Williams wins Black Team MVP honors at Derby Classic in 124-113 win

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Indiana signee Troy Williams scored 21 points on 9-for-13 shooting and recorded four assists and five rebounds to lead the Black Team to a 124-113 win over the White Team at the Derby Festival Classic Friday night at Freedom Hall.

Williams knocked down a pair of 3-pointers, but also threw down several thunderous dunks, wowing a reported crowd of 10,205. The star swingman from the Virginia powerhouse Oak Hill Academy did all of that damage in just 18 minutes of action.

“It’s the 40th year, so it’s nice to go down in history getting this trophy,” Williams said. “It’s just a great feeling.”

Williams was one of five Indiana signees on the Black Team. Warren Central forward Devin Davis had 14 points on 7-for-8 shooting and recorded eight rebounds. Center Luke Fischer from Germantown (Wis.) High School had 12 points, six rebounds and three steals. Cathedral swingman Collin Hartman had seven points and four rebounds. He hit a 3-pointer but was 2-for-7 from the field. Guard Stanford Robinson had six points on 3-for-9 shooting but also had four assists.

Syracuse commitment Tyler Ennis added 20 points for the Black team and Hamilton Southeastern swingman Zak Irvin, Indiana’s Mr. Basketball and a Michigan signee, had 13 points. Jarrell Martin, a Louisiana State signee, and Kansas signee Connor Frankamp scored 20 points each for the White team.



  1. Again, you can only take so much away from these types of games. But seeing the talent and athleticism our guys display– if only in flashes in limited court time– you can’t help but get excited.

  2. IU is due for a couple big ten titles + big ten tournament titles + a pre-season tournament title or two and a couple NCAA championships…..and a few 30 plus win seasons in the next 5 to 7 years; otherwise everything is just fluff and underachievement for the whole program!

  3. Dustin or Jeremy, I remember you said something a while back about recruits only being able to play in two All-Star type games and that’s why Noah wasn’t participating in this one (having played in both the McD’s and Jordan Brand contests.) Am I correct in assuming they don’t count the annual IN-KY all-star series since it’s not a national event?

  4. I could be wrong, but if last year’s IU recruiting class was “the answer,” this year’s class looks like “the solution.” Plenty of reasons to be excited about this group and what they can accomplish at IU. If everyone stays healthy, think next year’s team may surprise a lot of the “experts.”

    I’d also like to make a prediction right here. Collin Hartman will not have any problem finding girls that will date him during his time at IU.

  5. Did anyone ever call last year’s class “The Answer?”
    That’s correct, Punjab. I believe in-state stuff is excluded. Zeller played in McDonald’s, the Derby and the Indiana-Kentucky series.

  6. I told you guys by March next year’s team will be better than this year’s team. We now have the athletic ballas that CTC envisioned for the program to become elite. I can see Robinson and Williams working on their outside shot all summer to put us over the top.

    Dustin recently made the dumbest post of all time with Lunardi’s bracketology but you’ll see it’s dumb because he’ll have had us seeded too low.

  7. Pretty sure last years class was dubbed “Yogi and some other people” it was a catchy label and I saw many tshirts made and numerous twitters

  8. watched the Nike Hoops Challenge ..World vs USA. Dante Exum was outstanding; I hope CTC pursues this young man hard.He was the only 2014 grad playing for either team against the USA-signees. he must be 6 ft 6 now and should be a 5 star combo guard small forward ..a troy williams type player

  9. Never claimed to be an expert, just a Hoosier fan. Obviously, the troll that wrote #9 is neither.

    Aruss, the more I learn about the guys in this class, the more I agree with your optimism. Next year, the issue for these freshman won’t be talent, it will be physical endurance. The Big Ten is a physical grind, no matter how well conditioned a freshman is. Even if they avoid major injuries, the freshman’s physical and mental stamina is going to be challenged. But hopefully, the depth Crean now enjoys will allow the team to survive the learning curve associated with the college game with enough energy leftover to make a run in March.

  10. Po – wouldn’t be surprised to see an arc similar to Michigan’s this season… Good start, rocky middle, and good end… Their team this year is actually very similar to ours next season.

    Very good soph PG (Burke – Yogi)
    Upperclassman wing scorer (Hardaway – Sheehey)
    Some returning size with potential (Horford/Morgan – Perea/Hollowell)
    A bunch of very talented freshmen (Stauskas/Rice/McGary/LeVert/Albrecht/Beifeldt – Willams/Davis/Vonleh/Robinson/Fischer/Hartman)

    It will be intersting to see how it pans out. According to this model the entire key is Yogi… I can’t wait to see the strides he makes now that its his team.

