Christian Watford “most likely” to play for Pacers and Mavericks in NBA summer leagues

Christian Watford mostly confirmed a report from Scott Agness of, saying that he will “most likely,” be playing for both the Indiana Pacers’ and Dallas Mavericks’ summer league squads. The Pacers play in the Orlando Pro League, which runs from July 7-12 and the Mavericks play in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, which runs from July 12-22. Those teams will have the opportunity to evaluate him and decide whether or not to extend a training camp invitation.

Watford declined any further comment. IU coach Tom Crean on a teleconference Friday morning that Watford was “highly disappointed” not to be drafted but that he drew a lot of summer league and undrafted free agent interest.

” There was tremendous traffic as the draft was winding down,” Crean said. “He was highly disappointed. There’s no question about that. There were quite a few scenarios that just didn’t come to fruition. But throughout this whole process, he’s been showing his skills. He’s been selling himself and doing the things he needed to do. He took his respect level to another place. At the 16 or 17 diferent cities he visited, he went and battled. People got to see what we saw. He eliminated a lot of questions people might have had about him. He didn’t get drafted, but we just told him, ‘Hey, Wes Matthews wasn’t drafted and two or three years after that he had a $27 million contract.’ At this point, this is truly about business. A lot of people had a lot of interest in him. They had opportunity to draft him, they didn’t, but we can’t worry about that. Now, it’s about where is the best opportunity to fit. Where is the best opportunity to showcase his talent. He’ll be real busy here quickly.”


  1. I think Watford has a great shot of making the Pacers roster. He’s a stretch 4 who consistently knocks down the 3. He’s 6′ 9″ with an above average handle for his size, He can guard multiple positions and has grown progressively aggressive on the boards. During these playoffs if it wasn’t Paul George knocking down 3’s, the Pacers weren’t hitting many. Imagine David West needing a breather, but not losing much in offense with his sub. As a 4 Watford would put more pressure on defenses trying to help on Hibbert, while also being big enough to feed the post from the wing. I think he’ll stick with the Pacers. If not another team will see his value, think (Matt Bullard or Steve Novak with better defense and rebounding).
    I certainly wish him the best.

  2. I could not believe some of the second round draft picks that were made yesterday! Picking European/International guys that won’t be playing for two or three years (if ever) over a quality player and man like Watford? I hope CWat proves a lot of the experts wrong, just like VO did coming out of High School. We know he’s a clutch shooter and that he can battle on the boards. He’s not the quickest guy on the floor, but if you watch a regular season NBA game, a lot of those big guys are dogging it half the time anyway. At 6’9″ with a good 3-point shot, having been battle tested in the Big Ten, you’d think he’d be an obvious back-up forward for a number of NBA teams.

  3. Good comment Po. How does that work with foreign guys?

    Ten yrs ago, dramatic shortage of Occupational Therapist. Sponsored two from Scotland who were clinically excellent and the patients loved them. Government than said too many OT’s and pulled the work visa’s. Sent them back.

    Apparently not the same with pro sports. Work visa was only approved (non-sport) if American citizens could not fill the open position.

  4. I can think of another 6-9 Pacer forward who would never be described as lightning quick but could be deadly from the outside. They called him Big Smooth. Come to think of, give Christian some corn-rows and an extra 30 pounds of… uhh… personality, and they might be mirror images of one another. Add in the fan favorite aspect Wat could be a great addition for Indy.

  5. CW…lot’s of highly regarded players weren’t drafted. Heck, even Deshaun Thomas barely got drafted and he was being hyped at one point as a Top 20 pick. Work hard and stay focused CW, and my money says that you are going to make a roster next fall!

  6. Po -actually you described exactly why teams make those picks in the second round. If they take a euro guy in the 2nd round they own his rights but don’t have to give him a contract. So they can take a flier on someone with potential just in case he turns out to be a player… And then bring in solid, developed players like Watford who performed well in workouts, but are somewhat known quantities with limited upsides, and cherry pick a guy to fill a roster spot based on their needs.

    For guys like Watford its way better to get passed on in the 2nd round (even though it hurts their pride) because it gives them the ability to find the right fit.

    I tend to think that Zeller would be a really good player on a team like the Spurs, Bulls, Pacers, or Thunder where the teams have a strong culture from the front office to the coaches to the players, value high IQ players, and care more about winning players than stats… Imagine if Cody could have worked out for a few teams and then chosen his best fit versus being forced onto probably the worst run team in the NBA (move over Clippers)…

    That is what is happening with Watford now on a much smaller scale. He’ll either catch on with a team that can actually use his services and is a good fit… Or he’ll be able to head to Europe and play more minutes and make more money than he could as a 2nd round pick. In my ind its a win-win.

  7. The NBA ship has sailed and Watford ain’t on it.

    He should have rolled the dice after his junior year. Go when you’re a hotter commodity. All the energy was in the 2011-12 season when the Hoosiers caught the nation by storm with a tidal wave of upset wins. ‘The Shot’ was his best shot at leaving the door open for those GM’s that believed the senior year in college that Christian would forgo would be theirs to utilize and develop from a talent on the rise.

    Too many blowhards like Harvard that think it should be about the banners. Christian stayed for the banners at a time when the focus was changing from team to the all too consuming “I’m the next D-Wade” desires of showmanship and showboating of skills, fingers to the nose, fingers to the temple; a group of individuals that were already looking ahead at their personal portfolios and future ‘stock’ prices, losing the magnetism of a team cohesively united where skills blossom naturally off the excitable chemistry…It cost Christian dearly in believing that same energy that culminated in big shot after big shot catching national attention with the shocking victory against #1 Kentucky in December 2011, would not be overly hyped and digested until bloated in drunk overconfidence that we see on a draft night.

    The system is rigged. College ball is not about team. It’s not the banners that call. It’s all about the headline and grabbing the money when the door cracks open. If you’re fortunate enough to be the guy in the headline, then you best not pass it up. The next Hoosier now in the draft line spinning on the spokes of your shining moment will hunger to make it there time in a less redeeming fashion. The fortunes will turn and the next ‘coming home party’ will make it their turn on your dime.

    Watford will be just fine. He’s more seasoned and strong on vine for the foul winds sometimes blow away the hopes sold with the bag of goods someone else requiring the insurance of your lost time. C-Wat will mellow into the humble work ethic needed to turn immature sour grapes into a more dignified version of lessons learned the hard way wine. The ship has sailed for the rest, Christian. You stayed another year to share the gold of your moment. That sort of heart shall always find a current not pushed by currency. Your sails always billowing in honor of mates more important than the buckles on your shoes never to be tarnished.

