy for Vic and wish him all the best. Classy posts, fellow Hoosiers. Classy Hoosier career, Vic. Thanks for the memories.

  8. Punjab, he would have to be enrolled in something, and it wouldn’t have to be high-level graduate course work. But he’s leaving, so there’s that.

  9. I figured, Dustin, but thanks for confirming. (And thanks for crushing a my dreams of a last-minute change of heart ever so gently…)

  10. Ha. I started typing #9 over breakfast but got side-tracked by a dirty diaper. Hadn’t seen the Zeller announcement until just now. Bummer.

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