  11. As the point guard I can certainly see how the team can be described as “Yogi’s team”. As far as the emotional leader of the team, this team will be Will Sheehey’s team. I see that as a good thing. Will has the killer instinct. He’s willing to step on the throat when the game is in the balance. He’ll never back down. Some complain about his demeanor, but not me.

    Will is a warrior.

  12. Let’s just hope yogi doesn’t transfer along with Remy. I’ve heard crazier things happening.

  13. Where do you get this garbage? Yogi would have to sit out a year, & Crean gave him the keys to the kingdom from day 1. Not to mention, the older he gets the more freedom he’ll get. Yogi isn’t going anywhere. I was at this game and Williams is a starter from day 1. He’s that good.

    Harvard who’s yo daddy?

  14. Flipping through the channels and catching a little of the NBA playoffs, I realized who Sheehey reminds me of. With his super aggressiveness to the point of bordering on out of control and slashing style he reminds me of Manu Ginobelli of San Antonio. If he could learn to handle the ball like him, Will would definitely have a career in the NBA.

    And I agree, if this team takes on Will’s work ethic and demeanor we are looking at a final four run with this talent.

  15. Aruss, I like your comparison to Ginobli, but Sheehey developing ball control is a huge “IF.” At present, he cannot be trusted to dribble more than a few feet without handing the ball to the defender. Are “handles” something that can be developed/improved upon at this stage in a player’s trajectory?

  16. Chet, a hearty BRAVO for post #13. WS most certainly can improve his “handle” this off season. Regardless of what MT says he is not that far away now.

  17. I was never a fan of Will’s (or anybody’s) showboating histrionics, but I’m beginning to come around. I got the impression he was somewhat muzzled after the Purdue game, and it seemed to have an effect on his intensity. We never want our guys to lose that “edge,” whatever that means. So as long as our bravado doesn’t translate into an all-out orangutan show, I can learn to live with a little bit of theatre.

  18. A player can develop and maintain an “edge” without doing anything that allows others to question one’s sportsmanship. Being a senior leader next season, and presumably a starter, Sheehey will be required to modify some of his on-court behavior.

  19. So when Crean puts this on his Twitter page, it’s rather deceiving when looking at the horrendous perimeter shooting numbers during the tournament.

  20. I hope WS next season is much more like he was before he and TC had the post PUke game chat.

  21. My guess is that we will see WS’s behavior change as a result of responsibilities as a senior leader and a starter. I’m hoping he has a great year that allows him to play at the next level.

    Crean believes Sheehey will make a great head coach some day.

  22. Another sign of the Establishment…We win two NCAA tournament games and the only score posted at the top of Scoop is the loss to Syracuse.

    Is there plenty of room to display the wins over James Madison(Dustin’s alma mater) and Temple? Answer: Yes

    Was there always more than one final score posted during the regular season? Answer: Yes

    And why did Scoop turn our trip to DC into the “Going Home” Victor Oladipo story? Was it to possibly create a polarization within the team and make it more about one player than the Hoosiers unselfish mission to get to a Final Four? Answer: Yes

    There is so much more to be seen in that one lonely score posted on the Scoop header…So, so, so much more.

    Pipeline Forever. NBA sleepers forever…Establishment forever…Banners? Never.

  23. Yes, Harvard. Because I am a Manchurian Candidate of a sportswriter sent to destroy Indiana. And after covering this team for four years and noting numerous times that they had good chemistry, I believed I could break that all down if I simply mentioned that Oladipo was going home enough times. Because statistics have shown that teams covered by sports writers who hone in on homecoming angles fall apart in the NCAA Tournament and can’t handle a 2-3 zone. Also, Oladipo, who was 5-for-6 with 16 points against Syracuse, was clearly trying too hard to get his and impress his hometown fans.

  24. I would imagine the “You make the call” commercials is a TV trivia reference way before a promising young sports journalist’s time. I always thought they were sorta fun…What do they call that technique in advertising/programming when you attempt to hold the viewer until after the commercial break ..? Is it a “hook?” Anyway, you make the call.

  25. It’s going to be a long summer…Tom Crean and Joyce Meyer go ‘Muscle Beach Party?‘ You make the call.

  26. Nothing surprising from another Establishment blowbag forever satisfied with mediocrity and selfish goals.

  27. Harvard, you need to up the thorazine dosage. You seem to have rambled further into psycho-space every time I can force myself to read your spurious word expulsions.

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