Vonleh posts three points, six rebounds at McDonald’s All-American Game

Noah Vonleh, a 6-foot-9, 220-pound forward from New Hampton Prep and Indiana’s top-rated recruit for the Class of 2013, had three points and six rebounds in just 11 minutes of action for the East team at the McDonald’s All-American game on Wednesday night at the United Center in Chicago.

Vonleh was extremely active on the glass and got a put-back layup to go 1-for-2 from the field, and his physical play around the rim also got him sent to the free throw line on three separate occasions. However, he was just 1-for-6 at the line, showing a bit of an Achilles heel. He was generally active all over the floor and showed the ability to take the ball up the floor as well as post up, but in 11 minutes, he didn’t get an opportunity to show much else.

Arizona recruit Aaron Gordon posted 24 points and eight rebounds to win MVP honors as the West team defeated the East 110-99. Demetrius Jackson the lone player from the state of Indiana in the game, played 17 minutes. The Notre Dame commitment had five points and four assists.



  1. The one FT he did make – he banked in. Wish he would have got more court time to see more. I think he’s a kid who needs an offense to run – not a natural at the freelance game that gets played in this type of game.

  2. My last Macdonalds allstar game.Announcers blabbed nonstop about nothing.Uniforms so poor you couldn’t make out who was who.and the announcers payed no attention whatsoever to the game.One of the worst coverage of any game at any level.That being said,Vonleh looked interesting.Very athletic,looked like a monster rebounder and shot blocker.Free throws were frightening to watch.

  3. With it looking like Zeller is coming back, next year’s team will be much, much more athletic and talented than this year’s team. We should be pre-season top 5 again and favorites for the B1G.

  4. Favorites for the B1G? We lose more the Michigan and they were one rim-rolling ball away from splitting the B1G regular season title. With McGary’s improved play I don’t even kow that with Zeller I could in good conscience put IU ahead of Michigan going into next year. Maybe a push.

  5. Hiensohn, I would argue that the announcers only blabbed on about nothing half the time. The other half of their blabbing was all about Kentucky. Even worse.

  6. I have been watching these games since I was a kid and I don’t get why Vonleh or any of the kids don’t get equal playing time. I mean, if you made the team…you are good! 11 minutes, give me a break. It was the Jabari Parker and Aaron Gordon show even before the tip…Vonleh will be at IU 2 years at least and will step in and help immediately next year but he should shoot millions of free throws this summer….excited to have him!!!

  7. I have a funny feeling that IF Zeller returns, his game will look completely different next year…would rather have him than old Mitch any day!!!

  8. NV is definitely athletic, but he will need to put on strength and need to work on his shot and free throws. I agree I think he’s a two year guy probably. Very fluid with the ball at 6’9″ though which was nice to see. If Zeller comes back (still think that is more a longshot than a sure thing) then we have a nice inside game with adding Fischer and Hanner taking a step (big step needed). Not sure what Jurkin holds. He could be out. Also think Troy Williams is going to make a big impact next year as well. We just need either Remy or Will to take such a big leap one or the other lock down the #2 spot. Either way, we at least wont have an athletic hole at the 2 spot anymore.

  9. I think Harvard was being honest when he said that he just wanted to see something special in McGary. He looks like a lug to me. Every once in a while he’ll take advantage of a poor matchup but he’s just not that athletic (IMHO). I could see him coming off the bench his entire college career.

    All star games don’t mean much. Unless you’re a point guard the stars of those games are usually just the most selfish players. Who needs that?

    It is interesting how Hanner worked out (or didn’t). There were quite a few here who thought he was the second coming of Dr. J. I hadn’t seen enough to even form an opinion. They may turn out to be right.

    When does Cody (and Victor) have to make his decision official?

  10. I find it amusing that after seeing Noah play 11 minutes in an all star game people feel qualified to critique his game.

    Also, Michigan will lose Burke, Hardaway and Robinson to the NBA.

  11. I doubt Michigan will lose all three to the NBA this year. Burke for sure, but at least one of the other two will probably stay another year.

  12. Hello Mr. Alford, we’d like to introduce you to Aaron Gordon of the Arizona Wildcats.

  13. My husband asked me to check your comments just to see what y’all had to say about Noah’s free throw shooting! You didn’t disappoint!

  14. Michigan’s going to be interesting. They’re going to lose Burke by all accounts and that’s a huge blow. I can see them losing both Robinson and Hardaway, but I could also see them keeping both. Either way, Zak Irvin can step in for one of those guys, and Derrick Walton is really really good as an incoming freshman point guard. Their dynamic changes and I wouldn’t call them the favorite whatever happens, but they will be good.
    If Harris and Payne stay, Michigan State is your favorite hands down, though, but I don’t know what happens there.

