Tyra Buss receives Illinois Ms. Basketball award

2014 Indiana women’s basketball commit Tyra Buss received the Illinois Ms. Basketball award Saturday night at the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association banquet.

Buss averaged 38.9 points, 6.1 steals, 3.2 assists and 3.5 rebounds per game during her junior year at Mt. Carmel. She scored 1,285 points this season and now holds most offensive records at the school. She’s expected to break the state’s career scoring record sometime next season.

Duke commit Jabari Parker was recognized as the Illinois Mr. Basketball award winner. And — look! — we even have a picture to prove it.


  1. coach should get four statues to put in the game when the greatest player in the history of the game arrives in Bloomington and changes the course of womens basketball. She can win the national championship by herself just you wait and see she is that good. Yeah Hoooo!

  2. Well, she is certainly am accomplished young lady. Smart (perfect GPA so far), obviously attractive, and a great athlete. I predict attendance at IU women’s BB games will see a significant increase in attendance when she arrives in Bloomington.

  3. I predict attendance at IU women’s BB games will see a significant increase in attendance […].

    Who else could make such a beautifully phrased prediction?

  4. She has it all for sure. I know that the other girls will be won over by her personality and leadership abilities. She is a gift from God and will be the poster child for women’s basketball. Yeah. Hoooo!

  5. Indiana insider, it’s about time for you to stop your continuing sarcasium of Tyra Buss. The constant sarcasm of a teenage girl is simply showing your pathetic true nature. I simply don’t understand why any adult (if you are?) would continue to exhibit so much sarcasm towards a teenage girl on a public forum? I am assuming that she has certainly never said anything derogatory towards you? Your sarcasm certainly reveals a true inmaturity and lack of dignity on your part. All Miss Buss has ever done is work very hard in her academic and athletic endeavors. She carries a 4.0 grade point average and excels in all athletic events she participates in! If you have something to say about this post, I am a big boy and can handle it. But, to constantly degrade (which is what you are doing in your own little cute way, “gift from God”)this girl by your sarcasm is truely pathetic to say the least. It is time to let up on this girl and act like a grownup if you truly have it within yourself to do so? Obviously, coach Miller thinks quite highly of Miss Buss or he would not have recruited her in the first place. Lets let the chips fall where they may when she arrives on campus and displays her skills. Maybe she will be the super player that some people predict or maybe she will just be a nice complementary player which is possible? Whatever the case, show a little bit of class if that is possible towards this young lady. Go Hoosiers!!

  6. Your fault. Don’t blame me for placing this poor girl on a pedestal. I begged you guys to stop. I begged you guys to not to make her think that she has to live up to your expectations. She is a little girl who could never live up to your guy’s hype and your just making it more difficult for her. I tried to explain the big picture for you guys but you criticized me for it. All you did was affirm the fact that you don’t know what your talking about and if showing how ridiculous you sound by me ridiculously overhyping her I am sorry to her that is what it took. This little girl has another year of high school yet and you idiots are making her a target. Leave her alone

  7. Tyra probably been dealing with asshats like that her whole life. She’s beautiful, so people that aren’t, and have insecurity issues about it, may be jealous.

    She’s smart and/or a very hard working student, so those that don’t have those attributes, and have insecurity issues about it, can’t relate.

    She’s obviously a great athlete who has worked extremely hard to perfect her skills, so those that aren’t, and have insecurity issues about it, will dismiss her abilities.

    The negative comments about Tyra say way more about the poster than they do about Tyra.

    Tyra has all the traits of a successful individual and I’m sure she will be. ‘Insider’ exhibits jealousy about all of her positive attributes.

    Why do you suppose that is?

  8. Unreal. I have never made a negative comment about her. I truely believe she is all those wonderful things you say about her. All I did was try to educate you guys on the big picture and not to expect her to dominate at the major college level. Just hope she does the best she can and whatever happens happens.

  9. Considering there’s a studly Duke recruit in the above photo(stolen again from the backyard what should also be are men’s b-ball major recruiting zone), you must look at Tyra while employing the following technique

  10. OMG Indiana insider, as I assumed you would, you missed my point entirely! You say you never made a negative comment about her but, calling her ‘A gift from God” seems to be negative in the context it was delivered! Although many people have come on this website and praised her for her accomplishments in high school, I don’t think anyone has stated that she will take us single handed to the promised land. What a lot of people said was that she may help us raise our program up to a level we have not seen at IU in a long time. And as far as you telling us we don’t know what we are talking about, I am wondering what makes you such an expert on this girl one way or the other? I have read many comments from high school coachs and recruiting experts who seem to have the opinion that this girl has what it takes to elevate a program to a higher level than it currently mantains! After suffering through 6 years of coach Jack, we now finally have hope! What was so revealing about your post was you deflecting on others the reasons for your sarcasm of this young lady. It’s our fault you are (in your own way) bashing her?? Really! So what you are telling us is that we should be happy that you are warning us that this girl will most likely fall on her face? What a nice thing to post on a public forum, I only hope that her and her family are not following all of this? I don’t know if Chet is right or not about your insecurity issues, that is a point for another day. But, as I said before, if you don’t have anything positive to say about a young lady, let it go. And Rico, my point is, why be so negative of a young lady on a public forum? And I understand that Indiana insider doesn’t think he is being negative but, we all can read between the lines.