  8. …And following behind the duck made captain, the wake breaking off the stern(pun intended), is college basketball. The stolen heart of Naismith’s game filling the packet on his back. Quack!…Quack!…Take it to the rack!….All the gold of youth and innocence be in my canvas sack!

  9. Harvard has any one told you lately that you are full of crap. if these are your comments,and I am not sure they are, they are full of words that swing back and forth 180 degrees. Maybe that is your MO to use 1000 words to say 10. IMHO you would be better understood if you said 10 and moved on.

  10. “For guys like Watford its way better to get passed on in the 2nd round (even though it hurts their pride) because it gives them the ability to find the right fit.”

    Exactly right. I’ll bet there aren’t many more second round guys than free agents making NBA rosters.

  11. Harvard – you are exactly wrong. Watford had far less juice after his junior year. The NBA could care less about The Shot. They could care less about headlines. Watford helped his status this year.

    What “moment” or headline did Anthony Bennett have? Or Alex Len? Both of those guys toiled in relative obscurity all year.

    However, you’re also right that the NBA doesn’t care about NCAA banners. They care about talent and potential. There have been hundred of “winners” that proved that NCAA banners don’t translate to NBA success. Talent does. (Now it just so happens that often times “talent” also wins out in the NCAA and materializes as banners)

    Christian Laettner is considered by most as one of the top 5 college players of all time. Hurley was right up there too… Nolan Dmith, Kyle Singler, Jon Scheyer… Sorry I just like picking on Duke guys… But same with Steve Alford and Kieth Smart…. You have to be a special talent to make it in the NBA, and generally speaking one of the least reliable predictors is how much you won in college.

    You must be confusing the hell out of yourself by bashing Dipo. Considering he is everything that is right about college athletics… He went to class and graduated early… He immersed himself in the college experience and became a beloved figure all over campus (not just on the court)… He worked his absolute tail off to improve every year… He was a positive force and leader in the locker room and on the court, which manifested in his teammates getting better and IU returning to glory… He was always coachable and always a good teammate on the floor… He played a selfless, defense-first brand of basketball that took heat off of lessor defenders, and allowed guys like Watford and Hulls to shine on offense… He is an ambassador for IU, and by every indication, he will be forever… He is a beacon for recruits and future Hoosiers…

    If only he hadn’t put his fingers to his nose after he dunked… Then he’d be worthy of Harvard’s praise.

  12. Punjab- A couple big differences between Watford and Sam (I know your comparison was light hearted so I’m not trying to “correct” you). Big Smooth was the #4 pick in one of the greatest drafts ever (can you believe that Jerome Kersey was pick #46 in that class?).

    Also, even though Watford looks dopey like Sam Perkins, I don’t think it’s for the same reason. Sam hit the bong pretty hard those days. I’m pretty sure Watford’s dopiness, on the other hand, is just his personality.

    Here’s my favorite Big Smooth memory. Game 1 of the 1991 NBA finals. It was hope springs eternal for this Laker fan after that game; taking game one against the mighty Bulls on the road, watching Magic and Worthy with their beards and still a healthy sliver of youthful energy in their aging bodies…one last Laker title for that legendary crew?

    Nope. It turned out to be utter delusion against the emerging Jordan and Pippen Empire.

  13. Geoff- by the way, regarding the Pats, I didn’t realize they lost Woodhead too. Funny enough, with the decimation at WR/TE, it’s their running game which now looks like the strength/focal point.

  14. Side note… It looks like there will be 2 head coaches in the NBA from Maine next year, both with ties to my college alma mater. Steve Clifford was just hired to coach Cody Zeller in Charlotte, and Brett Brown is on the precipice of being hired at either Philly or Boston. Clifford’s brother played for Brett’s father in the 80’s at my alma mater.

    Pretty cool.

  15. Yeah, Tom, I don’t remember much of Perkins before he was playing in your former stomping grounds on those great Sonic teams. My guess is game was vey similar to Deshaun Thoms’ at OSU. But his role in the latter part of his career– especially with the Pacers– is very much how I see Wat fitting in. (And if I remember correctly, Smooth and Wat have basically the same release on their shot, albeit with opposite hands.).

    I was in college while Smooth was playing in Indy. He was my favorite in part– without trying to incriminate myself here– because my buddies and I could relate. His game didn’t just seem effortless– it usually was. But he’d hit big shots when we needed him to, then go back to the bench and just chill. Loved that dude.

  16. He worked his absolute tail off to improve every year… He was a positive force and leader in the locker room and on the court, which manifested in his teammates getting better and IU returning to glory

    Wow….Sweet 16’s have returned us to glory. We were embarrassed against Syracuse.

    There’s more “glory” in A.J. Moye’s sock drawer than anything that happened with your manufactured BS.

    All I heard for years from guys like Mariner Tom is that “elite” basketball programs are measure by banners…Now, it’s simply about looking sharp on draft night.

    We all now why you’re infatuated with Dipo…It’s the same reason Husky/Mariner Tom couldn’t get over his love affair with Kentucky when Terrence Jones showed up at their “bait and tackle” shop. Don’t pretend your delusions are any less than a hick from Indiana. You blow your wind and stand before your windmills no different when the talent is from your neck of the woods.

    Knight grabs a disrespectful Establishment twerp by his shirt sleeve and suddenly too many Sweet 16’s are attached to a man all washed up.

    Tom Crean had the best center in the country with a force of surrounding talent that had “elite” stamped all over it. Why does he have to chase Jeff Meyer around like a priest with a pair of handcuffs at an exorcism? Because he knows the shallow tastes our new holier-than-thou fan base buys into his manufactured hype; and acceptance of mediocrity that comes with an inability to take talent and coach them beyond that talent. That’s what Coach K does at Duke. Glory because some good kids play hard defense? Glory when talent and hard work is wasted because the Twitter King spends more time slathering JD-Wade and Joyce with praise than attending a high school coaching seminar on learning ‘How to Attack a Zone 101?’ You should have plugged your nose with that highlight reel dunk of nothingness.

    Glory hasn’t been hung from the rafters for almost 30 years. Davis got closer with less than Crean could get with a Miami Heat team in college jerseys. Measure CharlaTom by the same standard of excellence you measured Knight, Dakich, Davis, Lynch, etc..etc..etc. College prestige is built on championships, legit bowl games, and Final Four runs.

  17. Without the work ethic infused into the program by Dipo and the recruitment of Cody we would have no shot at banners. We were ranked #1 this year and won an outright B1G Title. Just because we didn’t perform well in one game doesn’t mean the season, or Dipo’s career, was a failure.

    So “glory” is too strong a word for you. That’s fine, glory is in the eye of the beholder…. But my point is intact.

    Why am I infatuated with Dipo… You never gave a reason. However, I gave you basically every reason in my previous post.

