Way-too-early Bracketology: Indiana a No. 4 seed

To provide a diversion of speculative puff from Remy Abell and Jaren Sina, we have this.

Joe Lunardi projects Indiana to be a No. 4 seed in next year’s NCAA Tournament, playing in the East, New York region and spending its first two rounds in Orlando.

Kentucky, Michigan State, Arizona and Duke are the projected No. 1 seeds.



  1. I would normally agree with that statement BS. By BS, of course I mean ‘Bombay Sapphire’. But that is not a positive statement and in fact, may be considered by some as ‘garbage’ which could result in a Emergency Tweet to the editor. So use care. Is it just me or does the word ‘tweet’ kinda lessen the strength of threat..? Too close to twit.

  2. You’ve never read anything stupider than way-too-early bracketology? I would say you’re sheltered, Bombay, but you’ve read things on this board, so therefore, I just beg to differ.

  3. Speculative puff at its finest. And to think that Joe Lunardi gets paid to write such material! Me thinks this is an indication that there are too many sports writers in the world.

    It may not be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read, but it is a silly exercise.

  4. We used to have great sportscasters like Howard Cosell…Now we’re just left with toupeeotology.

    #1 seed

  5. oops…

    We used to have great sportscasters like Howard Cosell…Now we’re just left with toupeeotology.

    #1 seed

  6. Haha I mean’t it in a fun way. It was more a knock on Lunardi being paid $ to make those predictions slash guesses. And yes I spelled out slash.

  7. I don’t put much merit into these things. I agree above he is paid to put stuff out like this. I am sure he uses good material, but I dunno… Too many things can happen. I learned a valuable lesson this year. Don’t buy into media hype. This board is ways smarter, then the media.

  8. Oh, this is always fun. I guess Lunardi needs something to do between now and October. I’m guessing this is a result of Sheehey’s last-second missed three in the B1G tourney semifinals against MSU, 73-71. Otherwise, due to our late-season surge, we almost assuredly would have been a 3-seed in the south region next year. Facing Bradley, of course.

  9. A three seed in the big ten tourney looks good with a quick exit verses wisconsin. LoL making the tourney will be a blessing next year. Hey can we only play wisconsin and michgan state once. Big ten will be brutal once again.

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