  15. Dustin,

    I would argue if Deshaun Thomas stays that OSU would be the favorite. Craft and Scott wreaking havoc in the backcourt, Thomas doing his thing, another year of maturity for Williams and Ross. Thompson was starting to look like a potential star and 2nd scoring option. A couple top 60 recruits coming in.

    Considering Thomas really isn’t much of a pro prospect I see it as a real possibility.

  16. Respectfully disagree with your evaluaions on McGary, Chet. You’re looking at his rather unexcited/tuned out facial expression and body language and not his game. He’s very strong with the opposite hand and he is as quick to the glass as any big I’ve seen in years. He uses the glass on short jump shots with some real finesse. He looks like the brute, but there is some real hunger in the tank and the skills and quickness to compliment that hunger.

    If there is an astute NBA exec out there, I would not be surprised if they go after McGary now. McGary could help a ton of NBA teams now. I don’t think Cody is there. Quickness and strong instincts in the boxes trumps all. McGary snags down boards like a vacuum cleaner.

  17. It looks like zeller is coming back? What do you base this on? I cannot believe he only got 11 minutes. I thought they usually got equal playing time in these games.

  18. I think what Podonkey wants to say is that Aaron Gordon will likely transfer to UCLA now. I am glad to see you’re coming around Podoinky-donk, slowly but surely—there seems to be some hope for ya.

  19. Not very impressed with Vonleh. If Zeller doesn’t return we’re screwed.

    Check out the obvious walk(I assume wasn’t called)at the 00:30 mark of this clip I don’t see the strength it takes to pound on the inside in the Big 10. I see another Perea.

    DJ White was more imposing and possessed better foot speed.

  20. Well, Chet is probably understating McGary’s value, and per usual, you’re overstating it…

    He is a good college player right now. He has the potential to be very good. However he needs to improve his athleticism to contribute at the next level.

    He rebounded at about 13 per 40 minutes this year. Cody rebounded at around 11 per 40.

    He had exactly 2 double-doubles during the regular season. Cody had 9.

    In the last game against IU McGary had 2 points and 2 rebounds. Cody had 25 and 10.

    McGary has had an exceptional tournament, but in those games against VCU and Kansas almost all of his shots were uncontested dunks and lay-ins. They weren’t running any offense through him. The defense was never keying on him.

    I really like Mitch. I think he’s going to make a big impact in the B1G. I would love to have him as a Hoosier. He would be an excellent compliment to Z. But he isn’t as good as Cody now, nor as ready for the NBA. I certainly wouldn’t trade Cody for him.

  21. He has a level of coordination to go with the strength/size that Cody will likely never possess.

    We pumped up Cody in the weight room…but big arms don’t equate into knowing how to move in the boxes. McGary has instincts that you can’t teach. You don’t need the definition and the tone body. You need game and you need presence when the lights are brightest. You’re wrong on McGary. He has presence and what he’s doing on the biggest stage is unprecedented for a freshman. He’s been deemed by many as the player of the tournament going into the Final Four. He plays upright and quick. He doesn’t lunge at the basket. Nobody in the halls of ESPN saw it coming. Just a guy named Harvard on some tiny ol’ blog nobody reads.

    You’re grossly understating his contribution because you know(as does Dustin)I was noticing the kid’s game two years ago when he was totally off the radar.

    And how about that Stauskas kid? Another kid that loves the big stage. Looks like the next Larry Bird…Step-back three…Can take his game inside or drill triples from Matt Roth range. Some guys just love the big stage and some shrink. That’s how you define a “superstar”…It’s not just about raw talent and athleticism.

  22. Harvard,

    Honestly you’re the biggest hater in the Scoop. The rest of these trolls are just that… trolls. You want desperately to be taken seriously, but all you do is trash on our coach, players, and recruits.

    Go take a deep breath… Look in the mirror… Ask yourself, “am I really a Hoosier fan, or just addicted to the Scoop?” Then come back.

    Vonleh was probably the youngest kid playing in that game. He’ll be 17 when he graduates. He is extremely unselfish. If you want that “superstar” mentality because he’s highly ranked, you’re going to have to look for it elsewhere. He is a quiet, humble kid. His best skill right now is his rebounding, which he showed… 6 boards in only 11 minutes… But he also has considerable perimeter skills. Clearly more basketball skill than HPM, and if you can’t see that after that short clip you gave us then you should stop evaluating basketball altogether. In 6 games in the Adidas Nations tourney last summer he averaged 19 & 11 against the best competition in the world at his age group.

    Oh, and by the way, the travel wasn’t called because the ball got knocked out of his hands… He still gathered it on the fly and finished in one motion.