    I was unaware that HT had any infatuation with Terrence Jones, and frankly it has nothing to do with anything. You are just being a prickly fart for no reason Harvard. There’s no other way around it.

    Dipo should be your poster boy, but for that very reason you now seemed to have turned against him. You become more and more hopeless every day. Doesn’t it get tiring being so needlessly bitter?

  18. Geoff, in two words, “prickly fart,” you have summarized Harvard better than 99% of bloggers who have attempted to do so on the Scoop.

    Harvard doesn’t love our Hoosiers, he loves Kelvin Sampson. He feels that praising a current Loveable Hoosier like Oladipo Is tantamount to cheating on OL’ Kelvin and his crew. For whatever reason he imagines an unbridgeable chasm between past and present; he is unlike any other sportsfan I have ever know in the way in which he disavows his current team in the name of a mythical, tragic past that never was (I wonder if he does the same for other teams he follows- did he decry the holier-than-thou Lovie Smith for celebrating an NFC Championship appearance after Ditka set the bar at the Super Bowl in 1986?)

    He complains that celebrating our drafted Hoosiers is a pathetic measure of success. Yet for 3 years (or longer) he thrusted an endless barrage of “EJ updates” on deaf ears here at the Scoop and on the Basketblog as if anyone cared about a one-and-done who won “0” postseason games as a Hoosier. H-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e!

  19. The coaching acumen to take talent and coach them beyond that talent….That is where glory for a team can be found.

    Even the “uninspired” Mike Davis with “job too big” for his melancholic britches and pipe dreams of someday coaching in the NBA knew how to get a team to play like a team and soar as a collective group above their individual gifts.

    Glory is in knowledge as well as the talent. Just because you can lure talent with your wholesome milk and cookie image doesn’t mean you’ll ever get the toughness and the communicated knowledge blossoming into victories in the execution required to play above the talent.

    Crean is wonderful at finding the necessary parts. He’s proving inept at creating a whole far more potent than its individual parts.

    The “glory” will “manifest” when CharlaTom proves his preaching and painting of walls with fancy slogans, his “Movements,” his top draft picks, his personal massages for D-Wade in Bloomington, his East Coast Establishment connections, and his pedestal prancing on Biblical quotes, can ever equate all he pretends to rub against and emulate. The classroom filled with valedictorians worthy of Harvard…The instructor at the front sweating bullets and firing insults at old decimating demeans because he fears himself inferior to his students. He will always idolize them..He will always be their friend. But taking them to a place his coaching can transcend his recruiting speeches?

    He’s simply a beautiful ship built by a different master and commander; the best of crew he brings to be forever anchored to the dock.

  20. Future Pacer? The outside/inside explosive Hoosier that can get the Pacers over the hurdle against the Heat…?

    Destiny awaits.

    Better yet..Get rid of Robinson and give the Bulls the deep threat shooting guard next to Rose they desperately could use.

  21. yeah right…most likely a future hospital mate for Danny Granger and Derrick Rose; a fellow invalid with which to nurse sore wrists and scratched forearms.

  22. Harvard, you could be your own baseball team you change positions so much. The only thing consistent in your arguments is inconsistency.

    Again, we get it. You hate CTC and no level of accomplishment by him or Hoosier players will ever convince you otherwise. Repeating it over and over doesn’t make it more meaningful.

    Just more boring.

  23. Chet, there is a method to his madness, you know. It’s very simple: he settles on the most controversial position, in all situations. Controversial positions bring the most attention from fellow bloggers. Thus, he vehemently defends the Sampson Legacy (controversial), concocts “Establishment” theories (controversial), criticizes liberals or republicans depending on which way the wind is blowing, resoundingly denounces Crean/Zeller/Oladipo (controversial), etc etc etc and yada yada yada.

    I guarantee you that if I were to start a “Fire Fred Glass” movement, Harvard would suddenly become his biggest fan and protector.

  24. Admire the power and athleticism of Eric Gordon…consistent.

    Felt that Sampson was overly vilified by an NCAA determined to bring IU down with a witch hunt over nothing…consistent.

    Don’t believe selling yourself as a holier-than-thou angle on Twitter makes you a better coach…consistent.

    Believe Crean’s entire fortunes are blessed by timing more than talent at getting teams to play better than their individual components…consistent.

    The game is being infected with far more individualistic concerns….consistent.

    The values and experiences gained by staying in college, staying connected with teammates, keeping driven toward missions envisioned from days of signing commitments, are all spoken at length from press conferences and podiums but rarely remain in steadfast pursuit.

    Indiana produces the best basketball talent in the nation per capita…consistent.

    Guys like Mariner Tom(bigger UW fan), Chet(closet NC fan), and Geoff(infatuated with the NBA & anything east of Ohio) are jealous of the little hick state that blows anything from their stomping grounds out of the water…consistent.

    The recent turnaround, the last two seasons of becoming nationally relevant again, was 80% attributable to the “everything hinges” kid named Cody Zelller….consistent.

    Crean is a villain chaser. He is Tartuffe. At his core is nothing of respect. He’s nothing of loyalty. He’s about the next best thing. He is Captain Scholly Crunch. He pushes good kids off the roster as if they were expired meat at the grocer….consistent.

    I defended Jordan Hulls, Remy Abell, Christian Watford, Matt Roth, Ron Patterson…when most of you were using them for a latrine….consistent.

    I believe that a kid that played through the crap created by the NCAA witch hunt(Creek, Roth, Capo)should have been begged to stay in a Hoosier uniform until their eligibility expired….consistent.

    Do you want a dozen more of my “consistent” positions?

    The more IU attempts to waste time with believing football will ever infect this state with the same passion as hoops, the longer will remain with blowhards like Crean running our basketball program….consistent.

    Never wanted a Knight disciple running IU hoops…consistent.

    Don’t even think it’s necessary to have former Knight players on the bench to validate Tom Crean…consistent.

    The A-Hope players were wasted scholarships that could have been used on 3-star Indiana ballers that would have meant more to our chances of getting beyond a Sweet 16…consistent.

    IU doesn’t recruit the entire state and it has proven to be a flawed policy…consistent.

    McGary and Albrecht for Michigan captivated a national audience beyond Cody and Dipo combined. They are Indiana kids we had no interest because Crean panders to the locals(Indy H.S. coaches and friends of Cody at AAU programs that don’t tap into the NW Indiana talent)and thinks anyone playing hoops north of Fort Wayne lives on Mars…..consistent.

