Indiana to play Purdue just once in 2013-14; other single-plays Ohio State, Iowa, Minnesota

The Big Ten announced the single-plays for the conference basketball schedule Tuesday during the Big Ten Spring Meetings. Indiana will meet in-state rival Purdue just once in the 2013-14 season with that game set to be held at West Lafayette. The Hoosiers will host Ohio State and Iowa in single-plays and will also travel to Minnesota in another single-play. They will play each of the other conference teams in home-and-home series.


  1. Congratulations to the Big Ten Commissioner. You’re well on your way to ruining the oldest rivalries in the conference.

  2. I thought the last time we were scheduled to play Purdue only once during the B1G season, we also scheduled a non conference game with vs. them in Indy. (Dustin – do us all a favor and confirm that.) If it’s permissible, we should schedule them in Indy for a game.

  3. Aruss, I’ve always liked the idea of a tournament, located in Indy, where IU, Butler, ISU, Purdue, ND, Ball State and Evansville play in a tournament. And that was regardless of how many time IU and Purdue played during the Big Ten season. What better way to celebrate the prowess of basketball in the state where hoops is king?

    I think attendance would be huge and no doubt one of the national networks would provide coverage.

  4. Aruss,
    They didn’t do it the last time this was the case, but they have done it. 2002 was the last occasion that they played Purdue in Indy in a “non-conference” game. It’s permissible, I think, but there’s other conflicts. Whether they can do it or not probably comes down to whether they could make a deal with the Crossroads Classic and whether they’d actually want to. Might cost them significantly to play Purdue instead of Notre Dame in that one.

  5. Dustin – I’ll check with my sources to see if something is in the works and what the holdup would be.

    Podunker – I don’t think anyone outside of Indiana would want to see that tournament. Indiana is the only team of national interest in that group. Call me crazy but I like the way non conference tournaments are set up and we rotate annually which ones we participate in. I do think we aren’t aggressive enough in scheduling marquee single game matchups with the likes of L’ville, Kansas, Texas, UCLA, etc.

  6. Lord, Aruss’s sources.
    I’ll split the difference between you two here. There definitely would be interest in a tournament like that but there are two issues. One, it’s the sort of tournament that would be a huge deal right now if someone had thought of it in the ’50s or ’60s. It would be the basketball equivalent of Boston’s Beanpot Tournament in hockey. People would definitely watch it if there was a tradition to it because it would have by now become part of the fabric of Indiana basketball. If you started it now, it would take it a while to get it ingrained into the national conscious, and the problem there is that it would force Indiana to abandon all other exempt tournaments for the foreseeable future. You’re only allowed to play in one exempt tournament per year, so if IU was to enter into something like that, it would mean no Maui, no preseason NIT, no 2K Classic, etc. It’s possible it could be worth it in the long run to establish something like that, but year to year it could very much cost a team to skip all of those events for this kind of tournament. Not suggesting it’s a bad idea at all, Podunker, but those are some of the logistics that make it unlikely to happen.

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