    Besides Crean, Cody, and Vonleh are there any other Hoosiers you’d like to sh!t all over today?

  23. 2 years ago McGary was a 5-star recruit that was ranked behind only Nerlens Noel in his class. If he’s sneaking up on you it’s because you were never paying attention in the first place.

    McGary has done exactly 2 things in the half court – catch dump off passes when their talented perimeter players drive and draw his man, then lay it in uncontested… And get weak side rebounds off perimeter shots and lay it in.

    He is playing well. He is in the right place at the right time, which is definitely a skill. But the opponents are game-planning for 4 guys ahead of him. UM is not running any offense through him. There is no dump-it-in-to-Mitch-and-let-him-go… He never sees a double team.

    Mitch is good. He’s coordinated. He’s got quick feet. He positions himself well. He’s got man strength. He will only get better. However, everything I said above is true as well.

    Now this is what I’m saying about your comments… “Superstar” isn’t a specifically defined thing. It means different things to different people. To you “superstar” means so done who performs when the lights are brightest. That isn’t the case for others though. To marketing gurus and many fans “superstar” is defined by raw talent and athletic ability. For example, Dwight Howard is a superstar by every measure except yours. I also think you definition is short-sighted and convenient… How many times do you need to step up in the big moments? Once? Twice? One NCAA tourney? Are you allowed to average 7 points and 6 rebounds over 30 games and then be completely re-labeled because you had 2 exceptional stat lines?

  24. I think maybe Sean has been hit in the head with a tomahawk, cause he displays diminished cognitive abilities.

    I believe Arizona will be the favorite to win the Pacific 12 next season.

  25. Geoff, two excellent posts (#22 & #23). But I don’t believe Harvard is a hater. I’m not defending Harvard’s continuous attacks (he needs no defense), but he reminds me of the main character in “The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha.” If you’ve ever read this classic, you’ll understand. If not, perhaps you’re familiar with the term “tilting at windmills.” On those occasions when I read Harvard’s posts, usually the isolated comments, not those where he’s writing his own string followed with a dozen consecutive posts, I’m reminded of that story and its main character, Don Quixote. It’s not hate, it’s something else.

  26. If he was so on the radar, then show me some posts from journalists in this town that talking about him. Show me some bloggers on any of the three major Hoosier sites that were noticing.

    You’re simply not being honest. It was all about Zeller and the Movement and appeasing a relationship with an AAU coach that dumped A-Hope projects on us. Perea was talked about as if he were the guy that could do what McGary is demonstrating in the NCAA tournament.

    And don’t talk to me about mirrors. Best study your own portrait a bit, Mr. Dorian Gray.

    Speaking of addictions, how’s the baby? Ever play Mad Gab..? Have all your chores for the day finished? Paint the room? Take out the trash? Clean up those morning dishes? Do any grocery shopping? Wash the car? Getting dinner started? Another trip to Babies ‘R’ Us tonight to make the wife happy for the hours spent on Bloggers ‘R’ Me? Like I said, you best do a little looking in the mirror as well, you arrogant blowhard.

    And now you’re arrogance comes through to the level of truth a supremacy that allows you to call me less an IU fan than yourself or anyone else on here? Big fan of Tom Crean? No. Would love Indiana to be the school that sees through his superficial crap? Yes. If that makes me less of a fan than you, then so be it.

    Jeff Meyer was a Hoosier at one time. Do you really think he deserved to be “spit on” on national TV? Crean’s best friend is John Calipari. Is Meyer any more or any less a seedy character than the guy at Kentucky? Maybe he should spit in his face and scream in his ear on how he’s ruining the reputation and credibility of the entire game. The man(Crean) is a carnival act and he belongs in the hip pocket of the snidely and seedy Establishment world with no values and decency. He’s turned “Because it’s Indiana” and his Sampson targets into his only banner….The only banner a hypocrite will ever hang that thinks he’s bigger than the Jesus he can’t stop rubbing up against. A total creep and charlatan.

  27. McGary is a *&^-*&^%.

    Neither him or Stauskas did much damage, if any to IU.
    Problem with Stauskas – too many vowels. Too many s’s.

    McGary was so impotent in the IU game he resorted to that nice shove to Cody while running down the floor. Guess he was at the point “if you can’t beat him at least try to break him”. Oh, than watch the last foul called on him. Another two handed push to Cody’s back, as Cody is looking the other way.

    Besides the above “no-class” moves he has some kind of oral thing going. Watch him play with his mouthpiece.He’s got that thing half-in, sideways, half-out. Really kind of sick. Thank goodness he’s not at IU. Imagine half time with CTC & his gum and What’s His Name playing with his mouthpiece. I could say more but I’m afraid I’ll cross that ‘line’ of Dustin/Jeremy again.