    Most of you blowhards are no different than Harvard. You never admit when you’re wrong. For years I also heard how Steve Alford was on a downward spiral and would never coach anywhere beyond inferior Mountain West programs and bait and tackle shops…He is now the head coach of one of the most storied basketball programs in college hoops history. Will any of you ever admit your predictions his eternal irrelevancy would remain in the Mountain of West…Of course not….Hey, you’re consistent. Consistently arrogant. Consistently in the dark. Consistently parading around on Scoop with multiple screen names so you can consistently provoke and change your positions without other bloggers having any knowledge the deceitful games you play…CONSISTENT..Consistent as MARINER TOM, THE CONSISTENT FRAUD AND FAKE FAN, that still hides behind his multiple names.

  25. oops..holier-than-thou [angel]…thou he does us the ‘angle’ excessively as well.

  26. Your a puss Harvard. No wonder why basket blog closed own. Your fruit philosophies closed it down! Your bitter, and know it. If you can’t find good in our Hoosiers going to the NBA, then start a watermelon field, you big lipped watermelon whore.

  27. CharlaTom is a great term to describe both The Clown (Crean) and the Husky (whose middle name, by the way, is Cassidy, whence it became, on this very blog, Cassie). Say it ain’t so, CharlaTom!

  28. I don’t hear a lot of bloggers talking of all the good Jared Jeffries is still bringing to Indiana.

    Cody, Vic, EJ, Jeffries…Will one in four make anymore noise than a squirrel fart in a hollowed tree? It’s banners and deep runs to the biggest stage a Final Four that make memories immortal. To sell out your talents before the door closes on something money can never buy? It’s only the illusions of fame that corrupt the soul into that stuffed emptiness of a fortune tellers pie.

    The riches are in fighting ’til the end. The riches are in Assembly Hall ceremonies the ’87 team just came back to attend..The riches are in the deepest well of a heart and staying true to what you came to IU and said you would do all to accomplish. If you’re not wearing that uniform to be part of something that hasn’t happened in Bloomington for 27 years, then go take your prima donna watermelon ego elsewhere.

    Indiana basketball, the shocking fairytale season of Knight’s first team to reach a Final Four, the heart of a Washington H.S. kid by the name of Downing that put the ’73 Hoosiers on his back, the history of an all-inclusive state tournament that long thrived like no other March Madness that mirrored it to pretend, has always the cornerstone of what it meant to play for anything named a “Hoosier”…It’s holding onto a belief that synergy, chemistry, brotherhood, and savvy skill sets honed to perfections outpacing limitations, can take a group of determined young men sticking together, beyond their individual unique gifts that those only with a lust for individual praise cannot see beyond their narrow arrogance clinging to the mirror of God’s creation supreme..At Indiana, it is realizing that you’re not’re not better than the teammate playing next to you simply because you’re higher on a draft chart or on guesstimates of greatness fondled on a prognosticators rankings list. The only thing that makes any of you better is achieving unselfishly as a team for the glory of all. That is what separates Indiana basketball from currency chasers and those that have been corrupted by Establishment ideals, clinging to a belief that success is in dollar signs or blue ribbons and prizes for complacency and collective battles and missions unaccomplished are what you play the game for; all the pretty suits and interviews and empty little awards are given for every subset of extra limelight you adore upon yourself for nothing of extra quiet heart and unheralded determination you could care less to exist in the pit of Hades caverns that sucks your soul to the sill his door.

  29. Bring it on Seattle CharlaTom…Dip your quill into the ink your creative stink..You got nothin’.

    Sonics got nothin’ until a Northwest Indiana kid known as the “Reign Man” put that obnoxious and ugly rainy space needle town on the map.

    Son of Shawn….now bring hopes your new Husky dawn, CharlaTom.

  30. Bitter Harvard always says he is going to change once unbanned, but always goes back to old ways. Your a joke. We all know your Husky Tom and Lonnie. Serially, treat your personality disorder.

  31. Harvard- you’ve done all the work for me already, proving my point by listing every single one of your “authentic” positions, all of which are simply picking whatever is controversial and goes against the grain.

    Fire Fred Glass, he’s a jerk!

    Rico – My middle name is Cassidy, and yours is Feldman (first name Shoshona).

  32. Wow, Harvard, calling me a ‘closet NC fan’. Man, you REALLY don’t pay very close attention, do you?

    The closest I EVER come to wanting UNC to win is when they play Duke but, honestly, I’m really holding out for an ailiner to crash into the Dean Dumb or Camermoron and take them all out.

    I respect UNC as an academic institution, in large part because I work with them very closely. Roy Williams is an acquaintance as he’s a local guy and we have some mutual friends. He still has a home near mine and he shows up at the grocery. If he saw me in a different setting I wouldn’t be surprised or offended if he didn’t recognize me at all.

    He’s a very nice guy and I don’t know anyone who disagrees. (For the record, it’s a similar level of familiarity with what I had with RMK during my Bloomington days. I interacted more frequently with Coach Knight, as we were both at the athletic department, and he was always very pleasant to me and, to my experiences, most of the other student-athletes. I’m not sure why Tsao thinks I hate him just because I’ve been honest about him. My Dad wasn’t a perfect man, either, but I still loved him.)

    UNC fans aren’t as obnoxious as Duke fans but they’re as delusional as Kaintuck fans when it comes to their misdeeds. It’s always a setup or they’ve been treated unfairly. The ones I know (virtually everyone) actually claim Billy Packer showed bias AGAINST them when he did commentary (I couldn’t stand him because he was such a UNC/Duke cheerleader).

    The only other UNC insider I recall knowing is Brad Daugherty, who lives almost next door (he has a ‘mini farm’ on the adjacent property). He is a very nice guy who seems to know everyone and doesn’t seem to mind people referring to him by his first name as if they are old friends.

    So, while I have no particular hatred of UNC I’m far, far from being a fan. Of course, that’s made much easier as we always seem to get the best of the Tar Heels in big games.

    My experience in NC is that people are UNC fans by default unless they attended NC State. Some are Duke fans, though attendance is not necessarily required as it seems to be in the case of NC State. Many folks are Duke fans who have aspirations of their kids playing for Coach K (I’ve never met one with a snowball’s chance). I mentioned before that Duke isn’t as selective as many make it out to be, at least not for NC residents. Every high school in the area will send one or two off to Duke every year but going to Ivy League schools is still rare.

    People that attended Wake Forest, etc. seem to fall into the Duke or UNC camps, almost as if their own schools didn’t exist.

  33. Sunday morning thoughts: Crean’s coaching style might be more befitting a baseball team than a hoops squad. There is little doubt he has an eye for talent, he can assemble a great team of players, and he can maximize the potential of the individual. His philosophy seems to be to get his guys ready for the game, then stay the hell out of their way.