  11. Harvard, just to be safe I Googled some other photos of Tyra. She was still pretty.

    Her mom is still attractive, too.

    Good genes.

  12. Its pretty obvious to me that most of the comments and possibly yours are her family members. Who else knows so much about her GPA and other accomplishments in other sports.

  13. ‘Insider’, that would be anyone who can read. I looked at a website which states it was put up by a family friend. That info was mostly in the first line, which is about all I read. Like most guys, I was there for the pictures.

    YOU, on the other hand, sound like the jealous, homely, clumsy, fat girl who lives next door to her.

    In fact, I’ll bet right now you’re thinking to yourself, “I am NOT clumsy.”

    Give it a rest. She sounds like a sweet, humble kid who tries really hard at everything she does. No matter what you post, she’s likely to be a fan favorite the day she hits campus. Why wouldn’t she be?

    1. Let me weigh in with this. The point is not how good Tyra Buss will or will not be at Indiana, it’s that you are talking about her and in turn, Indiana women’s basketball. That’s why Tyra Buss matters. She generates a buzz and an excitement that the IU program hasn’t had in … let’s just say a long time. The only thing that matters on the court is that a certain level of winning accompany her and that buzz, even if she only averages six points per game. It’s kind of like starting a band, and it really doesn’t matter how good the music is at first, just that somehow people are drawn to attend concerts, buy merchandise and download songs, and if the music eventually catches up to the hype, well, then you’ve got something.

  14. Jeremy, well said. I assume that some of the people who comment on this girl have never had daughters?

  15. This all started because I cautioned everyone not to overhype a kid who plays in a small environment. Then her family members got mad and started bashing etc. My take is that all of you are living your life through her`s. Can any of you talk basketball and how coach Miller is creating something special.

  16. One last thought Mr. Insider and then I will leave this alone. I am no relation to Miss Buss nor do I live anywhere near her! That being said, I have followed her career since her verble commitment to IU. Anyone who knows anything about her knows of her accademic and athletic achievments. All you have to do is surf social media. So no, I am not living my life through her! It is still my opinion that it is certainly very bad taste to denounce in any way a young teenage girl on a website for all to see. I would like to point out that I have supported, on this website for the past several months the hiring of coach Miller and his staff. I even mentioned on this website after coach Jack was let go that IU go after either Matt Bollant or Curt Miller. I was very excited when we signed coach Miller! Everytime there has been a story on this website about the women’s team, I have posted a letter encouraging fans to come to IU women’s games and watch our new coaching staff in action, you can look it up! I have repeatedly posted letters about coach Miller and how in my opinon he and his great staff will turn this women’s program into a Big 10 power, again, you can look it up. I am an IU women’s season ticket holder who lives 100 miles away and drives to all home games. I caught the season opener at Valparaiso this year and also went to Butler to support the team on the road. I know that in a short period of time Curt Miller will get this program headed in the right direction! So, the statement of, “can any of you talk basketball and how coach Miller is creating something special”. Just go back through the women’s basketball articles that have been posted on this website for the past 7 months and you will see my encouraging comments about our coach and his team all through the year. Now I don’t know how many women’s games you have seen through the years but, I have been there every since coach Izard was in Bloomington. You are not addressing someone who has a casual interest in IU women’s basketball. My loyalty to this program is as strong as it has ever been and will continue to be! Thank God we FINALLY have a coach! I do take it a little personally that you throw me into a group of people you refer to as family of Miss Buss. You couldn’t be further from the truth. Go Hoosiers!!

  17. I’m coming from a different angle. My daughter is the beautiful, intelligent athlete. She graduates from an Ivy League school in a couple weeks where she is a hurdler and heptathlete.

    Like Tyra, she had jealous asshats like Insider, saying the same kind of BS about her because she was everything they will never be.

    It is YOU that needs to get a life. Make the best of whatever you have to work with.

  18. Pretty difficult to believe Insider could tell anyone anything. Particularly in the big picture.

  19. IU women’s fans, Jeremy sent me this morning a picture of Jenn Anderson of Westfield high school along with her family signing her letter of intent for IU. This is great news for Curt Miller! Jenn is a tough 6′ 3″ inside player that should benifit IU next year. She is also an Indiana All Star this year. She is now added to an already 27th ranked class coming in next year. Things continue to look up for IU with coach Miller and his staff on board! The future looks extremely bright! Go Hoosiers!!

  20. Thanks for talking about an incoming player who will have an impact next year. It would have been nice if she had her own title page though instead of being on the bottom of this one. Lets give the kids equal props

  21. The 6.1 steals per game really sticks out to me. Jeremy or any one else who might be familiar with the competition she plays against: What kind of competition does she and her team play against?

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