  28. And I’m sure the nation is re-watching the final Big 10 regular season game as McGary prepares to play on the biggest stage of all sports. You work all season long to live up to the name “elite” program.

    I’d take a good slap in the “stones” to trade places with “chopped liver” McGary and the hurt they put on Kansas and Florida. Kansas still doesn’t know what the hell hit them and I can assure you it was much more than that fake flop Cody took to sell a tap to the groin as violent abuse.

    We should all be jealous. We’re jealous because we didn’t look like a team and we didn’t have the passion that Michigan has exhibited to get to the Final Four.

  29. Best of luck to Michigan. Hope they win it all.

    Not jealous – they put together better team effort.

    Forgot about the fake jab. Ass that to my list.

  30. If your riding ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to see if its still there.

  31. Podunker, right there between posts #24 and #25 you had an absolutely great moment, when you didn’t post anything. That was great, man, we need more of that on this blog. You can do it!

  32. Podunker- I like your “Scoop Quixote” analogy for Harvard. I think that like DQ, behind Harvard’s constant battles with everyone over everything lies an authentic, pure and noble spirit who desires to render the world exactly how he sees it in his own mind.

    We all play his Sancho Panza, to some extent, as we try to point out the reality of things, but often get overwhelmed by his passion and enthusiasm. Sometimes, he even convinces us that our own drab reality, however “real” it may seem, can be overcome by stubborn insistence and unbridled determination.

    I could go on all night about DQ, Podonkey (sorry but that name is too awesome to not repeat). The windmill scene is so overrated; there are other scenes that put it to shame in terms of humor value and delusion.

  33. Careful Harvard, you and Tsao have built your reputations on calling people, including me, fake fans. Does that mean your admitting your arrogance?

    Thanks for asking about the little guy. He is still baking. If everything turns out right we’ll meet him next month. Most of the projects are done around the house. Tonight we had a child birth class at the hospital. Saturday is the baby shower. Then the home stretch.

    As far as whether the local IU-focused papers or blogs were writing much about McGary back in 2010 I can’t say. It’s typical Harvard myopia though to only consider that. The Establishment was giving him plenty of attention.

    Funny how you accuse IU fans of having a narrow recruiting perspective based on southern Indiana…. And then base your argument on how you are the only one who was talking about McGary on the fact you weren’t seeing write-ups in southern Indiana rags. Ooooh, the irony.

  34. Bottom line is I think many things get taken to seriously around here. For example, when I proposed we take a break recruiting overseas, I thought I was going to be overthrown! Or my less then stellar comments about Hanner and Jurkin.

    Harvard, Crean didn’t want McGary for a reason. I’d take Cody anyway. You seriously think Mitch is NBA ready now? Wow… Then I guess Bobby C is too.

  35. It’s all fine. Somehow I feel you’re all rather content with the world in the order and place you want Indiana.

    You see the banners as a foregone day of a selfish tyrant and this day as a kinder and gentler Indiana; a spineless Indiana that has bought into your constant putting of Hoosiers on a coach to study with your supreme analysis its heart.

    The man now in charge is a perfect reflection of that contentment. There is no fire in his belly. There is no soul or determination to reinvent anything. He is incapable of what is at the core of Indiana. He is the man staring at the windmill, searching for monsters, forever latching onto his symbols of the eternal everlasting God, living in the shadows of greatness he chooses to cast upon himself, seeking acknowledgment and a happy grin from the man removed so many years ago…Still searching for villains..running after an assistant coach he wants to publicly chastise when his team has just put on full display a far more beautiful quiet determination and resolve.

    You love Indiana right where it’s been the last 20 years. And you love the man in charge because he’s as stale as the portrait you prefer on corny hicks of Indiana. You go through the motions and stay married to her but you’ve never been devoted or loved her enough to set her free from a desire to undermine and mock in the quiet corners your non-pedestrian existence as you convince yourselves so satisfied your happy “seasoned” lives full of depth and sophistication. Harvard sees right through your wanting envy; an innocence and a passion of heart that you’ve long sold out to your established and fixed worlds. You’ve all forgotten how to dream and talk to from place you don’t see yourself as supreme. The windmills shall never threaten for you are already in the stomach of the beast and lived you days in subservience you fixed ideals.

    It will be back one day. The humble love of the game in Indiana is bigger than the pretender currently holding it hostage by virtue his thick tongue.

  36. You’ve all forgotten how to dream and talk to [a man] from place you don’t see yourself as supreme. The windmills shall never threaten for you are already in the stomach of the beast and lived [your] days in subservience to [your] fixed ideals.

