Sina announces commitment to Seton Hall

Jaren Sina, a Class of 2013 point guard who was scheduling a visit for Indiana next week, instead declared on his Twitter account that he is committed to in-state school Seton Hall.

Sina was the No. 121 recruit in the Class of 2013. Indiana had recently gotten involved in his recruitment after Sina had decommitted from Northwestern following the firing of coach Bill Carmody.

UPDATE: Sina’s father Mergin, who also coaches his son at Gill St. Bernard’s, said the hiring of Fred Hill as an assistant coach by Seton Hall was important in Sina’s decision. Hill has a long relationship with Sina going back to his days as head coach at Rutgers from 2006-10. Hill was an assistant on Carmody’s staff before he was fired, but was officially hired at Seton Hall on Wednesday.

“That’s a coach Jaren’s been around for a long time,” Mergin Sina said. “Indiana was really something relatively new, and we know Coach Crean is a great coach, but timing was really everything, and that long-lasting relationship made a difference.”

The elder Sina also said his son stood to get more immediate playing time at Seton Hall and to play a role he was more accustomed to.

“Seton Hall, if you look at the roster, the guard situation there was wide open,” the elder Sina said. “They’ve seen him enough to know he could combo, play the 1 and the 2.  At Indiana, he was going to be in more of a shooting role per se, and the way Jaren plays, I think he would’ve needed the ball in his hand a little bit more. There’s an opportunity here that’s a better fit for him.”

Sina was scheduling a visit for the middle of next week with Indiana, but when he came to the decision, the family decided there was no point in taking that visit.

“When your son comes to you and says, ‘Hey, dad, this is what I want to do,’ there’s no point in taking that any further,” Mergin Sina said. “We didn’t want to waste Indiana’s time. They have their own recruiting to do.”


  1. Wow – losing out to Seton Hall. I know the recruiting front has just gotten even murkier, but surely that is a first.

  2. The close-to-home choice. Also a good school, and since Sina is not going to be playing in the NBA, he’s got to consider his future through academics. No harm, no foul.

  3. Go ahead kid and follow Fred Hill. He is a loser who got fired at Rutgers, went to NW and was part of a loser program and got fired along with the head coach. Now Willard hired him to recruit NJ. You will never see the NCAA even if you stay 4 years.

    Anyone who does want to be at IU we don’t need.

  4. I wouldn’t hate on the kid. I mean, it’s not like we been hot on his trail for years. Kudos to Sina for going with his heart, instead of the “cool basketball school”. Guess this means we will have to mold ourselves a ball handler, or make a last ditch effort to another recruit. I say save it, and make do with what we have, which is a solid team and class.

  5. This solidifies Clown Crean’s position as the best recruiter ever. Players leave early for the NBA, transfer and/or commit to other schools: it must be because we have the best coach in the country!

  6. Yeah, Clown Tom Crean is the master at solidifying positions. Certifiable, even. I can’t wait to see his next train wreck. It’s sure to be a doozy, but I’m sure you’ll keep us informed.

  7. Not hating on the kid but he show poor judgement hanging on to the coat tails of Fred Hill. Hey IU is not perfect for everyone but kid should only go where they want to and we don’t need kid who do not want to go to IU.

  8. Seems like this was handled very classily by the Sina’s… I definitely respect the father’s quotes.

  9. I think his father is right. He’ll play more and handle the ball more at Seton Hall.

    Good for him.

  10. To Punjab; this is the 2nd oldest recruiting”tool” in the book..if you cant recruit the player ..recruit the coach so the kid will follow. Steve Alford nd Park Tudor’s coach;;;whats that say about Bluitt and his recruiting. The only witless clowns on this page is Sean and Punjab for having little understanding and even further wisdom showing in their words

  11. ….or hiring a Duke ‘clown’ named McCleod…or hiring an obscure assistant from the Rocky Mountains to try and get at a 7-ft. JC transfer….or schmoozing with a guy named ‘Doc’ and giving his less talented son a scholarship in hopes of getting a shot at the future NBA Hall-of-famer named Austin….

    Recruiting has always been open to the possibility of seedy business for seedy salesmen. Good coaching is rarely an out for those that get very deep into the necessary ugliness.

  12. ….or hiring a video coordinator to get closer to some tall A-Hope projects and into the cliques and brotherhood an overly influential AAU system ripping at the old foundations a high school basketball history with storied tales and heroes that naturally evolved based on talent and clutch deeds instead of influence, player rankings, and hype manipulation a very bored press challenged to maintain market share.

  13. I must admit, TJ, I’m a little confused by your post. If you’re referring to my #7, then I’m clearly too witless to effectively ooze the overt irony that was intended as a playful follow up to Sean’s #6 (and his previous posts on other threads.) If you’re referring to something else, than I just don’t have the wisdom to understand what your well-crafted rebuttal is rebutting. Please explain.

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