Big Ten releases 2015 football schedule

The Big Ten released the 2015 football schedule on Monday morning. The pertinent info, from IU sports info, follows.

Indiana will open league play at home against Ohio State on Oct. 3. The Hoosiers will also host Rutgers (Oct. 17), Iowa (Nov. 7) and Michigan (Nov. 14).

IU will take to the road against Penn State (Oct. 10), Michigan State (Oct. 24), Maryland (Nov. 21) and Purdue (Nov. 28). Indiana’s bye week comes on Oct. 31.


  1. 2015? And this is 2013. And IU basketball schedule for 2013/2014 is released in what, Sept/Oct.

  2. Well, football scheduling is a lot more rigid – 1 game a week that is going to be played on Sat (for the most part), whereas basketball scheduling is heavily dependent on television coverage.

  3. What PB said. Basketball conferences spend all summer messing with ESPN to get the most games into the most possible windows. When I covered James Madison I spent a lot of time talking to Ron Bertovich, who was hired as deputy commissioner at the CAA and the biggest part of his job was getting the league on TV somehow someway. He said TV guys don’t even begin working on basketball until after the Fourth of July.

  4. Moving 60 people (I believe traveling squads for consist of 44 players plus coaches plus trainers plus equipment people (lots more equipment involved), press handlers plus an administrator or two to deal with logistics (food, rooms, transfers)…in other words, probably more than 65-70 individuals minimum traveling. This implies contracting leasing entire aircraft flights(two ways, buses (plural)etc.

    Basketball groups probably include around 20 individuals and commercial airline schedules can (could) be coordinated). It may also be that the much larger number of games (30+ Bk v. 12FB) allows more flexibility.

    The time lags make sense.

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