    Reading the classics shan’t make you any closer to one.

  37. Wow…Even Dustin and Laffy taking some licks.

    That’s when I know I’ve hit the Establishment nerve dead center. Was probably the bringing out of some Husky Tom posts belittling Cody Zeller along with bringing back to the forefront Korman’s usual smallness in his cheap shot post that attempted to mock Indiana through Jim Crews’ little controversy. Yes, the same ‘Coach of the Year’ candidate, Jim Crews, that stepped into a program by way of one of the most respected minds in the game wanting him to come back to coaching.

    You guys can , but you sure run for your podiums of supremacy when ever your cookie is crumbled with reminders just how far from the truth your labels and perceptions fall.

  38. You guys can[dish it out], but you sure run for your podiums of supremacy whenever your cookie is crumbled with reminders just how far from the truth your labels and perceptions fall.

    “Objective,” my ass. Yeah, how long did it take you to admit to your “objective” smirk? If you could only put in public display the writing of words that formed that smirk. Would make my paragraphs on Crean look like puppy love.

  39. For those wanting to put a gag order on Harvard, respond with “Absolute Fruitcake”.

  40. Wonder if the B1G has any second thoughts about Rutgers joining? True, it seems an isolated incident but with higher administration cover-up – or ignore the issue for a year and maybe it will go away? Than you have the president (Barchi) “wanting to reduce the athletic subsidy for sports”. Why join the B1G if you want to decrease operating cost? Increased TV revenue the goal?

    NCAA’s Emmert. Sounds like a uncomfortable press conference in Atlanta. “Only thing missing was Jay Bilas firing a tranquilizer dart into Emmert’s neck and posing for pictures over the carcass”. Need to hear Harvards take on this. Kind of a Establishment vs Establishment? I’m for the media Establishment in this one. Still can not get over the ‘let’s punish the two kids over the parking stickers. Don’t care they were not born yet. We’ll show them the NCAA is boss’ NCAA as it stands is a loss cause. (IMO)

    Congradulations to Hulls and Sinclair. Nice showing and it looks like they enjoyed it. Liked to have seen maybe a couple of those in the last few games.

    More coffee…

  41. Yeah, back to McGary. I don’t think he got talked up much for IU because he doesn’t fit into CTC’s WFO style at all. He runs like a polar bear. By the time he get down court the Hoosiers would be running their second offensive set.

    He’s a good, solid basketball player and he does just what Geoff said, primarily taking uncontested dump offs to the rim and he’s a strong box out rebounder. I think in a couple years he’ll be taking dump off passes to the rim and he box out really well when he rebounds. He is what he is. He might develop an effective mid range jumper. He’s a big, strong kid with average or better than average athleticism.

    I expect Cody will improve every year of his career until age or injuries slow him down. I just think he has more upside.

    Mitch has had 2 really nice games. Cody has come up big lots (but not every) of times.

    Harvard, why do you take such generic critiques of a kid I assume you’ve never met so personally? Life is too short to anger so quickly. Besides, he went to Michigan. He’s a POS now. I never forgave Mike Flynn for leaving Jeffersonville and going to Kaintuck. The SOB got himself on the cover of SI for leading them to an upset of the Scott May-less Hoosiers. McGary should be dead to you.

  42. All of a sudden, the player who would lose his balance and topple over while maneuvering through the paint has become one of the most agile and effective players on the court for Michigan.

    “He gives us a great deal of energy,” said coach John Beilein, whose team plays Syracuse in Saturday’s NCAA semifinal. “The game has really slowed down for him. His ceiling is so high.”

    While it’s true that McGary has been the recipient of some easy dump-off passes, his athleticism coming off screens and his arsenal of moves in the paint enable him to finish plays that others couldn’t.


    Helping his team accomplish such a feat would be quite a résumé booster for McGary, whose success in recent weeks has caused his NBA draft stock to soar. In the last few days McGary has had to answer questions about the possibility of turning pro after the season.(courtesy: ESPN)

  43. Still not sure what your point is Harvard…

    No one is saying that McGary is worthless. He should have a high ceiling at the college level… He was the #2 player in his class as a junior and has a strong frame and good feet.

    Reality is that he is a less athletic and less skilled version of Kevin Love. He is Kevin Love without the perimeter skills. He is Kris Humphries without the consistent mid-range jumper and good vertical leap. He is Dejuan Blair. He can rebound at the NBA level, so he has value… But he can’t finish over the type of length and athleticism he’ll consistently face at the next level. He hasn’t polished his pick and pop skills to a point where he’d see the floor much. His defense is a mystery… He’s strong, but who has he had to guard?

