Zeller makes decision official with press release

Cody Zeller will hold a press conference in a few minutes announcing his entry into the NBA Draft, but he also put up a press release on the website for DistinXion, his family’s basketball and outreach organization. the release follows.

“Two years ago, I made one of the best decisions of my life to attend and play basketball at Indiana University. My experience here at IU has been unforgettable and has surpassed my expectations, making me even more confident that I made the best college decision.  Attending and playing basketball for IU not only fulfilled my collegiate dreams, but it also has provided me with the opportunity to fulfill my lifelong goal of playing in the NBA. While I will continue to pursue my degree in the future, I believe it is in my best interest to pursue my professional basketball career in the NBA next season.

This decision was a difficult one, because I have met so many people in the last couple years that have made a positive impact on my life.  When I initially made my college decision, the players and coaches were the top factors in choosing IU. And now, looking back on my college experience, these are the same people that have made my experience enjoyable and successful. I am so grateful for the life-long friendships that I’ve found and I know they will continue to get stronger in the future.

Another big factor in choosing Indiana University was the first-class academics of the Kelley School of Business. After experiencing the professionalism and excellent teaching of the professors, I now understand why this program is so highly regarded around the world. While the classes are challenging, I’ve always considered academics to be a high priority and will continue to be held to a higher standard by completing my degree through the Kelley School of Business. Earning a college degree is not only important to me personally, but it is also one of my goals, professionally.

Along with my basketball and academic experiences at IU, I’m also thankful for the Hoosier fans and all of their support. Hoosier Nation has the absolute best, most loyal fans of any team across the country.  Some of my favorite college memories will always be playing at Assembly Hall in front of the country’s loudest student section. Thank you, Hoosier Fans, for all your unconditional love and support over the last two years!

While I’ve loved playing college basketball, NCAA regulations have restricted me from actively participating in and endorsing my family’s non-profit organization that uses elite basketball training to teach character values and to build family relationships.  My family founded DistinXion, a Zeller Family Program four years ago with the goal of making a positive impact on future athletes and their families.  My family and I have been given many opportunities and want to give back to our community through this program.  While I’ve only been able to volunteer at camps, I’m looking forward to being able to be more involved with this organization and would like to take this first opportunity to endorse DistinXion and recommend the camps and other programs to those interested.  DistinXion is a first-class company, founded on the same character and strong values that we teach through our programs and camps.

Over the past two years, Indiana University, my teammates and coaches, and the fans, have made my college experience better than I could have ever imagined.  I have truly loved wearing the candy stripped pants and I will forever be proud to call myself a Hoosier.”


  1. While Vic & Cody have been top flight players, I’m more proud of the people they are and how they represent Indiana University. Their play has brought us to our feet but their character keep our chins up and proud to be IU alum.

  2. Harvard you need something to keep you occupied, you are a little to worked up over this. I think you’ve all just forgotten what its like to lose players that actually meant something. Join the club, teams all over the country are losing talent every year. Iu basketball will be FINE. of course it was easy to say goodbye to the likes of pritch, Kyle taber, and erek suhr. You guys sound like a bunch of wildcats

  3. Thanks for posting this because I’m getting no sound on the I.U. all access video!

  4. I would stake my life on the fact that given the same chance & same income you would go also!!

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