    On the diamond, most of the coaching work is done in practice: Working on a player’s swing and approach at the plate. Teaching fielders how to position themselves and track the ball when it’s hit to them. Showing a hurler how to locate his pitches and adjust to the count, expanding/constricting strike zones, and tendencies of the batter. Repetition, conditioning, motivation, and more repetition. Once the game starts, a coach’s impact is minimal. Sure, he makes the call when to bunt, hit-and-run, draw the infield in, and so on. But after the ump says play ball, it’s mostly up to his guys to implement and execute what they’ve been coached to do.

    It seems to me this is how Crean operates– preparation is key. He typically has his guys ready with great game plans, and leaves it up to our shooters and athletes to do the rest. Usually they come through. Few will argue that he’s a top notch tactition after tip-off. And his in-game adjustments leave something do be desired. (Like a baseball coach, you need to know that just because your starter has already thrown six strong innings, you don’t necessarily yank him just because the other team is putting in a left-handed bat. You also don’t pinch-hit for a guy who’s gone 2-3 just because they’re bringing a lefty in from the pen. If a guy is swinging the bat well, don’t just play the percentages. Know your personnel and let him hit.) if he can just learn how to synergize the collective preparation into a cohesive unit once the individual starts going south– and learn how to defend a damn inbound play– we’d be near unstoppable.

    As it is, Crean just let’s ’em play. That’s great when it works. But he should be prepared to accept criticism if he hasn’t structured an effective plan b or c when it doesn’t.

  34. Punjab-

    Very well-stated baseball analogy and much more thoughtful than Harvard’s hysterical emotion-driven criticisms of CTC that simply repeat tired old clichés.

  35. Exactly Chet… And I’m so infatuated with the NBA that if you added up the pieces of the contests I watched this year up until the conference finals the sum would be about 3 full games.

    Jeffries never garnered the attention, or made the meteoric rise that Dipo did. He came in as a top 5 recruit and left as a late lottery pick. There was no rags to riches aspect… There were no 360 dunks… He didn’t shock the college basketball world by rising all the way to the #2 pick…

    No Jeffries came in a star, with a lot of expectations, and although he was a very good player, just missed living up to them.

    Now, will Dipo’s legacywith recruits last more than a couple years if he fails at the next level? It’s highly doubtful, but his legacy within the program of hard work and being a 365 day a year player will remain.

  36. Of course, that’s made much easier as we always seem to get the best of the Tar Heels in big games.

    Very true, Chet. And I would contend that the same is true when we go up against Duke in “big games.”

    And we all know how much Geoff goes on and on and on about his knowledge of everything Duke. And what was the last great Hoosier team to make a Final Four/championship game that had to do so by getting past a #1 Duke team and erasing a 17-point halftime deficit in the process? Yes, a team with Jared Jeffries…. No shrinking violet..No ball hog….No nose plugging showboat…Just grit and determination and savvy. Just a homegrown Hoosier coming up big in a big game against the big Special K that adores Bobby Knight….Just little ol’ nothing Duke getting in a Hoosier’s way.

    And where were we against another East powerhouse when we were the #1 force to be reckoned with? Nowhere to be found. No halftime adjustments. No gritty Hoosiers to stand tall and unintimidated. No guidance from the bench. Establishment coach..Coming home parties to DC…A center that brought the recruits but began to lunge because the big game made him weaker in the knees than a kneeling choir boy.

    Where has the backbone of Hoosiers gone…? It’s gone East and it comes back as jello. Vic? Nice fellow.

    What was our Hoosier basketball team last season? They were a hyped bunch of bullies that in reality were soft. Softer than the New England Patriots that fell to the mighty ’85 Bears.

    Jeffries, Moye, Jarrad Odle, Coverdale…? Hoosiers..Unheralded Hoosiers that knew how to come up big when chips were down. Hoosiers without the hype on a team that barely broke the top 25 for most of their season.

    Drafts mean absolutely nothing. And when you have a coach that is clueless to making the necessary adjustments when your team is losing confidence and going softer than a DC politician? Do you think NBA talent is going to save your butt? Dream on.

  37. Legacies aren’t built by beating teams you’re supposed to beat….Hoosier legacies aren’t built by cocky gestures to your face and becoming one of Stern’s gazillionaires while proving nothing but weak knees on big stages.

    A legacy team is a team that plays unaffected by the hype. A legacy put promises before pocketbook. A legacy fights until the end and returns to claim redemption for being so horribly unprepared an embarrassment in front of national exposure. A legacy believes the candy-stripes mean far too much than to leave campus with final memory of a Syracuse team that made Hoosiers stink more than the waters a Jersey shore.

  38. Here’s the thing, Harvard. You can’t be a Hoosier fan. Your words render the proposition impossible. It must be very difficult to pretend to be when your very heart and soul depends upon them losing.

    Every word you’ve said over the past couple year belies a belief system, insofar as the Hoosiers are concerned, that would totally collapse should the young men in candystripes bring home another banner.

    So, there you are, watching every Hoosier game while saying under you breath, “Miss…miss…misssss…” whenever Jordy takes a free throw or chanting, “Lose…lose…lose…” and the game come down to crunch time.

    You must have been holding your breath for two weeks before Syracuse ended their season. What a relief for you.

    Or…are you actually go to respond, “Oh, no, I REALLY want them to win and I’ll be thrilled to come on and post that everything I’ve said over the past couple years is completely wrong and my entire belief system wasn’t really THAT important to me. HONEST.”

  39. Maybe I am just simplistic, fell ino the establishment, proud, or all of them, but I am happy for Victor and Cody. They will represent us well. It’s very easy to point fingers behind a keyboard.

    You lost me Harvard. Can you explain why you still live in the Knight/Sampson/EJ days? Why can’t you embrace the current culture? I’m being serious. I’d like to know so I can understand you better. Good Sunday to all.

  40. Chet-

    It is you that are simplistic.

    I can cheer for the young men I care for as Hoosier just as adequately though I believe there coach be no more the caliber of a coaching talent than a man named Davis…or Lynch…or Dan Dakich that many of you felt, “Hey, he’s a nice guy, but clueless.” No different. I want a winner. I want a coach where the entire team is his “chosen one.” How quickly you forget, Chet..How quickly you forget. I want a team liberated with knowledge of the game and a sense of equality that PT is earned and not just a product of your ‘star potential’ or dynamic personality. Get it? It’s basketball, not American Idol.

    Move on, Chet. Get past the past the fact that you had family from Kentucky. Forgive and stop displacing that shame by your obsession with “Kaintuck” as you mask your true lukewarm Hoosier heart with such false despise the bluegrass land. And speaking of your favorite tale of how you escaped the dumb hicks of your past, let’s not forget that CharlaTom’s best friend is the leader of your “bait and tackle shop.” It’s his friendship with that scum of college basketball as the primary reason with have lost the storied rivalry game and part of a history(not to mention a ton of fun and passion)because the two blowhards have such frail egos.