    Against MSU he started their first match-up and Nix went for 14 points on 6-9 shooting. He came off the bench the next game…

    They only played him 8 minutes against IU in the last game of the season even though Zeller was torching them for 25 points… Why? Probably because Cody got him in dire foul trouble (4 fouls in those 8 minutes).

    Listen… Mitch is a good player. You don’t need to drop any more quotes and lines and paragraphs on us. He doesn’t need your defense. Especially when you’re going the Establishment route and making him out to be the next Bill Walton… Or in your mind the next Steve Downing.

  44. And he’s in a Final Four while Cody and the rest of the nation watch. In the first half against Kansas, he carried Michigan.

    I really don’t care what he does in the NBA. This is the unselfish game. This is the game that special lifetime memories and moments you’ll tell your grandchildren stories will never be tainted by time or selfish pursuit. This is where young men become legends for their respective schools and hometowns.
    This is the college game and guys with the heart of lions are often the thread of difference between sitting at home(as many the prima donna players gracing covers of SI and Sporting News for their oodles of NBA potential)and your bringing a banner home for your school.

    Huh…? I thought this was about playing to the maximum of your role on your team? I thought this was about coming up big on the biggest stage? I thought this was about strutting around on campus and knowing you were the best for one moment in time? “One shining moment” living eternally in those that so love the triumph of spirit over blasé overflowing ability.

    If you can’t enjoy and transpose your dreams to what McGary is doing as a freshman on this stage, then you’re basketball soul is good as dead. I always knew you didn’t get it, Geoff. The more you blabber on, the more it drives home the point.

    College is about putting up or shutting up. NBA? Nothing But Arrogance.

  45. You were the one that brought up the NBA Harvard, not me. If you don’t care about then don’t add in quotes like you did in #48.

    They were talking about McGary on ESPN earlier and showed a bunch of highlights. Every single one was an uncontested dunk… Boy it’s tough to have the best point guard in the country (and Wooden Award winner) break down the entire defense and then hand it to you for 2 easy points.

    Every time you get cornered or shown to be over-zealous… You just move the target… go on to something else… or debate a straw man.

    You make it tough, Harvard. But not because you make god points. Because you are slithery like an eel.

  46. Geoff= Calm voice of reason. “Those aren’t giants, they are windmills.” “Those aren’t Roman armies, those are sheep.” “That isn’t the beautiful Dulcinea; it’s the fat, homely peasant Aldonza Lorenzo.”

    <a href="http://chekesitto0.webs.com/don-quixote.jpg&quot;Harvard for Quixotes= endless denial. Everyone else is always the misguided one. God himself could tell Harvard he’s in the wrong, and Harvard would respond with a 25 page recriminatory Scoop post.

    Go get that windmill, full speed ahead!

  47. Geoff- you will soon be told that YOU are the wrong one.

    The guy gets more defiant and accusatory the more you corner him. He’s really like Laffy in that regard.

  48. ***HT Guys – We need a “Hoosier Scoop” hat.

    My only hesitation, some guy somewhere will say something like “so what does a Hoosier scoop”. How do I say this – there’s plenty to scoop here. Really – make a few bucks.

  49. Dustin & Mariner Tom, glad someone else gets it.

    Harvard, would you rather be labeled a hater? Your posts #39 and #40 reinforce our conclusion.

  50. Thinking about the words of his father.

    “My dad always said stay level-headed, stay humble, stay hungry — and if I get cocky, he’s going to teach me a lesson when I get home,” McGary said, and it didn’t seem like he was joking.

    “A lot of people want pictures and autographs, but I just try to stay level-headed, modest, humble. That’s the way I was raised. I’m not going to be flashy, try to show out, like, ‘Hey, I’m Mitch McGary.’ Try to stay low key — try to stay incognito, I guess.”

    In stark contrast to this fried tater-hater

  51. tomahawk sean, are you new to this site or are you just one of those trolls hiding behind multiple screen names? Regardless, I want to congratulate you for joining the infamous group of Hoosier Scoop contributors including 4guards and Laffy. They too had the unique ability to convey arrogance and diminished cognitive ability at the same time.

  52. Podunker-

    Do you really think I care what you you think of me? Why don’t you try being something less than a coward and bully. Do my opinions really cause you so much harm? Calling me a hater?

    Did I smirk at Tom Crean during a press conference?

    Did I write a headline that Jim Crews was taught the violent tendencies of Bob Knight?

    Did I say the Plumlees and Zellers have “contempt” for Indiana during the days we were recruiting Cody?

    Did I say Watford was a loafer and lazy and that the Hoosier ship had sailed without any need his game?

    Did I put into national print that Jordy Hulls was the worst defender in all of college basketball?

    Was I the guy on this blog that started the endless campaign to label Cody as “soft?”

    Did Geoff already forget how he shouted to the heavens that “VJ SUCKS!”…?

    Rather ironic you call me the “hater.” Would you like more cut-and-paste examples. You should revisit the LiveChats during games..Tons of contempt for Indiana by so-called Indiana fans…Watch Dustin just laugh and play along with the charades as they rip apart Remy and any Hoosier that falls in a lull.

    You’ve shown again what I’ve always seen in you. Simply a coward that piles to satisfy your lowly self-esteem.

  53. Yeah, Mariner Tom really gets it.

    He “gets” calling the Zellers as people with contempt for IU. He gets hemorrhoids..is what he gets. Would you like the cut-and-paste from that Scoop classic as well?

    And you know what else he “gets” dating back to our years of one-on-one blogging on Basketblog..? He gets homesick and jealous. He gets tired of the mirror and knowing he’ll never have the gift the one he’s tried to slither around in disguises to equal. Might as well hang up his jock with his pen and his slew of aliases. The mirror while thinking of Harvard is his windmill.

  54. Podunker, are you kidding? Haven’t you recognized tomahawk as the same ol’ troll around these parts for the last 5-6 years? The guy also known as Rico Chet, Husky Tom (my previous name before he stole it), Poopdunker, Podonkey, Hoosier Clarinet, Tsao Tsu Gondolas, Lord of the ___, and occasionally Harvard for Hillbillies? And the one soon to pirate my current screen name into some new, silly-sounding parody?

    Podunker I once thought you were GF Dave (aka GooFy Dave) reborn under a new name. But if you were, you certainly would have not asked that last question.

  55. …and Harvard delivers as predicted! That was as easy as forecasting a rainy day in Seattle, folks!

  56. You make it tough, Harvard. But not because you make god points.

    Looks like another Freudian slip…LOL.

    No, Geoff…It’s Crean that makes all the “god” points because there’s nothing “good” in the playbooks or in the game-planning. There’s your scary eel under your righteous bed.

  57. Millport
    Friday, April 16, 2010 – 4:25 PM EDT


    I have had 2 hemmorhoid operations, in my life. I will go for a third if our buddy will leave.
    By the way, my proctolgist was a MASH doctor he did not believe in pain killers, local or prescribed. So you know how serious I am about our buddy.

    Husky Tom
    Friday, April 16, 2010 – 11:30 PM EDT

    Dearest Millport- I may need to talk to you in the future about such operations. Not kidding- I think I may be in need.

    All this attacking of Harvard..? They must be flaring up again. You could call it a different form of March Madness. Maybe the festering anal growth is his giant windmill?

  58. Awesome. Glad you have nothing better to do on a Friday night than to look up my hemorrhoid surgeries. Your wife must be thrilled with you.

    What ever happened to Millport? Was he Southport65? Or maybe even Podunker?

  59. Could be worse..I could have your pathetic Friday night of simply sitting around and staring at the tube.

  60. I just owned your little Spanish classic. You’ll never again treasure it in your heart. And who’s to blame?

    You should really know better.

  61. Harvard,

    Your posts are dumb. If you love McGary so much, move to Chesterton. Be his booster.

  62. Hemorrhoid Tom, you are a sad but small monument of stupidity. Tom Crean is a clown, but at least he makes us laugh. You on the other hand just make us sick.

  63. I like that name. Lets see if it sticks. I’m also glad I make you laugh, Rico Tard.

  64. A few things. First, posts #74 and #75 were not posted by me. That’s real chicken-sh!t when you have to assume someone else’s screen name. What a loser!

    Secondly, yes, I assumed that Harvard was using several screen names. The tone of the comments and the style of the writing were too similar. But I thought I’d have some fun with that. And obviously, this has now progressed to the point where the multiple personalities have begun to respond to each other’s posts. Well, I’ve suspected for some time that Harvard was posting to himself.

    Third, it makes me chuckle when the person known for dishing out the greatest volume of negative and/or critical comments on this site gets his panties in a wad when others return the favor. Harvard calling anyone a bully is funny. He dishes it out in great volumes, but obviously he can’t take it. And you can tell when a comment hits home, because there is an immediate barrage of counter attacks launched under a variety of different screen names. The irony is that if he had just written the same comments under his Harvard screen name, I’d have ignored the comments because, well, it’s just Harvard. But that’s the point, he craves the attention, even if its negative attention. He’s an attention addict, and the multiple screen names are necessary to get a response, any kind of response, from anybody. It does not matter.

    Lastly, I did NOT call Harvard a hater. In fact, I refuted the “hater” label suggested by someone else and offered a benign alternative, which I believe is more appropriate. The more he posts, the more I’m convinced that “Don Quixote” is a good fit.