  41. Well-said, Chet. Of course, prepare yourself for the inevitable “YOU, are not a true Hoosier fan because you support Tom Crean, Victor Oladipo, and Cody Zeller.”

    Hypocrite for Hillbilies just wants to be controversial. The “See, I told you so” takes precedence over any real desire to see the team win. And yet his views are undermined by hypocrisy and crazy logic. For example:

    Eric Gordon is immortalized for slam-dunking the ball in a blowout tournament loss on his way to an earth-shattering 8 points. “Drafts mean nothing,” except, of course, the 2008 draft, in which in meant everything, since the Clippers picked Gordon.

    Zeller and Dipo, on the other hand, are colossal failures and forgettable Hoosiers for helping their team to 2 Sweet Sixteens and 5 times as many meaningful Big 10 regular season road victories (remember how sucky those EJ-lead Sampson teams were on the road? Breathtakingly sucky!)

  42. Somehow they were all misguided when forced to come to Indiana for Sampson..or Lynch..or Davis..or Knight(in his latter years when he became a bitter old loser stale of new concepts).

    Heaven forbid that I may suggest that good kids can be sucked in by the great history and love that comes from a fan base like no other school..Add to it the milk and cookies and symbols of faith to mask the fact that the Twit King salesman has no real instincts or ability to utilize talent where and when it can best help the team… or make adjustments and lineup changes when it could hurt feelings of his ‘chosen one’ favorites he must groom for the NBA. Because we all know that unique talent that ends up in a Hoosier uniform and have worked their asses off their entire lives to play at the highest level is all a result of one fabulous college coach.

    Eric Gordon, Jordan Crawford, DJ White are all pros because of Kelvin Sampson. Jarred Jeffries is pro because of Mike Davis….blah…blah…blah.

  43. So you want a team Harvard where nobody is in danager of a oversign, or everyone is on equal ground on a religious basis? You saying Crean “has it in” for some players? I get it that Indiana is your team. So basically it boils down that if you could pull the trigger, Crean would be gone if you had the power? Sorry about all the questions

  44. I’d give Crean a couple more years. Let’s see how it goes once all the Cody ‘savior’ and ‘Movement’ buzz wears off.

    The true coaching legends of the game know how to coach above the talent. Brad Stevens coaches above the talent. And forgive me if I want a team heavily weighted with Indiana products. Two Elite Eight teams(should have been three if the Hoosiers live up to their collective talent potential and billing)got the ‘Round of 8’ on the backs of Indiana talent(McGary, Robinson, Albrecht @ Michigan..Thomas @ OSU)…Not to mention the Spartans(getting just as far as Indiana) with guys like Dawson and Harris.. And who did MSU lose to? A Duke team with another Indiana product in the paint key to their success-Plumlee. I don’t see the need in building a Pipeline to Jersey. Brad Stevens got to back-to-back Final Fours with nothing more than any of the above mentioned teams. It’s called finding guys that play together unselfishly and finding a coach that understands the game enough to win the games you out-think, out-class, and out-grit the opponent.

    When you’re a coach at Indiana you should not have to play the oversigh games. We need to stop making up stories and pretend the numbers are all magically falling into place..Guys are being shoved and testicles are being put in place when the numbers don’t add up. It’s dirty pool..It lacks integrity. The state of Indiana is overflowing with b-ball talent…If you need to fill around the edges, there should always be an Albrecht with more guts and game than some of the most hyped top-100 on a Rivals list. Let’s not forget that it was Jarrad Odle that put up five consecutive buckets in the opening moments of the second half against Duke to start the huge rally back. It doesn’t just take top draft picks to win big ball games. It takes coaching..It takes grit…It takes a mentality that doesn’t slather the prima donnas with all the attention. Your role players can often be the real key.

  45. Wow…that’s funny. i really need glass when the spell check/typo comes up..I meant ‘obstacles’…(not ‘testicles’).

  46. Fair enough Harvard. I get what you are saying. Thanks for the honesty. While we might not agree on all aspects, at least you have a vision.

  47. Off subject Harvard, but I believe you stated you live near Chesterton area. I’m not sure if you were there as a child, but do you remember a radio station in Chicago late 80’s/early 90’s as 103.5 The Blaze? It played Glam/80’s hard rock. Later on went to more of an active rock format, then changed to Kiss FM, and played Top 40, which I believe it still does today.

    Reason I ask is because I remember going to Wrigley Field, and once we passed Chesterton on US 6, we always tried to pull in The Blaze.

    Everytime you mention Chesterton, I relive fond memories of seeing the Cubs.

  48. This must be like a vacation for Dustin/Jeremy.

    Couple of basketball notes here and there. No baseball. Bits and pieces of football. Update of recruits if and when something new comes in. No soccer, no women’s basketball. Energy level drops as the temperature goes up.

    Nice. Enjoy. Thanks for all the long hours. Comp time..?

  49. Well, it’s probably a vacation for them as long as they don’t read the drivel on this board.

  50. So Harvard. How about you give us a reference where Calapari suddenly became Tom Crean’s “best friend”.

    I know Roy Williams, kinda, in a sort of ‘have a beer at a mutual friend’s house over the summer’ sort of fashion. If I said he was gonna coach the Knicks would you come on here and say, ‘Roy Williams best friend says he gonna coach the Knicks’.

    That would be about as accurate as you calling Calapari CTC’s ‘best friend’…unless you can back it up…which I doubt.

    I doubt you get the ACC coverage I see in the papers down here. UNC, Duke, and NC State are all oversigned. Which one of them is the biggest scumbag?

    You’ve moved past overzealous to just kinda sad. I’ve really tried to cover your derriere through much of your nonsense but you just don’t provide enough content to make it possible anymore.

    Now you’re just throwing out ‘stuff’ and hiding behind a screen name.

  51. WLS…Wolfman Jack…Can’t remember much else..Driving around the streets of Chesterton with an 8-track mounted under the dash loaded with James Gang or Bad Company.

    Highway 6 actually cuts east-west between Chesterton and Valpo(about 4 miles south of Chesterton’s downtown)..Old Highway 49, a north-south highway, originally went through the center of Chesterton(Broadway)…The 49 bypass would come years later.

    Chesterton is a very small town near the shores of Lake Michigan…We were Indiana residents, but there was always an attachment to Chicago(it was only about a 30 minute drive westward on the Toll Rd. until you hit the Chicago Skyway. I grew up on all Chicago Sports…Loved Brickhouse and spent many a childhood afternoon coming home from school to tune in the Cubs on WGN Channel 9…Black & white TV with a rabbit ears as an antenna. 9(WGN)…7(ABC)…5(NBC)..2(CBS)..Channel 32 was the public TV station. That’s it. Five TV stations. Sometimes wish we still had five because I can never find anything worth watching on the 500 in a cable package.

    Many great stories..Almost broke my neck diving into the man-made lake that was created when they needed fill to guide the 49 bypass over the main railroad that ran through downtown Chesterton. My friend and I sneaked over to the lake..I dove straight off a clip head first not realizing it was only about 3 feet deep near the shoreline. My neck was sore for two weeks.

    Here’s a creepy video…Always thought that stupid as hell ‘Oz Festival’ ruined Chesterton. It’s mainly a town of antique and craft shops these days…It was once a vibrant retail town. If you ever do go to Chesterton, you must stop at the Port Drive-In…It’s a Chesterton landmark. Was always the place to hang out and show off your wheels on a summer evening…Teamburger, onion rings, and a frosty mug of root beer(1:36 mark of creepy vid).

    Night, Ben.

  52. Cubs just took 2 of three from the Mariners at Safeco. It’s a shocking testament to Harvard’s pig-headed obsession with dumb topics for him to not rub that one in my face.

  53. Still licking your old wounds..?

    Cub fans, especially those that were around in 1969, have forever realized baseball for North Siders doesn’t begin until late August. Of course, even after disaster and curses, some of undeniable character never stop believing(watch clip at end).

    But you are correct, Mariner Tom..I’ve quite abandoned following the Cubbies of late. Only so many times a heart can be broken. I do remember hearing a few weeks back that they had their way in the crosstown rivalry series with the White Sox.

    You take care…Don’t hate on me too much.

    Steve Bartman = Tom Crean at a Cub’s game

  54. Here you go, Chet. There are dozens upon dozens of articles on their friendship..When interviewed, they slather each other with compliments. Funny how they couldn’t manage to come to terms to continue a historical rivalry series that had gone steady for decades. Bestest of friend?..Well, your wife is usually your best friend, but they seem pretty damn close. From what I’ve read, they go way back.

    Crean on their relationship:

    There’s no question in the last couple of years, as we’ve gone through this, that the phone has rang and I’ve answered it and it’s been him more than really anybody else outside of my family in this business. And I will always appreciate that because it wasn’t just hey, hang in there. Anybody can tell you that. It was tangible things: Have you thought about this? Are you looking at that? Things that really make you think.

    During the stress of Crean’s first years at IU, when it came to basketball and the challenges he faced at IU, he admitted he talked only to family members more than John Calipari.

    You really shouldn’t think I just make this stuff up, Chet. Hell, I uncovered the truth behind Reggie and Dustin’s Northwestern smirk…I’m pretty perceptive and I tend to remember what I’ve read in the past.

    Tsao calling me a liar when it turned out Dustin and Jeremy set everyone straight that I wasn’t using more than the ‘Harvard’ and ‘Lord of…’ as screen names.

    Now, you come on here and call me a liar again regarding the Calipari and Crean friendship that is far more than casual.

    It’s o.k. You’ve got a good heart and you’ve had my back on many occasions. I appreciate it. Sometimes you get a bit snappy but I know it’s because you’re trying to help.

  55. Last year Calipari arranged for a private plane, brought his son (Brad) and flew from Lexington to Bloomington to pick up Crean and his son, Riley. Their final destination was an NBA playoff game in Chicago.

    (courtesy; USA Today/’Bozich: Crean and Calipari’s lasting friendship’
    By Rick Bozich, The Louisville Courier-Journal

  56. Ouch. Wall Street Journal…..IU Basketball team the “biggest underachiever in ncaa history?……

  57. Ron-

    Remember when they used to call having everything on a pizza a “combination” pizza? Sausage, pepperoni, green pepper, and mushroom were the ingredients…Now you go to most of these Establishment pizza joints and it’s prosciutto and arugula and figs and peppadews and Bo Ryan Farms goat cheese and sea salt and KalaThadMatta olives and Calipari..and ONIONS! It’s Madness!

    My point? Sports news today is all fancy schamncy brick oven pizzas because they have no clue how to just make a delicious cheese and tomato pie. Do you really believe someone working Sports at the Wall Street journal has any clue?

    The same people that are making the 1000 yucky varieties of pizzas(the rankings, the hype, the preseason picks, the radio talk big mouths(Dakich comes to mind), the preseason players of the year, the magazines, the websites, the blogs, the twitter, the overkill and more overkill, the total lack of objectivity from start line to finish line from all these services that comes with personal baggage, their fancy ingredients, their favorites depending on if a kid is from the said author/so-called sports journalist’s alma mater or neck of the woods, and etc, etc, etc)…There is no such thing as a simple combination pizza anymore…No such thing as honest, smartly written, columns anymore. Have you looked at a pizza menu lately? They call it variety, but all it really is diversion camouflaging a lack of true skill at any art.

    Cody and Vic had to go high in the draft. They were created with hype and put them where they really belonged would only indicate those that fed you really had no idea how to make good pie…They aren’t old chefs of their craft anymore. The Wall Street journal is merely feeding you the fancy schmancy because you’ve forgotten the taste of buttery cheese, fresh marinara, a perfect blend of aged Romano and Parmesan, assembled by some old Italian grandma tucked in her kitchen kneading the dough with the care and love a true craftsman.

    And much the same that follows charlatans in kitchens and at ESPN can be said of overpaid coaches…There are really very few that have a clue. They just pile on the ingredients, tell you everything is organic and farm raised…and holier-than-hand-tossed, and hope for the best.

  58. Time to give myself a timeout…I sense Jeremy preparing to go all rhinestones on me again.

    You guys have fun. Wall Street Journal…Pure Establishment.

    No surprise they fail to mention that no other college has lofted five NCAA banners, gone to countless Final Fours, on guts, savvy, heart, and intelligence born of a unparalleled love for the game rooted in our storied past, rather than by way of rosters deeply packed with McDonald’s All-Americans from sea to shining sea.

    Five banners and eight Final Fours with only one true NBA Superstar(Isiah Thomas) encompassing all that history, and countless memorable teams packed with primarily Indiana homegrown products and Midwest talent. IU Basketball has no equal when it comes to being the greatest overachievers in history. Hell, we didn’t even get Oscar Robertson or Larry Bird in a Hoosier uniform.

  59. Harvard… Listen man, I know there is merit to the point IU underachieved this year… In the tournament if nothing else. I’m sorry they didn’t bring you the glory you wanted, or maybe expected.