  65. I had a fruitcake Establishment psychiatrist once try to convince me that I had multiple personalities. He submitted multiple bills for the hours on the couch.

  66. Long & boring drive to Chicago. Allergies crazy with wind dust from plowiing.

    Talk radio – whoever they were, the Question was “who is going to cut the nets Monday”. Whoever #1 – Syracuse. Whoever #2 – Louisville. Whoever #3 – Indiana. Said someway, Crean will cut the nets.

  67. Podunker – while I’ve obviously heard of Don Quixote, I had never read it. Not really familiar with the story or the main character. So, after your post and the resulting comments I was very curious… Just as Tsao might have guessed, I basically read the cliff notes. From my now very basic understanding I have to agree… You are spot on with that analogy.

  68. What was frustrating to watch was how decisive and aggressive McGary was in the high post… And think why didn’t Cody do that?

  69. Cody doesn’t have McGary’s court vision…or patience…or instincts….or balance….or presence….or suction cup hands…or quickness to the glass…or quiet confidence coming from his coach on the sideline.

    Looking for ballers with some spine? You don’t need to build a Jersey pipeline…Just look to Northwest Indiana…Look to the land of Harvard if it’s the toughness a natural winner you’re after.

  70. We know Harvard… Which is why a month ago at Ann Arbor Cody had 25 pts and 10 rebounds, while Mitch had 2 points, 2 rebounds and 4 fouls.

    Lets not go overboard again Mr Quijano… Leading into yesterday’s game, Mitch’s career high in assists was 2 and he averaged 0.6 per game. He had 22 games where he recorded 0 assists.

    I absolutely think you’re right about the quiet confidence coming from his coach. Mitch looked like he was acutely aware of his options and abilities when he got the ball in the high post. My guess is Beilein watched tape of that IU game with McGary and said, “see how damn open he is when he turns with the ball there? If you catch it there and don’t feel any one on your back, turn ready to shoot the damn ball!” Once he made that first one they had to respect it, and it led to other things.

    Cody looked like the last thing he wanted to do was shoot at the elbow, and that unwillingness took away the rest of his options… ’twas sad.

    For those keeping track… Beilein is now 1-9 vs Syracuse. Must have been the Mitch-factor. Oh, and the Spike-factor.

  71. McGary has a much bigger motor than I gave him credit for. Kinda of a Tyler Hansborough. The game showed what might have happened if Cody took that 12ft jumper he passed on all night. We still didn’t have the height or athleticism to match up at either guard spot, though.

    Good for Michigan.

  72. Cody’s outside shot 5+ ft & beyond is not a pretty sight. Nor was his shooting % from that range, why, I don’t know, he has a decent looking ft shot. My rough estimates in Big10 Conference, Cody was 7 of 34 from 5+ ft from the basket. Cody passed up 2 wide open 12ft shots in that last game, quite to the dismay of the game announcers. Quote: “Hey, he’s got to shoot that shot”!!!

  73. Tremendous Harvard, as always.

    I’d have to agree with Larry though. People still don’t understand that if we say something bad about Tom Crean (nay, if we even think of that) then the terrorists definitely win.

    I am Horselips Chet and I approved this message.

  74. Chet, I think that’s supposed to read… (Neeeeeiiiiiiiggggghhhh, if we even think of that)


  75. Amigos, it’s great to be back in the land of the free. Great to play with my kids and kiss my wife. Great to sleep in my own comfortable bed. Great to shower without sandals. Great to be able to gorge on pizza, cheeseburgers, roast beef sandwiches, buffalo wings, and chili dogs– at least for a weekend. Great to be able to speak my mind without fear of a machete being pulled on me. Lots of great things about our country. Lets not ruin it with pointless bickering and showboatsmanship.

    Catching up on a lot of posts. Missed most of the Final Four games, but very happy the B1G is represented in the title game. Go Michigan. Hope ‘we’ win, but L’Ville has shown a lot of class and seems like a team of destiny. Can’t be too upset if they take it. At least it’s not ‘Cuse. Proud of all our guys (and gals) with their awards and great finishes in the skills competitions. Excited about spring football. Excited about hoops next year. Excited about IU baseball for the first time since I was a kid sneaking into Sembower Field. Life is good. Hope everyone else is doing just as well. Great to be back.

  76. I had actually added the details to the card, but it appears the Establishment at Scoop is not allowing anymore images.

    Just consider the business card a baby shower gift. Maybe someday send me some of the finest Maine lobster tails.

  77. Punjab, welcome home.

    Sometimes it seems like it’s hard to appreciate this country if you’ve never looked at it from a place that’s not a terribly nice place to be.

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