    I’m going to let you in on a little secret though Harvard… NBA teams don’t make their picks based on SI articles. It’s not just a couple interns in a back room scouring articles and watching ESPN3 replays that then pop a name into a tube and send it through the vacuum pipe up to the penthouse where the GM opens it and says, “I think we should take Cody Zeller… He was on the cover of ESPN the magazine.”

    They actually invest millions in scouting, and then do a combine, and then have interviews, and private workouts, and run advanced analytics, and need analysis based on multiple free-agency scenarios…. The after runner these guys through the ringer they pull the trigger on a pick, hoping that it works out, but rarely completely comfortable.

    Quit acting like the hype machine runs everything. If that were the case then Shabazz Muhammed and Nerlens Noel would have been 1 and 2 and Burke woulda gone higher than Dipo…

  60. Well, I read that article very closely and it absolutely said that they are two coaches who have respect for one another and, over the years, have developed a friendship.

    It’s easier to find 10 times the number of articles about his friendship with Tom Izzo.

    Or a ton of other guys.

    For goodness sake, I came across articles where Kelvin Sampson talked about their friendship. You gave enough information that it’s safe to include Calapari with a couple dozen other people in CTC’s life including a couple guys from high school.

    So Calapari had that UK booster’s private jet pick up Tom and his son to take them to a NBA playoff game. I can hear the conversation.
    ‘So Coach, I’ll have my plane waiting at the airport with your tickets. Anybody else you’d like to take?’
    ‘I called a few friends but only Tommy and his son were able to go.’
    ‘OK, I’ll tell the pilot.’

    If that was the best you could do, it was a pretty weak effort.

    “Cody and Vic had to go high in the draft. They were created with hype…”

    I had a long retort to that but, in rereading it, I decided I would only unjustly dignify it with a response. It doesn’t deserve one.

  61. McDonald’s All-Americans by College

    Since 1977

    NC 64 Duke 54 Indiana 19

    Since 1990

    NC 42 Duke 42 Indiana 11

    Since 2000

    Duke 27 NC 25 Kentucky 23 Indiana 6

    Yeah, we Hoosiers really underachieve.

  62. When the phone rang, it was John Calipari more than anyone other than a family member…Yeah, really sounds like a guy that’s not a very close friend. Chet, they’re afraid to play each other because they don’t want to damage the love connection.

    And to be honest, I could care less if they’re close friends. You’re the guy that has the huge hang up with the “bait and tackle” shop. I agree with Crean..Calipari is a good coach. Just too bad their can’t be some sort of osmosis when you’re casting out a lure for Jeff Meyer, hooking up with that cheating worm named Calipari on his jet…or trolling the press area for old sour scales Bobby doing his one and only broadcast of an IU game when you had your one shot to ‘tackle’ a largemouth …Speaking of bait and tackle osmosis.

  63. Holy Cow Harvard!!! “…I’ve quite abandoned following the Cubies of late. Only so many times a heart can be broken. I do remember hearing a few weeks back that they had their way in the crosstown rivalry series with the White Sox.”

    How can you call yourself a Cub fan? Not in my hood!

    “Any team can have a bad century.” (Jack Brickhouse)

    So you reveal yourself! The truth is out! A fair weather fan. Harry Carey choked!! Lou Boudreau and Steve Stone were silent! What you just felt from that grey cloud, was not rain drops, they were Ron Santo’s tears dropping on the yellowing, drying grass and vines … Sammy Sosa looked up and thought “beisbol not so goood no more!”, Greg Maddux smirked…and threw a wild pitch,… the first in his life.

    Brickhouse gulped down a shot, “Harvard?…He imagines himself in a Cubs-White Sox World Series, a Series that would last seven games, with the final game going extra innings, bases loaded, 3-2 count, NO OUTS, bottom of the inning …when they realize Harvard is there and the game is suspended because of darkness AT Wrigley Field.”

    It also explains a lot about you, my friend. Your greatest fear?…that the Hoosiers and/or Cubs will have success. If not failure, what would you live for? (said with a smile).

  64. Ohh!! just saw, “…baseball for North Siders doesn’t begin until late August. Of course, even after disaster and curses, some of undeniable character never stop believing(watch clip at end)…”, and you call yourself a Cub fan?

    Just the opposite! Cub fans, real Cub fans buy their season tickets in February, just after the Cubs Convention. This is the year! And, in August you find them outside at the corner of Addison and Sheffield or Clark and Waveland selling their seats to the ‘nouveau riche’ who come to live an ‘inner city experience’ in the quaint urban bars all the way from the pastoral hills country of Chesterton, IN with their ‘yuppie’ Delta Mu fraternity ‘brothers’.

  65. I still have the 18 x 20 inch charcoal and pencil drawing I did of Fergie when I was about 10 years old…Does that count for anything? Shall I snap a photo of it and post it with a sappy YouTube song? Do you have any baseball cards featuring the Cubs of the 60’s and 70’s? I have a pretty decent collection of Topps cards from my childhood…Never traded any. Just my originals out of packages my own bubblegum chew. Does the gum still come in the big rectangles that used to accompany the cards? Few football cards to. I have a Rookie Joe Namath card…and a Roberto Clemente. Any offers?

    My nephew has Cubs season tickets…Has been getting season tickets for quite a few years now. Invited me to take in some games with him if I felt the urge…It’s shameful..I’ve yet to call him back and set a date. He gave me a personally autographed ball signed by Santo from one of those conventions. He goes to the conventions every year. He even had a chance to talk to Santo a couple times. He loves mingling with the players…He eats, sleeps, and drinks the whole experience of “die hard” believer. I took him to his first Cub game(probably 25 years ago) when he was just young lad with no Dad to give much of any fun or time of day. He’s a good kid(super smart…builds his own computers). I should really go up and see a game with him. His dad(a dad he rarely knew growing up) died of brain cancer about 15 years ago..

    I was once a good soul, Tsao…I was once more than fair weather. Underneath all the indifference and bitter exterior and layers of protection like rings on an old ash a Dave Kingman blast…it’s still there.

    I did thoroughly enjoy your post…You can really write and just as naturally smooth and smart as a Kessenger to Beckert to Banks 6-4-3 double play. Harvard not even halfway to first….Wait! The balls been dropped..That’s not’s Durham…It’s Buckner…It’s Bartman. The run scores from third…Harvard is safe with the go ahead run coming to plate…Geoff Garvey is on deck…a rather unknown came out of Maine and has taken the American league by storm…for those Cub fans now 153 years old, he’s no relation to Steve Garvey though his right forearm is reminiscent of ‘Popeye’ Padre.

  66. Note: Might want to stick a rubber mouthpiece in before watching the clip..These are better than shock treatments.


    HITLESS IN 8 CAREER AT BATS VS. SMITH…..that is, until the 3:47 mark.

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